Bleach Anime Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
oh lol. can u read my last one and tell me wat u think? it on page 100 near the bottom and its name is kyoto
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Its pretty cool. Only problem I have with it is the Perfect imitation of anothers Zanpkuto. You should say it has about 3/4 the power of the orginal or something along those lines.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
LOBOSdelRAYo I love your character!!!! Here is one of mine I haven't posted yet!
He is a soul guys are free to create one..I made them up for an arc..they existed long before like quinces people who has high spirtual power and captured spirits often increasing their powers of awarness when they had one some protected these wandering souls while others sold them often to Hollows and Arrancar..after the Hiyama clan..a unique group of people with special blood gave them some of their blood their powers increased and they taught them how to asorb soulss and manifest spirtual power in the form of a Seirei Fi-Da (spirit or soul feeder)..they function like Zanpakuto but have very unique sealed appearnces and often don't take the form of a sword..usually reflecting the merchant's interest and personality...I will show you one as an example
Name: Sunday Valetta
Height: 5’3’’ in a half (not counting her hair which gives her an extra 4 or 5 inches)
Weight: 126 (twenty pounds amount of this is made up of her hair)
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: August 3rd
Age: 156
Family: unknown
Previous occupation: she has had numerous jobs one being a factory worker putting eggs in cartons
Occupation: soul merchant, self proclaimed alien explorer
Favorite food: jelly beans (of most any flavor), ring pops, and gummies
Likes: astronomy, planetariums (claims she goes their to realign herself with her astrological sign and celestial self), looking for aliens with probes she invents, inventing (she is very dense but has incredible skills with science and how machines work), science. extraterrestrial studies, chemistry, sweets, going to sci-fi, conventions, watching the sci-fi channel and shows about supernatural presences like ghost, music boxes (has a precious one her grandmother gave her from when she was a little girl that she claims is the most important think she owns), electronic music, spending time with Natsumi, art, strange clothes with colors and patterns that don’t go together, wearing her hair large and storing things in it, and cute charms (especially alien themed ones, with lemon shaped heads).
Dislikes: people denying the existence of aliens, being made fun of, eggs (from working in a factory), getting lost, being left behind. Making decisions (uses the number system where she’ll ask an unbiased person a number assigned with what she should do and go with whatever number they pick) and fighting unless necessary.
Love interest: none
Favorite song: Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead and space funk by Keoki (she loves techno music)
History: I will add this later!!!
Seirei Fi-da: Takokujin Shingaisha (alien invader)
Release phrase: take me to your leader
Apperance: when sealed it resembles a flat slightly rounded metal disc that hovers or she leaves in her hair

Kontan fe-zu ichi (spirt phase one): it forms into six small UFO like weapons that hover and shoot out beams strong enough to shatter walls, they can release small lemon headed aliens with firearms that shoot the foes repeatedly with large guns. These UFO blasters can deflect most kinds of attacks.
Kontan fe-zu ni (spirit phase two): Takokujin Shingaisha Boudou (alien invader revolt): she is sucked up into the UFO after the six unite and she becomes covered in mechanical armor with missile launchers and rocket propulsion, her skirt appears to be a UFO while a similar disc flies about her head, she has a stun gun attachments and access to energy weapons and plasma grenades, she can fly at high speeds and attack with increased strength
Special skills:
high intelligence
Soul absorption
Soul magic
Hand to hand combat expert
Reikon senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or sonido
 LOBOSdelRAYo I pag-ibig your character!!!! Here is one of mine I haven't posted yet! He is a soul mercha
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
normally i would have done that but then it would have made the mimic pointless so i made it so it would be hard for me to control since it is not origionally my zanpakuto
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
sure griff16..
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
lmao off that is a hilarious zanpakuto.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
it does get pretty hard to make zanpakuto that arnt to much like the ones in the story line cause so many have been used
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
lol I know ..but it's actually a seirei fi-da..they are very similar to Zanpakuto..but you have more than two phases..
Kukansen (Dimensional Flash): A swift motion of the blade that cuts through dimensional barriers and unleashes a slicing vortex from the blade that envelopes my enemy unleashing a barrage of slashes causeing near fatal wounds.( If my opponent is anything less than captain level then this move is fatal) The attack can only be performed once a week due to the toll it takes on the users body.
I like this ability a lot...but I'm a bit confused does it create cuts because it is warping that dimension with a stroke of the blade or is it just bottled energy that makes the injury...Which pages are the other Zanpakuto on..I commented on a couple thatday we chatted..if you have some u can send them to me and I'll give you feedback..did you see my character on 100...if there are any of mine you want to see I'll send em!!!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Fair enough. But in Shikai having the perfect Mimic of the others blade. Have like a slight defect in the blade. Like a differance. Like if you were copying my one then have the stars a differant colour
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile can get very i have a zanpakuto called Garasu hana Sakaki (glass flower tree) that I haven't posted on here..but it functions sort of like Haineko and Senbonzakura so I get leery about what reviews I'll recieve..if you're interested you can make a soul merchant I explained a little about them on my Sunday post..I just wanna see what others might come up with lol......I love your Zanpakutos though keep makin em
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Sunday being the character you commnented on
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
well basicly when the move is activated within a split second the equivalent of 100 slashes of light appear around my enemy. that kinda wat i was thinking. and my other blades r on pg 97. and yes i started reading about ur character but then got side tract and havent gone back yet but wat i was reading i liked and it was an interesting story line
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
good suggestion Takeshi_Tsurugi griff16 think of it as if you chose the same character as your friend in a video the way do you guys think a giant prism emitting a certian color...except the colr being shown does the most damage while others leave minimal damage would be a good game for the Shunsui Bankai I'm working on..i also have a pinball and chess idea
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
i took ur advice and made the proper chages. lol. yea im curious wat shunsui's bankai is to cause he has such a unique shikai. but u have to remember wat ukitake said about not activating it where his allies could see it
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Okay..she is has two Zanpakuto's which seems a little unfair..but she can only activate the together in shikai..if she does that in bankai...the swords fuse into her ressurection since she is part arrancar....coolyo...thanks for clearing up the Zanpakuto...I like it a lot..hey by the way I will comment on 97 soon...can your sword copy the ressucrection of arrancar? I will tell you which one I like best when I read the others. Tell me what Zanpakuto and bankai of the orginal bleach character's I did when you read em..92 (momo), 95 (yamamoto, Rangiku, Nanao (I think) Yachiru), 96 and 97 some of the others and my other characters,,,heh so many
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
yeah that's why i though a chess game would be good cause if would effect everyone...
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
no if my opponent doesnt have a real zanpakuto then my sword becomes its second form. i really liked momo's out of all of them. have u made one for shuhei?
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
I've been thinking about making some Zanpkuto based on like random animals, like Zebras and stuff.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
i thought about that but i think it would be to hard to base a zanpakuto after an animal but if u can do it then go for it i would love to read it
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
hahaha dancing_petal that is so fricken cool i luv coming on this forum and reading your characters
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gokuluigifan333 said…
grif16-even with those restrictions a one hit kill and a mimic ability i completely disagree with this zanpakto please no mimic zanpakto people cause that means you can copy Yamamto's shikai making it over kill and don't get me started with the bankai that is way to powerful if you are going to make a mirror zanpakto make it based on illusions or something like that
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gokuluigifan333 said…
ippansunpou(universal dimension)

jikokuhako(time box)-a cube forms around the user that spreads 30 feet from the user and if the opponent goes inside or is trapped by it they will be trapped in a space where times slow downs 50% for opponents and 30% for the user,stays in one place

kuukanbaindo(space bind)-a radius of 30 feet forms around and increases the the gravity of the place affecting everybody but me by 2x more gravity

hirataikuiki(flat zone)-if i use this attack on you, you will be flattend for a short time causing heavy damage, has a recharge time of 1 hour

bankai- i would like to have one but the shikai is already powerful
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas warshark1 said…
mine zanpakuto is

Shikai: Kuro ryū(Black Dragon)
Release Command:Kōkai shite isoide(reveal and rush)
Bankai:Bāningu kuro ryū(Burning Black Dragon)

Zanpakuto Ability 1- Allows me to shoot blak dragons from my blade and the shadows similar
Zanpakuto Ability 2- Allows me to pull new blades from the shadows
Zanpakuto Apearance: Pure black blade with a dragon mouth hilt guard and the hilt is pure black with chains hanging off it

Bankai Ability 1:Allows me to disappear in the shadows and reapear in them
Bankai Ability 2: Allows me to summon a clone with same power as me
Bankai Ability 3: If Holding the oppenent in the shadows i an bring them into a seperate dimmension where there is no light but i can see with out the light
Bankai Apearence: Shadows come over my hands and form claws
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas daisuke_shiba said…
grif16 no the 2nd form hinomiko is become a real wallet bird with fire surounding on his body, he attack enemy with fast but his power is not too strong,just like an ordinary sword!!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gokuluigifan333 said…
clowe18-please no more than one element zanpakto use only one element please ill post something for you to see
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gokuluigifan333 said…
kibatsudoragon(striking dragon)

pre-release zanapakto appearance-it is a regular Kantana with a dragon shaped guard and a hilt that is black and blue

zanpakto appearance-the sword starts generating blue electricity

denkougenkotsu(lightning fist)-a fist made of lightning shoots from the blade,it travels at shunpo speed,paralyzes you for 5 seconds,it has a range of 100 feet,it can be canceled out by the user

doragongekido(dragon rage)-the zanpakto becomes a whip shaped like a dragon with electricity forming around it, it can fire small balls of lightning,it has a recharge time of 30 secs,it paralyzes for 5 secs,the balls have a rnage of 10 feet

bankai:kibatsudoragonkakekomi(striking dragon rampage)

apearance-the blade become two thin swords with blue electricity

niiroyousei(red sprite)-the sword summons red electricity from the sky striking the opponent multiple times,it does heavy damage,it paralyzes a whole body part like an arm for 30 secs,it has a recharge time of 30 mins

aoifunsha(blue jet)-two large blue lightning bolts strike down on the enemy,it paralyzes a whole body part for 35 secs,it is stronger than red sprte but slower,has a recharge time of 33 mins

doragonkakekomi(dragon rampage)-a large wave of dragons are summoned from the two swords,it has a range of 50 feet,it is my only attack that i can use fast enough to fight,it paralyzes you for 5 secs,it has a recharge time of 3 mins

note: my first two bankai attacks are real lightning types
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hitsugaya80 said…
how do i make my own zanpakuto
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hitsugaya80 said…
my zanpakuto name suigetsumaru illusion ice dragon and its bankai would be daigurren suigetsumaru
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Damn, it's just impossible to keep up with this many zanpakuto. Alright, for those who really want me to go over specific zanpakuto, send them to me by email. Please send no more than 3 messages at a time, otherwise I'll be overwhelmed. I'll try to get them back to you with comments as soon as possible. I'll be posting a new arrancar later today (first new character for me on here in a while).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
i got to make a comment first when you make a zanpakuto name and bankai name the idea is they are releated to one another in some way for example my sword is wolf hidden in lightning then bankai is wolves of lightning do you see the simalirity don't make your shikai something like black dragon then zanpakuto reaper of fallen angels that makes no sense at all. Also please explain some of your abilites i don't just want to I fire a black dragon from my blade explain how fast the drago goes, how far it travels, etc.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Clowe18 said…
this is my zanpaktou again edited to only using one element :D

shikai name:Sutorimu o isoide (rushing stream)
release command:Nami (wave)
bakai name:hariken no sutorimu o isoide(rushing stream of hurricanes)

Bankai description:the sword turns into little but strong raindrops which can freeze the opponent if the water gets on them, (ice starts growing once on them)the holder gets blue armour with a water symbol on the front.

Shikai Abilities
Kisho henka (weather change):changes the weather into raining or carry mist blinding the oppenent for a short time.

Arainagasu (wash away): the sword gathers water around it and then shoots the water thrusting the oppenent

Kozui (flood): shield protecting holder if they are on the ground.

Bankai Abilities
Taki (waterfall): massive loads of water come to the oppenent or desired area (kind of like halibels cascada.)

Bofuu (rain storm):upgraded version of kisho henka makes rain stronger or mist stronger.

Sutokuraken (strike of the kraken):the sword groes four spikes which start abosrbing water nearby and then critacilly
(bad speller *sigh*)jab the opponent with water and the spikes which absorbed it.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so I've made a new arrancar (I use the word "new" loosely, any of you who have been around for a while might recognize this as a repurposing of a blade I made a long time ago with some small changes)

Name: Boido

Appearance: He has short and oily shoulder-length orange hair, wears a uniform in the same style as Stark's, and has a long, lanky gait. His most notable feature is his eyes, which have overlarge pupils. One who stares into them can get lost in the empty caverns that seem to have no end beyond.

Personality: He has a similar attitude to L from Death Note, often staring vacantly at people for no real reason. He does show emotion, but it always clashes with the expression of his eyes, which never change from an almost tired stare. There's an emptiness to him, as though he's missing something vital that he cannot find.

Weapon: A metal nightstick-type weapon that you hold the handle of, which is attached at 90 degree angle from the rod itself. The rod is about 2 inches thick and 2.5 feet long.

Mask and Abilities: goes from the lower jaw on each side of his face around to the chin and spikes back at the bottom of the cheek with teeth coming out of the spiked portions. His cero comes directly from his mouth as a bright green color, and expands as it moves further away.

Release Form: The weapon appears to melt into his hand and spread across his body, becoming thinner and thinner as it goes. Much of the physical form becomes insubstantial, excluding all internal organs, reducing the propensity of damage to the owner. Form is impossible to determine, since the body now acts similarly to a black hole, absorbing and distorting all light around it. This also makes it extremely difficult to determine where an attack would come from, or even where they are at any given time.

Release – Tateito to Waikyoku...Chōshinsei (Warp and distort…Supernova)

Jūryoku Hanpatsu (Gravity Repulsion): He can create any weapon he wishes of the same relative size to his initial one. Strikes from the weapons he creates do not cut, but instead warp the air around it with a gravitational aura. These strikes are extremely difficult to parry and nearly impossible to block, but cannot be used defensively (essentially, the blade can block physically, but only uses its ability offensively). Heavy strikes push opponents back independent of size and weight due to the gravitational force of each blow.

Gutai Teki na Yugami (Tangible Distorition): Attacks in this form are all physical, but pass through the opponent, warping flesh and other physical entities that it passes through.

Katasutorofu (Cataclysm): He puts his hands forward and releases a large, black sphere (about 3 meters across). The sphere must be pushed at the opponent, and can only be blocked directly by a zanpakuto or a high level (80 or above) kido. If it ever leaves his hand, the ability dissipates. Any limbs or body parts that go inside the sphere are crushed by the force equivalent to a black hole.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
pretty cool Whiteflame, though ive seen this before in its arrancar format its still cool

also im gunna make the same announcement as whiteflame, if you want me to read your blade realy bad then mail it to me and ill see what i can do, im realy busy to i hope i dont get flooded (doubt i will) but still, its hard for me to keep up atm
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Okay, I have three new blades with characters and I'll be posting them in a minute.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Name: Cai Hishigoki
Position: Neutral, lives in the real world but occasionally travels to soul society to see his sister, Asoka.
Age: 26
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 212
Body Type: Athletic
Complexion: Fair Skin
Hair Color: Dark Pink
Eye Color: Gray
Appearance: Cai's hair is cut short and clean. He wears a tight gray sweater vest over a white dress shirt. He wears loose dark blue jeans with a pair of white sneakers. He has a goatee and is always seen wearing sunglasses.

Personality: Cai is the brother of Asoka, who is currently a member of the Rising Suns, and he is very protective of her. He did not want to join Miroku and Coran 10 years ago because he felt there was no way to stand up to Soul Society. He refers to himself as Asoka's personal protector, but since Asoka wanted to follow her grandfather's wishes and go with Miroku, Cai gave that role to Miroku. Cai does not consider Miroku a friend and always tries to find a reason to pick a fight with him. He has never said why he does not like Miroku but some believe that Cai is upset that his sister, who he grew up with, would rather be with Miroku instead of him. Even though he resents Miroku, he holds his peace because he does realize that Miroku would do anything to protect Asoka as well.

Strength: 90
Speed: 100
Kido: 65
Swordsmanship: 98
Hand-to-Hand: 84


Shikai Name: Nai Keeshou (Deadly Crystals)
Shikai Phrase: Solidify, Nai Keeshou
Bankai Name: Keeshou Mira-Seken (Crystal Mirror World)

Shikai Appearance: The handle is silver in color. His blade does not change much when it releases. It is already a 3 foot katana, the only change is that the metal on the blade is covered with a thin layer of diamond crystals.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Sorrido (Crystalization): Everything that this blade cuts will begin to crystalize. So if he cuts his opponent, the opponent's blood and skin will begin to crystalize, the crystals will grow and spread at a rate depending on the opponents spirit energy, so those with less spirit energy then the wielder will have to cut the section of your body off that received the cut or if the opponent has equal to or more spirit energy then the wielder can slow down the crystal growth or even force the crystals out of their body. The blade can only crystallize substances that are not crystal structures or heavy solids like metals. This ability does not work on air.

2) Keeshou Shi-Rudo (Crystal Shield): Crystal will quickly grow out of the blade and create a regular sized hand held shield that can stop sword swings and level 60 and lower kido spells. While the shield is activated, none of the other abilities can be activated.

3) Sobou Danmaku (Adamant Barrage): The blade begins to glow and Cai swings the blade forcing hundreds of small dagger sized crystals to fly at the opponent at kido speed. The closer the opponent is, the more damage done, but if the opponent is far away then the attack becomes harder to dodge as the crystals spread out in a 75 degree angle from the vertex of the launching point.

Bankai Appearance: Cai stabs his sword into the ground and crystals spread out of the sword into the ground. A dome made out of crystals rise up around Cai and the opponent. The dome is 100 square feet on the ground and rises to about 30 feet at the center. 10 large human sized crystal also grow out of the ground inside the dome and are connected by a network of crystals in the ground. This network of crystal can be destroyed be kido spells of 80 and higher or by strong zanpaktou abilities. The 10 large crystals are randomly spaced out but are at the least 10 feet away from the walls of the dome. The large crystals are smooth like glass. The crystals made from this bankai are as hard as diamonds making it impossible for anyone to escape the dome or get inside the dome from the outside.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Mira-Shintai (Mirror Movement): Cai can go inside any of the 10 large crystals and travel inside the network of crystals in the ground at near light speed to appear inside of another crystal. It takes 2 seconds to enter and exit the crystals. This ability can be stopped for a while by destroying the connections of the crystal network in the ground. The crystals in the network will grow and reconnect but it takes about one minute.

2) Sairai Mira (Reflecting Mirror): If a kido spell or energy projectile hits one of the large crystals, then the crystals will absorb the attack and relaunch it at the opponent from any random crystal. The crystals can hold the spells energy inside the network of crystals and launch it at a later time as long as the bankai is not deactivated. This ability will not absorb any spell above 80. This ability can be stopped for a while by destroying the crystal network. The crystals in the network will grow and reconnect but it takes about one minute.

3) Keeshou Haretsu (Crystal Explosion): The 10 crystals will begin to glow white if they absorb enough energy from the opponents kido spells or energy projection. When this happens, Cai can summon crystals that will quickly grow out of the crystal network trapping the opponent. When the opponent is trapped, the crystals around him we release all the energy absorbed along with whatever energy Cai decides to put into the attack as well. This attack will cause major damage to the opponent if not fatal, but only minimal damage to Cai. This attack can only be used once as this attack will destroy the crystal dome of the bankai forcing the zanpaktou back to shikai form.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Name: Vulknur Sarachi
Position: Neutral, lives in the real world with Cai but occasionally travels to soul society to see his cousin, Asoka.
Age: 28
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 253
Body Type: Body Builder
Complexion: Fair Skin
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light Brown
Appearance: Vulknur's wears his hair long, it falls down to his shoulders. He wears a large black button up vest but leaves it unbuttoned, he does not wear a shirt under the vest. He wears large khaki colored commando style pants and also wears black commando boots. He wears black leather gloves on each hand.

Personality: Vulknur is a funny and chill guy when he is just hanging with friends but he is a different person when things get serious. He is a very disciplined man and obeys orders perfectly without any argument. This is mainly due to the fact the ever since he moved to the real world with Cai, all he does is watch military shows and read old stories about the world's past wars. Just like Cai, he is also very protective of his little cousin, Asoka. But, unlike Cai, Vulknur is very nice to Miroku and Coran showing them both much gratitude to for how they have taken care of Asoka.

Strength: 100
Speed: 78
Kido: 84
Swordsmanship: 86
Hand-to-Hand: 89


Shikai Name: Hikumo (Blazing Cloud)
Shikai Phrase: Crack the Sky, Hikumo
Bankai - Hikumo Kouken (Blazing Cloud Guardian)

Shikai Appearance: Vulknur is not able to fully control his enormous amount of spiritual pressure so his zanpaktou stays in its shikai form. His shikai is shaped like a half hammer, half axe. The handle is four feet long. The head of the the weapon is shaped like a dragon's head. The dragon's mouth is open with the hammer part extended out of its mouth and a sharp triangular shaped sail coming out the back of its head, this is used as the axe. The four foot handle is shaped as the snake like body of the dragon. Orange colored lightning constantly surges from the head of the hammer.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Raikou Dageki (Lightning Dragon): Vulknur slams down the hammer side of the zanpaktou and a large 10 foot dragon made of lighting comes up from the ground that was struck by the hammer and flys at the opponent at kido spell speeds. The dragon will fly in a straight line towards the opponent and will explode when ever Vulknur detonates it. If Vulknur does not detonate it, then the dragon will explode when it is more than 50 yards away. When the dragon explodes it releases an electrical pulse about 10 yards wide that can cause temporary paralysis for 5 seconds. If the opponent is stronger then Vulknur, then the paralysis time is cut in half.

2) Ikazuchi Sumasshu (Thunder Smash): The hammer begins to surge with electricity and then Vulknur swings his zanpaktou with the hammer side facing toward the opponent. When Vulknur strikes anything with the hammer side, a huge explosion will occur where he struck the hammer. The explosion is the size of a 5 ton TNT bomb.

3) Ikazuchi Kai (Thunder Slash): The axe side begins to surge with electricity and then Vulknur swings his zanpaktou with the axe side facing toward the opponent. Vulknur then swings the axe at the opponent and a blast of lightning is shot out of the axe blade at the opponent. The blast is about the size of a regular person and moves at kido spell speed. When the blast is release, you hear the sound of a sonic boom.

Bankai Appearance: Storm clouds form above the wielder and the hammer/axe head deteriorate and become a giant ghostlike entity shaped like an armored solider. The helmet of the armor is shaped like a dragon's head. The entity is only from the waist up and Vulknur stands on the ground in the middle of the entity. From the waist up, the entity is 30 feet tall and it's waist is about 10 feet wide. The arm span from the finger tip of one hand to the other is about 50 feet. The entity is orange with what appears to be black storm clouds circling on the inside of the entity, Vulknur appears to glow orange in the middle of the entity. The entity wears a beaded necklace that has ten beads on it that also orange.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Kouken Engo (Gaurdian's Protection): The entity can protect the wielder from sword swings and kido spells. It will not keep up a constant defense as the entities defense will get weaker as Vulknur uses more of his spirit energy. The entity must not be attacking for the defense to stay up. If the entity attacks or uses an ability, then there is a five second window after the attack for the opponent to successfully attack Vulknur. The entity's can attack with regular punches and other arm maneuvers.

2) Tenrai Raikou (Divine Lightning): The entity opens its mouth and launches a blast of orange colored lighting at the opponent. This lightning travels a little faster than kido spells and explode upon contact, causing explosion the size of 5 ton explosions. This attack can only be used ten times, and as a blast is used, one of the beads on the entity's necklace will disappear.

3) Doragon Dageki (Dragon's Strike): Vulknur sends the entity into the storm cloud and orange lightning begins to surge inside of the cloud and around Vulknur. The face of a dragon will appear in the cloud, the face glows bright orange and flies at the opponent in a lightning form in the shape of a dragon, this attack is devastatingly strong and will use the rest of the users spirit energy and travels as fast as real lightning.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Forgethend said…
Sorry about how terribly long this is but i tried to think of a completely new type of bankai and new way of presenting my zanpakuto... i hope you like it and please please please comment on it... so yeah...

Zanpakuto name: Torahime (Tiger Princess)

Release command: Taberu Niku (Eat Flesh)
---------As the command is recited the sword is drawn across the wrist of the user and it sinks into his body---------“She’s a total masochist, Torahime, that is.”----------The body goes up in flames and metallic claws tear out of the fingertips----------“She loves pain so much that she completely merges with my senses and replace them with hers.”----------The upper half of the clothes tears off from a surge of reiatsu, a ring of white fur appears around the wrists, and a tiger striped vest with a mane of white fur around the neck assimilates----------“Because of this switch of senses, she feels all of the pain from any wounds I receive, I feel none, and I am given the senses and instincts of an animal.”----------All flames go out except for small torches at the fingertips----------“Oh and I forgot to mention… Every bit of pain I receive is replaced with the sheer pleasure she gets from my wounds.”----------

Shikkai Abilities:
1. Ten Kogasu (Heaven Scorch): The user raises his hand into the air and a pillar of fire shoots from the fingertips----------“Do you feel the heat? Tell me…”----------The skies go red and the air gets blurry (like when you can see the heat) ----------“How will you escape a 200 yard wide ring of pure heat with me at its center?”----------The pillar dissipates and the flames around the fingertips get bigger----------“Tell me… how will you run from my flames when they’re twice as strong as normal???”----------
2. Tenka (Ignition): A passive ability that allows the user to ignite any part of his body with flames up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit----------“How does it feel when simply touching me burns you?!”----------This ability allows the user to concentrate all the flames into the claws for an attack that can burn the enemy even if he misses, but only if he misses by inches----------“Did you really think that dodging my attacks would leave you unscathed? Ignorant…----------
3. Jigokuhi Tsume (Hell Fire Claws): The flames at the tip of the fingers burst upward as reiatsu is pumped into the claws----------“This ones my favorite, hehehaha.”----------The user swings his claw at the enemy…----------"UuuuaaAAAAHHHHH!!!­! JIGOKUHI TSUME!!!!"----------An enormous heat surge rushes forward followed by five red beams of concentrated reiatsu similar to five separate getsugas----------“Oh you survived… Then let’s make it bigger this time!!”----------Anything hit by Jigokuhi Tsume goes up in flames.----------

~~~~~Damage is the key to power; the more damage the more powerful the bankai. Without damage torahime has no power, because her strength is drawn from pain. At low levels of damage only Sadizumo can be used. Once the blood drains quickly, Ai is available. And finally after a fatal injury Mazohizumu awakens~~~~~

Bankai Name: Torahime no Seikatsu-en (Tiger Princess of the living flame)
----------The exposed blood from the injuries goes up in flames----------“If you hadn’t realized I’ve been letting you cut me.”----------Every wound is cauterized shut and blackens into stripes on the body----------“I’ve actually been choosing exactly where and how deep each cut is… I like it when my wounds match Torahime.”----------Flames continue pouring out of the blackened wounds like a faucet----------“You see these flames pouring out of my body? They reach a max temperature of 20,000 degrees so you can not reach me without hurting yourself… Hehe, oh the bliss of sadomasochism!”----------

Bankai Abilities:
1. Sadizumo (Sadism): All flames purge themselves from the body and take form in the air above the user’s head----------“Isn’t she just so cute, my little Tora… Watch as she shows her little body.”----------The flames take hold and a child forms with the appearance of a 10 year old----------User “Behold my cute sadist Tora.” Tora “Hentai…”----------She has long messed up red hair with cat ears. She wears a one piece tiger striped short dress with black tiger stripes all over her body----------User “What do you mean Hentai?! I’m just pointing out to our enemy how very cute my zanpakuto is!” Tora “Lolicon…”----------Her eyes resemble a cat’s and she carries a seven foot long, 2 foot wide broad sword----------User “That’s even worse!! How can you speak to your mast… Oh, I didn’t even notice you cut his arm off. Heh.”----------In this form she can move at speeds of up to 3 times shunpo but has significantly lower attack power and defence than the shikkai----------“It’s amazing how fast she moves… The scariest part, though, is that it takes her at least 5 swings to cut off an arm.”----------This little princess constantly fights with Tenka in her weapon and is able to send a blast of smoldering heat with the swing of her sword ----------“On the bright side she cauterized your wound shut. Hahahaha!!”----------
2. Ai (Love): Similarly to Sadizumo, the flames purge from the body and take form above the user’s head----------“My Hime is a little easier to fight than when she was younger, that is, if you can touch her.”----------They again take hold above the user’s head and a 16 year old girl forms----------Hime “Master!!! I got Yoooouuuu!!!” User “No! Not now! UGH… We’re in a battle!”----------Everything about her appearance is roughly the same except she is wearing a tattered, two piece, tiger striped shirt and skirt and has more prominent “curves”----------Hime “But master you don’t use Bankai enough so I never get to see you…” User “I’m sorry Hime but right now you have to kill him; we’re in a fight.”----------Her weapons are metal claws that cover her entire hands and constantly emit flames with varying temperatures from 3,000 to 15,000 degrees----------Hime “Fine… Huuh… Ten Kogasu….” User “Hehe… Finally, now show them just how much your flames burn.”----------While in this form Torahime is able to extend Ten Kogasu’s range to one mile, increase the temperature under the red skies to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and is able to use Tenka with absolute mastery----------Hime “It’s hard to fight when simply breathing hurts isn’t it… He he.” User “Incinerate him…”----------Every thing from the grass on the ground to stone buildings start on fire from the tremendous heat wave----------
3. Mazohizumu (Masochism): Just like the previous two, she appears the same----------“Wow, you managed to cut my throat. It really is a shame that I’m able to survive one fatal injury per day.”----------In this form her clothes are ripped similarly to how Nel’s were when she regained her true form but there are stripes on them there is a tattered white mane around her neck and she looks around the age of 21----------Torahime “Master, who do you want me to kill?” User “Whoever can cause you the most pain…”----------Her hair is the same as her previous forms but her eyes have no emotion in them at all----------Torahime “He has the most reiatsu but has no killing intent…” User “Test him out anyway”----------Her weapons are 6 inch long blades at the tips of her fingers with Tenka constantly active on them----------Torahime “Jigokuhi Tsume” User “Isn’t using both claws a little much?”----------She is able to use Jigokuhi Tsume up to ten times consecutively before she has to recharge her flames----------User “What a waste… You missed him…” Torahime “No master, watch…”----------In this form she can move a top speed of 1.5 time shunpo, has an attack stronger than her master, and is excellent at both hand to hand and sword fighting----------User “Oh you cut him in half? Your speed is still incredible” Torahime “No master, he is just slow.”

Ten Kogasu--- increases temperature drastically within a given area and strengthens all fire abilities; makes it very difficult for enemies to fight and user is unaffected
Tenka--- Ignites user’s body and allows him to throw fire and manipulate flames
Sadizumo--- any damage except for fatal wounds are transferred to the master’s body and her wound burns shut; the user continues to bleed as if it were his wounds; as he gets hurt flames emit from his wounds and enter Tora’s body making her stronger
---Kido-0 (duhh.. swords can’t use kido)
---Shunpo-100 (actually much faster but only goes to 100)
Ai--- No damage is transferred from either person and Ai’s abilities do not get stronger because Ten Kogasu strengthens her fire abilities to their max.
Mazohizumu--- All damage to the user immediately goes up in flames, cauterizes shut, and transfers to Torahime; the flames from the user strengthens her; all Torahime’s damage stays on her and makes her lust for battle even more; very well rounded off in abilities.

-After each new stage of the Bankai all wounds are Cauterized shut due to the tremendous heat emitted
-In Shikkai the sword merges with the blood of the user
-No changes occur to the user in bankai besides the wounds closing (his powers are the same)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
I've explained the soul merchants and Serei Fid-Da on 100 incase anyone wants to make one..this character is a soul merchant but hasn't manifested a seirei fi-da...his twin will come soon..I made it to were Ururu is a Shinigami in an arc cause she and Jinta are just too
Name: Ryoji Tsumugiya
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 175 pounds
Race: shinigami, soul merchant
Birthday: January 30th
Age: 200
Apperance: Ryoji has black hair that has seemingly no part and is jagged with sharp banks and to the back of his neck. He has pale, soft skin and a thin, tone body that isn’t as muscular as his twin brother Kyo. His eyes are brown and he is very attractive. He likes to wear silk shirts and very elegant clothing.
Personality: Ryoji is rather odd; he maintains a rather calm and collected disposition unless severely angered or around girls where he often feels encouraged to start sewing, talking about clothes and relationships, and reading Shojo comics and romantic novels. He fits the stereotype of a girl’s best gay friend and is often thought of as much by those who don’t know him. He is very passionate and loving, but can fall into almost unchangeable periods of depression when he can’t reach a goal or is kept from someone he loves or insulted in some way.
Family: Miki Tsumugiya (mother), (father), Kentaro Hiyama, Kyo Tsumugiya (twin brother), and Ururu Tsumugiya (younger sister)
Favorite food: Cherry Vanilla soda, Cake, and Pocky
Likes: Sewing (though he is chastised about it often), reading (clothing catalogs, romantic novels, and Shojo comics, all of which he is also chastised about, especially Natsumi), talking about relationships and clothing (yet another pastime he is chastise for), hanging out with girls (he isn’t very keen about friendships with men), sword technique, shopping (especially for clothes and at the fabric store (he often goes with Natsumi), spas (he is chastised for getting pedicures and manicures and enjoying massages, especially from other men), sweaters, cute fabrics that are often girly or have little flowers or animals on them (most everyone criticizes him for this), ducks, romantic comedies, flower arranging (was said to be an avid member of Retsu’s ikebana club before he defected), cute things (especially stuffed animals), competing (mostly with Natsumi when sewing), baking (especially cakes and other sweets), cleaning (especially when mad), decorating (is chastised for this often), going to the café (where he drinks the said girlest coffees and teas), gardening, long walks, martial arts, and sweet, soft music.
Dislikes: Kyo (he despises being compared to him, saying he never knew such a small pathetic mind could reside in such a huge head, another reason he despises him is because as a child he drained all his reiatsu leaving him powerless and he grew up in his shadow, even being a decoy in ops missions together when he was on the special task force. They competed over the same woman’s affection several years before he became a soul merchant), senseless death, stupidity, reality television, Natsumi’s electronic music, constant attention from Masami and other girls, and being called feminine.
Favorite song:
Special powers: Being a Hiyama male he is able to increase his abilities by ten but didn’t practice this technique because it was forbidden and Kyo sucked out most of his reiatsu as an infant, but for the years he has been a soul merchant he has become quite experienced with this power after recovering what he lost with therapy sessions.
Zanpakuto: Ankokugai Sukidooshi (underworld soul mate)
Release phrase: rise from your death bed
Spirit manifestation:
Inner world:
Apperance: a katana with a blue hilt and white fillings and a silver guard.
Shikai: it maintains the same appearance but glows with blue spirit energy.
Special abilities: Utilizing his Hiyama blood his Zanpakuto allows him to work in numbers of ten raining up from ten to one billion, each with a different effect. He controls spirit currents and is able to travel along them (which prove faster than a flash step). He can charge segments of the body or obstacles with spirit currents to rapidly combust them or use them and sealed spirits in a series of ten powerful spells.
1. Phantom Blast (a cero like blast from his finger that is bluish white, with the same range and strength of a cero blast)
2. 10 Spirit Shield (an almost impenetrable shield of condensed reiatsu and souls that need a kido spell of 60 or above to shatter it)
3. 100 Spear Thrust (condensed energy into a spear that explodes when ever it makes contact, it has the force of a c2 explosion)
4. 1,000 Crucifix Strike (a cross shaped beam of reiatsu and souls appears and glide at their target leaving a cross shaped incision on whatever they touch, the wound is quite deep)
5. 10,000 Soul Strike (impales his foe with his zanpakuto releasing charged spirit currents and spirits into the body to destroy the obstacle, this can be thwarted)
6. 100,000 Spiritual Cannon (charges spirits and reiatsu into a blast using both hands that has enough force to blow a hole through a mountain)
7. 1,000,000 Soul Dungeon Lair (traps foes in an orb of spiritual currents that burns foes when touched, it can be easily broken but if it encloses a foe in a total of two minutes it explodes after shrinking, destroying all within)
8. 10,000,000 Ghost Typhoon (creates a typhoon of spirits that are cold and freeze nearby foes, this blast is the equivalent of a grand rey cero)
9. 100,000,000 Specter Bullet (shoots arrows of condensed reiatsu, much like a Quincy but the arrows are much slower and larger and explode on impact)
10. 1,000,000,000 Soul Miasma Strike (creates a dense cloud of souls and reiatsu and jumps down into it as if to cut down a foe with a downward strike, as he passes through a sword of energy appears in his hand in his slice through the foe charging the cut with spiritual currents that cause it to explode in a matter of seconds)
Bankai: Ichijirushii Ankokugai Sukidooshi (striking underworld soul mate): His Bankai takes the form of solidified spirit waves that pour out in order for the foe to see their reflection, instantly seizing their fate. He has no bladed weapon in this form
1. Seishou Tatakikowashimasu (spirit shatter): this is the name of his reflection ability.
Special skills:
Flash step master
Spiritual current master
Hand to hand combat master
Sword skills master
Kido expert
Healing saliva
Ten X strength boost
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big smile
hey i aim back.
whiteflame55 i aim glad that i aim not in your place.SO whats up with me?
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Zanpakuto/Shikai name: Shishi kage (Beast of the Shadows)
Release Command: Lurk in the Darkness.
Shikai Appearance: The blade becomes a normal Katana with a black handle; the blade is completely black as well
Shikai Abilities:

Kura senkō (Dark Lightning) The wielder points the blade at the opponent which causes a pitch black lightning bolt to fire at the enemy, the lightning travels at semi shunpo speed, this can be used 10 times until it has to recharge for 5 minutes. It takes 2 seconds to fire after firing.

Kage wa byōki (Shadows Sickness) The wielder cuts the opponent causing the venom the blade injected to spread across the body (As it travels through the body black streaks on where the cut started start to show) The cut causes a constant pain and Disorientation for 10 seconds, I the opponent is stronger they feel less pain from the venom.

Shadō ryokō (Shadow Travel) The wielder travels through all the shadows in the battle area even the shadow of they're opponent. I there are no shadows in the battle field the ability spreads shadows in random directions that only last for 20 seconds

Bankai Name: Kage-ō-juu (King Beast of the Shadows)
Bankai: Appearance: There are now two pitch black katans and the wielder is wearing black clothing
Bankai Abilities:

Mayonaka no arashi (Storm of the Midnight) The wielder slashes at the opponent causing a mini tornado to launch at the enemy the tornado is made up of a black aura that cut like razor, The tornado is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The storm moves a little slower then the average kido.

Shadōbīsuto (Shadow Beast) The wielder summons a huge wolf made of a black aura, the wolf will follow the target for 15 seconds if it doesn’t make impact in that amount of time the wolf will dissipate, and on impact the wolf causes a massive explosion. (Wolf being 8 feet tall and moving at the same sped as an average kido)

Dākutsūn no arashi (Dark Thunder Storm) The two blade surge with black lightning then the wielder sinks his blade into the nearest shadow causing lightning to shoot out of all the shadows in the area of the battle, also every time the blades collid with somthing it causes a small explosion like a fire cracker.

I'll be posting character later but give me feedback (I made this in 10 minutes so if it's bad you know why) but yeah eedback all you want
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oh and heres the clothing he gets in Bankai (Sorry it's not big)
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 oh and heres the clothing he gets in Bankai (Sorry it's not big)
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Name: Sanji Yukina
Position: Neutral, lives in the real world with Cai but occasionally travels to soul society to see his cousin, Asoka.
Age: 27
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 203
Body Type: Atheletic
Complextion: Fair Skin
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Appearance: Sanji has medium length hair, it falls a little past his ears. He wears a tight white short sleeve dress shirt with a pair of white dress pants and dress shoes. He also carries around a large black colored bible in his left hand. He wears a pair of white sun glasses as well and wears a gold chain around his neck that has a cross pattern charm on it.

Personality: Sanji is a very religious man. He regularly attends church services in the real world. He will also refuse to do anything that is not church related on Sunday's as he feels that Sunday is the Lord's day so he will spend most of that day reading his bible. He is also regularly seen holding the cross charm on his neck and praying. Even though he is very religious, he will put that aside to protect his little cousin, Asoka. And if he fights, he doesn't hold back almost as if he was passing judgment on his opponent. He is quite the lady's man, but due to the teachings he has learn, he will never do anything more then talk seductive to them, leaving the women to sometimes leave mad at him. And he will try anything to avoid fighting a woman. Though he is religious, he never forces it on others saying that those types of things should be done through freewill.

Strength: 79
Speed: 93
Kido: 92
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand-to-Hand: 64


Shikai Name: Tentou Ranpu (Heaven's Light)
Shikai Phrase: Strike From the Heavens, Tentou Ranpu
Bankai Name: Mitsukai Kujo (Angelic Destruction)

Shikai Appearance: When the blade is sealed, it is a regular katana with a gold handle. When the blade releases, it becomes a man-sized sword shaped like a cross with a shiny white blade, which is curved at the end, the blade is five feet long. The cross-guards of the blade are both 2 and a half feet long from the handle. The handle is 2 feet long. The cross-guards and handle are gold colored and the entire sword is ornately decorated; the blade, both cross-guards, and handle all have three blue colored jewels on them all equally spaced out two inches from each other starting at the center of the sword where the blade, cross-guards, and handle connect. (Also if you are wondering, YES, I got the sword design from the swordsman Mihawk from One Piece)

Shikai Abilities:

1) Kousa Hinote (Cross Fire): Sanji holds his blade in front of him with the jewels facing the opponent. The jewels begin to shine and a blue cross shaped fire blast the same size as the sword shoots out in a straight line towards the opponent. The blast is as fast as a kido spell. Sanji can fire this attack in rapid succession with a delay of one second, Sanji must keep the blade facing the opponent in order to use this attack.

2) Tawa-Joukai (Tower of Babel): Sanji stabs the ground and a circle of fire with a 10 foot radius surrounds Sanji and whoever else may be close enough to him. The entire circle will quickly fill with fire and shoot up into the sky. The tower of fire appears to go on forever and will disperse after 5 seconds. The fire burns at the same temperature as regular fire. When the fire disperses, the opponent will be hurt but Sanji will be perfectly fine as the fire only burns others not the wielder.

3) Tentou Shimei (Heaven's Messengers): The twelve jewels on the sword begin to glow and twelve regular sized doves made of blue fire appear in front of Sanji. These doves will fly towards the opponent as guided projectiles, they travel at the speed of kido spells. When the doves hit, they will cause a small explosion about 5 feet in diameter, anything in the explosion will receive third degree burns. The doves can be shot down by kido spells or debris.

Bankai Appearance: Sanji faces the jewels on the sword to his chest and the jewels fly off the sword and sink into Sanji's chest creating a blue cross pattern on his chest. Sanji also grows 3 pairs of angel wings on his back. The top pair are small, they are about 3 feet in wingspan. The middle pair are large, and have a wingspan of 12 feet. The bottom pair is the same size as the middle pair. The top pair of wings cover Sanji's face. The middle pair are used for flight. The bottom pair wrap around Sanji's waist to his legs, having the appearance of a robe or dress. These wings are harder than steel.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Mitsukai Hinote (Angelic Fire): The middle set of wings will glow blue and as the wings flap, fire in the shape of feathers shoot out at the opponent. There are hundreds of feathers per flap and the feathers fly at kido spell speed. Sanji will not be able to fly as he uses this ability.

2) Ikusen Gun (Legion): All three pairs of wings will glow in a bright blue color. As Sanji moves, an illusion is created that makes it look like there are hundreds of himself flying around. The clones made from the illusion are just an illusion to confuse the opponent, the clones can not hurt the opponent.

3) Kindachi Omote (The Kings Face): Sanji stops moving and faces the opponent. The top set of wings open up revealing Sanji's face. As his face is revealed, a small circle of fire about one inch in diameter will form in front of his face. The circle will begin to move towards the opponent and begins to quickly expand out until it becomes 100 feet in diameter. It takes the circle about 4 seconds to reach full size. Everything that is inside of the circle as it moves toward the opponent will spontaneously combusted with blue fire. This fire burns 3 times hotter than regular fire and the ability will stop when Sanji stops it. If the opponent is able to close the wings on Sanji's face, then the ability will stop.
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LOBOSdelRAYo Thank you so much hahahaha I love your characters and Zanpakuto too!!!!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
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Anyone who remembers my Mayu Orikasa profile..this character is her older sister...they are quite different but every protective of one another!!!!
Name: Setsuna Orikasa
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 110 (underweight from hardly ever eating)
Race: shinigami
Birthday: October 31st
Age: 143
Favorite food: Setsuna doesn’t like eating at all and only does when she has to or feels light headed, but she does like anything “smoked” or barbeque flavored.
Likes: drinking, smoking, fighting, arguing, insulting others, forging swords particularly Zanpakuto (she works in a hidden area where Zanpakuto are created after being imbued by the spirit in the Rukon), martial arts, sewing, dolls, and anything cute (she hides this from everyone) cage fighting for money, her family (though she can be very rude to them), cute things (though she is so scary and uptight about it no one knows it), burning people with her cigarettes, sports, Shuhei, learning forbidden kido, rock music, motorcycles, leather, pawn shop jewelry, Kitty Land (a manga for younger children), and Her master Ayumu Tsukada (Ten Ten’s father)
Dislikes: perverts, feeling vulnerable, people commenting on her health or her attitude (they are likely to get burned), stupidity, and people talking back to her, small talk, eating, sweets, psychics, sales people, conversation, and all things nice
Love interest: Shuhei Hisagi (though she won’t admit it)
Family: Megami Orikasa (youngest sister), Mayu Orikasa (younger sister), Airi Orikasa (mother), Nobutoshi Orikasa (father) , and Kino “Dumpling” Orikasa (older brother).
Favorite song: John Oszajca - I Hate You ( My Friend ) and Someone Who Cares by Three Days Grace
History: Setsuna got a perfect score on her entrance exam when she decided to go to the Shino Academy, before this she was in numerous gangs but was talked into going to get a better life and because she saw how much trouble her family was having. She continued on but was discouraged when her parent's couldn't afford to send her anymore. She dropped out and got a job to help her family and got a letter of recomnedation to work in the secret Zanpakuto facility where many of them are created. She was offered a scholarship becuase she felt it was wrong to attend classes when her family was having such trouble. Since that time she has been forging weapons. After Shuhei found Megami, the large-headed potty mouth younger sister of Setsuna and walked her to the facility the two met. Setsuna has helped them on occasion, pretending to be an ally of Nomura aloong side Rukia, Terik, Kyo, and Uta and defeating a captain level visard. She now is investigating soul merchants and palns on killing them unless she gets to Kira and Shuhei first for looking through her room and finding all her secret cute things like dolls, make-up, girly dresses, her sewing, and fabric cupcakes.
Zanpakuto: Kyansa Kan'oke (Cancer Coffin)
Release phrase: choke and die
Spirit manifestation: a man in a black suit with white gloves and a cane, but there is so much smoke around his face you can’t distinguish anything about it, leading Setsuna to believe he is made up of smoke. He is witty and cruel.
Inner world: 1920’s club with lots of smoking guest, waiters, wine glasses, and dancing burlesque dancers.
Apperance: when sealed it appears as a cigarette encased in a long cranberry conduit she is always seen smoking.
Shikai/special abilities: a long rolled cigarette with the size and density of a long Sword. The end burns flesh like a red hot poker and ashes move from the tip, burning foes when ever she strikes with it. Smoke is constantly released which is the primary power of her Zanpakuto. She can control its flow choking opponents to death or creating large smog to cover their view. The cigarette can unfold and the burning leaves can scatter out burning whatever they touch, if inhaled they have a high risk of being poisoned because this particular smoke has many toxins in it. When it is unwound she can constrict foes and burn them.
Bankai: ketteiteki sute-ji Kyansa Kan'oke (final stage cancer coffin): Setsuna’s Bankai takes three different forms with various effects the first takes the form of thin, elegant wooden rods that fit around each of her fingers and burn red hot at the ends, resembling incense sticks. They function like blades and burn whatever they touch, they also produce veils of irritating smoke that disrupts the sensory functions of her opponents, so when they try to move their arm their leg or neck will move instead making it hard to dodge attacks or continue in battle. Whenever she sends a blast of smoke at a foe they burst into flames. The wooden shafts are claret in color. The second phase dissolves a giant black hookah pipe with streaks like red fire that constantly pumps out excessive amounts of smoke that pollutes the very air causing the opponents to choke and the toxic fumes encase her enemies as if there in a coffin, the effect is devastating, the body dissolving from the poison while your lungs burn and rot with your flesh. In the final phase she inhales all of the smoke from the hookah pipe and her body becomes smoke like, in this form her speed increases and her touch is toxic, whenever someone tries to strike her she can dissipate into a cloud of smoke choking the opponent. This is similar to her flash step in this form which is like a smoke bomb. She can dissolve into a cloud and enter her opponent’s body through the nostrils and mouth and choke them to death, which is usually an attack that seals the foes fate. Her primary weakness in Bankai is that when she dissolves into a smoke cloud she can’t attack other than effecting their breathing and searing their flesh slightly. She has some trouble fighting with her hookah pipe because it’s big and bulky but she can deal great damage when she strikes a foe with it. She can also shield herself from blows with it as well.
1.insensu tesaki (incense fingers): first of the final phases
2.kemuri kuda ponpu (smoke pipe pump): second of the final phases
3.kemuri kageboushi (smoke silhouette): third and final phase of the phases
Special skills:
Martial arts master
Enhanced strength
Flash step master
Kido master (knows some forbidden kido as well)
Sword skills expert
Forging master
Genius level intellect
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
zanpakuto name/shikai: odio abrasador (scroching hatred)
release phrase: burn all to ashes
bankai name: diablo rojo del odio quemada (red devil of scorched hatred)

Descripitons: In its sealed form odio abrasador resembles a regular katana. The hilt is orange and yellow and the guard is in the shape of red triangle, the points on the triangle are extremely sharp. When makes this zanpakuto unique from most is the power is too much for the sealed state, causing the blade of the sword to be extremely hot. It so hot that instead of slicing the swords causes frist degree burns upon contact and even worst burns with prolonged contact. When release the sword explodes in flames and takes the form a demon's pitchfork, it is red in color and the points on the end of the three prongs are a bit thicker and fatter. The bottom of the pitchfork has a sharpen triangular point on it.

Shikai abilites:
1. agente naranja (agent orange): The pitchfork is can create a sticky, oily, orange colored, jelly like substance and spray it out of the points on the prongs. This substance is sticks to the whatever it comes in contact with and is extremely diffucult to remove even with water. The substance is extreme flammable, the smallest spark can cause it to ignite, it often just comes out as streams of flames. Saito has no control over where this substance he just sprays it on stuff. The substance can burn up to 800 to 1200 degrees C, so that is it extremely diffucult to put out with water, and it burns for 15-30 seconds. The substance is shown to be harmful to the plants seen when Saito stabs the weapon in the ground the grass and plants around him wither rapidly. The weapon can create a infinte amount of the substance but Saito can only spray up to 5 liters at a time .For a good understanding the perfect refrence is to look up naplam because that where I got the idea.
2. gigante de fuego enojado (angry fire giant): Similar to Komamura ability Saito can summon body parts of a giant, but unlike Konamura these body parts are made of fire. He can summon hands, arms, fist, legs, and feet. The strength and size of these attacks is determine by how much he hates his opponent and usually that is alot, the more he hates them the stronger and bigger the body part. This attack is not very fast, only moving at slightly faster then a normal human body part, or accurate the point of this attack is set almost everything on fire. These flames can be put out with water unlike his agenete naranja attack.
3. Disparo mortal incendio (Fire kill shot): This attack was create to one day kill his leader Crow, and thus is rarely seen or use. Saito points the bottom of the pitchfork at an enemy or whatevr he disires, then a ball of fire begins to grow this ball can grow to the size of a small building in a minute and the size of a medium buiding in about 3 minutes. Then when Saito has achieve the desired size he fires the ball at his target, despite the ball size it moves quite quickly 70mph. The ball burns up to 1200 degrees C, the point of this attack is that the ball is so hot that is burns everything in is path to ashes and objects not in the ball direct path but close to catches fire until it hits its target. When it does hit it target, whatever that may be is sallowed by ball and is engulf is burn to ashes inside then when that is done then ball collaspes in on itself and vanishes. This attack can only be use once no matter how big the ball is if Saito attempts to use it agains the only result is a short burst of flames that last for only a second or two.

Bankai Descripiton: The weapons explodes in flames for about a minute then the flames die down and smoke till finally the weapon is merely ash and is blown away in the wind. This act is Saito and his zanpakuto becoming one this causes a dramitac change inside and outside of him, his blood is replace with the agenete naranja substance, so that cuts will not bleed but spray flames, until bankai is diengage. He grows devil horns and a devil tail his hands become clawedHis skin turns red, and is extremely hot to the touch capable of creating first degree burns upon contact and worst burns upon prolonged contact.

Bankai ablities:
1. odio (hate): This is the main, real ability of Saito bankai, because his is now one with his zanpakuto his can fire, streams of flames from his almost any part of his body including his mouth. These flames are fueled by his hate the more he hates his opponent the stornger and hotter these flames are the max tempature they can reach is 1500˚C thus they are extremly hard to put out with water or anything else. The one true way to not only put out the flames but to possibly kill Saito is to deprive the flames of oxygen because like all fires they need oxygen to burn. The storngest use of this attack is when Saito creates a flame strom all around him that is that has a radius of 100m in an attack called Blaze of Glory. This attack usually leaves saito exhuasted and his body needs at least 15 minutes to recharge.
2. 10.000 balas de grado (10,000 degree bullets) This is an attack also design to one day kill his leader Crow and thus is rarely use or even seen even against the strongerst opponents. Saito fires tiny bullet size balls of fire from his hands, these bullets travel at the speed of a normal bullet and when they hit something they cause whatever that maybe to catch fire. Because they are small only that tiny part will be on fire but the idea is to fire so many the opponent is completle overwhelm the opponent and to set them completly on fire also the idea is to not nessacry hit the opponent but to just set everything on fire a favorite thing for saito

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas infernalfeather said…
Nice blade Lobos, the only problem I have is that the first shikai ability seems overpowered, it would be better at something like 150 to 300 degrees C
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
here is an old one that i made some improvments on. tell me how i did

Zanpakuto name (shikia): Ryuko (Dragon Fang)
Release command: Rebel

Zanpakuto appearence: it becomes a 6ft long full metal double edged sword with a blade that is 4 inches from one side of the blade to the other with a large metalic skull right between the handle and blade.

Shikia Abilities:
1.The sword can absorb kido attacks 1-50 and charges them in the sword. With every kido attack i absorb my swords strikes become slightly stronger. Also with each kido attack absorbed the blade slowly starts to glow red and when it is fully glowing red i get a single strike strong enough to split my opponent in half if i dont hit the zanpakuto first.Once i pefrom my ultimate strike then the blades glow disappears and must reabsorb kido attacks to perform it again
2. and also despite the blades size it remains no heavier than a normal zanpakuto allowing me to swing it at the same speed my opponent would swing his blade

Bankai: Ryuko Zokuken (Dragon Fang's Heavenly Punishment)

Bankai appearence: my Sword stays the same but i am shrouded in a red cloak that covers my whole body essentially hiding my face in the shadow of the hood

Bankai Abilities:
1. Same abilities as my shikai but instead of absorbing only 1-50 i can absorb 1-99 and when the blade is fully red i can choose to use my ultimate strike or fire the built up energy off in an incredibly powerful blast wave that can cause serious injury if my opponent takes a direct hit.
2. red cloak that covers my whole body allows me to move through solid objects (like walls the ground and even the human body) but i cannot move through a zanpakuto or kido.(ex. if my opponent used a powerful kido blast or bakudo 81)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
Heres a new version of Kyoto (mirror sword) that a lot of people didnt like so i took away the mimic ability.

Zanpakuto's Name: Kukanto (Dimensional Blade)
Release command: Slice through reason

Shikia Appearence: The blade stays the same but a light blue aura envelopes the blade.

Shikia Abilities:
1. Hakuran (White Sky): A series of swings that unleash a barage of needles made of kido that travel at semi shunpo speed.
2. Ittoso (Single Blade Spear): I hold my blade at my side with the tip of my blade pointed at my enemy and fire a kido spear at them that moves at the same speed as a byakurai.

Bankai Name: Gaki Kukanto (Raging Dimensional Blade)

Bankai Appearence: The blue aura surrounding my shikia seeps into the blade making it 4 inches longer and the blade turns a metalic blueish purple and is covered by a scabard. Also all the clothing and fabric on my right arm is destroyed revealing glowing light blue tattoos that snake all the way up to my shoulder. And my eyes turn dark blue. My eyes allow me to see what my blade is doing when its moving at full speed.

Bankai Abilities:
1.When the blade is removed from the scabard the swings made by the blade are too fast for the eye to see or follow. When the blade is swung the only way to see where its going or where its been is to follow the sun reflecting off the tip of the blade which creates a trail of light which a powerful opponent (im talking captain level or above) could follow and possiblely dodge or block. (Once the blade is removed from the scabard i can only swing it 12 times before it looses its speed and power and must be returned to the scabard for a split second charge before it can be removed again).The tattoos on my arm that are powered by my spiritual pressure are what allow me to use the blades full speed. Should my right arm become injured and the tattoos damaged then the blade becomes slower dependent on how much my arm was damaged.
2. Kukansen (Dimensional Flash): A swift motion of the blade that cuts through dimensional barriers and unleashes a slicing vortex from the blade that envelopes my enemy unleashing a barrage of slashes causeing near fatal wounds.( If my opponent is anything less than captain level then this move is fatal) The attack can only be performed safely once a week due to the toll it takes on the users body.
3. Kukanganta (Dimensional Cavity): The blade allows me to cut a dimensional gate in thin air that i can enter and in an instant can transport me anywhere within a 1 mile diameter.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
jstar18 i love how u made ur bankai so that u look like a seraphim angel. i was trying to think of a zanpakuto like that one but looks like u beat me to it lol
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas PyroPanther said…
im not sure about pretty much all of it :(...... but my bankai would be released with my own blood whiped donw the middel of each side of the blade and there would be a circle of fire around my feet. the fire would be crimson do to my spirtal pressure being repressed. and the 2nd releas would be kinda like Inuyasha's red techsiga, (i dont know how to spell its name), only its like huge chrystals put together, they are made of my blood and just a tiny cut on my opponent my 2nd bankai would release poison in them...... cool huh?