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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
lol i actually put no thought into my characters lol. i like makeing zanpakuto more than i like makeing characters
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
haha well to be fair Crow was excalty a character that i created for a anime i made that base off the anime fairy tail I just adpated him to the bleach universe
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
well i got my shikai done but cant think of a good bankai. i cant go with the double guns cause that would be too much like yours, got any ideas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
nope sorry i don't got any
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
Lobos u wont be mad at me if i post a gun zanpakuto will u? Cause i dont have to. i really dont want to make any enemies on this forum
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
no i don't give a crap and i'm not the type who hold grudges or makes enemies with people
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
Here is a new one

Zanpakuto Name: Byakuho (The Pale Cannon)
Release Command: Pass Judgment

Shikai Appearence: My sword becomes a large revolver with two barrels on it that fire 2 bullets with each pull of the trigger that move at the same speed and power at the byakurai

Shikai Abilities:
1. Hoko (Cannon Roar): The bullets become super charged moving at shunpo speed and with the power of hado 33 Sokatsui
2. Tensen (Sky Flash): (This move is meant to be fired within 3 feet of my opponent) I thumb back the hammer and pull the trigger releasing a large blast out of the top barrel. The blast creates a shockwave that can deal great damage at point blank range
3. Koten (Bullet Storm): I thumb back the hammer and aim it toward the ground, i pull the trigger and the resulting explosion launches me into the air. Then I point my gun toward my enemy and pull the trigger, a single glowing bullet flies out and shortly after leaving the barrel explodes into thousands of bullets that move at shunpo speed with the same power as the byakurai that go flying at my opponent

Bankai: Kuroho (The Black Cannon)

Bankai Appearance: The gun turns fully black the barrels grow an extra 2 inches. My right eye turns pitch black and I am covered in a long dark leather trench coat.

Bankai Abilities: My gun now fires bullets at shunpo speed and with power equal to hado 54 Haien, my eye gives me greater accuracy when firing my weapon and my coat allows me to move at twice the speed of shunpo.
1. Koten (Bullet Storm) just more powerful
2. Sohakusha (Twin White Shot): I thumb back the hammer and pull the trigger. Two bullets leave the barrels in a circling motion and upon contact with something create a large explosion that deal great damage should they make contact with my opponents body.
3. Byakusha (The Pale Shot): A dark aura envelopes my whole body an swirls around my gun. I thumb back the hammer and pull the trigger. A single bullet fires from the top barrel and creates a blow back similar to a tank cannon. The bullet travels at 4 times the speed of shunpo and with the power of hado 96. The bullet is near impossible to dodge. To use this move i must expend the majority of my spiritual energy so this move is to be used as a last resort. And once fired i cannont use it again for another 5 days

Here is a pic of Byakuho shikai
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 Here is a new one Zanpakuto Name: Byakuho (The Pale Cannon) Release Command: Pass Judgment Shi
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Wow that really good there are a few things i would change but that basically just because of how I am
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
thanks. how many zanpakuto have u made?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
well 1 i would the bankai name to Awai raidā no kuro taihō or cañón negro del jinete pálido (both are black cannon of the pale rider)
2 I would change the appearance in bankai so that the gun becomes part of his arm
there is more i would changed but nothing important maybe I'll talk about them tomorrow
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas flash52994 said…
My appecrence: male, yellow hair with blue eyes, I’m short but not too short. Black uniform with a white cape.
Name of Zanapakuto: 12 bolts of lighting (inazuma)

my shikai descption: im always in shikia my sword is inside my body as one and can come out threw my skin anywhere in my limb area so the user is very hard to read and because i can do this my limbs can heal. he also carries around a like case on his waist instead of a sword it has clay in it.

shika ability 1: to have 9 lighting particles. (it the ability to help the user in several areas making him stronger like his strength, speed, defense (energy force that just blocks everything up to a certain point), attack reistu, putting it in your sword. you can have 2 particals in each category.

shikai ability 2: send a spiritual shock wave of lightning that lights up everything no mater how dark it also is almost like a lighting strick but with spitural engery

shikai ability 3: i take a little clay mix it with my spitural pessure and use 1 lightning partical to make a animal of some kind and it acts as a bomb but i only can trigger it and my mind controls the animal.

bunkai Zanapakuto description: the kanta is still in my body but i grow like a mouth on my palm to use spirtual pressure easily.

bunkai: when the user goes into this states he gets his 2 clones these clones are his Zanapakuto true form. but sense he basically only has 2 swords 1 of the clones has a fake sword but it look exactly the same so people cant tell the swords apart.

Clones ability: we all can see the same things so you half to be out of our sight to get an attack from behind, and the clones at the same power level I am but cant go lower then when I first created them. also the clones can see through any tricks and any darkness because of there special vision

bunkai ability 2:makes the user faster and the sword becomes more dense. makes the user have 12 particles of lightning instead.

my hand can eat the clay and make bigger animals the i did before and bigger bombs

master at: flash step, and hand to sword combat
sucks at: kido
Slightly above :intelligence
Reitsu: blue with yellow streaks coming out of it
Reitsu shape: white tiger
Captain of squad 3

That’s my character please comment on it it would be nice thanks :)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas flash52994 said…
link this is kinda what he looks like
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
here is a new one

Zanpakuto Name: Zanken (Slaying Punishment)
Release Command: Smite The Wicked

Shikai Appearence: My entire right arm turns demonic. My skin turns red and cracks in around my fore arm revealing a light blue inside.

Skikai Abilities: My arm is harder than steel and cannot be damaged. Also my punches pack enough force to shatter rock. I can also create a larger solid manifestation of my arm for increased power or launch it forward to grab someone and pull them closer to me
1. Mina (Purify): I can nullify 1-50 kido by absorbing it into my arm
2.Zanto (Slaying Blade): A long sword emerges from my arm
3.Zanren (Slaying Lotus): I can launch a paper thin blast of spiritual energy in the form of a cresent moon from the blade

Bankai:Tenzanken (Heaven's Slaying Punishment)

Bankai Appearence: My eyes glow red, my hair turns white, my skin becomes as hard as an arrancars hierro, and a large manifestation of a demon appears behind me holding a large blade. The manifestation does everything i do. It mimics my movements.

Bankai Abilities:My arm still holds the same abilities only with twice the power and speed of my shikai.
1. Tenmina (Heavens Purifier): I can now nullify kido 1-99
2.Zanren (Slaying Lotus): Similar to my shikai only now it is twice at powerful and i fire 6 of them with one stroke of my sword
3. Nejizanren (Twisted Slaying lotus): I fire off six zanren waves but instead of flying straight they twist and turn with no pattern when flying toward my opponent making them very difficult to dodge
4. Shingeki (God Strike): The spirit manifestaion covers my body giving my ungodly strength and power. This move is used to finish a fight with a single strike.

Here is a pic of my bankai
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 here is a new one Zanpakuto Name: Zanken (Slaying Punishment) Release Command: Smite The Wicked
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas flash52994 said…

Zanapakuto/Shikai name: taoreta nagameru moya (fallen upon the mist)

Shikai Description: it’s a rather large zanpakuto and is the length of my body. Its light blue with no guard. Pretty thing and sharp. When put in shikai mode there is a heavey mist that appears around where you are battling.

Shikai ability:
Is an illusion that you see me in some places but im not there. While im cutting you to shreads.

Some of the fog turns to water by condensing and traps the enemy inside of it suffocating them till there unconscious. Imensese spirtual pressure will break out of this.

Some of the fog condenses and puts a vail of water around me and it heals my wounds that I had.

Bankai name: kamikaze moy(gods divined mist)

Description: my sword stays the same shape and size. But has a fog vail around it.

Bankai abilities:

my sword if it cuts you drians your spirtual energey and gives it to me while you are dazed by an illusion.

In the fog I can move at lighting fast speed.

Some of the fog turns into dragon chasing you and shooting high pressured water at you I can ride this dragon and it flys.

Skills very fast and intelligence, kido

Sucks at: anything I didn’t list

Average at:sword fighting hand to hand cobat

Coment please thanks
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas CranberryL2 said…
Zanpakutou; Hime Hana-Tora (double zanpakutou, one is Hime Hana, the other Hime Tora, Means Princess Flower and Princess Tiger)
Release command; Ni no Ichi (I THINK that means two to one)
Bankai; Yamato Maihime (dancing princess)

Ability 1; Ichi - Hime Hana releases a flurry of ice shards
Ability 2; Ni - Hime Tora releases a storm of fire
Ability 3; San - Hime Hana and Hime Tora simultaneously release to form a whirlwind of fire and ice
description; Hime Hana - A light, dainty blade with blunt edges and a ridiculously sharp point good for a clean stab through the middle. Pure white.
Hime Tora - A heavy, dense blade with jagged edges and a suarish point good for ripping and tearing. Pure black.

Bankai ability 1; Anything Hime Hana touches will be frozen so thoroughly that it will shatter at the touch.
Bankai ability 2; Anything Hime Tora touches will be burnt so thoroughly it will disintegrate on the spot.
Description; Both are massive lances that can be attached to the forearms for better control. Hime h. is smaller and pure white, Hime t. is larger and pure black.

Comments; Well... They're deadly XD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Ariza Kuchiki
Position: 2nd in Command of the Rising Suns
Age: looks 23
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 142
Eyes: Light Gray
Hair: Light Brown
Complexion: Fair

Appearance: Ariza has long hair that goes a few inches pass her shoulders. She wears three pins in her hair at the front on the right side to keep her hair back, but she does not put pins on the other side so her hair covers the left side of her face. Before she joined Miroku, she wears a regular soul reaper outfit. After joining the Rising Suns, she now wears tight black pants that have a purple sun design on both of the back pockets. She also has a tight long sleeve hoodie, light gray in color, that has pin-stripes, purple in color, that make a diagonal checker pattern all around the hoodie. She also wears a purple tank-top under her hoodie. Her hoodie has a black pheonix symbol on it. She also wears a purple colored sash around her waist that his the pheonix symbol on it, black in color.

Personality: Ariza is a member of the Noble Kuchiki Household. At first, her relationship to Miroku was strictly a rivalry, though Miroku don't know it. Later Miroku protects her during a training mission that went wrong and ever since then she has had nothing but the up most respect for Miroku. Ariza is very independent but is also a reliable friend. She was made 2nd in command by Miroku as he says that she is the strongest after him. Ariza normally remands in charge even when Miroku is around. Miroku doesn't mind though because it gives him a chance to rest, but when Miroku deems something as serious, Ariza steps back to allow Miroku to take charge. She is also the best swordsman on the team, the maximum amount of blades she was ever seen using at once was four. One in both hands, one in her mouth and the other in the joint of her knee.

Strength: 82
Speed: 99
Kido: 98
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand-to-Hand: 91

Zanpaktou Element: Light
Shikai Name: Katta-Maruchi (Multi Cutter)
Shikai Phrase: Multiply, Katta-Maruchi
Bankai Name: Nohara Bure-Do (Field of Blades)

Shikai Appearance: Since Ariza has a huge amount of spiritual pressure, Katta-Maruchi is always in its released state, but it appears to not be, because in its released form, the blade doesn't change appearance. It is a regular meter long katana that has a purple handle.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Ken Ori (Blade Cage) - Ariza stabs her blade into the ground and 10 white lights form on the ground around the opponent, in random places within 5 feet. The lights will shine for two seconds and then one blade will sprout from each light, each blade is about ten feet, at different angles to trap or kill the opponent. The blades jet out as if someone is trying to stab you, and stay on the field. The blades are not that strong and can be destroyed by strong force or kido spells above 30.

2) Hirogari Tama (Spread Shot) - Ariza's blade shines in a bright white color, and she swings her sword. As she swings the sword, 20 white lights will appear about six inches apart from each other where ever she has swung, Ariza can decide if she wants all twenty or less. Once she stops the swing, the blades will shoot out at the opponent at kido spell speed.

3) Uchitoru Tama (Kill Shot) - The blade glows white and extends up to the length of one hundred sword blades and at high speed, little faster than a kido spell, to impale the opponent or opponents. In addition to making it a deadly long-range weapon, the extending blade also carries tremendous force without affecting Ariza, making it useful for dislodging heavy objects. The blade will retract back once it reaches its limit, so it is a very quick ability.

Bankai Appearance: Ariza's blade grow white and she stabs the ground with it, white cracks will appear on the ground and span out all over the battle area. Swords will start to come out off the ground until there are 1000 blades randomly placed all over the battle field. Each blade is about one foot apart from each other sticking out of the ground, the tip is in the ground with the handle sticking out. Ariza can control all the blades but can only use as many as she can physically carry.

1) Kireme Bure-Do (Shattering Blade) - Ariza must have at least one blade in her hands for this to work. Ariza holds the blade in front of her facing the opponent, the blade will then shatter into one hundred pieces and fly at the opponent slightly faster then a kido spell. The pieces spread in a 60 degree angle.

2) Katta-Tama (Multi Shot) This attack will work with as many blades as Ariza is able to physically hold. Ariza will point the blades that she is holding in any direction she wants, when she does this the blades glow white and extends up to the length of one hundred sword blades and at high speed, little faster than a kido spell, to impale the opponent or opponents. In addition to making it a deadly long-range weapon, the extending blade also carries tremendous force without affecting Ariza, making it useful for dislodging heavy objects. The blade will retract back once it reaches its limit, so it is a very quick ability.

3) Chi Heika (1000 Swords) - Ariza slams one of the swords to the ground and all of the other swords lift out of the ground and begin to spin around the battlefield. This is the final form of the bankai and traps the opponent in the area, 50 foot radius. Ariza can summon blades from all different angles, only as many as she can physically hold, if she is already holding her max amount of blades then she can not summon more. Since the blades all spin around the area at high speeds, if the opponent is throw towards the blades, they will receive serious cuts.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Name: Dori Genryusai
Position: Member of the Rising Suns
Age: looks 23
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 230
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair

Appearance: Dori has long hair, and a goatee. He wears black pants that have a blue sun design on both of the back pockets. He also has a short sleeve hoodie, light gray in color, that has pin-stripes, blue in color, that make a diagonal checker pattern all around the hoodie. He doesn't wear a shirt under his hoodie and keeps it open. His hoodie has a black pheonix symbol on it. He also wears an blue colored sash around his waist that his the pheonix symbol on it, black in color.

Personality: Dori is a member of the Noble Genryusai Family. He meet Miroku in the academy when they were kids and have been friends ever since. Dori is a very laid-back person, he normally makes jokes to lighten up the mode and will do whatever he can to avoid fighting but will if he has to. Dori always tries to flirt with every girl, even if that girl is the enemy. He will always tell a girl that she is the most beautiful women he has ever seen when its the first time meeting them. He is also very protective of his friends and will kill anyone who messes with them.

Strength: 90
Speed: 99
Kido: 76
Swordsmanship: 86
Hand-to-Hand: 100

Zanpaktou Element: Fire
Shikai Name: Tsuin Kiba (Twin Fangs)
Shikai Phrase: Bite Down, Tsuin Kiba
Bankai Name: Furea-Tsuin Hebi (Flaring Twin Serpents)

Shikai Appearance: When sealed, Tsuin Kiba exists as two small two feet long katanas. The handles are both black in color. Once they release, the katanas become 2 two foot long black colored blades, the handle of the blades are brass knuckles, both black in color.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Shindou (Impact) - Whenever Dori punches an object with the brass knuckles, it will cause a blue colored fiery explosion to occur. The explosion equals the size of a small hand grenade. The shock from the explosion doesn't cause injury to Dori, but if used in rapid succession, twice or more with the same arm, then it will start to wear down his arm muscles.

2) Houka Kiba (Burning Fangs) - Dori holds his swords to his sides with the blades facing behind him. The blades begin to glow orange and Dori swings both of his arms up. When he does this, two thin blast of intense heat is launched from the blades, kido spell speed. The heat is so hot that it will easily cut whatever it touches. The blast of heat is invisible and as thin as the blade; and will travel in a straight line at the angle that the blade was swung. The length of the blast is about 10 feet but since its thin as a blade and only travels in a straight line, it is not hard to dodge if expected.

3) Hi-Kobushi (Fire Fist) - This attack can only be used twice per release of the shikai, once for each blade. Blue fire begins to form around the brass knuckles and Dori throws a punch in the direction of the opponent and a huge column of fire, shaped like a fist, launches out of the brass knuckles towards the opponent. The column has a radius of 20 feet and travels in a straight line at kido spell speed.

Bankai Appearance: Blue flames shoot out of the blades and wrap around Dori making a huge fire ball. Two large flames fly out of the fire ball. When the flames disappear, two large black colored serpents appear in the sky from the two large flames. The serpents are both 20 feet long and have blue flames that constantly flow out of there mouths, they have no wings but are able to fly around. Also, Dori is now covered in black armor. This armor doesn't cover his whole body. It has two gauntlets that cover his hands and the tips of all the fingers are sharpened like claws. The gauntlets connect to shoulder guards and a thin armor on his back. Dori also has a helmet, its shaped like a serpents head.

Bankai Abilities:

1) San O Ichi (Three On One) - This ability remands active the entire time bankai is activated. While Dori is fighting his opponent, the two serpents will fly around the battlefield attacking the opponent. The serpents can attack with their tails or shoot balls of fire at the opponent. These fireballs are 5 feet in radius and explode with the force of a grenade. Dori can also launch these fireballs from his fists. They travel at kido spell speed.

2) Houka Sai (Burning Slash) - Dori's fingers begin to glow and he swings his arm in the direction of the opponent. When he does this, thin blast of intense heat is launched from Dori's fingers, kido spell speed. The heat is so hot that it will easily cut whatever it touches. The blast of heat is invisible and as thin as the blade; and will travel in a straight line at the angle that the fingers are directed at. The length of the blast is about 25 feet but since its thin as a blade and only travels in a straight line, this ability can be difficult to dodge because it is five blast at once from each hand.

3) Atsusa Enchou (Heat Dome) - This ability can only be used once a day. The serpents begin to circle around Dori and his opponent at high speeds. Dori then stretches his arms out and releases a large stream of blue fire out of his hands. As the fire expands out, it is stopped by the wind created by the serpents flying around creating a large dome of fire, 50 feet in radius. All of Dori's attacks are amplified inside the dome because of the intense heat inside the dome. The heat will also begin to tire out the opponent as they will not be use to it. This ability can be stopped if the opponent is able to stop one of the serpents. The longer the ability is active the harder it is to stop.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
that is an awesome character and sword jstar I can't wait to see where see comes in I just have one question how is she able to hold a sword in the joint of knee
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
You know when you bend your knee. She places the sword between her calf and thigh.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
here is the first of my minor characters that will die very very soon they both represent something that completely disgusts me and that im completely against.

Name: Shibo Burubea
Age: 53
Height: 6’9’’
Wieght: 310
Body type: Bulky, Fat
Rank: 18th seat in the 11th squad
Appearance: Shibo is a very large man, not large that he is covered in muscle but because he is tall and fat, his arms and legs are like those of gorillas his hands are the size of frying pans and his fingers are sausages. His gut protrudes outward, he is so large he had to have a custom size uniform made for him, size XXXXXL, he often falsely brags that he is exactly huge and ripped with muscles but in exactly he is just a big tub of guts. His head seems a bit too small for his body, and especially for his facial features, his nose is large is round, his eyes are large with shit colored pupils, and he has a big mouth, in both the sense he talks a lot and he literally his a big mouth. He is beginning to bald on the top of his head, so there is blank spot in the middle of his disgustingly brown hair. Shibo is capable of hurting someone very badly if he ever loses his temper, which is quite often.
Personality: Shibo has basically no patience, manners, respect, or anything that would be consider normal in a regular person, especially when it comes to woman or weak people which for him go hand in hand. He believes that the weak should know their place and stay there, he loves picking fights with people weaker than him then boasting how it was a momentous victory and that people should have seen the amount of power he displayed. Shibo justifies this fights, that often end in the weaker person being beaten quite badly, by saying that it the strong right to do what ever they please and that this is his way of practicing. Most people often wonder how he even got into the 11th squad, some speculate that he bully others in the academy to do his work for him, so that it looks like he is stronger than what he really is. Shibo has absolutely no respect what so ever for women, it disgust that a woman can have a higher seat and be stronger than him and when people argue that there have been great woman before him he simply said that the only way they got there was because they know how to open their legs. He has had 6 wives all of them left him because he has either abuse them, cheated on them, or a combination of both. Shibo is a typical woman beater, he doesn’t think twice about it and never will in fact he says that there nothing more fun than slapping a bitch around.
Strength: 40
Shunpo: 0
Kido: 20
Swormanship: 10

zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Okoto o funsai (smashing man)
release command: break the weak

Description: Shibo has the clumsiest release known in Soul Society, when he releases it constantly pours out energy from his sword and him. In its sealed state the sword resembles a larger than average katana, the hilt looks a dirty yellow color and the guard is a shaped like a diamond with a brown color. The entire blade is really dull and can barely cut though bread let alone people, Shibo justifies this by saying that he and his zanpakuto spirit have a deal, because he is “so strong” the blade doesn’t need to be sharp because he can beat his opponents with it and if he ever does need his sword he will just release it. In reality he is just so weak that dullness is a representative of his weakness, in fact he has probably never actually met his zanpakuto spirit let alone had conservation with it. When release the sword becomes a large iron club/bat like weapon the iron of the weapon looks very dull and lackluster, probably again a representative of his weakness. Because his release constantly pours out energy from him and his weapon it forms a barrier of sorts, but this barrier only works against weak people so in fact it is quite weak, but because he only fights weak people he believes not only that it is impenetrable but also a ability that he calls Fukakaina tetsu no kabe (impenetrable iron wall).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Name: Kuesu Amairi
Position: Member of the Rising Suns
Age: looks 19
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 128
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bluish Gray
Complexion: Fair, with a light tan

Appearance: Kuesu wears her hair long just past her shoulders. She also has a slightly loose long sleeve hoodie, light gray in color, that has pin-stripes, pink in color, that makes a diagonal checker pattern all around the hoodie. Her hoodie has a black pheonix symbol on it and she does not zip it up. She also wears a tight pink dress that goes from her shoulders to halfway down her thigh and wears black tights that stop slightly above her knees under the dress. The black pheonix symbol is also on her dress, at the left side on the bottom near her thigh.

Personality: Kuesu is a very nice and thoughtful person. She will always try to cheer others up and normally keeps a smile on her face. She doesn't like to hurt people and only fights when she has to. Since she doesn't like to hurt people, she decided to learn hand-to-hand combat because she feels that a punch or kick will still hurt but won't hurt someone as bad as a sword would. She is also the teams medic as she is great at healing kido. Even though she has an upbeat personality, she is actually very sad, because she has not seen her brother, who took care of her when she was little, ever since Central 46 took him away to jail for some unknown reason. Only Miroku knows that she is not as happy as she always looks, and constantly talks to her so he can cheer her up. Because of this, Kuesu has a deeper love for Miroku than she does the others in the group. Even though she shows this deep affection for Miroku, not on purpose but through instinct, Miroku remands completely oblivious to the fact that she likes him.

Strength: 72
Speed: 99
Kido: 92
Swordsmanship: 59
Hand-to-Hand: 100

Zanpaktou Element: Plant
Shikai Name: Mikon Kouba (Wild Vine)
Shikai Phrase: Grow, Mikon Kouba
Bankai Name: Takai Shokubutsu (Towering Tree)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, it is just a regular katana with a pink handle. Once released, the katana turns into a 6 foot long metal whip. The whip is segmented every 4 inches and is connected by spirit particles that glow pink when they separate. Each segment is 2 inches thick, but the bottom segment is thicker than the others, 3 inches, because it is the handle. The spirit particles that hold the whip together can extend to 4 inches between each section making the whip 12 feet long, making this a long range weapon. Also the farther away you are when hit by the whip, the more concussive damage you take.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Sacchi Kaori (Detecting Aroma) - As Kuesu swings the whip around at the opponent. As she is swinging the whip, an invisible gas will fill the area. There are tiny spores inside this gas and if the opponent breathes it in, then it will be impossible for them to hide as Kuesu will always know where they are because of the spores they breathed in. The spores have no negative effect on the opponents body, and Kuesu can deactivate them anytime she wants. If she chooses not to, then Kuesu will always know where the person is unless they are in a different dimension (if she was in the real world and the person was in Hueco Mundo).

2) Toge Hoi-Ru (Thorn Wheel) - Sharp thorns, made of pink spirit particles, appear on the sides of the segments except the handle, Kuesu begins to swing the blade around in the air. As she is swinging the whip, the thorns will begin to shoot out in all directions, kido speed, the thorns will also increase in size, about one meter long. The thorn shots can be deflected by swords but cuts through kido spells.

3) Hiru Za-Men (Leech Seed) - Thorns will once again appear on the sides of the segments. These thorns will not shoot out but stay on the segments. If the opponent is cut by the thorns, then it will leave a small seed inside of the cut. These seeds will begin to slowly absorb the person's spirit energy, the more the person uses their spirit energy, the quicker the seeds grow. The roots of the seeds will also spread as it absorbs spirit energy. Once the roots get to a certain size, when the seeds absorb 1/4th of the person's current level of spirit energy, The opponent will begin to feel the plant inside them. As the seeds absorb more energy, a flower will begin to grow out of the wound that it was planted in. The flower can be pulled out of the person's wound as it grows but since the roots wrap around organs and tissue, the longer the opponent waits the more damage they can do to themselves by pulling it out. Once the flower blooms, the person will die!

Bankai Appearance: When the bankai is activated, the end segment of the whip will shine in a pink color and Kuesu will slam it down behind her. When the segment hits, a huge black tree will grow from the ground, about 100 feet tall and 25 feet wide in diameter, large roots also grow from tree, 10 in total all 15 feet long and 5 feet in diameter. The tree also grow pink leaves to look like a cherry blossom. The tree top covers a 100 foot diameter of the tree trunk. Kuesu still has the whip and it has not changed its appearance.

Bankai Abilities: As the tree sits there, it is absorbing as much spirit particles in the area as it can to use certain abilities.

Ability 1) Shawa-Ha (Shower of Leaves) - The leaves from the tree will shower down in the area, kido spell speed. The leaves can fly at all directions and are as hard and sharp as a blade. The leaves can be deflected by a sword or zanpaktou ability but will slice through kido spells, making it a great defence against on coming kido attacks. It takes a large amount of concentration to shoot these leaves, therefore Kuesu can't be using any other attack at the time.

Ability 2) Rifureshu Mi (Refreshing Fruit) - When the tree has absorbed enough spirit particles, the tree will begin to grow pink colored fruit on it's branches. Each fruit holds a large amount of spirit energy and Kuesu can choose to do one of two things with the fruit.

1. She can choose to eat it which will either heal Kuesu or double Kuesu's speed and strength for two minutes once she eats it. Which ever of the two abilities she gets depends on the situation. If she has any serious injuries, then the fruit will be for healing. But if she has not received any deep wounds, then she will get the ability boost. The fruit will only give a positive reaction to Kuesu. If the opponent grabs the fruit and eats it, then spores will spread through out their body and begin to quickly drain them of their spirit energy, leaving them defenseless.

2. Or she can not eat it which will allow her to use the fruit for attacks. Since each fruit holds a large amount of spirit energy, she can use the fruit as bombs. When she does this, she can attach the fruit to the end of her whip and slam it down near the opponent causing it to explode. Or she can just throw it at the opponent, kido speed being the max speed causing an explosion. The explosion is the size of a 10 ton TNT bomb.

Ability 3) Tsukene Koba (Root Vines) - This is the final ability and form of Kuesu's bankai. Kuesu's eyes glow pink and the tree sinks into the ground and only the leaves stay above the ground leaving the battlefield in a bright pink color. The ground begins to shake and 10 large vines grow out of the ground around Kuesu. These vines are very thick, about 20 feet in diameter at the base. These vines have large thorns on them, like the thorns on a rose bush, but these thorns are proportional to the size of the vine. The vines can move on their own and move as fast as a kido spell despite their size. The vines can extend to 40 feet high. The vines can be destroyed but it will take a very strong attack from another zanpaktou or a kido spell above level 70! This ability is rarely used because the bankai can not revert back to its original form during that bankai release!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Well I was planning on keeping this a secret as long as I could but I decided to just post Miroku's true zanpaktou that he will get after the war! And yes it is quite epic!

Name: Miroku Kizume
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 224
Position: Head of the Revolutionary Army, Former Lieutenant of Squad 1
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black, with a red shine in the light.
Complexion: Caramel

Appearance: Miroku is a man of caramel complexion, a little lighter than Yoruichi. He does not wear the same clothes as the soul reapers. Instead he wears loose fitting black colored jeans with white sneakers. The sneakers have the red pheonix design on the side. He wears a sleeveless gray colored hoodie that has the red pheonix design on the back, the hoodie also has white pin-stripes that make a diagonal checker pattern all around the hoodie. He also wears a short sleeve white under-armor type shirt under his hoodie. The pheonix design is the new symbol of the Rising Suns to symbolized a resurgence. He also wears black gloves on both hand that also have the pheonix design on them. He wears a white sash around his waist with the red colored pheonix design on the front.

Personality: He is a very strong and determined leader capable of making friends with anyone he meets. He was once the lieutenant of squad 1 and was personally trained by the captain commander. He was later imprisoned for speaking out against Central 46 and the captain seat because he felt they were abusing their power. After he broke out of prison, he started an army that was later defeated leaving several members killed, but has since learned his true past and has united with some of his old friends. His current group is a lot stronger than the last and are currently biding their time before they act again.

Strength: 92
Speed: 100
Kido: 98
Swordsmanship: 97
Hand-to-Hand: 100

Shikai Name: Chaos - Akebono (Chaos - The Beginning)
Shikai Phrase: Shape Existence, Chaos - Akebono
Bankai Name: Chaos - Souzoubutsu (Chaos - The Creation)

Shikai Appearance:

In its sealed form, Chaos is a meter long katana and the guard is white. Since nothing existed in the beginning, when Chaos is released into its shikai form, the blade completely disappears and no longer has a phisical form. But when Miroku swings his arms or legs, a black streak of energy as sharp as a blade appears around Miroku's limbs when they attack the opponent, this includes punches, kicks, and any other physical attack using their limbs. This streak doesn't strech but is only a meter long when they attack and is about two inches away from Miroku's skin.

Shikai Abilities:

Ability 1) Non-Raivu (Non-Existent) - Since there was only light and darkness in the beginning, all elemental attacks are absorbed by Miroku's body. This means that if an opponent launches a blast of fire or lightning for example, the fire or lightning would be absorbed. This effect applies to all elements except light and darkness. There are a few exceptions to this ability! This ability does not effect kido spells because those are spirit particles altered to look like elemental attacks. Also, if the attack is physical for example, if a sword is on fire and the sword hits Miroku, then Miroku will receive a cut from the blade but will absorb the fire. Also, if a projectile explodes then the shockwave will hurt Miroku because it is pure energy but the fire or whatever element comes from the explosion will be absorbed.

Ability 2) Erebos - Ankoku (Erebos - Darkness) - The first thing to come from Chaos was darkness. An unusual black aura will start to manifest from Miroku's body and fill the battle area (100 feet in diameter). This aura makes it impossible for the opponent and Miroku to see each other, forcing them to use there other senses to fight.

Ability 3) Aither - Ranpu (Aither - Light) - The next to come from the chaos was light. This ability can only be activated when the second ability is in use. Miroku will begin to glow bright white making it easy for the opponent to see him. While in this form, Miroku can move twice as fast making it extremely hard to hit him. Also when Miroku swings his arms and legs, a meter long streak of light will shoot from his limbs at kido spell speed.

Bankai Appearance:

When the bankai is activated, a large explosion will occur (Like when Ichigo first went bankai). Since the bankai represents creation, instead of being a black energy, Chaos finally takes the form of a black meter long katana. Miroku will also be wearing a black belt that wraps around his waist. The belt is about an inch wide and there is a small sword attached to the left side of the belt by a spinning dial, the handle of the sword faces the front with the blade pointing behind Miroku. This sword is only a foot long and sits perfectly parallel to the belt. Because of the spinning dial, Miroku can spin the sword in any direction. The blade of the sword is unique because the tip of it is shaped like an arrow head. Miroku also has 4 bright rings made of Platinum on the fingers of his right hand. Each ring has a different symbol on it: a Thunderbolt, a Trident Head, a War Helmet, and a Lyre. Since the bankai represents creation, instead of being a black energy, Chaos finally takes the form of a black meter long katana.

Bankai Abilities:

Ability 1) Gaia & Tartarus - This ability can be used anytime Miroku wants and is very quick. Miroku will turn the small sword on the spinning dial until the tip of the blade points either up or down. If the blade is pointing up, for Gaia, then large pillars of rock will sprout up out of the ground at kido spell speed. These pillars can come up in any angle and direction Miroku wants it to. The pillars are large, about 20 feet in diameter and there seems to be no limit to how high they reach, but once they sprout up, they will only go in a straight line. If the blade is pointed down, for Tartarus, then the ground will split open and two large shadowy like arms will reach out of the crack and try to grab the opponent. If the arm grabs you, then they will pull you down into the large crack and the ground will slam shut. The arms do not move that fast. These abilities can only be canceled when Miroku makes the blade parallel to the belt again, Miroku will loose more spirit energy the longer the abilities are in use.

Ability 2) The Titans - Six small orbs appear around both of Miroku's wrist, totaling twelve. The orbs are about one inch in diameter. The wielder than swings his arm and can choose to launch from one to all of the orbs at the opponent. When he does this, the orb or orbs will grow to being 20 feet in diameter. When an orb hits something, it will cause an explosion equal to a 50 ton TNT explosion. The orbs travel at the same speed of a kido spell. The orbs will reappear 5 minutes after the last orb is thrown. Miroku must be at least 50 feet away from the explosion in order to avoid being hurt by the shockwave.

Ability 3) Olympian Rings - The four rings on Miroku's right hand represent an Olympian god and grant him a different ability. When an ability is activated, the symbol of the ring will appear above The wielder's head. Only one ability can be used at once, and only last 2 and a half minutes. The rings will reappear ten minutes after the last ring is used. The rings do not have to be used in succession.
The Four Rings:

1) The thunderbolt represents Zeus and grants Miroku the ability to throw lightning bolts and change his body into a lightning form that adds an electric shock to the opponent when he hits them. Only kido spells can be used on him in this form because all physical attacks will pass through him in this lightning form. And if someone physically touches him, then they will be electrocuted.

2) The trident head represents Poseidon. When this ability is activated, water will flow from Miroku's mouth and surround him. This water can be manipulate to protect the wielder or attack the enemy. (Like how Garaa, in Naruto, controls sand). The water can stop sword swings and other physical attacks it also stops kido spells up to level 75. It can also be shot in high pressured streams towards the opponent.

3) The war helmet represents Hades and allows Miroku to summon extremely hot black flames to surround his limbs. The fire will spin constantly around his limbs but will not hurt the wielder. If Miroku hits something with the flames, that object will melt at the spot that it was hit. If it is grazed, then it will just cause 3rd degree burns.

4) The lyre represents Apollo. This ability will cover the wielder in a veil of light that looks like the Sun. As Miroku is being covered, calming music begins to play and all of his injures begin to heal. If the entire song plays, then all of the Miroku's injuries will be completely healed. Since this ability can be interrupted, Miroku must incapacitate the opponent or time it properly to completely be healed.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas jstar18 said…
Oh and major props to whiteflame for the first bankai ability!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
Previosuly I have only posted one of my soul merchants..a creation I'm rather proud of....This is another one of them...
Name: Akane Nakashima
Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 155 pounds
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: December 18th
Age: 800
Apperance: Akane is rather tall and voluptuous with jade hair that is long and straight with jagged ends to her lower back and brown eyes. She has large breast, hips, and thighs, which the others comment on quite frequently at her expense where she will get embarrassed and scream or hide her face in her hands, a common expression she has. She is rather beautiful and prefers to wear gentle earth tones.
Personality: Akane is very serious and mature. She isn’t quick to anger and stays in control of her emotions quite well unless one she cares for is injured or her mutations when using her Seirei fi-da begin going out of control. Akane is often scared of her power, despite its strength because she’s afraid that one day its altering abilities will transform her into a monster. She is very protective over Hina. She is determined to find any rusty metal, so she can fashion them into projects such as: planters, sculptures, and the wiring in macramé hangers. Some find this very odd and criticize her strange taste for it, claiming she should go get a tetanus shot. Akane is rather sensible and listens to what her superiors say but won’t hesitate to contradict them if she feels their actions are wrong.
Status: Active
Previous occupation:
Occupation: Soul Merchant Commander 4
Favorite food: Bamboo shoots, pecan pie, and cinnamon rolls
Likes: reading novels and Shojo manga (she often let’s Ryoji borrow them, though he often spoils the endings for her, music, weaving baskets, bamboo furniture, collecting rusty metal and copper (the latter she often steals from peoples houses) so she can use them for her crafts, collecting rocks from other areas and putting them in her yard to remember where she found it or what her day was like when she did, singing, street festivals and buying things from the venders at them (she is very fond of personality rocks though her friends find them ugly, and she hopes to find one fitting each of their characteristics one day), going to the lake, spending time with those she loves, magnolia blossoms, and sandalwood.
Dislikes: stupidity, selfishness, self conceit, being used, the idea that she may eventually be consumed by her Seirei Fi-da, catfish, people making fun of her thighs, strange interests, or her ridiculously slow driving, chauvinistic ideas, cheating, men having mistresses, getting thrown in jail for stealing copper wires from peoples’ houses for her crafts, and quilt like patterns, especially on purses.
Love interest: unknown
Favorite song/theme music: Loving You Is Easy by Sarah Machlan
History: unknown
Seirei Fi-da: Henshu Kemono (mutation beast)
Release phrase: strike
Apperance: a long katana with a veneered wooden hilt and a bronze square shaped tsuba that rounds around the edges like a pagoda with turquoise stones studded on it.
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): She wields a blade made of condensed energy called Rinbo Koseisho Subeta (limbo sword). This sword doesn’t cause physical damage but disrupts thought processes which cause intense headaches and pain through mind bolts. The blade is a white color that looks like a hilt, blade, and an orb of light that connects the two. Her primary ability is adapting to certain situations to protect herself and others through mutations. The more she uses her power the more changes there are. She has hoofs, horns, tails, wings, a mermaid fin, claws, and strong, reinforced skin. Through these mutations she gains increases in strength, endurance, and reiatsu. The more she uses her Rinbo Koseisho Subeta the more she increases the alterations of Henshu Kemono (mutation beast), though they mutate on their own just over a longer amount of time.
Kontan Fe-zu Ni (spirit phase two): Soudai Henshu Kemono (Grand mutation beast): Her sword transforms and now is semi transparent and double edged. Her appearance is more animalistic; she has large wings and horns, almost resembling a demon. She can gather particles in this form and cause matter to go back on itself causing the instability of molecules; this in turn creates small areas of antimatter that shatter everything apart. She grows even more sinister attributes when she uses this power; she despises using her second phase because of this.
Special skills:
Master hand to hand combatant
Soul magic
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
High intelligence
Sword skills expert
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
Here is a new one. Plz comment

Zanpakuto Name: Sensoranko (Triple Blue Sky Roar)
Release Command: Let None Stand In Your Way

Shikai Appearence: My sword becomes a three way split num chuck type weapon. The 3 chains are conected by a steel circle in the middle and the handles are fully steel with a blue aura glowing in the middle. The ends are similar to mace balls

Shikai Abilities: My shikai has the ability to manipulate the wind
1. Ranko (Sky Roar): I spin my zanpakuto and with reach swing it releases a powerful wind blast from each end of my weapon
2. Tenran (Orchid Sky): My weapon hovers in front of my hand and spins firing hado 58 but through my weapon it is twice as powerful
3. Kyoranto (Crazy Wind Blades): I fire out three large wind shuriken that all fly at shunpo speed

Bankai: Shikaze no Shinimaru (Weeping Wind of the Death's Spirit)

Bankai Description: My bankai becomes a large wind storm that reaches two miles in diameter, in the storm are what appear to be thousands of spirits in the shape of almost transparent green skulls flying around the storm. As the wind moves it creates a howl of the dead and in my hand i hold a large sword with a purple and white handle. The sword stands 4 feet tall and about 4 inches across.

Bankai Abilities: As long as my opponents stays within the wind storm i will always know where they are. And also by manipulating the air i can fly within the wind storm.
1. Kyoranto (Crazy Wind Blades): I launch 3 wind blades that move at shunpo speed at my opponent, and if my opponent dodges them i can use the wind storm to redirect them and follow my enemy until they make contact with something solid (ex.the ground, kido, a zanpakuto, or my enemy)
2. Rikuzankaze (Six Slaying Winds): Six of the skull spirits flying around the wind storm manifest solid skeletal upper bodies and a cloaked lower half. The spirits continue to fly around trying to remain out of the reach of my opponent and launch Kyoranto at them when ever i command.The Kyoranto they throw cannot be redirected like mine. The spirits are very fragile and can be destroyed easily.
3. Shiniken (Death's Judgment): I stab the ground and condence the wind around me. Then when i feel it is ready i release the energy in the form of thousands of Kyoranto that fly through out the wind storm with no control. This move can also hurt me if i am hit by one of the blades.
4. Shinibanken (Death's Final Judgment): The flying souls enter my body and create a large manifestaion of death that hovers over me. 8 skeltons burst from the ground, grab my opponent and hold him to the ground. Then with a swing of my sword i launch death at my opponent. Their soul is instantly ripped from their body and sucked into my blade. But before the move is finished Death returns and takes half of my soul with him. Do to the damage this move inflicts on the user it can only be used once every thousand years to allow my soul time to grow back.

Here is a picture of my shikai
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 Here is a new one. Plz comment Zanpakuto Name: Sensoranko (Triple Blue Sky Roar) Release Command:
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
and here is my bankai
 and here is my bankai
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Wow that is an azamzing Zanpakuto..possibly my favorite out of yours Griff16!!!! It's very descriptive and i like how you stay concious of how important kido skills even make zanpakuto that enhance those skills!!!!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Sunmi Kyŏng
Height: 5’0’’ in a half
Weight: 98 pounds
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: February 9th
Age: 100 (estimated)
Apperance: Sunmi has a light, delicate frame and appearance; her eyes are shining gold and her features are soft and fragile. Her hair is pale, mint green and comes down straight and jagged to her upper back. She loves to wear pastels.
Personality: Sunmi is very sweet and odd, often replacing words in sentences with various flowers that symbolize that emotion Such as: I wish I had more Black Poplar (courage) or I have Hawthorn (hope). She loves symbolism and spends much of her time researching it. Sunmi loves to occupy her time with strange hobbies such as painting dried flowers and dorango (making shiny balls out of mud, she enjoys wrapping them in tin foil and sprinkling glitter on them to make them even more shiny). Sunmi is very protective over the ones she loves. Ryoji has created a manual for all the other soul merchants, so they can keep a simple conversation going with her.
Previous Occupation:
Occupation: -1 soul merchant commander
Favorite food: Salt water taffy, sweet tea, and sandwiches (her favorite being Chicken salad croissants)
Likes: Bird and flower symbolism (the latter she replaces words with), painting dried flowers and rocks (especially ones shaped like shoes), pastels, flowers and herbs (wildflowers), dorango (making shiny balls out of mud, she likes to wrap them in tin foil and sprinkle glitter on them), spending time with friends (and sandwiches (claims she wants to try everyone that has ever been conceived)
Dislikes: cruelty, people calling her strange because she prefers the word quirky, getting reprimanded when she collects rocks from public areas to be painted, people who consider wildflowers useless, the manual (because she still doesn’t know what it is) and being hypoglycemic (which Zero is jealous over since it involves low blood pressure)
Love interest: to be added later
Favorite song/theme music: La Mer Opale by Coralie Clement
Seirei Fi-da: Kkutopnun Kyongryon (endless spasm):
Release phrase: twinge
Apperance: when sealed her Seirei fi-da resembles a katana with a pastel green hilt and black fillings. The tsuba is silver and square shaped.
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): her first phase does not have a solid form, rather she releases black waves (similar to byukurai) at her foe. The limb or area that was struck will begin to ebonize and will begin to spasm for a short period of time; it will fade back normally when this wares off.
Kontan Fe-zu Ni (spirit phase two): Cholrinun Sunhwan (sleepy circulation); her second phase takes the form of long needles that emerge from her skin. These needles can be shot at foes causing the circulation in that area of their body to cut off, restricting blood flow. If this continues for too long the victim will eventually suffer a blood clot and die.
Special skills:
Master hand to hand combatant
Soul magic
Soul absorption
Sword skills master

Thank you Griff16 for helping me out with the first ability!!!!!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Name: Haisha Hikigaeru
Age: 38
Height: 5’6’’
Wieght: 210
Body type: creeper-ish
Rank: 20th seat in the 11th squad
Appearance: Haisha can be best describes as only a mother could love, sort of, he is very lanky he has a small torso but long legs and arms with skinny fingers. He has large, wide feet that almost look webbed, some say he his looks like frog feet. His face is quite toad-ish his head is short but wide and his eyes bug out of his head in two different directions with black pupils. He has dark black greasy, nasty looking hair. Haisha is the typical creeper he is always slouching over or hiding around corners.
Personality: Haisha is a coward, not because he beats on people weaker than him like Shibo but because he gets by on the coat tails of men like Shibo, he often makes up fake story of being connected to powerful people so that people don’t mess with him. Some wonder how Haisha ever got into the 11th squad because is so weak, he got into this squad by using the fact that his far related cousin or something is very rich and use his influence to weasel his way into the 11th squad, he picked the 11th squad because it is so close to the academy. Haisha is a creeper who preys on children he often hangs around the academy staring at the children; he often tries to trick the smaller ones to his house.
Strength: 30
Shunpo: 10
Kido: 10
Swordsmanship: 5

zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Hikigaeru o utau (singing toad)
release command: corrupt innocence

Description: In its sealed state the Hikigaeru resembles a slightly smaller than average katana the hilt is bronze and black, and the guard is brown and looks like a over large toad. When release it takes the form of a dirty gold colored whip, along the whip there are rounded studs and at the tip is large blunt looking object. This is not by design, this is the zanpakuto spirit purposely weakening Haisha because even the spirit is disgusted with how he uses his sword if Haisha was a better person in general the studs and tip would be sharp and dangerous. Crow has weakened Haisha swordsmanship further by breaking his hand when Crow encountered him recently.

Shikai abilities:
1. Kyoku o shitchi (swamp song): Haisha swings his whip above his head in a circle, doing this creates a hypnotic song that when the opponent hears causes them to walk forward to Haisha. This can be use to lure hollows, and enemies in close enough so that Haisha can attack them with the whip, this is what a good shingami would do, but because Haisha is nothing but pond scum he has tune this ability so it works extremely well against children. Fortunately because the zanpakuto is sickened with how Haisha uses this ability he has weakened it so that even the weakest children can resist it with the smallest amount of mental energy. The song last as long as Haisha is swinging the whip.
2. Kakuchō mimi (extendable ear): Haisha places the tip of the whip against some then places his ear on the end of the handle the sound waves travel though the whip so that Haisha can listen in on secret plans, meetings, etc. but that is what he would if he was a decent person instead he prefers to use this ability to listen to the showers of the academy. Again fortunately the zanpakuto spirit is disgusted with how this ability is use so it hinders this ability by making it so all the sound Haisha hears is muffled and fuzzy.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
I like your character a lot Lobos
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
She is a character from my yasumoto/yamamoto arc..yasumotos were known for possesing two zanpakuto

Name: Takaki Yasumoto
Height: 4’1’’
Weight: 62
Race: Shinigami
Birthday: August 19th
Age: 500,000
Apperance: Takaki is very short and petite with tan wrinkled skin and gray hair which she keeps up in a large bun. Her face is sunken in and she has deep indents around her mouth giving her a bird like appearance. She usually keeps her eyes squinted in little slits to see; they are brown.
Personality: Takaki is very knowledgeable and wise but has fetish for serving others, which completely contradicts her noble upbringing. She has mentioned before that when she was a member of the royal Yasumoto family she wasn’t interested in marrying a noble and so remained unmarried.
Previous occupation: Noble, Captain of squad 3 (around 300,000 years ago)
Occupation: retired, cleaning houses and cooking for Mitsuri and his guest
Favorite food: catfish
Likes: serving others, waiting hand and foot on others, wearing the garment of a maid, cleaning, cooking, sewing clothing and live plants, soap eras, shopping, Uta, embroidering quilts, breaking security in new and fubar ways (a trait she shares with Gabriel), and spending time with Gabriel and her makeshift family. Match making (especially online for members of her family, especially Gaby A.K.A Gabriel)
Dislikes: being short because it’s so hard for her to reach high places when cleaning, people making fun of her age and wrinkly skin, those who don’t respect their elders, glasses (because she thinks they look unappealing on her) and foods that are two hard and chewy because she is toothless and dislikes dentures or polygrips.
Love interest: Masashi Anzai A.K.A The Guy who lives in a shoe
Family: Gabriel Yasumoto
Zanpakuto: Buranku Zukku (Blank Canvas)
Release phase: make a work of art
Spirit manifestation: a woman with a canvas for a face and a long black dress; she carries a pallet and a paint brush and is very mysterious.
Inner world: an art studio
Apperance: a katana with a black hilt and white fillings. The tsuba is a bronze and in the shape of a square.
Shikai: her blade warps into a zanpakuto that she has seen or come in contact with, it resembles the Zanpakuto she copies but unlike Gabriel’s Mimar it is a slightly different color like a the two same characters fighting simultaneously in a video game.
Special abilities: her shikai mimics the abilities of the Zanpakuto she uses. She can change it to whichever zanpakuto fits her needs. There is own increase or decreases in power it is always the same as the actual Zanpakuto she copies.
Bankai: Kanchi Gashu (Artist Perception): the retains the ame copied sword but can delve into its power by synchronizing with the spirit; allowing her to use attacks the original user may not know, she often likes teaching those about these hidden abilities. She
Zanpakuto: Hisan Suzume (flying sparrow )
Release phrase: soar
Spirit manifestation: a large crane that flutters about happily
Inner world: a peaceful wetland oasis
Apperance: a katana with a dark pink hilt and a silver tsuba that comes off in straight diagonals.
Shikai: her sword shatters into feathers which flutter about her and form wings on her arms. These feathers are as sharp as knives and cut whatever they touch. She can fly at high speeds and has a variety of attacks including a dive bomb. She can violently flap her wings to reflect projectiles and use kido through her mouth.
Bankai: Jinsoku Hisan Suzume (swift flying crane): her Bankai takes the form of a giant crane she sits on that has razor like feathers and can soar at high speeds. She can use kido spells and have the bird release the same spell simultaneously through its mouth. The can also flap its wings causing windstorms with sharp feathers mangled in it. The crane has a special blast it can shoot from its mouth that spins and cuts like knives of air.
Special skills:
Hand to hand combat master
Kido master
Sword skills master
Shunpo (flash step) master
High intelligence and hacking skills
Exceptional domestic abilities
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
wow dancing you excalty like my character he not meant to be cool or anything his a disgusting pervert and will die very very soon
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
well I like filler characters too..I made one named Argos whose disgusting and horrid...His Zanpakuto looks like a giant tounge with eyes embedded in it..and his personality is even more odd...he's flithy lol
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
For all of those who have kept up with my soul merchants here is commander 13..the others Akane on the the top of this page is 4 and Sunday Valleta is 16..I would be honored if someone wanted to make a soul merchant..look at Kuma's profile to get an idea about a seirei fi-da (soul feeder)..they can be odd and have unsual sealed apperances sometimes they change the body or their just weapons...they are the physical manifestion of a spirit and are deadly...
Name: Kuma Ohyama
Height: 6’8’’
Weight: 425 pounds
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: August 19th
Age: 90 (estimated)
Appearance: Kuma is extremely muscular and tall, with a short, brown flattop and a chiseled face; Overall, Kuma has a very intimidating appearance. His skin is dark tan and has deep brown eyes. Kuma often has stubble because he dislikes shaving. Kuma has a tattoo on his shoulder of a bomb.
Personality: Kuma is very concerned about his body and how much exercise he gets. Constantly drinking protein shakes and eating healthy foods. Kuma is strong minded and hardly ever fails at changing his plans.
Previous occupation: He has had many, but notably he lived in a mining community.
Occupation: Soul Merchant commander 13, personal trainer and body builder
Favorite food: protein shakes (despite the fact that it grosses everyone out because he puts living fish inside the blender when he makes them), egg whites, and cuts of meat.
Likes: working out, flexing his muscles, collecting WW1 and WW2 Blanket pins, wars (he often watches documentaries on the subject), camping, hiking, sports, exercise, strenuous mind and body training, martial arts ,kickboxing, strong people, his friends, Sunday and Masami (though he will never admit it)
Dislikes: Not getting to work out, being sick, seeing men who are more tone and muscular then he is (though this is hardly ever but he once spent three days depressed in his room because of it), driving with Rosita, Masami’s cruelness, being called fat due to his extremely muscular physique and abnormal bulk, his severe motion sickness (in which he takes pills for often), when his favorite teams loose, people changing the channel when he’s watching war films and documentaries or body building tournaments, loosing (especially at body building tournaments), and soybean paste soup
Love interest: Masami Nishimura and Sunday Valletta
Favorite song/theme music:
Seirei fi-da: Ma Suji (pure muscle)
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): unlike common Seirei fi-da Kuma’s has no release phrase or a solid form prior to release.
Special abilities: Kuma’s body absorbs high amounts of reiatsu and grows, giving him drastically increased strength, endurance, and stamina, all of which are already naturally phenomenal. He can release concussive blast of reiatsu with kicks and punches.
Kontan Fe-zu Ni (spirit phase two): Ma Ki Suji (pure raw muscle):
His body mass increases exponentially, his shoulders and muscles become large mounds of flesh forming what appears to be volcanoes on his arms, the fizzle and explode with huge steaming blast of reiatsu which can be released into powerful projectiles that can easily blow a hole through a mountain.
Special skills:
Hand to hand combat master
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
Enhanced strength, endurance, and stamina

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
oh and lobos incase u were wondering about my newest one, the shikai is from dmc3
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
and my next zanpakuto will be from dmc3 as well, have u heard any news about a dmc5?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Raashaad said…
*Zanpakuto Name: Shinrinyoku ("Forest Bathing"): A normal katana with a dark brown sheath and a dark green handle. The cross guard is shaped like an oval with four indents on each corner and a hole on both sides of the blade. There is a leaf design around the blade and the image of a praying mantis on the right side of the hilt. Shinrinyoku is considered to be the most powerful plant-type zanpakuto in the history of Soul Society.

Shikai: It is triggered by the command "Grow and Prosper" (Seicho to Han'ei), in its shikai form, Shinrinyoku maintains in its sealed state.
Shikai Ability: Shinrinyoku has the ability to generate and manipulate plants. My level of control over Shinrinyoku is so great that I am able to produce Shinrinyoku's bankai abilities through its shikai, though with less control and with weak vines. By it pollonating the area with microscopic spores, these spores absorb the spirit particals to manifest and cause random plants and vines to rapidly grow on the surfaces which then grow and move to attack the enemy. If the enemy becomes infected with the spores, plants and vines will being to rapidly grow on their body, immobilizing them. Shinrinyoku can also makes these plants grow on the enemie's weapon, rendering them useless. With each swing, Shinrinyoku causes the plants to grow in the direction of the swing, twice as fast, as a form of attack to grapple the enemy and tighten around them to crush them within themselves. If I am airborne, I am able to have Shinrinyoku grow the plants off of the blade, though this renders the blade temporarily useless. Shinrinyoku can also be used as a sealing tool as it is handy to seal doors and other enterences. Shinrinyoku is also good for changing the landscape of the area to fit my desires.

Bankai: Dansuhi Shinrinyoku (Lit. "Dancing Leaves Forest Bathing"): Upon release, tree roots sprout from Shinrinyoku's tsuba and coils around my arm. The roots then continue to coil around my body, including my legs and torso, to create a wooden armor-like appearence. The roots also have small twigs with leaves on them. Green leaves spiral around me as if carried by wind. Shinrinyoku's blade glows green.
Bankai Ability: While in bankai form, my strenght hightens greatly enough to concentrate his spiritual pressure into a single fatal blow to a gillion menos. Dansuhi Shinrinyoku uses my spiritual pressure as a life force to pollonate everything to force trees to grow on any surface. Using my spiritual pressure as a source of life, I am able to create trees, growing them to great sizes and shaping them to various forms to aid me in battle. The wood attacks are also stronger than the plant shikai form by ten times. With this bankai, I have gained a variety of abilities as follows:
*Kyu Seicho (Rabid Growth): The blade shines a burst of green light. Then whatever I stab become enveloped in wooden vines which bind them and tightens to the point of killing them. With large targets, it creates a giant tree that envelops them and kills them within itself.
*Ki Yari (Wood Spear): When I punch while concentrating my spiritual pressure into my fist, I generate twisted wooden roots that become in the form of a spear head to impale my foes at mid distance.
*Mori Baindo (Forest Bind): I causes the roots to grow toward my opponent with the intent on capturing them. Once complete, the roots will envelope the foes and bind them.
*Mori no Nagareru (Flowing Forest): With each swing, the trees will grow more branches which attack the enemies much like in its shikai. This ability works automatically but by calling out its name causes the trees to becomes twice as strong.
*Mokusei no Kabe (Wood Wall): This technique creates a wall of thick tree branches that coil together to defend against strong attacks.
*Kaze Ga Ha (Wind Leaves): This technique at first creates a thick forest. This techniques causes the leaves in the forest to glow for an instant. They then fall off of the trees, exploding on contact with small but consecutive explosions.
*Mori no Kyojin (Forest Giant): I use a large amount of spiritual pressure to create a giant humanoid tree with the face of an old man. This tree creature is strong and attacks the enemies through I command. I control the giant like a puppet. The giant only last for a short period of time as it requires a large amount of energy to perform.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
So I promised a blade reprise, and I'm delivering. This is a blade that's on page 79 that is now expanded to include a great number of details about the final ability. Note that what's missing will be revealed over time and added later.

Name: Isao
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black, white hairs indicating greater age than actuality
Appearance and personality: A man of olive complexion, he constantly emanates an aura of assertion. He makes decisions with certainty in all cases, and often puts captains in dangerous situations to ensure that the job is done. He's not afraid of getting his hands dirty either, though he's very careful to remove everyone from the area before engaging his opponents due to the collateral damage of his abilities. He is very close to and takes advice from every single captain, though more often his decisions take precedence.
However, he seems to be well beyond his years in appearance, and no one seems to know why. He has a haunted cast to his eyes, as though they still see horrible images from his past. He seems to be bowed under the pain of scars that don't exist, and captains often note that his right arm trembles when he reaches for his blade.

Shikai Name: Chosen Destiny
Release Command: Glorify...
Bankai Name: Destiny of the Fallen

Shikai Appearance: The blade turns into a 6 foot long viking battle axe, though the blade itself is curved and 2 and a half feet long. The blade appears to be made of a substance much like obsidian, being black and having a sort of glassy shine to it, with a razor sharp edge. He is capable of wielding this one handed.

Shikai Ability 1: (Path to Asgard) - The wielder merely states this ability, and a fiery rainbow bridge appears behind him on his right side (Bifrost). The bridge does not have a physical presence (and can therefore not be destroyed). Its presence portends future actions, but as long as it exists in this state, only a light but ominous wind blows.

Shikai Ability 2: (Decaying Ash) - A large tree with 9 roots and 9 branches appears behind the wielder on his left (Yggdrasil). The tree does not have a physical presence either. The tree appears to have bark entirely made of volcanic ash, and within 100 meters of it, a slow rain of ash begins to fall. Its presence portends future actions, but as long as it exists in this state, the ash (which does reduce oxygen content of the air slightly) is the only effect.

Shikai Ability 3: (Call to Arms) - The wielder calls upon the Einherjar from Valhalla, a group of chosen warriors that would defend the gods at Ragnarok. Invisible panels open in the air to the right and left of him, revealing a tremendous number weapons of all shapes and sizes. Each of these can be used directly by the wielder en tandem with their own blade, and will allow him to fight in the style of the warrior that previously wielded it. This requires an understanding of each one he uses, but it does give him a mastery of them all and makes it difficult for an opponent to gauge his movements.

Bankai Appearance: The axe is thrust into the ground from the uppermost tip of the blade and shoved by the wielder all the way into the ground, forming a multitude of cracks in the earth. The weapon disappears entirely upon full insertion.

Bankai Ability 1: (Destined Time) - Bifrost collapses, and as it does, the natural disasters of Ragnarok begin. The ground turns vocanic, etched with lines of magma and becoming intensely hot. The sky above the battlefield darkens to a pitch black, and supercell tornados appear high up. A massive wind begins to blow, and tremendous hail plummets from the sky. The wielder becomes immune to the intense heat, wind and cold of their own ability while this is active, though is still susceptible to opponent's use of either.

Bankai Ability 2: (Destined Place) - Yggdrasil collapses into a heap of ash. The wielder can go to that heap, and draw forth Thor's Hammer from the ashes, though it will only allow someone who has embraced their destiny to wield it. The hammer must be wielded with both hands, but while the hammer itself can be stopped in its strikes, the shocking force of each blow is strong enough that no weapon nor kido can absorb it. All damage is concussive.

Bankai ability 3: (Destiny's Retribution) – 9 Baoding balls appear, 4 between each of the fingers on each hand and one in his mouth. Each has a different symbol on it, but is otherwise the same. The ability is activated by biting down on the ball in the person’s mouth, which is selected randomly. The 9 balls each represent the 9 worlds in Norse mythology (yeah, that’s a spoiler). Each one takes on an ability to represent that world. Every time this ability is used, a corresponding person will die. That person corresponds to the world as well, and therefore one person is “assigned” to each. The power level of the technique is dependent on the user’s resolve and his bonds to the person who dies.

9 Worlds and the associated deaths (Note that there are some that are not explained. When they’re revealed in the RP, they will be added here, but hints are given):
Asgard (Aesir, the land of the gods) – A representation of the fight that takes place on Ragnarok. The person who dies is a representation of an “ally.”
Alfheim (elves) – The body and weapons of the wielder are allowed to completely disperse and reform into their original shapes or part of their original shapes. This ability activates automatically in defense, but focus can be applied to stop or start activation at other times. This will apply to any weapon attached to the wielder. The person who dies is a representation of a “friend” (in this case, Isao’s vice captain).
Vanaheim (Vanir) – A representation of utter defeat, since these gods were defeated by the Aesir. The person who dies is a representation of a “rival.”
Midgard (men) – A representation of the wisdom and thought involved in human experience. The person who dies is a representation of “family.”
Jotunheim (giants) – A representation of increased size without actually increasing size. The person who dies is a representation of a “teacher.”
Svartalfheim (dark-elves) – Black ribbons begin to cover the body, wrapping around it in its entirety. These continue to amalgamate, making the body larger and larger the longer the fight goes on. Ribbons that attach to an opponent can be manipulated at distance, and each can create small black portals on the ground. Anyone who disappears under those portals will begin to lose their memories at a dramatic rate. These portals function by force of gravity and by applied force. The body of the user is still physically present, but can be separated and moved within the mass of darkness at the user’s will. The person who dies is a representation of a “guardian” (in this case, Isao’s bodyguard).
Nidavellir (dwarves) – A representation of the dwarves and their unique abilities. The person who dies is a representation of a “student.”
Muspelheim (hot world in the southern region) – The wielder’s skin becomes translucent, and fire appears to fill their insides. Their hands and feet generate intense amounts of heat which radiates outward a short distance beyond them. Anything that is touched will instantly be evaporated, anything that gets close will suffer terrible burns. Each finger on each hand can release high intensity beams of fire, which can cut through practically anything, though are no wider than a pencil. Weapons picked up while in this form take on a similar look to the wielder and cause similar effects when cut with. The person who dies is a representation of a “lover” (in this case, Isao’s wife).
Niflheim (the dead, the lowest level) – The wielder’s skin begins to look like a sheen of light blue ice. Darker blue icicles shoot out of the skin in random locations, and blood from these is immediately frozen. Anything the wielder touches with his hands will freeze internally at the point that’s touched. A weapon used while in this form will employ similar effects, freezing over it and freezing anything internally that it strikes. The person who dies is a representation of a “hero” (in this case, the former Captain Commander).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
dang I was way off on my idea of the final ability rhis is probably the coolest thing ever whiteflame I give major props to you and grif I saw the lastest zanpakuto and yeah I saw that was DMC it one of the first weapons you get after beating the first boss Cerebus dancing keep up the good work I'm loving your characters
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas tayandkris4evr said…
Alright I made a new one. The character and Zanpaktou are both here. @ grif16, Sensoranko is completely wonderfull. I love it, it looks really cool in shikai. ^_^

Name - Jet
Appearance - He has short clean cut black hair. Bright yellow eyes (somewhat cat-like). A small nose and a thin smiling mouth. He is very pale, almost bone white. He has a scar on his left cheek in the shape of an X. He is lean, yet muscular. He has very long fingers and a small wrist. He always wears a long sleeved white tee and rugged black jeans. He has a white chain necklace that he always wears. He wears a black snake ring on his right hand middle finger.

Personality - Jet is a very confused person. He’s very kind and sweet. Yet he doesn’t show very much emotion. He always has a soft little smile though. He’s wise beyond his years and gives very good advice. He’s very solemn and calm. He plays the violin, beautifully and professionally. Often very sad, moving songs. He keeps his violin in a black case that he wears slung over his shoulder. He’s a slow paced person and likes to strategize and work things out in his head before doing anything. He doesn’t like to fight and avoids trying to make people angry at all times. He usually doesn’t stick up for himself if people talk trash. He’s a very lonely man who thinks that no one will understand him, even though he understands them all.

Note this; Jet’s Zanpaktou is actually his violin. When Jet runs his finger along the lowest string on his violin, his violin and bow melt together and become his Zanpaktou.
Name - 寛容 (Forgiver) *Kan'yō*
Shikai - 実現 (Realize) *Jitsugen*
Release - 世界に目を開きます。(Open your eyes to the world.) *Sekai ni me o hirakimasu.*
Appearance - Jitsugen is only a hilt. <This is going to be really hard to explain but bear with me> The guard of the hilt bends down, the white metal thinning out, the two ends of the bent guard come together and swirl, making the grip. At the very end the spun guard comes apart slightly. This part is usually called the pommel. To others the sword seems to be only a hilt. But really only the wielder can see the actually sword.
Ability - When ever Jitsugen strikes, it becomes multiplied by the pain the enemy has caused others. The scene of the enemies victims getting hurt is played in the enemies head from the victims point of view. The enemy must endure his or her pain along with their own. The wielder cannot strike twice once having advanced the target, they must retreat after a blow. But after they’ve gone back a bit, they can advance again.

Jet has not yet reached Bankai, but he is far into the training of getting it.
Other information on Jet
Age - 17
Favorite animal - Dragonfly
Favorite food - Raspberries <Apparently that’s how it’s spelled, pft>
Favorite color - Light blue
Hobby - Playing his violin, playing his violin in the real world, window shopping (real world, soul society)

He matches Yoruichi’s speed in flash step. He’s a well known painter in the real world.
 Alright I made a new one. The character and Zanpaktou are both here. @ grif16, Sensoranko is complete
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gfastrunner said…
all I have for min is its shaped like a cross and can split into 3 different zanpaktou thats all i knew now
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas grif16 said…
here is a new one. plz read and comment

Zanpakuto Name: Kotsuhio (The Bone King)
Release Command: Break Every Bone in Their Body

Shikai Appearence: My sword becomes a 3 foot long sharpened spine looking blade made entirely of bone with serated hooks down the front

Shikai Abilities: 1. Kotsufuku (Bone Crawl): My sword temporarily reshapes till the blade part looks like a bone spike and upon my command it launches forward toward my opponent while still connected to the handle and retracts when i want it to
2. Kotsuran (Bone Storm): With a single swing of my sword i launch a barrage of bone fragments at my opponent.
3. Tokotsuran (Inverse Bone Storm): Hundreds of six foot long bone spikes emerge from the ground in a trail towards my opponent

Bankai: Wabikotsuhio (The Wretched Bone King)

Bankai Appearence: I gain two swords, one red and one blue. The red one is held with the blade in front of me in my right hand and the blue one is held with the blade behind me in my left. The swords blades are bone spines only thicker and with steel edges

Bankai Abilities: 1: Kotsusogi (Bone Cutter): The red sword glows and gives my strikes increased power. It lasts for 1 minute and cannot be activated again for another 3
2. Kotsukaze (Bone Wind): By swinging the blue blade i can launch a solid bone blade at my opponent. This happens with every swing.
3. Kotsumura (Bone Army): I stab both swords into the ground and thousands of skeletons with swords rise from the ground and do everything i command them to do. The skeletons are not very strong but can move at shunpo speed when told and regenerate after destruction. As long as the blade remain in the ground the army will continue to fight but should i lose my grip on one of my swords or remove one from the ground the army will turn to dust in the wind

Here is a pic of my bankai swords
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 here is a new one. plz read and comment Zanpakuto Name: Kotsuhio (The Bone King) Release Command:
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas onix11 said…
Aren't those swords off of devil may cry?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas onix11 said…
Here's my characters stats.

Name: Bryce Tema
Age: 100 (Looks 22)
Height: 6'0
Hair: Brown
eyes: Black with white pupils

Apperance/ Personality Before Change: He has a strong body and is also sleek. He has eyes are caring and show compassion. He is fun loving and does what he can to make things easier. He will fight to take care of the people he cares for.

After change: He resonates a dark aura and his eyes seem souless. He has hatred for the soul society and all of the shingami. He keeps much to himself.

Story:Bryce was the captain of squad nine a long time ago. He became captain at 22 and was a great one at that. One night though, him and his entire squad was sent on a mission to root out a group of arrancar. It was a trap and thousands of hollows attacked him and his squad. He called for reinforcments but they never came. The entire squad was wiped out and he barely survived. He grew a deep hate for the shinigami that betrayed him. He was assigned a new group. But he began to study dark powers and done experiments with hollows. He's studies were found and he was cast out. No one knows what happened after that.

Stats: Strength:85
hand-to-hand combat: 70

here you go.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas BrokenSun35 said…
Heres my new blade so please read and comment.

(Will be introduced later on)

Name: May Senken
Position: 2nd in command of the Ace of clubs branch of the Ace of X
Age: Appears 19
Height: 5"5
Weight: 106
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Dark blue

Appearance: May's hair goes down to mid back, May wears a white t-shirt with a gold number 5 with a black out line and a pair of black jeans and a small white bow on the top left of her head, she also listens to music from an i-pod that is in her pocket. Like all Ace of X members she has ace of clubs with an X going through it on the back right of her hand

Personality: May is very aggressive and loving she tries to protect every one she cares for even if she knows she can't. May is also an expert pianist, while listening to music she sometimes plays the "keys" on the air in front of her which causes the faint sound of a piano that is heard in the background.

Strength: 75
Kido: 100
Speed: 100
Swordsmanship: 80
Hand-to- Hand: 45

Shikai Name: Pianisuto (The Pianist)
Release Command: Play the Song for Eternity
Bankai Name: Eien no kami no pianisuto (The Divine Pianist of Eternity)

Appearance: Unreleased the blade is a normal katana with a pure white hilt, in Shikai it has the same appearance but has black musical notes etched on the sides of the blade and the sheath is floating horizontally next to the wielder the sheath has piano keys on it. If the wielder wishes to use an ability they will have to hold the katana with one and play the keys in the air.

Shikai Abilities:
Tātoru no uta (Song of the turtle) The wielder plays a slow and low key song or 10 seconds causing anyone that hears it besides the wielder and the wielders teammates to slow down by 25%, during the period of time the song is in affect the wielder they cannot use any other abilities. (This ability lasts or thirty seconds)

Sonikkubūmu (Sonic Boom) The wielder plays a loud low and high song for 10 seconds making anytime the wielder strikes something with the blade it causes a small sonic boom the wielder can launch the sonic boom at the opponent the Sonic boom be barley seen but can be countered by a kido attack stronger then 25.

Ōku no kutsū no uta (The Song of many Pains) The wielder plays a low and fast song that lasts for 10 seconds causing that every time the wielder cuts the opponent they feel no pain, but when the wielder plays different notes (The lowest note feeling like someone has cut off their arm and the highest being like some bruised them badly), If the wielder has cut the oppnent in multiple places and plays a note the will feel that pain in all locations. The ability only lasts for 2 minutes and has a recharge time of 5 minutes.

Bankai Appearance: The whole blade desinagrates except the hilt, The wielder then sits down in mid air and places the hilt to the left of them, then glowing white keys form (There are the same amount of keys as there is on the keyboard). If the opponent tries to attack the keys instantly materialize in to a pure white katana to block or parry, once the opponent has been blown back the wielder can place the blade in front of her causing it to turn into piano keys again if the song she has been playing was interupted she does not have to start over she just has to start where she left off.

Bankai Abilities:
Hikō ken no uta (Song of the Flying Swords) The wielder plays different notes causing barely visible swords to launch from where the key or keys are towards the opponent the blades can be blocked or destroyed by kido higher than 60 and can countered by a the opponents Zanpakuto. (One sword for every key that is played)

No uta jōsū (Song of the Multiplier) The wielder plays a high and fast song for 15 seconds causing the opponent to become disorientated and start seeing doubles this lasts for a minute but during this time the user may not use any abilities (The ability lasts for a minute)

1,000 Etaniti no uta (Song of 1,00 Eternities) The keys surround the opponent (15 feet in diameter) and start spinning after the reach maximum velocity which take 20 seconds they let out huge sonic waves that pound the location that they surrounded, if the opponent trys it escape they keys will follow but the ability can be inturrupted if the opponent attacks the wielder.

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
Name: Rozu
Age: Appears 22
Height: 5’4”
Eyes. Pink
Hair: Pink shoulder length
Personality: Rozu is now a quiet girl who only seems to talk to Satoshi. She takes her time to decide what she does or does not want to do. She tends to talk slowly with a little pauses scattered between her words. She is always seems to be surprised when meeting someone around her age because she knew them once before and now is shocked to see how different they are. She’s also coming out of her shell which when is completed will be more confident and take charge and attention of everybody around her.

Shunpo: 90
Kido: 75
Strength: 85
Swordsman: 100

Appearance: She’s always seen wearing the standard shinigami uniform but with the acceptation of the white under shirt and white socks are pink matching her hair and eyes. She always has a child like expression on her face.

Zanpaktou name/ Shikai name: Pink Petals
Release Command: Bloom
Bankai Name: Eden’s Blossoming Petals

Zanpaktou appearance: Sealed looks like a katana with a green sheath that has thorn carving on it, the cross guard looks like a rose and the handle has green wrappings with a carved rose at the end of the handle. In shikai the rose on the cross guard and the end look like a living rose and a cloud of spores constantly spew out the bottom of the cross guard rose. In bankai the handle looks like bunched up thorny vines to make a handle and the roses begin to glow.


1. While in Shikai Rozu has an energy barrier around her body that looks like a closed Rose head. While this barrier is active all incoming physical attacks are only 3/4th effective. The attack must be made with something solid anything made of energy goes straight through.
2. When this ability is activate thousand of tiny spores float through the air. When they touch anything but Rozu they sprout into a rose bush. If an opponent is hit with the spores the bush will entangle the body and eventually crush it. Physically stronger opponents will be able to fight against the crushing and just be slowed and can maybe even dig them selves out of the bush if they have time. The bush can be burned or frozen to break free. Anybody trapped in it will at least receive minor cuts and burses through out their whole body. The roses do not grow on the inside of the body.
3. When energy based attacks are launched at Rozu if she points the tip of her blade at it the attack will be absorbed into her zanpaktou. The rose on the of the handle of the blade begins to blossom as energy is absorbed, 5 Ceros worth of energy can be absorbed, The energy can then be released in the form of a beam from the tip of her zanpaktou that looks like a pink cero. At full power the strength is obviously equal to 5 ceros, but the size is that of 1 cero. (Realize this may seem too strong but at same time remember how Stark shot the captains with ceros and barley burned their shirts)

1. Rozu has same abilities as shikai but making them stronger, the first ability will now reduce physical attacks to half strength, and the second will be about 50% harder to get out of or break free from, the third will only increase to double strength.
2. This is kind of an extension of the second shikai ability. But using the spores regardless of if they have touched something to start growing Rozu can make one of two things. The first is a pillar rose bush about t0 feet diameter and height is unknown (a lot like Rukia’s ability) Anybody trapped in it will have either the bush grow through them and shred their bodies because of the thorns or if they are tougher opponents will be entangled and still sliced up pretty bad. She can also make the spores form a rose bush around any ally she wants to protect. When this happens the bush is about 10 feet tall and covers a radius big enough to surround anybody she’s protecting, this will block any attack but will last for only one minute and have a 5 minute cool down before being used again. Also anybody who is being defended cannot attack through the rose bush either.
3. This ability allows Rozu to do a few nifty tricks with other plants around her. She can control the plants within 100 feet of her as if they were an extension of her body though doing this takes a bit of concentration and thus no more than 5 plants can be controlled at once. She can also meld into a tree and travel at full speed through the tree and other trees around using the root system and pop out at any point on the tree that is at least as big as her (thus no popping out of a twig or leaf) Finally she can cover her self with plants to provide a little more protection from physical attacks and if using thorns, or the vines from the handle of her zanpaktou will cut anybody who physically touches her. The combination of this and her rose barrier ability will make physical attacks do minimum damage to her but the plant can be cut off after repeated attacks.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LOBOSdelRAYo said…
haha I love the recent additions grif i see you are now using DMC3 wats next dmc2 weapons then just DMC
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas onix11 said…
Name:Biren Tema
Age: 90(Looks seventeen)
Height: 5'8
Hair: Black
Personality: He is a fast paced person who doesn't care how it's done just that the job gets done fast. He can be cool headed when it is need. He suffers from heavy ADD, so he has his liutenant do most of his paper work. He mainly focus on kido that reverses other kido spells. What he lacks in swordsmanship he recovers greatly in hand-to-hand combat. He also uses a technique called the spirit cannon. A move once used by a famous spirit man.

Abilities: Shunpo:100

Zanpakuto Name/ Shikai name: Nightmare
Realese command: Horrify
Bankai name: Worst Nightmare

Apperance: The blade is white with a black handle and guard. When released It becomes a menacing gauntlet with a large curved blade sticking out. It also seem as though it is dripping darkness.


Ability 1: Once th blade makes contact the darkness infultrates the mind. The wielder can use it as a hallucinagent and make himself look like what ever the person fears most. The effects take time to activate if the person is as strong as a Liutenent or Captain.

Ability 2: The Wielder runs his hand across the blade and it becomes consumed with black flames. He launches it like a beam that does massive damage to the target and even some what burns them.

Bankai apperance: A gauntlet appears on the other arm of the wielder. Both gauntlets go from the hand to the elbow. A blade appears on the elbow of each arm and another one on the outward sides of the arms. The curved blade in the front of the gauntlets grow spikes out of them.

Ability 1:The blade are coered in dark flames and the wielder shoots them off like a massive flame thrower. It reaches 180ft and can melt anything. Takes a partial amount of reisatu do to this is it's secondary attack.

Ability 2: If the darkness is still inside the enemy, the wielder can make false doppler gangers, all having their own reisatu. They have no ability to attack.

Ability 3: Darkness begins to surround the wielder in small streams. The wielder cadles up and a lage dark barrier surrounds him. He release the barrier by saying his zanpakuto's name. It explodes outwards and consumes everything within 2 acres of the attack. Consumes A lot of Reisetu and takes twenty seconds to fully charge.

Here you go.
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@ onix11, I really like your Zanpaktou, you did a good job on it. :) Cool person too, kinda reminds me of Kenpachi in a way.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas onix11 said…
Thanks, it's nice to have my work thought as good.