Bleach Anime Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
If you want to access that forum, go to the top of the page, look for the links separated by the ">" symbol, and click on the link "forums" (it should be right after the "bleach anime* link). It should give you a list of recently modified forums, this one near the top. There's a character forum and a story forum, in case you get confused. Btw, I'm happy to review what you posted if you want, just say so (some say I'm a bit harsh, hence I'm not automatically reviewing it).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ninger117 said…
then could you please review it for me?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ninger117 said…
oh, and btw? my pic is the Zanpakuto's materialization
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shukun_kizuku said…
did you get my message?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, let's see:
So, overall, this blade looks pretty good. There are a couple of issues I can see. The first refers to this shockwave. I'm not sure what's producing the shockwave. Is the melting of the earth causing it, or is the force of the thrust? Beyond that, what force does this shockwave emit? Throwing someone back is a pretty general way of describing it. What kind of force would it hit someone with? How much damage would it be likely to cause? How does this ability function when you're not on land (say you're on the water, or fighting in mid-air, or even on terrain that's already melted)?
For the second part of that attack, what radius can be melted in this fashion? If the blade were left there indefinitely, would it continue to melt the ground further and further away from it? How long does it take the ground to solidify when it is removed? You say this essentially creates an area in which it cannot be attacked. Is that just the result of them not being able to step in that area? Why can't they step there? Is the melted terrain boiling hot as long as the sword is there? Does it do something else that makes it difficult for opponents to fight on it? Does it disrupt opponents in any way who are attacking from the air?
As for the second ability, what kind of damage would one expect to see from the burning this causes? I'm guessing something on the order of third degree burns, but it should be stated as such. What exactly is a "very short time"? A second? 10 seconds? Should be well defined. You say the liquid will automatically transfer when striking something. Since the blade is constantly dripping this stuff as long as it's active, can it not be sprayed at the opponent? What happens when this stuff touches a zanpakuto? Does it dramatically heat up the zanpakuto?

The blade does look good, I don't see aspects of this that are or are likely to be overpowered if taken a certain way, there's just a lot of undefined aspects.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ninger117 said…
hmm, i gotcha.. the shockwave is formed by a longer-burning liquid flowing into the ground, creating an outward wave of force from the tip. if in the air, the same thing happens, except it super-heats the air. and water? it super-heats the water. when i said "very short time," it was about two seconds. the type of damage one would see would be the kind of scars you get from a 2nd degree burn. because it is extremely hot it both burns the person, causing tissue damage, and melts the skin back together, leaving the person with a thin scar. and the reason people wouldn't be able to touch the wielder when he's using the first attack would be because the ground would be essentially magma. however, the wielder cannot control the magma, and the rate of how much liquid Tenjintenshi puts out and the rate at which it burns creates a maximum field of roughly 7-8 meters. and as i said, no NORMAL attack can hit him, but any ranged attack or an attack that wouldn't create the necessity to touch the ground would be able to get through. and also, the ground only burns while the sword is in it and being held by the owner, meaning that the wielder cannot attack while in this state. the ground will solidify after about 10 seconds of being released of the sword. and in the air and water, it creates a burning/boiling area around the user about 7-8 meters. when it touches another zanpakuto, the slash-line where Tenjintenshi hit it will burn, but nowhere else. however, if the other sword is hit enough times, it will become unbearably hot for its user, though that is unlikely because of the high-speed of the burning.and it doesn't drip it, it's like sweat seeping from your pores and evaporating. i guess it could be able to fling some of it, but i think that that would be a smaller side-effect of merely swinging the blade. it is, obviously, weaker to water/ice-based zanpakuto, because they could cool the ground or render Tenjintenshi's burning-abilities almost harmless depending on the abilities of the other zanpakuto. the same with wind/air-based zanpakuto that could blow the liquid away. i really don't want to have a super-powered sword for my story, but i want something that i can work with and not have every part seem copied, you know what i mean?
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Yeah, I get what you mean. Makes a lot more sense now, I'd add some of those details to the finished version when you want to make it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ninger117 said…
thanks. :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
@ bleachfan- yes you can counter my blade like that to an extent it would have to be like one of flame's charcter's Briggete on of her abilties is to get into the person's head so she can better understand how to counter it you'd still be affected but not as bad ..or if you have a very strong will you can completely Resist with the side affects to the bankai being minimal so you may here broken phrase's so rather than "come here now" you'd hear " come .me" make sense ?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
wolfmaster3000- cool just wondered if it was a possibility thanks for letting me know, still would be difficlt to fight. like i said in the last post mine helped prevent the distortion of the sences and/or the mind.

Hadez17- this is an amazing zanpakuto, i wanted to do a yin yang type but couldn't think of how to put it, by the way what dose your zanpakuto spirit look like? also most zanpakuto don't have the name of the sword in the realease command. Just a segustion you could make it "call forth" then the zanpakuto's name.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
@bleachfan - Zanpakuto's yes they do

Renji-Roar Zabimaru

Tousen-cry suzumushi

Azein-shatter Kagesuigetsu

Yamamotto-Redouce everything to ash Ryujinn Jakka

Momo- Smack Tobiyumi

Toshiro-sit up the frosted heavan Hyrouinmaru

Byakuya-scatter senban sakura

Gin-shoot em dead shinso
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
@bleachfan- yeah i understand most blades dont fallow the exazct trend of my blades release command but well not all blades are the same and the general outline isnt set in stone. If u look at Ukitake's Zanpakutō's release command its a simular phrase that does not necessarly have the name at the end of it but i believe in the show and manga he sais the name at the end...either way i did it that way to make the blade more unique and stand out. This blade took me forever to figure out (ask Whiteflame how many times i asked him about how to work it out). Also i never even thought of a name for the blade untill after i made every single ability for it and i just threw the name and discription togeather as i was posting it lol. Too be honest i havent thought of the spirit of the blade too much but just for you i will make one here and now. His inner world is a as far as the eye can see looks simular to the surface of still water. On one side everything is white or light colors with clouds and a black sun in the sky. on the white side everything is calm and quiet and reletivly slow. On the other side (in the reflection through the clear water) everything is black or dark colors. The clouds are also black and there is a white sun. Everything on the black side is wild like there is a storm raging all the time. His spirit takes the form of a female in a long white robe with pale skin and long white hair and holding a white blade on the black side. On the white side there is a man with short spiky black hair and black eyes with a dark skin tone. He is wearing a long black scarf that covers everything from the bridge of the nose to his coller bone and extends about 4 feet behind him in two tails (both ends of the scarf) he has black bandages wrapped around his hand and up his fore arm and a long black trench coat without sleeves. Also he wears black pants and boots and carries a black blade. (the blades are the same as Tench's shikai blade). The girl talks in a calm and round about mannor and the boy is fast and direct to the point. Both respond to the name Harmony. When talking to either one he is on the side of the world that the one that is speaking is on. The sudden enviroment changes doesnt seem to bother Tenchi at all any more. When in bankai the world seems to be a normal colored ocean with mild waves. His spirit looks to be a young or feminine man with white skin and long black hair. The cornias of his eyes are black while the iris is white. It is wearing the same trench coat and hand wrappings as the first form but has a long white scarf that is not covering the face and instead is tucked under the collar of the coat and draped down the front recahing to the bottem of the coat. it is also wearing a white shirt and white pants and white boots. Also in bankai the spirit is holding the bankai blades or they are hanging from its belt with only the handles visiable sticking out of the coat.

ps sry for all spelling errors. it is 430 am and i am to lazy to fix it...hopefuly i am close enough to the words that you can guess
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
okay well i'm podting up an espada because of well no one posts on the Make your own Arrancar form so.. , he's also for bleach the fallout

Name : Slifer Grandz

Age : 19000 ( looks like he's in his early 20's )

Height : 6'2

Weight : 200LBS

Muscel Build : Meduim heavily Detailed.

Rank : Former number 4th espada , Head of the stealth Orginization for the Arrancar.

Persnaility : Slifer is a very unemotional person he also dislike's Violence but will fight when he has to or when he feels it fit he is one who talks to his enemey rather than fight he is indeed very intellegent and has no motivation to do almost anything. also because of his emotionless act he is calm all the time he has never lost his temper in any situation, he also doesn't like "confronting" oppents.Slifer at time's can be talktive but you have to edge him on unless he know's you well he is oftein quite. he see's all forms of fighting as unnesscary blood shed regardless of what you fight for.

Apperance : slifer wears the normal espada Atier with Dark green outlineing along the bottom of his coat his Zanpakuto is located on the left side of his waist. his hair is like Uqliorra's long and a bit messy it's coloration seems to be a Dark black. his eye's are a lifeless Dark grey he is a very light skin tan. his hollow hole is located in the center of his chest it isn't very big ethier it's 2 feet all together, no one has ever seen slifer's bone fragment.

stats :

Strength : 100

Soindo : 100

Durability : 95

Endurance : 84

Stamina : 90

Hand to hand : 75

Swordsman ship : 99

Arrancar powers ( he has achived them all but is most renown for ) :

advanced Soindo-being in charge of the stealth force he is indeed skilled in the art of soindo to the point where he can make 5 copyies of himself.

Cero-his cero color is a Very dark green ( like Uqliorra's ) with a Dark shade of red outlineing

shuukou cero-this cero is a small little one inch by one inch sephere Slifer has made to fit his likeing the sphere travel's as fast as a normal one but has the power & descrutive force of two cero's combined. this cero generally only puts holes in other espada ( depending ) adn oftein reasults in death for fraccion and weaker enemyies.

Gran rey cero

Rippa senro cero-this is a another cero Slifer created for himself he hold out his finger and launches out a nearly inviseable cero it looks like green fish lineing when you see it ,it's ment for fast kills and percise aiming it too travel's at normal cero speed makeing it nearly impossable to dodge.

Advacned Herrior -his Herrior has proven to be one of the hardest to break certain captains have even proved to not be able to slice through his Herrior.


Resercution :

Release phrase : Reap away my sorrow

Name : Kouin Nushi ( Time god )

Sealed form : in it's sealed state Kouin Nushi is a Katana. it is a normal blade with a Dark Blue wrapping around the hilt the Gaurd on the blade looks lik a Hour glass and the sheath has a clock with Roman numerols engraved into it the blade it's self is a normal looking blade.

Released form : once Slifer enter's resercution he gain two scythe's each one 5 feet long with a 5 foot long blade, both scythe shafts look extermely thick ratehr than a normal sycthere looking like a stick with a blade, the blade's are a dull grey.he gains a skull like mask over his face and two horns each horn being 1 foot long extending from the forehead. he also gains to black Angel wing's

Ressercution ability : once slifer is in resercution , within a 5 foot raiduis of his Reietsu it seems both in and out of resercution Slifer can slow down time ( much like Berragan ) also while in resercution he can deylay time ( if you fall and break your leg he is able to deylay the pain and your leg doesn't break ) he can deylay time for up to 10 minutes before you feel what you have done .

Segunda Etapa :

Once slifer enter's this stage his mask come's off and he is engulfed in a Dark Green Reitsu with Dark red outlineing once he emerage's the wing's on his back are bigger than before he is now in a robe with a hood cover most of his face but his two horns are seen extending out war they are now 4 feet long the robe compltely cover's his hands and body , his two scythe's are no longer there but once he lift's up his hand a Huge scythe that looks like it's made of bone's appears in his hand the scythe is Zewihander size and has a 5 foot spear tip just above the blade it looks as though the scythe blade extend from the spear tip it's size is now 10 feet long.

Segunda Etapa powers :

it seems now as though anything Slifer touches or his Reietsu come's in contact with will rot over a slow peroid of time ( structure's and rocks and stuff rot instantly ) for weaker oppent's this is a problem but for stronger enemyies it take's a while for them to fully rot , anything the sycthe blade touches or cut's rot's as wel ( so if he cut's your hand ONLY your hand & finger will rot and a bit of your wrist ) he still carryies the ability of a delayed slash effect. Slifer can also Cerate small Javelens ( like Ulqiorra ) could and throw them at people or use them as weapons as well. he can also shift blade's so the scythe blade fold into the top of the sycthe and than it's a spear.

hope you all Like him

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
Interesting idea WOlf but still...whiteflame will have more details about why but time blades are just never good to make. Either u run into the wall of they are over powered or balancing them becomes too much or u end up with a long list of minor things u can do...The concept of this arrancar seems solid and tbh the abilities dont seem to be over powered but u need to specifi a little like How long can he delay time and how slow can he make it. What is the fastest and slowest speed that things or people will rot at? Can he increase his energy out put to make things rot faster? Can he delay the rotting? The idea of thins rotting away isnt that bad of one. My bigger concern is the abity to modify time. that is one that can easly cross the line of cool ability into over powered unfair ability. For example say he can delay pain and the effects of an attack for 10 seconds and he can slow time arorund him to half speed. That means any opponet fighting him has the option of moving twice as fast to keep up with their normal speed or get killed by the arrancars attacks. and even if they do move fast enough and are able to land a critical blow (cutting off a limb) in the 10 seconds after the cut hits it seems ur arrancar can counter strike several times before the arm falls off. I could be understanding this wrong but the last question i have that pops in my head is does the slowing of time effect the user?

Not trying to bash the blade just pointing out my concerns
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Heh, Hadez seems to have covered a good bit of ground, but I'll see if I can't add to his review. I've already stated a lot on this forum about the types of abilities I feel are overpowered, so for those that don't know, here's the list: time manipulation, matter manipulation (I'm speaking in the broad sense here), any ability that can kill and can't be blocked, dodged or parried, and any ability that provides invulnerability. So if I ever review a blade/arrancar following these lines, I tend to be a bit harsher because of the propensity for being overpowered. They can be made in such a way that they're not overpowered, but that inevitably makes your character underpowered (at least, based on every blade I've ever seen or attempted to make, I could be proven wrong).
Now, in terms of this arrancar, there's a lot going on here. In all honesty, Barragan was simply extremely overpowered. He could basically manipulate time to the point that he could kill opponents with his breath. Hence, Tite Kubo introduced him in battle, and killed him off very quickly (and, in my opinion, rather annoyingly, really not the fight I wanted to see). So I'm also a bit skeptical of comparisons. It's much like saying that an ability is fine because Aizen used it.
So what I'm getting from the first ability is 2 things: the ability to slow down attacks, and the ability to slow down damage. I can understand the benefits of both, though I'd say the latter has more perceptual value than anything in regards to use on opponents (the idea, I think, being that every injury suddenly shows after 10 minutes). If this is to be used on allies or himself, then it's overpowered. Depending on how much it slows down the progress of damage (and pain), it could provide invulnerability for varying periods of time, and from what I'm seeing, perhaps even 10 minutes. I don't think you're doing that, just wanted to mention it's a problem.
The other part of this ability, where you slow down attacks, ranges from helpful to insane depending on the parameters. How much are attacks slowed down? Is it just melee attacks, or does this apply to every attack? Depending on your answer to that second one, there can be a lot more questions, but we'll get to those when you get to it.
Alright, onto the Segunda Etapa. This sounds...extremely reminiscent of the former "Greed" in the espada, but since the person who made him has long since left, I suppose that's not a problem.
The abilities themselves seem rather eclectic. Why include the spear aspect? Just seems kinda thrown in there. Beyond that, are these just normal spears he launches, or are they similar to Lanze del Relampago, which explodes in a massive blast upon contact? And why does changing the shape of the weapon matter in this regard? But onto the ability itself. Right now, I'm not sure if the rot is symbolic or if it has some effect. When I think "rot," I think infection, because what you're doing is causing the tissue to decay. By it's very nature, that means it affects beyond the site of the rot itself. If that's not the case, what exactly is it doing? When you cut through the tissue, you kill cells normally anyway. So how does rot hurt them? As Hadez mentions, you should provide actual times here. Touching someone vs. cutting someone, powerful person vs. weak person, we should have a good idea of how long this takes. This ability just needs a lot of explanation.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas FadeX said…
Zanpakutou Name: Jigoku no Tsubasa (Hell Blade)
Release Command: Jigoku no Buredo o Fedo (Fade! Hell Blade!) or Jigoku no ha o Mezame Saseru (Awaken! Hell Blade!)
Shikai: Jigaku no Tamashi (Inferno Soul)
Bankai: Nensho Ten (Burning Heavens)
Shikai Moves: Satsugai no Kaze (Slaying Winds) - To touch the hilt of the sword and the opponent is quickly cut to pieces.
Tsuki no Nemuri (Moon Slumber) - To unsheathe the sword and make it shine against the moon so the opponent can see, they will instantly fall into a deep slumber and never awaken.
Kori no Shi (Icy Death) - To stab the sword deep into the ground and the ice will travel under, into the person's feet and gather into the heart, afterwards, it will implode the body with numerous spikes. A slow but effective and instant kill technique.
Bankai Moves: Ketsueki Dansu (Blood Dance) -
Genjitsu Tekina (Earthbound) - To insert the users blood onto the sword and stab it to a tree, vines will come out of nowhere and strangle or break the opponent's body.
Seishin Kyacha (Spirit Catcher) or Tamashi Gakari/Tamashi no Kyuban (Soul Taker/Soul Sucker) -
Element/Affinity: Ice, Fire, Earth, Wind, Death, Soul, Fear, Rage and Blood
Normal Appearance: A black hilt with pure white and black on the blade. It is a long, but thin sword.
Shikai Appearance: A golden hilt and is almost transparent, a ghostly white or black color with a dim golden aura usually, but the aura will change depending on the Zanpakutou's mood.
Bankai Appearance: Crimson hilt with a black long chain attached onto the end with a long blade shaped like a scythe that is pure white. The long blade above the hilt is chrome, a dark gray color with a red aura.
Zanpakutou Spirit Appearance: A wolf-dragon-man with six wings, four arms, wolf's face, dragon's tail, can stand on two legs and has regular arms. All of his features are bone, metal and transparent, this Zanpakutou also has a very showy Hollow looking appearance.
Shikai Ability: 1-Can spray out a mist or fog to literally confuse opponents and have them fight one another while you watch a show from up above a high tree.
2-It can suck souls out or it can simply insert a soul into a dead body and make them alive.
3-Controls many elements.
Bankai Ability: 1-Anyone who dares to look at the blade with fear, will be turned to ashes.
2-Can destroy almost anybody's minds to enslave them and control them.
3-Controls many elements.
Other: This Zanpakutou has an amazing reiatsu (Spiritual Pressure) and is almost way too hard to control except for me. The Zanpakutou can also turn into a Hollow Mask, which is mine, it is almost close to Ichigo's Hollow Mask. Except when I turn into full form, I go into an immediate rampage, I have a very long tongue that is ten times as sharp as a sword and can reach 15 feet. There are Cero abilities that come through my hands, eyes, two tails and horns. The two tails, one is extremely long and very pointy, to keep enemies at bay or slice their heads clean off, the other tail is blunt and not as sharp, but sharp enough to make deep cuts, mostly used for brutal attacks for external bodies, like breaking bones or exploding internal organs. I can also use Flash Step and Sonido and amazing super strength. If people look deep into my hollow black eyes, they will find an entrance to my heart and see all the people I've killed, my past, memories etc. The bad part is that the power of the Hollow is too much and will soon consume me and my heart and turn me into a Full Hollow Form forever.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said… times, I don't tend to give people feedback on blades unless they ask, but in cases of extreme overpowered factors, I do post something. This'll be one of those times.
This blade is...obscene. Your first ability functions by touching the hilt, and automatically cuts your opponent to pieces. That's just the first shikai, and automatically, the only opponent who will survive would be an opponent made of gelatin. The second ability puts someone who looks at the blade while the moon is out into a neverending slumber, so now the blade can't even be looked at at night. The third ability kills anyone that's even touched by the ice coming off the blade into the ground (I don't see anything here that says that the ice stops spreading if the opponent leaves the ground after being touched by it), spreading to their heart no matter where the ice touches them.
What's alarming is that the bankai is far weaker. The first ability literally just allows you to control vines. Admittedly, the other bankai is only listed in name, but still, I'm just struck by the fact that no one would ever use this bankai if they had that shikai.
But that's just the first blade posted. I see two here, sort of merged into the same post. The first ability seems like little more than a mist. The second, however, can remove souls...not entirely sure what that does, but I'm guessing death. The third is rather broad, but I'm guessing since you want it to control many elements, and since you list them all above (ice, fire, earth and wind) it sounds like you're basically invincible.
This bankai is more powerful than the shikai, but not in a good way. The first ability will kill anyone who feels fear when they look at it. The second will destroy other people's minds...not exactly reasonable. And the third gives you the same control as earlier over elements. Now you're not just invincible, you can make your opponent a puppet or turn them to ashes without touching them.
Both of these are examples of blades that are way too powerful. Your character seems to gain 3 extra swords when they become a hollow (totally unreasonable), has amazing strength and speed, and the only problem is that he might be consumed by it...maybe. Yeah, that's not much of a drawback.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
okay I get what you and Hadez are saying about my Resercution and i'm the espada of greed :P, so you have concerns about my slowing ability and my Rotting ability i'll provide Raito's

rotting :

one weaker oppents rather than just where he cut ( so if I cut you on the hand) instead of just the hand rotting away the hole arm will rot weaker enemies to Slifer would be other the weaker oppent's would be Arrancar of the Fraccion level soul reapers asstaint captain and lower,

Asstaint captain & Fraccion Rotting rate : it take's 30 seconds for anything slifer slices to rott away completely

as for higher ups it's just as I stated in my post, only where he cut will rott away for captan level & espada level it take's 1 full minute for thing's to completely rot away.

slow down time raito :

Kido & Cero-there speed is redouced by 5% ( so if you launch a level 60 Hado it would slow down within 10 feet of slifer, it move's slow enough for him to dodge or block but he can still be hit )

Psychail attack- this all depends on how close you are, if you get exteremely close your over all psychail attacks are redouced by Captain level and espada level sword strike's are redouced by 5% and asstaint captain and fraccion level sword strikes are redouced by 50% again if you to be right in front of him for that to happen

Resercution ability : no he CANNOT deylay his own pain if he is hurt that would so OP and I am not a fan of making OP blade's, however IDK if you guy's have troubble with the whole ability or it's Duration, but HE can speed up the process in witch you your self feel pain so I guess lack of better word would be he deylay's time and can speed it up AS long as the injury was inflected by him and it has to be with his scythe's so yes he can decerease the time your wound shows up as long as it's within that 10 minute time peroid once the 10 minutes are up say the wound appears by it's self.

I really hope this helps you Flame & Hadez if you have anymore questions about slifer message me or leave a comment here :P
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas nick274 said…
this ones mine
Name: Jitsugetsu tsuin (sun moon twin)
Sealed: a katana with a crescent moon shaped hilt and sun shaped base on the handle
Release: Come on out and play! Jitsugetsu tsuin!
• Shikai: a monk spade with a flame colored half circle with ribbons and a creasnt moon with smaller moons on two chains
• Nichi tsuin (sun twin)
The ribbons on the sun part wave very volatile and the shoat out a beam of fire and light.
They can also make the beams in a cone shape to blind your foe.
• Mangetsu tsuin (moon twin)
Lowers foes eyesight to that of a night with a new moon and blocks your spiritual pressure.
• Futago o saisei suru (playing twins)
Spinning the zanpakto at the center facing the foe and fires off a purple and orange wave of spiritual energy which explodes knocking them upward

Bankai: Okotte iru jitsugetsu tsuin (angry sun moon twin)
How to activate: toss jitsugetsu tsuin in to the air and yell Bankai
Shape: two spheres in the sky. (Or ceiling, but there smaller) One on the right shines brightly with a bright red aura and the one on the left is dark as night which has a dark black aura. I also have my sealed zanpakuto. (I can also move them at will.)
• “Mōretsuna teiden”(furious blackout)
The left sphere blasts a dark purple ray as wide as a soccer field. It sucks the will out of a foe to the point he can’t move. (it may deactivate a bankai).
• “Sanbāsuto okotta”(raging sunburst)A countless number of blasts are spread across an area that can be aimed by me
• “Murasakiiro tasogare arashi” (violet twilight storm) the spheres combined and it becomes a bright light with a dark aura. Then it fires off twenty four thousand( the hours in a day) cero like rays that can be randomly shot (wont affect any one but foes) or combined for devastating affect

i realy think it can be used and not godmoded. give me some feadback cuz i do this all the time

shikai below (made by me)
 this ones mine Name: Jitsugetsu tsuin (sun moon twin) Sealed: a katana with a crescent moon shaped
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, wolf, there's still some concerns that I can see:
Rotting -
You've made it more specific, and I appreciate that. I would, however, like to know what "rotting away" means. If the tissue just rots, it will still be there, just as dead tissue. If the tissue falls apart afterward, I can see it being a rot away kind of thing, but that might be too powerful since that can't really be healed and a tiny scratch can activate this ability.

slow down time -
So I'm noticing that your explanation doesn't include ranged physical strikes. Do they follow the same theme as the melee strikes? The ability to slow down and speed up wounds is still confusing to me. I'm not sure how this is anything but helpful to the opponent. If an injury occurs, I should hope they'd want it not to hurt for a longer period of time. Slowing down the wound seems only to benefit them, even if you hit them with all of the pain at the same time later by speeding them up again. It's fine if you want to keep this ability, but I'm just not at all sure what it actually does.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
Hadez17- thats cool it was only my suggestion on what i've see of the show. i like your zanpakutos spirit.

wolfmaster3000- i like your espada, sounds like a combination of barrkugan and nyitora, (the 2nd and 5th espada) and a hint of the 7th espada.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
@Wolf Only other thing i see that whiteflame didnt say is can your speeding up of the opponets injuries be use at same time as them rotting and thus make them rot faster
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
@Bleachfan12- It wasn't a bad suggestion its just if we all went with the exact formant of the show then it'd be hard to have really awesome unique blades
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
There's a lot of logistics not included in here, but in general, the shikai looks fine. You should give the size, speed and power of the beams that are fired off from the first ability. The second needs to be a bit better explained, what does it mean to have vision reduced to the point that it looks like night? How dark is that? How hard is it to see? How far ahead of you can you see with this ability active? For the third, what's the size, shape, power, and speed of this wave? Does it only explode on contact? Why does the opponent only get blown upward?
As for the bankai, there's more concerns. A soccer field is pretty huge, and this sounds like it instantly affects the entire area. You should specify the dimensions of the ray (we know the length and breadth, but not the height), but since this ability literally stops their ability to fight and covers such a large area, it might be a bit overpowered. You might say that since it can deactivate the bankai, it's reasonably balanced, but that's not the case. An ability you only have to use once that's going to incapacitate pretty much any opponent isn't balanced just by the fact that it could only be used once. The second ability is just very broad. What is the size and power of each of these blasts? How fast can they be moved? How many can he create? How large of an area can they be spread across? Can you control them all individually at the same time? For the third, how much power do these have, how fast are they, what size? 24,000 is a lot...if you're combining all those into a single blast, that's pretty insanely powerful. Same questions for that as well.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas nick274 said…
thx for the feed back.
ill mod it soon (maby full on change) but its good for a first
it hurts but itil help
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenaniken said…
This is mine:

Zanpakuto/Shikai: Denkomaru (Lightning)
Release command: "Hakai suru" (Destroy)

Description: Denkomaru is a lightning (electricity) based Zanpakuto. When in Shikai, it takes the shape of a weird looking sword: In the middle of the sword, there is a hole, which in it there is a high reiatsu electricity core. From that the wielder can launch his attacks.Also, the sword itself is chained to the wielder's belt, and makes a slight change in weather: It get's dark from clouds and you start hearing thunders. Might even rain.

BanKai name: Kiyoshi Denkomaru.
Instead of the Shikai/Normal katana, there is a strange looking pike-thingy: From one side, there is a sharp blade, which is seems constantly electrocuted from blue lightnings. On the other side, there is some sort of a cannon. All of it is surrounded by Chains. And the wielder has Silver Wings, tail and feet. Much more like a Dragon.

Shikai Abilities:

Shizen Taihō (Natural Cannon): Shoots a VERY high reiatsu lightning bolt, which is very fast and can inflict heavy damage.

Enkei Tsubasa (Circular Wing): The wielder spins the sword (using the chain), making the core to glow, and so making a very big shield. It can serve to defensive purposes, or can initiate an attack by releasing the power contained within it.

Chūjitsuna Jihi Ryūkōgeki (Loyal Merciful Dragon Strike): The wielder aim the sword towards the foe, says the chant, and the a materialized partial Black Electrocuted Dragon spews out of the core, and hitting the enemy with unspeakable force.

Bankai Abilities:

Dokuritsu Kaibutsu (Independent Monstrosity): Instead of the wielder's Dragon like appearance, a HUGE materialized Lightning Black Dragon comes out with both the abilities of Shikai and Bankai

Hangeki (Return Fire): The wielder can use the Cannon-like side of the BanKai zanpakuto to consume any ranged attacks coming from foes. The attack merely releases them against them.

Īarawasenai Hodo Kyōkigasen Jikiarashi (Thousand Storms of Unspeakable Madness): The wielder calls upon and huge lightning/thunder storm. It keeps shooting lightnings on the ground randomly, and also increases the wielder's speed, power and reiatsu. The attack also enables the wielder to control the direction of the lightnings, and could convert all the lightnings into one big lightning, and vaporize the enemy instantly.


Yes yes I know: "THAT'S OVERPOWER! NANANANANAN!". Well, the big disadvantage of Denkomaru, is that he is very vulnerable at some times: When in Shikai, the core can be easily destroyed, it can blow up anything/everyone in the radius of 10 miles if being hit with a very powerful attack. That's why the wielder must maintain distance (Also the reason why most of the attacks are ranged). Besides that, Denkomaru IS powerful.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Kenaniken - It's an interesting blade, but, sorry dude, it's overpowered. Now you might be saying "but it has a weakness." Two things about the "weakness": 1) The weakness requires a very powerful attack to hit it (we don't know the power of that attack, or the size of the vulnerability, since you don't specify, but I'm guessing it takes a lot to exploit this) is pretty much the same as any weakness: hit it with enough power, and it'll be destroyed, and 2) IT'S NOT A WEAKNESS IF IT DESTROYS EVERYTHING IN A 10 MILE RADIUS. A 10 mile radius is rather large, which ensures that the only way someone will survive this and destroy the blade is if they hit it from extreme range. But since it has to be extremely powerful, that severely limits the number of attacks that work. This is less of a weakness and more of an ability. Calling it a weakness defies what it actually is: a massive strength. Even when it's destroyed, it kills everything! And the only one who would know ahead of time about what's coming is him, which ensures that he's the only one who knows to move away when that kind of damage is inflicted. That's a much smaller risk to him than to anyone else.
But let's get down to the blade itself, because many parts of this, I feel, are more reasonable.
1) So this seems like it can be reasonable, there's just a real lack of specificity. What does "VERY high reiatsu" mean? How much is that? What does "very fast" mean? What does "heavy damage" mean? Each of these individually could make your blade overpowered, but if you can specify them as being reasonable, it's fine.
2) What's the defensive potential of this shield? Like, what kind of damage can it take before it's destroyed? What kind of damage does the release of power do? Does it just release its own power, or does it also release the power of attacks that have hit it.
3) This one probably has the most potential to be too powerful of the shikai abilities. How large is the dragon? How fast does it move? Can it be destroyed before it hits the opponent? Can it change directions? What's "unspeakable force"? How much damage would this do when it hits? Does it only do physical damage, or does it hit with black lightning?

1) Severely overpowered. You just made a tremendous clone of yourself that can use all of your abilities (probably at the same power level) and is even less likely to be destroyed. I can imagine that its physical strikes are intensely powerful as well. This needs a huge change to be reasonable.
2) This one's fine. Seems like it's reasonable across the board.
3) This one is both overpowered and lacks specificity. Let's start with the latter. How wide of an area does this affect? How many lightning bolts come down at a time? How much damage can each do? How fast are they? Can this hurt the wielder? What speed increase do you get? What power increase? What reiatsu increase?
Now for the problems of being overpowered. Why did you say this ability causes lightning to hit the ground randomly? I wouldn't be confused, except that later, within the same ability, you state that the wielder can control the direction of the lightning bolts. If the wielder can do this, then they're not really random. Even if I ignore the fact that you've combined what are likely tremendous increases to the wielder's fighting potential with the ability to direct at least a few lightning bolts from the sky in any direction he wishes (that's a lot for one ability), you say at the end that he can gather up all the lightning bolts in the sky and bring them down at one spot. This wouldn't be a problem if it didn't automatically "vaporize the enemy instantly" on contact. If I assume that these would move at the speed of lightning (so, the speed of light basically), and that it reacts instantly to your movements, and that more lightning will be produced after each use, this basically gives you the ability to kill your opponent almost instantly...multiple times in the same fight.

So yeah. I get that you're trying to be reasonable here, but it's really not. I'd be happy to discuss options for making this blade evenly powered.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…

okay here's hopeing I clear this all up

@Hadez-no the rotting ability is A WHOLE other ablity here the rotting concept only ever happens when he enter's second state resecution.

@whiteglame-well for ranged psychail attacks such as Bows and Arrow's it would follow along the line's of the Cero the speed is redouced 5%, as for the rotting ability I know that how I answer this needs to be spefic or else it leads to more questions so and yes a scratch activate's it but on captain lever and up just the finger would "rot away" okay here's a better word instead of rott it decay's with each strike he "make's the flesh rot to the point where it can't be used" so it looks like it's decaying hope that's a better way of putting it. as for my First resercution abilities i'm haveing trouble re-wording what I mean i'm open to sugesstions and ideas :P

@bleachfan12-actually I based Slifer off of Ulqiorra & Barragan ^.^ :P
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kazakit said…
watch out for my
Zanpakuto/Shikai: (名) 破壊者; 駆逐艦 (destroyer)
Release Command: (動) 消える, 消滅する, なくなる (vanish)

info...coming soon....
Note: his mission is to destroy all you're zanpakuto...

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Oh no, someone, please, think of the children...
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
Zanpaktou Name: Heart Piercer
Shikai Release command: Pierce The light
Bankai Name: Heart Striking Fang

Appearance: In sealed form it appears as a regular katana with a redish pink wrapping on the handle and a heart shaped cross guard.
In shikai The blade becomes a rapier. The handle is the same color as in sealed form and the Hilt is a heart shape with the large end connecting with the blade and sorta bubbling out around the hand and connecting with he narrow end on the bottom of the handle. In bankai the blade looks the same but the user is wearing a long white clean cut trench coat with a inner lining the same color of the handle of his blade. Also he is wearing white pants like the shinigami uniform but just below the knees they are wrapped with a reddish pink wrapping down to his ankle and he is wearing the standard sandles.
Ability one: Cannon: The user thrusts forward their blade and a concussive force is launched from the tip of the blade. The size of the force is 1foot in diameter and can travel up to 100 yards. It travels at kido speed and has the force of a cannon ball. The thrust for the ability is a slow and forceful thrust that looks as if the user is putting all their strength into it. Opponent may be knocked back and pushed to the end of its range but stronger ones can endure the impact.

Ability two: Bullet" The user does a lighting fast jab an a small piece of force in the shape of that last inch and a half of the blade flies at the speed of a bullet. The bullet will pierce through anything that the tip of the blade is able to pierce through. This ability can be used in rapid succession making about 10 shots per min

Ability three: True strike" The user attacks 9 different points at once. The spots are the head chess groin left and right shoulder left and right arm and left and right legs. All 9 strikes are stabbing strikes. The entire attack hits at the same time and takes the same time it would take to do only one thrust. The nature of the attack leave only the options to strike first with a really fast strike or to move away completely since dodging or blocking will not be able to get all 9 at once (also putting up a strong enough shield or barrier is an option). If the opponent blocs or parries any number of the blades( not all but some can still b blocked or parried) then the user is hit with a recoil after the ability strikes sending their blade in the opposite direction of the block or parry. The recoil is worse for each strike parried. Also there is a 30 second cool down on the ability. The user may use it before the 30 seconds are up but if they do then the strikes are 25% slower and the cool down rests...if they insist on using it to the point of a 100% slow on the ability then he just cant use it for 30 seconds from last use


Ability one: Thunder" The user thrusts his blade forward with sonic force. From the beginning of the thrust to the end the tip of the blade carries a sonic boom. The sonic boom is slightly dome shaped and centered on the tip of the blade. The radius of the dome is 5 feet. The blade does not hit the opponent and instead the force from the sonic boom does. It will push forward up to 5 feet from where it hits. It hits with the impact comparable to a cero. Though the term sonic boom is used in describing the ability the attack its self is not moving faster than the speed of sound. The trust used for the attack is a slow and forceful one. There is a loud boom or thunder clap when this attack is used that can do any damage that would come from being next to such sounds but nothing serious and the sound doesn't effect the user,

Ability two: Lightning: The user take a stance similar to when Luffy is using his Jet bullet ability. (For those who don't know he places his left hand palm out towards his target and uses it to aim and has this right hand holding the blade ready to thrust the moment he is locked on target and has his legs spread out and bent a bit) The stance is not necessary to using the ability but he does need to use one arm for aiming and other for thrusting the blade. He thrusts his blade forward at such a speed that it is hard for most people to see him move. The thrust fires a bullet similar to in shikai. The bullet travels 100 yards and will pierce anything in its path. It travels at a speed just below the speed of sound (i do not know the speed but the idea is its like gin's bankai) Due to having to aim and the precision of the attack it cannot be used in rapid sucession. Also the speed of the bullet causes a bright white trail along the path it travels to appear for about a second

ability three Storm: The user does a series of thrusts that launch a combination of cannon and bullets (from shikai) The storm can be sustained for up to 1 minute straight before the user must stop. While using storm the user is unable to move by their own means. (falling from gravity or being shot through air via any means that came before the attack or if he starts storm and someone makes him fly through air some how is allowed) Area of ability is 1oo foot long 50 foot wide and 5 foot tall cone. The amount of time the user spends in Storm they must wait after using it before using it again.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
@Kazakit man I love people like you , you honestly know nothing about Zanpakuto a Zanpakuto cannot be destoryed it re-builds it's self over time, please if your gonna post a Zanpakuto make it more interesting <.< and not so Over powerd not trying piss on your idea but unless your charcter is like Azein than your not gonna be able to "destorey" shit all
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachman234 said…
my zanpakutos name- yugana kuren

my shikai relese word- slash

my bankai relese phrase- come forth and see death by pierce

normal apperence - a long, thin blade that has a yellow and white gaurd. the handle is pure white.

(master shunpo user)- my shunpo is so fast that it can leave a afterimege. it is almost like im teleporting.

shikia - it splits in to 2 big blades, perfectly identecal

(Surasshu gekkō)- moonlight slash -the 2 blade rotate together. making a moon. while the enemy is ditracted, i attack with razor fast speed.

(Tsukiakari no shi)- moonlight death- while the enemy is fighting me, i trow one of my blades to the moon, then i hit it, and it becomes like an arrow from the moon.

bankai's name -(Ten no chimei-tekina burēdo)- the deadly blades of of the heavens

bankai- my blade turns in to a thousand mini blades and i can control what they do like oh and they are all made of spirt energy so i really never run out

(Sen burēdoshawā)- one thousand blade shower- i make all my blades follow the enemy and once close enough i can turn it to any thing i want like a biiiggg blade ,an ax , or rotate around the enemy and attack him or her

(Sen ha no yoroi)- one thousand blade armor- all blades come together and make a armor that can deflect all wepons and attacks for me

(Saishū hyaku man burēdosurasshu)- the final one million blade slash- i use 90% of my max spirit energy and attack the enemy with one million mini blade. that attack tottaly drains me out so i am really weak after that. so it is mostly an attack of last resort

that is my soul reaper powers
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
okay I have another Arrancar i'm gonna post up :P

Name : Rosen Kyoubou

Height : 11'2

Weight : 2000 LBS

Age : 2000 ( looks like he's in his mid 30's-early 40's )

Muscel Build : Exterme Heavily Detailed and Toned

body type : Wrestler

Rank/postion : Slifer's Main fraccion, second in command of arrancar stealth and punishment unit.

Apperance : Rosen is a Arrancar of Goretusk size and muscel mass he has long Black messy hair that some what curls it extends down to his shoulders, his skin color has a some what Greenish tinge to it his eye's are a Reptlian yellow and his Iris is shaped like that of a Reptile's, his finger nail look like claws from a crocdile. he also has extermely pointed teeth, he wears a Vest ( like yammy) and his pants are shaped like baggy jeans he wears nothing under his vest his hollow hole is in the center of his forehead but it's barely noticeable he is a weid Arrancar because he has two bone fragment both witch are going across his jaw line and are shaped like a Crocdile's jaw.

Persnaility : even though he is such a huge Arrancar he dis-like's fighting hugely this is partly because he is good friends and loyal fraccion of slifer Grandz , he feels as though when he fight's he loose's him self to his "inner beast" and wishes to fight his enemies with a calm state of mind and reasoning he is also highly Intellectual when it come's to most subjects, unlike his master Rosen is always strikeing up conversations with people he even trys to get his master to engage in conversation.

Stats :

Strength : 100

Endurance : 100

Durability : 99

Soindo : 95 ( rember he's a stealth force member)

Cero : 65

Hand to hand : 88

Swordsmanship : 90

Hollow Abilities :

Cero-his cero is the color of a deep Ocean Blue

Advanced Herrio : because of his massive size he has devolped a Very hard Cero

Soindo-though he isn't as good as his master he indeed has proven on several missions to be fast.

Cero Kyodan-this is a cero Launched from Rosen's mouth


Resercution :

Name : Crcodilus

Release phrase : Throw yourself into a feeding Frenzy Crocdilus

sealed state description : when Crocdilus is in it's sealed state it take's the form of a massive Battle Axe the hilt and shaft of the axe are a very deep green color with a scale like pattern swirling down the blade. the Axe blade in the center has a picture of a Crocodile crawling straight down with it's tail swirling upward ( like how Barragan's axe had an eye ).

Release state : Once Rosen enter's his releasesed state he turns into a massive were Crocodile and his axe Turns into a Zewihander axe , his Crocdile apperance is green with Large 5 inch spike's Crawling down his back ( picture Godzilla ) his snout is extending 30 inches from his face with Huge 4 inch teeth showing he also gains the tail of a Crocodile it is 10 feet long.

Ability(s): of course with all resercutions everything incerease's for Rosen his Herrio become's as hard as Diamonds also his spike's are constantly Generating Lighting on his back this allows Rosen to use the lighting as he please's the lighting is equal to 30,000 Volts when Launched, he has about one powerline full of lighting on his spike's once he run's out he has to charge ( like in dragon ball z ) this take's up 2 minutes to recharge fully.

hope you like him :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
sence everyone is making arancars i'll put my old one up again, tell me what you think (whiteflame55, you all ready comented on this one and it hasn't changed much)

name: my name (any character but zanpakuto name i use mine)

age: over 8000 years old looks like hes 24 years old (is one of the oldest arancar)

height: 7'5

weight: 500 lbs

build: very musclar (this is why he weighs so much)

formar rank: cero espada (before and after resecutions)

appearence: he has black hair that falls to his lower back, and has a messy look to it. he wears the standard arancar clothing but the legs, arms and chest areas are ripped from him moving around. his mask is on his forehead, and right half of his face. the piece on his forehead has mediam sised hornes and is able to be lifted off; only to were his mask is stil complete, to show his rank (the tatto is posisioned on the center of his forhead. when in the wold of the living or the soul sociaty he changes his clothing so to not scare people, he dose this afften for he likes protecting souls and taking care of them. for these occations he wraps his head (only on his mask)and chest so to not cause a panic.

personality: he is laid back and care free, so much so that he sleeps almost all the time (even in a fight). when he wakes up fully his attacks become more brutal and stronger, this is if he is interested in an opponent or if someone is about to kill his fraccion who he cares deaply for. he also has no personal gruge agenst soul reapers and usally won't attack unless provoked and has been known to come to soul reapers aid if they need it. he is different from most hollows for he never attacked the living, he only devoured hollows. he even took care of souls and protected them, this is how he met his future fraccions. on a side note he never liked aizen for his disregard for others and didn't see his shikai for he was asleep. when asleep it is almost impossible to wake him up, his strongest fraccion has to wake him up for he would smak the others and send them through a wall if they tried (it didn't hurt them) or he would grab them thinking they wanted to sleep with him (not in a perverted way!) ussally earning him a punch to the face or kick to the groin which didn't affect him unless it was his female fraccion (shes the strongest). she wakes him up in a manor simaler to how stark is woken up.

history: very long history but on more then one ocation he has helped caption yamamoto, ussally by eating the hollows attacking. another side note is that he saved ichigo when his mother was killed by grand fisher, he intervened (ichigo was unconscous at the time) before ichigo or his mother were devoured. he took ichigos mother away and convinced her to leave to the soul sociaty (this was helped by several hollow attacks) when she agreed he pretended to attack her to drawl the soul reapers to their location, he then left her in their care and watched them depart. he found his future fraccion when they were little, they were being attacked by hollows and he came and ate the hollows, he tried to make them go to the soul sociaty but they instisted on staying with him, so after they died (all were from different times and attacks) he caried them on his back and they played while they waited to become hollows after that they roamed together eating other hollows.

fraccion: there are ten of them each is as strong as one of the espada but they remain loyal only to him. one of the females is the strongest and is as strong as stark, and so on and so forth.


strength: 100

endurence: 100

speed: 70 - gets quicker when needed or if he is wake. is fast enough to avoid attacks while asleep and laying down.

duribility: 98- can take point ceros and mild attacks without blocking.

swordmanship- 100

cero: ussally fired from one finger or his mouth, the ceros get stronger if he uses more fingers.

abillities: he can eat ceros to reagin energy and strength or he can fire it back but stronger.
-gen ray cero- unlike other espadas he dosen't have to mix his blood to make it.
-ultimate cero- this is when he dose mix his blood in the cero, it is a blue/red/black color and very devistating but takes time to charge, he has to use his full hand for this attack.
-bala- again depends how much of his body to attack, using his full fist, most enemyies are dead lets leave it at that.


name: el diablo

release comand: slauther

appearence: he now has his full mask back and the horns on his forehead are much biger. he looks like a human/ bat hybrid, however his appearence changes.

abilities: he can change his body to be more suited for battle, for example if he is fighting a heavy armered enemy he can change his body to be stronger, so his appearence is always changing.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas rocket5278 said…
Zanpakuto: Maebure
Realease command: Bring Forth the Apocalypse
Bankai: Shi no Sakibure

Zanpakuto Ability 1: Black fire engulfs the blade.
Zanpakuto Ability 2: Shoots a black fiery blast that engulfs the enemy.

Bankai Ability 1: I can summon a black demonic dragon (Similar to Hyounimaru)
Bankai Ability 2: Frightening Speed faster than that of Yoruichi
Bankai Ability 3: Instantaneous Hollow mask summoning
Bankai Ability 4: Black and red Cero equivalent to Espada 3
Bankai Blade: Black and red demonic style great sword.

My Appearance: Medium length black hair with red eyes. Captain in the 13 Gotei Squads. Talkative unless in a fight. I am the most feared and respected Shinigami. An unknown virus caused hollowfication but was stopped Urahara Kisuke. My hollow mask resembles a dragon with demonic horns. I am dating another captain who is a little weaker than I, she is a member of one of the noble famlies. My mentor was Captain Commander Yammamoto.

Bankai appearance: Black trench coat like robes with Black kimono robes underneath. Black Fiery demonic wings stem from my back allowing me to fly at tremendous speeds.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
hey rocket5278 you put your hollow powers as your zanpakuto abillities, they should be seprate. also your zanpakuto has many problems with dicriptions, im just leting you know for whiteflame55 will go into better dicription then i will ever be able to do (if he reads this) so just a heads up.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas tribro3 said…
Nonoshiri (Insult)
It is a triangle shaped weapon with 3 blades and a ruby handle, it is really big and would have to be wield by a large shinigami (Kenpachi or bigger should do) it is used in combat by either throwing it or by attacking with one blade, spinning the weapon to push their blade out of the way and killing with the next blade.
Oosawagi (Uproar)
the 3 blades becomes 8 and the blade radiates purple gas from the handle which, if inhaled, can cause depression
Hanashite (Story Teller)
When in Bankai the 8 blades of the shikai mode all melt together and form a cannon on the users right shoulder and a spiked metal glove around the users left hand
shikai abilities;
Gives off purple depressant gas
Can be thrown like a boomerang and it will come back
Blades can be detached and manipulated with use of triangular hilt

bankai abilities;
If spiked glove causes wound victim becomes extremely depressed
Cannon Fires Purple explosives, the time of explosion for which can be manipulated by the user
users can triple the weapons power by allowing the cannon t drain their life force

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
My new and bestest blade/character ever! Enjoy!

Name: Jessie
Gender: Male/Female
Age: 10 - infinity
Height: Undefined
Eyes: X-Ray
Hair: Maybe

Appearance: He/she is hot/cute/handsome/ugly/moderate. He/she wears clothing and skin. He/she is human in appearance, and is fine with that. [Insert random characteristic]
Personality: He/she has one. He/she hates/loves random thing #1, #2, #3, and is unsure about thing #4. He/she has a history that was easy/hard, and has benefitted highly from it in some unknown way. He/she feels all of the feelings…maybe.

Shikai Name: Random Japanese Blade Name (spelled or arranged incorrectly)
Release Command: A random command that has something to do with the theme of the blade…
Bankai Name: Random Upgrade of Japanese Blade Name (spelled or arranged incorrectly)

Shikai Appearance: The blade looks like a blade. It releases to another weapon of a different size and shape. It also tastes, feels, smells and sounds like a weapon. It may have colors, and could possibly be large or small. Cower in fear of it.

Shikai Ability 1: (Ranged Attack) Fires something at the opponent. Hits for indeterminate damage. Looks cool, maybe.

Shikai Ability 2: (Enhancement Ability) Heals or augments self for unknown amount. Helps or hurts a lot or a little.
Shikai Ability 3: (Random Other Attack) Does stuff with things. Makes opponent angry, perhaps.

Bankai Appearance: Appearance changes from shikai. Things happen in the background. Awe is had by all.

Bankai Ability 1: (Improved Ranged Attack) Ranged attack, improved. Hits for indeterminate damage, but better. Looks cool, more likely.
Bankai Ability 2: (Improved Enhancement Ability) Heals or augments self for greater unknown amount. Helps or hurts a lot or a little, but more than shikai.
Bankai Ability 3: (Super Awesome Ultimate Attack) Large or small attack that ends the fight. May end fight for wielder, no one knows. Not overpowered. At all. In any way, shape or form. Don’t even think about it. Not for a second. Stop. Stop thinking about it.

Hollow mask: A mask made of bone that goes on the face. He/she doesn't have one.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hadez17 said…
Man whiteflame that is the most bad ass blade i have ever saw...I was worried it was oped till that last line that said it wasn't so its a balanced blade
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Random blade name huh? More like the LOL Blade!!! You just made my day!! ^_^
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Alright!!! Here it is.

Name: Kuraiho-kiba- "Dark Flame Fang"
Release command: Tia Hanatare- "Tear apart"
Bankai name: Jigokuno hi nohen- "Hell's Fire Teeth"

Shikai Discription: The blade is blood red and has a dragon down the middle of it. The crossgaurd is engraved with a wolf's teeth and eyes. The eyes are ruby, and they glow when the wielder gets angry. The handle is wrapped in violet cloth, with ruby underlay. The pommel is in the shape of a small wolf head.

Bankai Discription: In this state, the sword has a twin. Everything that was red on the first blade, is now black, and everything that was black, is now red. Speed, strength, and stamina have all been increased by 2x and the wielder has menacing red eyes. Their reiatsu color, is black with a silver outline.

Shikai abilities:
1. This alows the user to shift elements for 5 seconds. They can use Wind, Water, Earth or Lightning during the shift.(Must wait 1 min before using again.)

2. Shakunestu no ha- "Searing Blade": This engulfs both blades in fire. The red blade in black fire, and the black blade in red fire. They can use this ability for two minuets tops, once they reach full potential.

3. Reyusei-Kurasshudaun- "Meteor Crashdown": The user summons a meteor(with a flame surrounding of 2ft)To crash down onto, or near the enemy.

Bankai Abilities:
1. Rampaging Flames: This requires the usres total concentratioin for 5 seconds. The two swords are engulfed in black and red energy/fire, and once the user is completley focused, they can release the flames at will.

2. Jigoken-saiga- "Hell's Flaming Sword": Both swords become engulfed in silvery-black fire and the wielder goes on a rampage for a few short seconds, which is how long this ability lasts.

3. Shumatsu e no senka- Fires of Doomsday": The user will point both blades at the gorund, and black flames from you know where sprout up at the precise moment the wielder wants them to. However, the user has no defenses at this time, so if the opponent wants to land an attack, they'll have to be fast.

Done!!!(And it's about time too.)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Heh, appreciate your comments guys, crafted that blade in about 15 minutes, but loved doing it =P.

But onto the reviews. Rocket5278 and Tribro3 - I'd be happy to review either of yours, but I'm going to start going only by requests to do so, mainly because the volume of blades will just be immense if I don't. Just let me know by email or a post on my wall.

LinkKinuzuma13 -
I know you said you wanted me to review yours, so all too happy to oblige:
The main problems I see here are just with specification, but I'll get to that as I go through the abilities.
Shikai 1: You say "shift elements," but I'm not sure what that means. Does that mean he gets to use all 5, but only in 5 second intervals over a period of 20 seconds (one for each element), or does that mean that it takes 5 seconds to shift, or what? Also, I'm not certain what it means to use the elements. Can he create them, or just control them? How much control does he have? This can be overpowered due to the wide range of uses available, but there's a lot of uncertainty here.
Shikai 2: What do the 2 different types of fire do? I can see the aesthetic appeal, but that's all I'm seeing. Do both just act as normal fire? Do they spread to whatever they touch? Do they heat up whatever they hit? Does the black fire work differently from the red?
Shikai 3: You've defined the dimensions in an odd way here. You say it has a "20ft diameter and 60ft radius." The problem is that that's impossible. A radius cannot be larger than a diameter. What's more, it should always be half the diameter (a radius is basically the distance from the center of a circle to the edge, while the diameter is the distance from one edge of the circle to the next going through the center). I get that a flame extends out from it by 2 feet, but right now, that's the only dimension that makes sense. Even if the circle's dimensions were correct, this is a 3D object. How much depth does it have? How heavy is it? How fast is it going? Give an estimate of the damage if it hit ground.
Bankai 1: Again, not certain what the black and red flames do. Look back to Shikai 2 for the same questions there. What does it mean to "release the flames"? What happens to those flames? Do they get launched at the opponent? Are they fully under your control, even off the blade? Do they disperse into the air? What does this do? And why the need for concentrating?
Bankai 2: Can this ability work in tandem with the first bankai, or must the two fires be active separately? What does silvery-black fire do differently from the other fires? What does going "on a rampage" do? Does it increase your speed? Your strength? Your energy? Does it just mean that the wielder becomes extremely offensive in his fighting style? Does he go into some kind of berserker mode? I don't know what this does.
Bankai 3: I'm guessing "you know where" is hell, but I'm uncertain. Are these black flames different from the ones previously used? How much black flame is he able to control in this way? Can he just light up all the ground around him? Can the black flame hurt him? How quickly does it come up after pointing the swords at the ground? What range is this limited to? How long can this be active?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
whiteflame55- funny zanpakuto and character when i saw the words he/she i was thinking "how is this possible" then as i read on i realized what you were doing.
by the way did you ever make an arancar and i remember asking you to make a zanpakuto for kenpachi (if he ever achieved shikai or bankai) you said you would but you never got around to doing it.
just wondering if you put some thought in to it (the zanpakuto part)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Yes, I did make an arrancar (made 3 total so far, though only one recently named Pandora, she's a few pages back). As for Kenpachi, I actually did formulate a blade for him. That's a ways back, but I can always repost it if you want.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
I see what you mean, Whiteflame55.
First off,i'll just get rid of the dimensions, since they kind of confuse me too, and then about the red, black, and silvery-black flames, they are meant to make the opponent shy away from using their zanpakuto, for fear that if they do, it will melt, break, ect. And yes, the two fires are active seprately. Just to recap, the purpose of the three fires are the same, and they don't have any abilites.

When i say shift elements, i mean he can use other elements other than fire, for a period of 5 seconds.

I'll get back to you later Whiteflame55.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Ok, i'm back.
Whiteflame55, Yes he can control the elements during this time period, but only to a certain extent.
The hell flames in the last bankai ability, are use for attack and defense. he has complete control over them(and the other three flames i mentioned as well)and they can only be used within a 30ft raidius of the person. The 3rd ability can be active for 3 min AT MOST. And no the black flame cannot hurt him, since he is the one controlling it.
For bankai 2, It can't be used in tandem with the first one, and the silvery-black fire is capable of heating the zanpakuto up enough to make them drop it, but not melt it. Going on a rampage, means that he gets three times as offensive as he was, and his strength and speed are increased as well, but not enough to make him the fastest/strongest thing alive.
For bankai 1, The need for concentrating is relevant, only i agree that i might not have explained it well enough. This is a focused attack, and therfore, takes charge time, but the opponent will be confused as to what the hell they are doing.
For shikai 3, It's weight is 4 tons, and it would make a 1/4 mile crater, about 150ft deep.

Hope that cleared it all up for u, Whiteflame55.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
yes if you could id appreatiate it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, here's that blade. It's how I'd imagine the shikai and bankai would look or Zaraki Kenpachi, since, let's face it, we'll probably never truly see either.

Zaraki Kenpachi’s Blade
Shikai Name: Intonēshon (Intonation)
Release Command: Kakikesu… (Deafen…)
Bankai Name: Intonēshon o Surudoi (Piercing Intonation)
Shikai Appearance: Given in the show. I like to think that the point of the blade is to bring an opponent to their knees, that Kenpachi would not so much as look at a blade that improved on his already prodigious strength. He would be far more pleased with a blade that cripples the opponent, allowing him to make full use of his own speed and strength. He would also want a blade that focuses only on offense, so I worked along those lines.
Shikai Ability 1: Kurai no Kurushimi (Cry of Agony) – When the blade cuts the opponent, a cry appears to eddy from the blade into the target, causing multiple other small wounds internal to the opponent. It will either dissipate after a few seconds or leave the body by creating small wounds in the skin.
Shikai Ability 2: Osoroshii Sakebi (Dreaded Scream) – Dramatically increases the spiritual pressure of the wielder. This does not increase strength, speed, or power, but, much the same as Ichigo was affected by just feeling the pressure coming from Kenpachi, it instills tremendous fear in the opponent, making them feel “heavier,” and paralyzing weaker opponents. This takes a huge psychological toll.
Bankai Description: Kenpachi’s bankai could be many things, and personally I think his blade is extremely antithetical to his point of view. I like to think that this functions as a massive barrier between himself and his blade, and the reason he has not been able to synergize with it. The blade grows to two times its length and thickness, maintaining its shape. Teeth appear to extend down from the blade in curves, each a meter long.
Bankai Ability 1: Kanashimi no Uta (Song of Grief) – Kenpachi sweeps the blade across his field of vision in any direction, drawing black lines in the air with the teeth of the blade. These lines are then launched at the opponent, and any that touch appear to meld with the skin. Each one causes them to forget something important to them. This could be a fighting ability, a person, or a treasured memory. In all cases, this would have a devastating effect on their ability to fight.
Bankai Ability 2: Nekkyō-Teki na Sasayaki (Frenzied Shriek) – The blade appears to let out a shriek, and the air 1/2 of a meter around it appears to vibrate continuously. This pocket of air can be launched at range, passing through anything. The vibrations cause intense internal damage to anything they touch, shattering blood vessels. This can also remain attached to the blade and be swung with it, inflicting similar damage to anyone that comes within its range.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas rorovipz said…
nice thanx
 nice thanx