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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
what kind of zanpakuto should i make next???





Another Fire-based or Lightning-based???

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Ichigosuke - I think you've described this well enough, but there's some concern in my mind for the bankai. If you can modify the size and shape of things from an illusion standpoint, that can be incredibly powerful, especially since you can now do it by just looking at something you want to change. The question becomes: what senses does this illusion affect? If it's just sight, then it may be reasonable, though it may lose a lot of its effectiveness. A person could easily just rely on other senses. If it is more than sight, you'll have to be careful on how you assess that. The ability to literally change the form of whatever you please, even if it's just an illusion, can be extremely hard to deal with if it affects too many things. It's an interesting idea, and I'll be interested to see where you take it.

LinkKinuzuma13 - How about a different element? I'd like to see a weapon that focuses on control of metal. I've made a couple that have had that as backdrops, but I'd be interested to see where you take this.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas risu said…
lovely i dear!!! i love it i love it i love it
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Gamehot2 said…
ok i will make a zanpakuto but first i need an idea
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
I've got 3 ideas for a zanpakuto atm.
First is two blades based on twin dragons, One of Death the other War.
Second is a zanpakuto that upon release turns into cellphone, its main power is to control sound waves and such.
The third turns into glasses that allow the owner to shoot lazer beams and see through deception.
My main point in stating this is which one do you guys think i should develop first?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas winit said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Zemeno
[release command] show your might and protect
[bankai name] - Ka Ryu Zemeno (fire drake)
=description- Zemeno is an elemental dragon; he is the strongest fire type zanpakuto. His flames are meant to destroy thus who would try to harm his loved ones; his flames will not harm the user.

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
= the shikai is in the form of a (brittish) officers blade, it is sliver and has a big hand guard. the powers it gives you is greatly increased speed, a blast attack called sonic boom ( looks like getsuga tensho but more of a shock wave) and after image, can move fast enough that user can leave behind a image of himself, that can still react for a short time, used to trick the enamy into attacking nothing mostly just used to set up a counter.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - Ka Ryu Zemeno looks like, a short sword, with a red blade and a black hilt, the hand guard is in the shape of two dragons wraping around each other, befor forming the guard. with a black crystal at the bottem. the user gains other then the normal increase in power, super speed (like Ichigo only used right) solar flare (just like sonic boom only with alot of fire added) and a last dich move called super nova, a super intense blast of fire is released from the blade, the attack creates a dome of fire around the user, desotrying everything within the dome, hurting the user as well (not as badly as anything else in the dome)

= zemeno is a brother to Hyōrinmaru, and is one of the 5 great dragons zanpakuto's.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
big smile
Alright here it is!!

Zanpakuto name: Hagano-tsubasa-"Steel Wing"
Release command: Tobiatsu- "Take flight"
Bankai name: Teikoku Hagano-tsubsa-"Imperial Steel Wing"
Normal appearance: It looks like and normal katana, but with a uniqe steel handle that makes it heavier than most. he blade is folded steel, just like a regular katana.
Shikai Appearance: It becomes a 6 foot long lance, and is connected to the weilder. The Weilder has wings in this state and they are(Of course...)made of steel. The shikai form also has armor around their neck, keeping them from being decapitated.

Shikai abilities:
(1)Suchiri-sei keji-"Steel cage": The weilder holds the lance up to the sky, and a steel cage falls, trapping the opponent, but only for a certain amount of time(about 5 sec), so as to let the weilder counter-attack.
(2)Gin no yari-"Lance of Silver": The lance turns from steel to silver, and in this state is indestrucable. However, this ability can only be used for a period of 1 minute. The lance is also in this state, vuneralbe to lightning, because silver can conduct electricity, but in the normal shikai and bankai, it is immune to lightning attacks(The zanpakuto, not the weilder).
(3)Fushigi no yari-"Spear of wonder": The lance is engulfed in shining light, only to reveal that it is turned to gold in this state, and can be thrown. the lance is also vulnerable to lightning in this state as well. And whatever elment is used against this spear, can be used against them(exept for lightning).

Bankai appearance: The lance is now made of gold and is enchanted to be immune to lightning in bankai state. The wings on the users back are now twice as big and are silver. The armor is also silver.
Bankai abilities:
(1)Kinzoku no shototsu-"Clash of metal": The user now has full control over all things metal that are within a 20 foot radius of them(except the opponents zanpakuto). They can bend and manipulate it into what ever shape they want, and can use it to attack as well.
(2)Yoyu ransu-"Molten Lance": The lance is made of molten steel in this state, and has the power to melt anything except zanpakutos, and anything that is enchanted.
(3)Fushigi no yari-"Spear of wonder-Second state": It's just like the first spar of wonder, only this time everything is gold, and the power of the rebound of elements is now twice as strong, and when they throw it, the speed is 1.5x faster.

Tell me what you think!!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
White flame i like the zanpakuto you made for kenpachi however kempachi's zanpakuto is always in shikai like ichigo's but he stoped listening to it and forgot it's name for some reson but if it was a kido type zanpakuto he proboly wouldn't like it wicth would explain him ignoreing it
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
whiteflame, thanx for the comment. The bankai doesnt affect the physical world, meaning the sense of touch. Sight is the only one being affected, although he uses it very smartly. Sometimes sight alone is enough to over come the enemy.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DarkCruz360 said…
I have 3 diffirent swords or weapons and all are diamond, fire, and enerdy type and i have the names but still working on the bankai name
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Did ANYONE look at my zanpakuto, or not?!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
I did...but I've been traveling for the past...15 hours straight, so I can't really comment on it in any way that would make sense right now. It's a miracle that I'm able to type this well explaining it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
This is my first try at this so i would like any feedback you can offer
kikai (chance)


gu_kan kikai (random thought chance)

Upon release it is a battle axe that is one an a half meters long and has the image of a die in the center

1) upon contact with a surface it alows the user to enter that suface the surface only needs to be at least
one square foot. if the size of the object decreases the user exits from it involuntaraly.
the user moves through it at a speed of 40 yards a second. the user cannot move into another surface without
first exiting the current one.

bankai upon release the axe emits a cube from it's center. each side is a quater of a mile long. from the outside
the cube reflects what is on the opposit side of what side you look at. if someone tries to enter it they exit through the opposite side of the cube
inside it is pure white and is the shape of the inside of a cube regardless of the envoroment the cube is on. Like the outside if you enter a wall you exit the opposite wall this applies to the celing floor and This applies to attacks as well. the axe changes shape to that of a hand axe and a one yard six sided die

1) once every 5 mins the die rolls it self and give an effect based on the number
1: causes the gravity inside to triple of everyone inside of it and the floor becomes solid. If anyone inside lands an attack one someone else though a wall the die is rerolled
2: the power of all reshi attacks is reduced by 25% but needs no reshi to be cast
each person can only have 2 such attacks out at once if the die is struck by reshi from more then one person it is rerolled
3: the time for all senses to reace the brain is increased by 100% if anyone bleeds on anyone else the die is rerolled
4: everyone inside the cube has there wounds heal instantly using there own reshi this is involentary and can't be turned off if anyone touches anyone elses face with there elbow the die is re rerolled
5: every 20 seconds everyones train of thought is set back to what they where thinking 5 seconds ago if anyone rhymes 5 words with the name of someone else in the cube the die is rerolled
6:the air inside the cube becomes half as thick as it was. Eveyone in the cube feels like it is 30 degrees hotter then they feel comfertable in. All wounds are more sensitive and are harder to ignore. Lastly everyone in the cube feels
hopless, scared, that time isn't moving at all, and have reaccuring thoughts of suicide to escape the fear and hoplessness. the die dosen't reroll intill 5 mins have pasted

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas theoverlord said…
Name: # 22
Age: Unkown (appeares to be about 25)
Sex: Male
Species: Arrancar
Alliance: none
Appearence: standing at abou 6'6 people would guess that he is a basketball player or a librain... they would be wrong on both guesses.his whole left half of his face is covered by his finned hollow mask and because of this he has two different color eyes his normal eye is blue while his hollow eye is black with red crosshairs. He is able to make his hollow mask invisible because of a technigue he was taught, and when he does this he wears glasses. #22 has short messy jet black hair and numerous scars all over his body but his most noticible scar he has is the one down the left side of his face that he recieved while posing as a Captian from Captian Kenpachie . he has a small number 22 branded over where is heart would be and his hollow spot is in the palm of his right hand. He normaly wears a long sleaved black robe and in which he wields Genkou strapped to his hip and a short sword that can extend to be Genkous twin, hidden in the folds of his left sleave. he also a pair of white gloves to concel his hollow spot he also has a ring tied to a chain around his neck that he recieved from his wife before she died.
Personality: Prides himself on being a teacher, 22 doesn`t care who he teaches whether they be human, hollow, arrancar or shinigami, as long as they have the potential to kill him. 22 is usually quite only speaking when spoken to unless he is teaching. 22 can usually be found talking to himself but in actaullity he is talking with Genkou about students he has tought or is currently teaching. #22 is very seriase and he feels that joking is for those who have time to waste. he has no tolerance for arrogence and loathes weakness especially in himself, after all he is a teacher and needs to set a good example for his students.
History: In Hollow history #22 is the first recorded natural born arrancar. He first aligned himself while still a Hollow with one of the first Vasto lorde in all Huaco Mundo. The Vasto Lorde called himself #1 and he branded all his subordinets with the number in which he recruited them. after many hundreds of years eating on humans and having Hollow type peace, #3 betrays #1 along with over half the numbers as they were called. #22 stuck with #1 and while fighting he found he had a natural head for statagy leading many victories against #3 with few losses. Over time #1`s forces start diminishing so he started experimenting on his fellow hollows, trying to make them stronger. after many experimenties died off #1 finally found out that by removing the mask of a hollow there is the potential to become stronger. the downside to this was that when a hollow removed it`s mask they usually died off. Finally when it was #22's turn to be dragged off, he barely manged to survive the proccess. While recovering Their fortress became overrun with enemy hollow and they managed to kill #1. overcome with grief he led the remain forces and retreated for a total of 679 years. when #22 came back his army was bigger and .himself going mad with bloodlust so he apointed a new leader and tought him how to rule the forces. After many conquests they finally managed to storm #3's fortress, while inside #22 fights and spares a hollow, alowing him to leave (this Hollow later became the number 2 espada). #22 finaly makes it to #3 and mages to kill him, after this he decides to leave but before he can one of the Hollow decides to join him this Hollow is named #1102496, #22 calls him #11 for short. over 2000 years after the war #22 and #11 (now an Arrancar by this point) have traveled Huaco Mundo, the world of the living, and the open world of soul society. they then stumble upon a being who calls himself a shinigami, this is thier first time meeting a being like this and the Shinigami procedes to use what is known as a Bankia on them, so 22 kills him...easily. #22 and #11 decide they want this Bankia so they practice and train for it even though they already have release forms. In time #22 gains the ability to use a Shikia and Bankia while #11 only gets the use of a shikia. The year is now 4172 BC and it has been over 15,000 years since the war and in this time #22 has tought many beings along with #11. while teaching he always tells his students that when they think they are done to try and kill him. so far none have succeded and #11 hasn`t even tried. #22 and #11 decide that they need to go their seperate ways, so they leave each other. after many years of wandering #22 saves a spirit womans life from Hollows, as thanks she decides to travel with him. #22 and the woman who is name Sharon fall in love, Sharon shows #22 a ring which was passed down in her family for generations. She then gives #22 the ring as a token of her love and he accepts. many years slater they still find themselves very much in love when she starts to get sick, #22 looks for any solution that can help her but there is nothing and so she dies. Grief stricken #22 buries her body and leaves holding on to the ring she gave him. the year in now year one and #22 finds himself in the world of the living when he sees another Shinigami all dressed in white and walking along the streets of some town and the town can see him. the towns people are calling this Shinigami Jesus, when #22 see`s Jesus alone he surpises him and threatens him until the Shinigami teaches him the technige of being seen or if you want to not be seen. #22 experiments with this technique and becomes able to make his mask vanish. he later stumbles upon #11 being hunted by Shinigami so he steps in and saves him. they join up agian and #22 teaches #11 the new techniqe. the year is now 1869 and while in the soul society they had been hearing word of a school for shinigami for years so they decide to disguese them selves as shinigami novices and joins this school
Abilitys: This is technicly a move and not an ablitiy but 22's faverite move is done without his Hollow mask. he takes off his glasses and throws them at the enemy, while the enemy focuses on the glasses for a second or two, 22 flash steps behind the enemy slicing at them on the way by.A fter this is done he procedes to catch his glasses and put them back on. He is able to use most kido spells with the exception being spells 88 and up. He is able to use 1-35 hado spells without an incantation and 1-15 Bakuda spells with out the incantaion. he has no idea how his spells would fare against a Captain but he would like to find out. his faverite spell would be Hado 4: Byakuri. he can not mask all of his spiritual pressure but he is a master at masking most of his spirtual pressure so that it appeares to be almost on the level of Captian Yamamoto. he also knows how to use all Ceros. He is currently trying to come up with a way to go faster than Flash step. He is also one of the few arrancar who gained a Zanpaktou.
Zanpaktou: Genkou (Copy) a blade with a length of a meter and a half. The hilt is a dark blue color with some insignias circleing the middle of the hilt. the hilt has four points potruding out at the top of the hilt and bending upwards with the blade sticking out in the middle. the bottom of the hilt comes to a razer point so if the user can`t stab someone with the blade, then he can poke someones eye with the hilt. Genkou has a twin blade which houses #22`s release form powers
Zanpaktou spirit: it is unknown what Genkou looks like to be exact because each time 22 visits him, Genkou is first seen wearing the form of whoever sticks out the most in 22`s mind and changeing forms whenever he feels. Genkou is usually calm and composed always apearing to be in a meditive state but in all actuality he is very stubborn, refusing to cooperate unless getting his way. usually he just wants news on what`s happening outside but sometimes he`ll want something to entertain himself with. Genkou has mixed feelings about 22 because of his hollow side, so while he trusts him he just doesn`t know to what extent he trusts him.
Innerworld: This world is a pitch dark world except for glowing orbs floating all over the place. if one were to peer inside one of these orbs you would find either a memories of 22 from when he was human or one of the key memories of a zanpaktou that has been copied (usualy the moment when they first achieved shikia and/or Bankia)
Bankia innerworld and Spirit: the Darkness is gone and one can find themselves in the middle of a dormant volcano. the sky is a blood red color with so much ash falling that one can only see a few hundred feet in front of them and all the while meteorites are falling all over the place able to crush anyone unlucky enough to be cought underneath. if one looks hard enough though they could still find the glowing orbs. Daraku Genkou Kikou appears as a huge winged demon wearing plates of armour all over his body. he has an incredible bloodlust knowing no bounds and will try to kill anyone who enters his world. Daraku Genkou Kikou is the only one to be able to see through the ash. He wields a large double sided scyth. he has amazing respect for 22 because he always manages to take him out in one hit.
Release Form: Ijin Yajuu (Devil monster) #22 fingers extend into razer sharp talons at about 65 centimers in length. he then procedes to grow about six spines out of his back that deviate and point around and in front of him. his leg starts tuning insect like gaining amazing jumping and kicking strength and speed. his mask also grows so that the only thing not touched by his mask is his human eye.
Zapaktou release:Odaku bannanwohaishite ( Corrupt at all costs)
Shikai: Genkou kikou (copy armour): the sword turns into a pair of black shoulder length clawed gauntlets with blood red ruins constently swirling all over.
Shikai abilitys: 1) the first ability is always activated when you use shikia. the user gains a 43% speed and strength boost
2)Henkie Genkou (variated copy) the second ability is that when the user has been in the presence of another person shikia he can "copy" it for later use whenever he feels like. the Copy will look slightly different than the original (e.g. different color,smaller size, slight shape variation) and the copy is also slightly weaker than the original (unless the user has major spiritual pressure, then it just doesn't matter). the catch to copying one of the shikias though is that to make the copy the user must sacrifice a gauntlet, so the way it works is that the user can use 2 skikias at any givin time.
Bankia: Daraku Genkou Kikou (Corrupted copy armour): turns into a full suit of dark gray armour covering head to toe and swirling white ruins covering all the joints of the suit.
Bankia abilitiys: 1) Just like the Shikia only this time the user gains a 89% boost to speed and power.
2) Suukou Genkou (Supreme Copy) again just like the Shikia only this time it's if the user has been in the presence of a Bankia. agian just like with the shikia, the Bankia copy's will look slightly different. This time though when you want a copy of a bankia you must sacrifice percentages of your armour for Bankias. Basicly if you play your cards right, you could have 20 copy bankias at your disposle all at once. the problem with this though is that the less armour you sacrifice to copy a bankia then the weaker they will be so those 20 bankia will be supremly weak.on the reverse side though is that the more armour you sacrifice then the stronger the Bankia will be, even rivaling or surpassing the original( even if you have less Bankia's)

I couldn't find any information any where stating how old Hollows can be before they die of if an Arrancar can use a shinigami Zanpaktou or not. i assumed they could if they wanted to since they became part shinigami in the first place.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas theoverlord said…
sorry about the spacing, i wrote it down on Word so when i copyed and pasted i didn't look to see what it would look like on here
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
I'll probably get to these later tonight, did you want a review theoverlord?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas theoverlord said…
why not
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
LinkKinuzuma13 - Glad you made this, looks very interesting.
1) How fast does it fall? How large is it? Can the opponent dodge it? Can the wielder attack into it? Can the opponent attack out of it? How strong is it? Does kido have any effect on it? Does pure strength have any effect on it? How much space is there between the bars (yes, that is important, for judging how far they can reach in or out of it)?
2) Is there a lag time between uses? By "indestructable," do you just mean the staff can't be destroyed? Could it easily be destroyed before? What do you mean by "vulnerable to lightning"? How does a zanpakuto take damage from lightning? What does it harm? How does it harm?
3) Could previous lances not be thrown? What about throwing this particular lance is better? Again, how does lightning do damage to it? And how does it absorb the opponent's elemental abilities? Can it absorb them when thrown? Does the staff need to come back to the wielder before they can use an element? Is the control you have over those elements limited to your opponent's control? How many can they control at once?

1) Can the wielder form metal using this ability (often, the chemical pieces that make up metal are in the very ground, can he bring those together)? If the metal is under the control of the opponent's zanpakuto, is your control over it absolute, or do you fight for control of that metal?
2) So anything it touches beyond a zanpakuto will instantly melt? What about anything attached to what you touched (how much skin will a small cut take away from the opponent)? Can this effect also damage the wielder in a similar way?
3) What do you mean by "everything is gold"? Wasn't everything gold in the shikai form? Do you mean all metal controlled by him turns gold? This one says elements rebound. Does that mean that elements that hit it, aside from lightning, will rebound instead of being under the control of the wielder? How is that power "doubled"?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 -
1) What satisfies the criterion of a "surface"? If one is in a desert, would the sand constitute a surface? I'm also confused as to what dimension they would be in. Transferring to the surface of water, for example, would leave you 2 dimensional unless you were somehow underwater. But not everything has a reflective surface like that, so how could you follow them, or even know where they are? Would an opponent's body, which is larger than one square foot, constitute a surface? Can they be attacked while in this surface? How quickly does he exit the surface? How quickly does he enter it?

Bankai: The overall way this bankai forms requires a bit more explanation. So the cube cannot be destroyed, but doesn't have actual substance? If that's the case, can no one even stand on it, even on the inside? Wouldn't that lead to endless falling? If this ability forms around the wielder but not the opponent, wouldn't it be basically impossible for anyone to do anything to each other?
1) Does the die roll immediately? When the die is rolled, does it physically jostle everyone inside around as well?
1: Does it have to be a physical attack, or can this be a kido attack, that causes the die to reroll.
2: Does the die also reroll of the reishi comes from the zanpakuto? Does this also reduce the power and cost of non kido-type energy?
3: Makes sense.
4: How much of a reishi depletion are we talking about? I imagine it takes more to heal a broken bone than a cut, but that's not explained. Does this also heal mortal wounds?
5: Odd criteria for rerolling, but makes sense.
6: So the temperature is variable depending upon the person? What effect does have the thickness of the air have (I can think of some, but they should be explicit)? What's the sensitivity increase of wounds? Are these thoughts that it forces people to hear able to be countered?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
theoverlord - in general, I think that most times that people try to fuse a soul reaper pretense with a hollow, it tends to be too much. The fact that this character can use almost every kido spell, as well as any cero of his choice (which is odd, considering that every single hollow has had a cero unique to them), it's just too intense.
But that's just the basis of the character. The fact that this character has a shikai, bankai, and release form is a lot. I'll go through each of them, but if you really like all of them, separate the shikai and bankai into a single character together, and the release form into a single character.
For the release form - there's really nothing that separates this character from others beyond basic looks and the way that he moves. I think you could definitely add some sort of ability that makes this unique and really makes it more like an arrancar release (since every arrancar to date has had some sort of ability that accompanies its release). If you want to keep the increases to speed and strength, make sure to specify the increase.
For the shikai:
1) 43% seems like an oddly specific choice of increase, but it is specific. I'd say that this is a little bland for a blade ability though.
2) I'll preface this one by saying that I tend to have problems with copy-based zanpakuto. It really doesn't make for an original blade, and it tends to be either grossly overpowered or underpowered. But let's get into it. First off, there seems to be no harm to losing a gauntlet (unless I'm missing something). Second, I don't see a time limit on how long you can hang onto a shikai, nor on the number of abilities that can be held from an opponent's shikai, so I'm guessing both are infinite, which is pretty insanely powerful. There's also no specification on how to remove abilities in order to bring in new ones. Third, I'm wondering how long it takes to copy an opponent's abilities. Does it just immediately copy a shikai as soon as it's released, or does it take time to do so? Must you see each ability before you can copy it? Fourth, you have to specify just how much less powerful each shikai is than the original. Fifth, even if it is less powerful, many abilities have nothing to do with power, and I can see holding 2 full sets of shikai abilities as being too much very easily.
For the bankai:
1) Pretty much the same response as with #1 of shikai.
2) This has a lot of the same problems as #2 of shikai, but there's a few others. I really don't know what losing bits of the armor does, nor what gets removed and in what order. The armor could be made out of paper for all I know, but even if it's made out of metal, I'm not sure how much it can block against. As for the order concern, it matters a lot more if you lose your helmet than if you lose your right boot. If the order has more important pieces lost later, I see a lot of incentive to get, say, 10 bankais and then stop. I get that the armor makes you stronger, but I don't know what each piece equates to, or how much adding a single bankai would take away vs. 10. But if you have 20, as you're saying they could, I very much doubt they'll need any real power. That pretty much means you'll have an ability for any situation.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
sorry whiteflame, let me clear it up.

SH 1: I'd say it fals fast enough to suprise even the weilder, so therfore, unless your ichigo, it is very unlikeley that they can dodge it. No they can't attack out of it. the user can't attack into it either. The cage only lasts for 5 seconds, so that will give him a chance to counterattack. Pure strength does NOT have any effect on it, and the space between the bar is abou 4 inches.
SRY!!! i'll answer the other questions later when i have more time!

THX for reviewing it Whiteflame55, Your a good pal, for someone i met on the internet.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
ty for the review it helps to hear others ideas to fix the holes and soon i will make 1 i would actual want to have but for now here are my clarifications
1) a surface has to be solid so water wouldn't count and sand grands are to small. the person would be roughly the shape of a 1 square foot cube and would be in the object and could travel in any direction they also can't enter a part of it smaller then the squre foot sized cube. you would have to sense where there reashi is to detect them. yes they could enter an opponets body if there is a squre foot cube size part of them. they can't be attacked in the surface and can not attack but the object there in can be destroyed to get to them.Exit and entrence would be at the same speed as travel in an object 40 yards a second and movement take large amounts of reishi
bankai the cube is a dimensional disturbince so no physical substance. inside it unless you get a 1 you would have to stand using reshi like soulrepers do to stand in the air.
during summuning before it reachs full size no one is effected by the sides teleporting effect.
1) the die rolls as soon as the bankai is fully formed and the 1 squrae yard cube that forms with when bankai is relesed is inside the big cube and is the one that rolls. to describe it it is meatal and floats in the middle of the cube
1: the attack it self and not the attacker would need to come through the wall to hit the opponent so any prejectil attack or a melee one like renji's zanpakto of gin's
2: the reshi dosn't need to be an attack just needs to contact the inner cube so you could even through your opponent at it (if they used there reishi to lessen the impact like the soulreapers do)
4: the reishi needed depends on the amount of damage it is healling a small cut would be hardly noticeable were as a leathel blows would just about all of it and the amount would be in proportion to your total reishi
6: the perpose of 6 is to kill off a persons will to fight. the air geting thiner would make it harder to breath and think clearly due to lack of oxygen. the tempature change is in the individual persons head. the sensititivie would be about dubble and the toughts aren't vary strong it's more like the idea keeps poping back up and someone with a lot of will power would always reject the thoughts and that would be it's counter i guess
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DarkCruz360 said…
Still working . . . .
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
On What, may i ask?
SH2: Yes, and i forgot to put this on, the lag time is 2 minutes.
The staf cannot be destroyed in this state, and could be, but was very hard to, be destroyed before. When i say "Vulnerable", i mean that it conducts it into the user, and scince the lance is connected to the user, it can damage them, sometimes very severley. It harms them by shocking their heart and making it skip a beat, which can sometimes cause a minor heart attack to occur, not killing them, but stunning them for a very short amount of time.
SH3: No, previous lance could not be thrown, because they were connected to the wielder. Throwing it givs him/her an edge, becaouse it is a ranged attack, and ys it can absorb them when thrown, but, the user has to be in contact with the lance to be able to use it.Yes the abilities that it absorbs, cannot be use in ways that are completely diffrent from the opponents, and it can only have one at a time.

Bankai1: No he/she can't crate metal, and if the opponent controls it, then the user has absolute control over that metal, and all metal things within a twenty foot radius(Other than zanpakuto).
Bankai2: No, things that are enchanted(say he was fitghting someone who weilded Kinuzuma)Cannot melt. It wont take away that much skin, but they will be left with a burning sensation around the cut. No it can't damage the wielder, because it is his/her ability.
Bankai3: When i say that vrything is gold i mean that not just the lance, but the armor and wings are too. By "rebound, i mean that when the wielder uses it, it will be twice as strong as the one the opponent meant to throw at you.
Hope it helped, Whiteflame!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ulquiorra1313 said…
After a very long long time away, Ulquiorra1313 is finally back with a new idea (been really busy with school)

Weapon name: Burēdo jū (blade gun)
This weapon starts out as a blood red katana with a grey hilt and weaved pattern of grey and blood red as the sheath. When released with the phrase "Shotto o toru" The blade becomes a transforming blade/gun (see image below)

Abilities (shikai):
1. Chēn ha (chain blade): The blade its self can be detached from the hilt and used as a long-range combat weapon.

2. Reishi Dan'yaku (reishi ammo): Each bullet used is made out of the wielders reishi, but only uses a small amount. This basically means that the wielder has unlimited ammunition for the gun. However, the weapon still operates with a clip sort of function. Each clip is good for about 35 shots. After 35, the wielder must put their hand on the bottom of the handle of the gun to reload it.

3. Shūchū bakuhatsu (Concentrated blast): This allows the wielder to take one shot that uses more than one of the shots in the clip (anywhere from 2-35). This causes the shots to act like a buckshot and spread over a wide area (so it is only really helpful or useful at all at close range).

The character for this is a vizard so here is the information about the vizard form. The picture of the mask will be in the next post.

The vizard form of this character increases speed 3x and defense 1.5 times, but his physical attack power remains the same.

Dangan Cero: this is a cero that is approximately 2.5x stronger than a generic cero, but it originates from the gun form of the weapon and uses all 35 shots from the clip. The cero is completely black.

Name: Dante
Age: 22
Height: 1.8 Meters
Looks: see picture in third post below
Personality: Dante is a loner. He is calm always and never freaks out. He is the lieutenant of the 5th squad. He has a shady past, hence his loner-ness. He is intelligent in battle and in life too.

Strength: 50
Speed/Shunpo: 100
Intelligence: 100
skill: 100
Kido: 0 (can use absolutely no kido)
 After a very long long time away, Ulquiorra1313 is finally back with a new idea (been really busy wit
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ulquiorra1313 said…
Vizard Mask
 Vizard Mask
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ulquiorra1313 said…
Character (he wears the soul reaper)
 Character (he wears the soul reaper)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas theoverlord said…
Here is my new Zanpakuto, please give feedback

Zanpakuto: Nenshou Kumori (Burning shadow), This blade appears as a double sided sword, but apart from that the sword is completely average. The blades on both sides are average length and the hilt is standard design, there is nothing overall special about the sword

Zanpakuto release: Meruto (Melt)

Shikai: the sword turns into a normal one sided sword but the blade vanishes leaving the hilt behind. The shadow can still be seen which shows 2 blades on the one hilt, but the farther up the shadow you go, the more the blades bend away from each other. This Shikia cannot be activated in areas of extreme darkness where there are no shadows (in caves or at night when the moon is down).

Shikai abilities:1) Kumori Kire (Shadow Slice) this ability is activated as soon as shikia is and does not need a verbal command to activate. This ability tricks enemies into thinking that the blade is still there because they can still see the shadow, but the truth is that the shadow is the blade itself. This means that the user does not aim for the actual body of the opponent but his shadow, any damage that the shadow receives then the host body will receive the exact same damage, the same thing goes for the user where if the shadow of an enemy blade slices at the users shadow then the user will receive the exact same damage as his shadow. When it comes to defending the user must be on guard from both the shadow of the blade and the actual blade because both can now hurt him, also when the users shadow blade stops an enemies shadow blade then the actual sword will stop as if it were striking an actual sword.

2) Kumori Ba-suto (Shadow Burst) This ability must be verbally said and the weapon must be pointed at the enemies shadow for this to work. This causes the center of the enemies shadow to violently expand and shrink back into place in about a second or two. The enemy will then feel an intense amount of pain but receive very little internal damage to show for it and the organs are immune to this attack (Blood vessels and muscle tissue do not count as organs). Basicly this ability is used to stun an enemy with pain. This ability can be used as fast as the user can say it, but after anywhere from 5-7 times the pain from the attack will start to weaken so the user must basically recharge for it to go back to normal (the pain will lessen by a 7th each time), recharge time lasts anywhere from 3 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much it was used.

Bankia: Myoujou Meimei Nenshou Kumori (Lucifer’s Divine Burning Shadow) the User’s weapon disappears along with the users shadow; in essence the user has become his own shadow. He is unable to attack except for any abilities that the Bankia grants him and any Kido spells that the user happens to know. The user is also unable to be attacked directly, the only things that can harm him are light based Zanpakuto, and light based Kido spells can hold him and damage him. The Last thing that can harm his is a direct flash of light, this means that the light release from a fire based attack or the light from an energy attack can harm him (the fire and energy will not harm him, just the light they give off when they impact on an object). Any attacks like these will cause him to dissipate and reform a second later, this will cost the user spiritual energy to reform and weaken him. Also, this Bankia cannot be used in dark areas where there are no shadows (just like the Shikia).

Bankia abilities:1) Suukou Kumori Ba-suto (Supreme Shadow Burst) Just like the Shikia version except this version is 2 times as powerful and the user is now able to focus on certain parts of the body (arm, leg, head) but the organs are still immune. Also just the Shikia version after a certain amount of uses instead of pain being weakened it is damage that decreases. The amount of times that the user can use this ranges 8-11 uses before the damage decreases, the rate at which the damage decreases is by a 6th and the recharge time is anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours again depending on how long it’s been used.

2) Dokubutsu Kumori (Poisoned Shadow) The user must point at the enemy’s shadow and say the abilities name. This will cause the enemies shadow to start attacking itself and any damage that the shadow does to itself then the host will receive the same damage. The Shadow will not kill itself in fear of disappearing but it can still cause massive damage. The only way to take back control of the shadow is for someone to stab it, the shadow can be stabbed anywhere you want (head, arm, leg, finger, toe) but you will receive the damage you inflict on the shadow. After the shadow is back under control it cannot be “poisoned” again for 1-3 days depending on how much the shadow damaged the enemy, 1 day means that the shadow did massive damage while 3 days mean that the shadow did little damage.

3) Kumori Senryou (Shadow Possession) The user is able to use this ability to take possession of the enemies shadow; the user is then able to do anything he wishes as the enemy’s shadow, this includes stabbing through the heart, beheading oneself or anything else that comes to mind. As soon as the shadow dies the user is immediately ejected from the shadow and the Host dies with his shadow. The catch to this ability is that the enemy must be wounded to the point where they are fading in and out of conciseness or just wounded enough that they can’t even concentrate on a single thing. The reason for this is that when the enemy can concentrate the user will just get kicked out of the Shadow as soon as he gets in, for this reason this ability is a final strike move. Also the user is able to use this ability as much as he wants but if the enemy can concentrate then it just doesn’t matter.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DarkCruz360 said…
Cool vizard mask mines a wolf vizard mask
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Does anyone think that i should mak a vizard mask for Link? I posted the wielder of Kinuzuma a few pages back.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachintheuk said…
Shikai name aoi honoo-blue flames
release explode aoi honoo
bankai aoi honoo no doragon
there is no definate zanpakto form it changes on command the release might not even change it's shape just it's power
it's bankai form envelopes the user in blue fire when the user emerges he has flaming wings and claws over his hands holding a sword completely made of fire

zanpaktou abilities
senko fureimingu flaming piercer a threust attack, on impact explodes imto flame when delivering the attack flames boost the blade into the target
fureimingu tsume flaming claw think getsuga tensho but blue fire
Relive aoi honoo ash comes and protects the user from harm allowing him to recuperate or prepare for an attack
bankai abilities
shuchu ryu-hi concentrated dragon fire an intense beamof fire like a cero but fire and more destructive
doraganzu no ikari dragons wrath blade multiplies into 9 other blades which are controlled by the user allowing him to attack from 10 directions at once
Baningu iki burning breath allows user to breathe fire
all of these attacks are blue fire
very unpredictible zanpaktou I will do a bio over the user soon
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ulquiorra1313 said…
can you try to maybe go down to three abilities for shikai and 3 for bankai? plus the description is confusing... how is it "very unpredictable"

And actually i found a better picture to be the shikai of my zanpakuto :) please tell me you opinion on which is better
 can you try to maybe go down to three abilities for shikai and 3 for bankai? plus the paglalarawan is
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
i think that this new one is bter by a long shot! you should use it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachintheuk said…
Bio for aoi honoos master
name: mamoru satoshi
age 33
rank captain
plain shinigami no vizard or anything just shinigami
quiet and calm very friendly very compassionate towards his squad gaining their trust
background story
a prodigy from a young age mamoru mastered his shikai at age 10 and passed through the soul reaper academy by the time he was 14 though his power was great it was also uncontrollable this went against him when his loved one was kidnapped to lure her father to rescue her instead mamoru came to the rescue after defeating almost all of the hollows mamoru went up against the leader (a natural arrancar) only to be pushed to the brink of defeat at that time aoi honoo forced him to bankai which mamoru had not yet mastered which got really out of control after he defeated the arrancar mamoru passed out from sustaing heavy injuries the last thing he saw was his loved ones frightened stare after he woke in a squad 4 hospital he was greeted coldly by his loved ones father and was told she didn't want to see humans was later declared an enemy of the seireitei and went into exile this happened before his 16th birthday
10 years later a squad of shinigami encountered a group of menos in the world of the living if it had not been for the intervention of mamoru after this the seireitei brought him back and forgave him on account of the fact he had commited no crime he was soon risen to rank of captain and was very popular among others

description: 5'10'' straight medium length brown hair blue eyes and a slightly muscular body he wears the standard shinigamis uniform and a captains white coat with sleeves wears a sash over his right shoulder to his left hip from which his zanpaktou hangs has a small tattoo of a flame on his bicep
fighting style: doesn't use zanpaktou often only against strong opponents relying more on kido and hado also a master of the flash step some even say he's the fastest soul reaper alive (which mamoru disagrees with partly because of his humble personality and also not to upset others namely byakuya ichigo and soifon who already dislikes him
speed 200
intelligence 100
skill 125
kido 100
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ulquiorra1313 said…
Alright so the second one is the shikai instead of the first so just disregard the first pic of the blade :) feedback please
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DarkCruz360 said…
cool cool
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Alright. But it'll still be pretty hard to ignore th first one, since it's still pretty cool. But, i like the second one waaaaaaaaaaay better.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ulquiorra1313 said…
haha :) thank you very much i agree
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas NocturneShadow said…
Here's my Zanpakuto:

Name/Shikai: Arashi Kadou

battle Command: Umidasu Rekishi

Bankai( Still the same): arashi Kadou

Description: the sword looks like a regular katana, except that the blade is blended of the colors of purple and black.

Shikai Abilities: Makkura Wengetsu Kyanon( Pitch Dark Crescent cannon)

This attack is released with a side slash going upward. A tunnal of dark crescents is released, which is meant to ram the target into an object.

Meimei Ryuujin Surasshu( Dark Dragon God Slash)

condensed dark energy forms around the blade, feeding on the dark emotions of other people. Swinging the zaanpakuto downwards creates a black crescent, which detonates upon contact with any form of a solid.

Bankai Abilities: Ijou Kuragari( Surrounding Darkness)

a dark realm if formed around the wielder of the zanpakuto and his target, and dark pressure is forced on the target. After 30 seconds of pressure, 8 dark blades stab the target at once.

Yakusai: Makura( Calamity: Total Darkness)

immediately, Very dense clouds of dark energy surround the wielder of the zanpakuto. after storing up massive amounts of dark energy, the zanpakuto is swung downward, setting off a huge wall of dark energy which slices the target in half.

very dangerous zanpakuto to mess with. this one especially is immune to aging!

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas NocturneShadow said…
the zanpakuto name in english is tempest vortex. The release command in english is " bring forth death". Sorry about the spelling errors, just didn't want to take too long to type this up.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Gamehot2 said…
Name: Hadesu(Hades)
Age: 300(looks 13)
Sex: Male
Species: Shinigami
Position:none(captain level)
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Snow White
Height: 5"8
Weight: 120 pounds
Quiet never smiles unless fighting thats when he really is truly "alive" he is very absolute he finds combat to a way of life but he knows not to start fights once you have stared a battle you need to end it, its kill or be killed. He believes if you show mercy to your opponet that means your weak. But he has a soft side only seen by his Zanpakuto spirit
Hadesu was poor but and always sad, he grew up in an alley by himself his mom and dad died when he was 7. When he was 10 (still in the world of the living) he was attacked by a hollow it grabed him and almost ate him. But a Shinigami injured the hollow before it could do so. The hollow then retreated to Hueco Mundo and took Hadesu with him. When at Hueco Mundo Hadesu was throw on the ground by the hollow, it then continued its plan to eat him. Hadesu was scared he couldn't even move then time stopped and Hadesu heard a voice in his head "Are you scared?" the voice said "Yes" Hadesu replied. "Why are you scarred?" the voice said "Don't be scared that is weakness." "I don't want to die!" said Hadesu. "Haha you are a weak boy tell me should i help you." the voice was demanding. Hadesu smiled and said this "I was alone for a long time i felt like i was in hell. I tryed to play with other kids but they beat me up because my cloths were ripped and i smelled like garbge i never had anyone help me." His eyes began to glow. "So for someone to help me is that weak if showing fear is weakness then needing help is also weakness. i will not aask for your help i dont need it this power is my own." "You are a stubborn one aren't you, but you won't win on your own." the voice said almost in a happy voice. Time started again and the hollow rush for Hadesu. But the hollow's head was cut off by Hadesu armed with a Zanpakuto and new cloths that of which resembeled a mage. Hadesu was suprised of what he did then he look at the blade, and said his Zanpakuto's name "Nekuro tenshi" 3 years later he made his way out of Hueco Mundo and has been roaming the Soul Society ever since.
Strength: 82%
Hand-to-hand combat: 100%
Swordsmanship: 92%
Speed: 100%
Kido: 0%(never bothered learning)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Gamehot2 said…
Rarly ever uses his zanpakuto he thinks it makes him weak for needing help but he talks to his zanpakto spirit as a friend he will get mad when she teases him about being weak.

Shikai: *it has 4 abilitys in shikai but there not over kill*

Name: Nekuro Tenshi(Necro Angel)

Release command:"Meikai no kawa ni oboreru!"(Drown in the rivers of the underworld! ) The zanpakuto is always in Shikai because of the massive reiatsu. If not in use Nekuro Tenshi will dissapate and the command will matterailze it

Apperance: A grey and orange hilt with bells on it, and a guard merges with the blade and makes a katana looking sword

Acheron: Kanashimi no kawa(Acheron: The river of sorrow): This is a abilitiy that messes with the brain Nekuro Tenshi will start to glow then when cut a toxin is injected in your body you start to loose the will to fight and eventually stop fighting it will start an hour after the toxin is in the body. the draw back is that Hadesu cant use any other abilities while the toxin is inside the opponent and the toxin will dissappear if Hadesu lets go of his zanpakuto for 1 mila-second.

Cocytus: Nageki no kawa (Cocytus: The river of wailing):This abilitiy is dangerous to both the wielder and opponent. Hadesu moves faster than Shunpo and Sonído combined. But it can only move in one direction at a time no rapid movement.(for example you must go straight before you go left, right before you up) But the real draw back is sound in makes before you move its like a wailing (hence the name) and strong opponents notice it then anticipate when you move and strike you down, because you can't block while moving. But if done right you could kill your opponet with ease.

Phlegethon: Honoo no kawa(Phlegethon: The river of flame) A flame coils around Nekuro Tenshi and is able to give Hadesu the abilitiy to burn through flesh but every second he has this abilitiy is body will start to burn from the inside out in 1 minute of using this ability he will die.

Lethe: Bōkyaku no kawa(Lethe: The river of oblivion): This is very effective to confuse the opponet Hadesu actually is able to reach in a person's memory and remove a peach of it for example a part of your life you learned a powerful ability is gone and you no longer know that ability or when you learned to walk if thats removed you cant walk anymore, this can not be use on the same person twice within 24 hours and if its used on a stonger opponet Hadesu will be lost in the persons mind forever so he raraly uses this.

Has never used it in combat but was able to get to bankai state.

Name: Nekuro no megami(Necro Goddess)

Release command: Hadesu shakes his zanpakuto and the bells start to chime he then yells "Gishiki wa hajimemashou!"(Let the ritual begin!)

Apperance: Hadesu's hair grows and cloths change giving him a black gontlet used for blocking attacks. A large claymore with the a pitch black hilt, the gaurd is a black devil wing and the blade looks simaliar to Zangetsu.

Final River-Styx: No kawa ga kirai (Styx:The river of hate): He is now bound by a contract with hell on his zapakuto words of the contract a written in japenese Ningen no ketsueki wa akuma o umu. Kono burēdo wa, fukkatsu no tame no baitai to suru.(Blood of man gives birth to demons. Let this blade be the medium for rebirth.) This means when the zanpakuto has another persons blood on it Hadesu becomes a demon, His eyes glow red and he is filled with rage unable to be killed but he can be mortaly wounded. Only when the person whos blood touched the blade other than Hadesu is dead then the demon will go away till next time.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Gamehot2 said…
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Gamehot2 said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
I'll probably get to reviewing more recent blades today, so do you want a review gamehot?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Sorry it took me so long but i started watching kitchen nightmares on fox. This is a zanpaktu i would want to have i would like feed back like last time please :)
waga kagami(my mirror)
kaerimiru( reflect)
the shikai is a one handed sword and a shield. the sword is an average one handed broadsword and the shield is a reflective like a mirror and makes the users mind is immune to outside influences
1) animaru asupekuto (animal aspect) This ablility must be activated from basic shikai and takes 3 seconds to fully form. When this ability is activated the sword and shield form into a pair of gauntlets with extended and sharp fingers they become black and the user also gains a set of cat like whiskers. With this active the users kido are weaked by 50%.(the whiskers are sensitive enough to pick up on air currents witch helps detect nearby movment like a real cats)
2) enjeru asupekuto(angel aspect) This ablility must be activated from basic shikai and takes 3 seconds to fully form. When this is activated the sword and shield form in to five round metal orbs that become reflective like mirrors. With this activated physical attacks made by the user are weaked by 50%.The orbs float, are moved with the users mind, and they move as fast as the user.The orbs can break like a zanpakto however the user can put reshi into them like a normal zanpakto regardless of distance however the orbs can't move more then 1 mile from the user if they do they fall and become like regular metal balls until shikai is released or the user comes closer to them.The user can hit any of the orbs with any kido type ablilty and it is absorbed then launched out of any other orb chosen mentaly by the user. The absorption and release happens in .5 seconds in then 1 second out.

Shisubeki rifurekushon( mortal reflection) This form of bankai is activated from unreleased from or basic shikai. The shield and sword remain the same but the user is covered in silver plate mail armor.
In this form the users mind is immune outside influences and all reshi put into the armor is mutiplied by 2 and all reshi put into the shield is mutiplied by 4. If the armor or shield are broken it is reformed automatically after a 5 second delay. cracks and dents heal in less then 5 seconds and broken peaces float to the armor at half the speed of the user. The armor heals using the users reshi but it takes vary little to do so (taking only 15% of the users reshi if the armor is completly shattered)
Tero rifurekushon (terror reflection) This form of bankai is activated by using bankai during animaru asupehuto. The bankai looks the same as the ability but the user is also covered in a flame and cold resistant fur the same color as the users hair color. The user can no longer cast any kido type abilitys.
:1 naitomea gaito(nightmare cloak) anyone who looks at the user during this ability feel as scared as they did during the worst nightmare of there life. If they have never had a nightmare they are uneffected.
:2 naitomea enko( nightmare flame) the user breaths out a green fire that has no heat and does not spread however it will move to the nearest living source of reshi. If the fire hits or reaches someone with reshi it clings to them and eats away there reshi at a rapid rate and starts to spread all over them at a slow pace. For the fire to be stoped it has to be cut off from oxygen, bankai stoped, or the user to metally stop it.
Bokosuru rifurekushon (divine reflection) This form of bankai is activated by using bankai during enjeru asupekuto. The bankai looks the same as the ability. The users physical attacks are now also slowed down by 50% as well. The user can now float like the orbs with no reshi cost and both orbs and user can flash step while floating using the normal amount of reshi for a flash step. All kido type attacks cost half the reshi of normal. The user no longer has to hit a orb to send a kido type attack they can send it directly out of one them. orbs now absorb all reshi they are hit with and it goes to the user.If an orb is destroyed now it turns to reshi and can be reformed in the users hand in 10 seconds at a small cost of reshi.
:1 Bokosuru Shi_rudo ( divine shield) The user grabs an orb and it grows up to 20 feet in diameter and turns a clearish silver anyone the user wants can enter the orb. It, like the other orbs, absorbs reshi and is still vunarble to physical attacks however it automatically pushes away anyone that gets within 3 feet of it using reshi. The push force is equally to the users full physical strength but can be increased by touching the inside of the orb and putting reshi into it.
:2 Bokosuru Jo_kei (divine sight) while this is active the orbs form a red dot on them and the user can see through all the dots and there own eyes at once. this uses a lot of reshi
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Gamehot2 said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so I'll start with theoverlord's new zanpakuto, since he posted first out of the three:

1) This seems reasonable and rather interesting, though I think it is really only beneficial to you while your opponent doesn't know what's going on. Since they have 2 ways to strike you and you only have one, it seems like this detrimental to you in the long term.
2) What's the range on this? How much pain are we talking about? I'm wondering exactly how this damage is dealt. I get what's being harmed, but it's important to know how this damage is dealt because some opponents will be affected while others wont. How does it deal damage without affecting internal organs? Does it just send a pulse of energy through the muscle tissue and blood vessels? Must the words for this be stated audibly enough for the opponent to hear them, or can they be whispered?

Bankai: While I think the overall idea is interesting, I think it is concerning that only certain opponents can even do harm in this form. If you're up against a light or shadow user, both can pretty much end this immediately (though you haven't specified how damage is done by light, which seems a bit uncertain), whereas if you're up against someone who is all physical, they pretty much can't do anything. I realize you can't attack in this form, but you have abilities that work for certain. Many of your opponents wont have anything as a result of this being activated.
1) Knowing the amount of pain the first ability inflicts and how it's inflicted becomes all the more important when it comes to increasing its power. I don't know what 2 times the power means, nor even how you can focus it on one body part. Pretty much the same questions beyond that.
2) Same question of range and how loudly the words have to be said. I'm a bit confused by the limitations on this ability. The shadow wont kill itself, but it will cause massive damage. Since it's going wild and attacking itself, I'm uncertain where this limitation is at. It wont kill itself, but will it open arteries and let the body slowly die? Will it stop the movement of arms and legs? I mean, a shadow still exists on a dead body, just like on a dead limb, so if the limit is whether something is still moving because the shadow wants to be active, I'm wondering what's under and over that limit. This is especially important because the opponent must know how to stop it in order to do so, which means he must know how the wielder's ability works.
3) Does this require stating the ability? What's the range? It's very important to be incredibly specific with regards to the limits here, especially since this is literally a "if it's used correctly, the opponent always dies" type of ability. Does this require wounding, or does it require the state of fading in and out of consciousness? Some opponents have abilities that would keep them in that sort of stasis, would they be affected? Must they be in both the wounded state and the state of consciousness you describe? And there's a pretty big difference between this and being wounded enough not to be able to concentrate on anything (and once again, there are a lot of opponents who cannot concentrate well, would they be affected similarly?). Especially since the harm of failure here is just removal from the shadow, I feel this might be a bit overpowered.
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NocturneShadow -

1) How large is this attack? Is it just made out of energy? How fast does it move? Can it only be released by that kind of slash, or do other slashes release something similar?
2) What suffices as a "dark emotion"? If no one is having any of these, does this ability not work? How powerful can this be against one opponent? 2? 3? How powerful is the detonation? How large is the crescent? You say anything solid, what does that mean? If it hits a sand grain in the air between it and the opponent, does it explode?

1) How close does the opponent have to be in order to use this ability? What's the dark realm look like? How much pressure is exerted by "dark pressure"? Does it only affect them, or does it affect a certain portion of the realm? Can they attack the opponent in this realm? Can they escape the realm? Does the realm take any sort of physical form? How large are these blades? Do they follow his movements, or do they strike where he stood at a certain time? Can these blades hurt the wielder if they strike him in any way?
2) How much space do these clouds take up? Are they entirely opaque? How long does it take for them to store up "massive amounts of energy"? What suffices as "massive amounts of energy"? How does the energy get stored? When it's released, what happens to the clouds? Can this be used multiple times? What is the size of the wall? How does a wall slice anything in half?

I don't get the last statement. What does it mean for a zanpakuto to be immune to aging? And how does that make it dangerous? I don't see that in the abilities, so I'm confused.
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my zanpakuto's name would be Edjo (after the Kemetian Snake goddess). The release command would be 'savor your prey'. The Bankai name is Edjo Subrosa (Secretive Edjo). In Shikai form, it is akin to a whip, two whip cords and each has a blade similar to a kunai at the end. The controller of the whip can control the trajectory and whatnot of the cord with his spirit energy. In Bankai form, the user is converted to a snake charmer look, wearing a headdress akin to a turban with charms attached to it. The swords hilt becomes a flute/pipe, where the user plays tunes to bring out the snake, which can materialize out of any of the surrounding environment. i have a picture of it drawn somewhere, I'll show y'all later. I'll also have to think of the snake's poison and it's effects, I can't formulate it right now. the hilt's tassle in its regular form is a snake skull on a chain. it is also dual bladed, and each blade is serrated, mimicing a snake's tooth.