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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Susurrus said…
I've read lots of great Zanpakutou on this thread now so i'll try make one. This one is a work in progress by which i mean i haven't worked out to my satisfaction what its bankai is but here is my Zanpakutou up to Shikai:

Name: Gekiharen (it means Crushing Lotus... hopefully >.>)

Sealed Appearance:
For the sake of pointless originality when sealed Gekiharen is longer and more curved like the cavalry sword varients of a Katana. It has a guard in the shape of a stylised lotus flower and a pommel shaped like a snakes head that twists back against the curvature of the sword. Has blue-silver blade and colour scheme otherwise is all Dark Blue and Gold.

Release Command: Hew the Earth and Sky

Shikai Form:
Gekiharen when released is a long weapon which is somewhere between being a twin headed mace and a spear. Gekiharen has two large blue-silver metal heads shaped like lotus flowers with one foot long spear blades protruding from the centre of each, the actual “flowers” form a spiked, mace like component at the base of each blade. The weapons other feature is that reminiscent of a Chinese spear it has tassel-like components, however instead of being made of ribbon or red horsehair it is instead a constant flow of cold and fine white mist which leaves thin arching vapour trails when Gekiharen is swung.

Shikai Abilities:
This Zanpakutou's theme is that it embodies the power and of the water cycle to literally shape the world, as rivers form valleys and hills by eroding the earth, rainfall determines quantity of plant life, and clouds are the landscape of the sky.

1) Its first power is in regard to shaping the earth and is simply its immense and supernatural weight, the Shikai release weighs around three tonnes but it feels only around 30 lbs to the wielder allowing it to be swung very fast, this gives it ludicrous momentum. Gekiharen’s blows have such an amount of sheer brute force that its attacks are dangerous even to parry as the mere shockwaves sent down the defenders sword are strong enough to cause internal bleeding, open wounds, splinter bones and shatter the ground beneath their feet.

2) Its second power pertains to the ability for water to travel underground and rise up in the form of springs its Gekiharen’s only activated power and it is called ‘Shimuzuyari’ (spring water spear). The name of the attack precedes the action of stabbing at an angle into the ground with Gekiharen, several long, straight ‘spears’ of high pressure water will simultaneously burst from the ground in a spoke like manner, the ‘spears’ are sharp highly pressurised water easily capable of skewering opponents. The spears can come from any point on the ground within about 100 metres of the wielder but their direction, power and angle is derived from the manner and force with which the earth is struck by Gekiharen. The technique leaves water-filled craters where it has been used.

3) The final power is that the Reiatsu one expends when wielding Gekiharen is not spent but instead converted into the mist which flows out from the weapon. The mist floats upward and forms into a lotus shaped white cloud above the wielder which then rains continuously over them, but the raindrops never hit the ground or wielder and are instead reabsorbed continually back into the wielders pool of Reiatsu effectively providing infinite energy. The mist, the cloud and the rain are not physical as such and are unaffected by factors such as wind and temperature, they also move about with the wielder and can appear indoors. This power represents both how water shapes the sky, its cyclical nature and its ability to nourish.

Anyway so yes its effects aren't too complicated but i have no idea what the bankai would be... maybe go for a creature type bankai like mayuri's or something... a giant contrictor snake made of water perhaps? I partially made this Zanpakutou because in my opinion all Anime need more spear fights
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hagashi_Yuki said…
ummm... here's mine...
this will be really short...
hope u don't mind if i post... :)
name: yuki(snow)
appearance:(i- posted one... and she's the type of zanpakutou that umm... never changes atleast...)

release command:play with me, yuki

ability 1: she can fill the whole battle ground with snow that enables her to release her full strength without affecting others..

ability 2:she can summon snowman/men to help her around...

ability 3: her weapon disappear in the air and a big chessboard appear made of glass piece...(this is activate 4x a week)

bankai: ame, yuki
appearance:little snow drops that forms a girl (that's my zanpakuto)
bankai ability:(ummm.. still on process.. and i really like ur suggestion, reaction, or opinion....)
well, tnx... :)
 ummm... here's mine... this will be really short... hope u don't mind if i post... :) _______________
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Susurrus said…
i'm kinda interested in that whole chessboard thing... what does it do? quite like the idea of the zanpakutou's true form being another person that's quite good and original
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas PercyJacksonluv said…
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww­www­www­www­www­www­ww.­...­...­so many answers........... many answers...........
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Segata_Sanshiro said…
I'm interested in seeing in what Yuki's chessboard ability does too. Maybe like you would take the white squares, and could hit your opponent with a snow land-mine attack if they stepped under one of the spaces? xD And then you could say, "Checkmate." *shrug* But Yuki seems like a very cute idea for a zanpakuto.

So, I have another zanpakuto. Could I maybe get y'all's(<-lol) thoughts on it?

Name: Rakurai rozu (Lightning Rose)
Sealed Appearance: A normal length katana with a brown handle wrapped in green, and a tsuba shaped like four simple leaves. Imagine Toushiro's but with leaves, and you'll have it.
Release Command: Look up to the sky.

Shikai Appearance: There are a few thorn-like teeth on the edge and back of the blade, and the handle is all green, with a rose blooming from the pommel.
Shikai Ability #1: Yowa seru (Intoxicate) The rose releases a sweet smelling scent that causes joint ache and throbbing pain, reaching full power at about ten minutes. This ability is always active, and the user is immune.

Shikai Ability #2: The petals of the rose blossom can be eaten for minor healing and energy restoration. They regenerate over a period of two minutes, unless all of them have been eaten in which case they don't grow back and Lightning Rose's power is slightly reduced.

Shikai Ability #3: Kaminari no hana (Thunder Blossom). The thorns on the blade glow blood red, and on contact release a powerful chemical painful as a lightning strike, causing the tissue to spasm for a brief moment.

Bankai Name: Makkana sanda inazuma ga rozu (Crimson Thunder Lightning Rose.)
Bankai Appearance: A naginata(more spear fights!) with a green shaft that has vines twisting around it. The blade sprouts from a rose blossom.

Bankai Ability #1: Hibana (Spark). The blade glows translucent rose-red and the energy bursts into dozens of rose petals. If the target is cut by one of the petals, a toxin spreads from cut that sharply tingles like electricity, slowly deteriorating the tissue over time and causing random twitches.

Bankai Ability #2: Chudoku ni suru (Intoxicate). The blade glows purple, and when the target is stabbed the same chemical as from the Shikai Intoxicate is released into the body, but it is faster acting. It reaches full power in about three minutes.

Bankai Ability #3: Bloom. The user would stab the blade into the ground, and the hand is tethered to the shaft by the vines. A large cuff of petals forms on free hand. The shaft of the naginata slowly shrinks into the ground, wings slowly grow from the user's back. Spark and Intoxicate can still be used: petals would blow from the free hand for Spark, and a purple mist for Intoxicate. The user gets boosted defense and some regeneration. When the wings are fully grown, the "feathers" are rose petals and the "bones" are thin branches. The user then can pull out the blade, which now is a katana, with the blade sprouting from the rose blossom still. With the wings, the user gets a boost in speed, and all the blade's strikes have the power of Thunder Blossom.

Comments: Rakurai rozu is a poison type zanpakuto.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hagashi_Yuki said…
well, tnx for the reply...
that chessboard thing, well, i based it on a really game..
but instead, you have two option:
a ten snowman to attack the enemy only, and its up to you if what tactics you have, to beat down ur enemy...
(well, u can use your shikai but, its effects are useless..
the more u use or release ur energy, the more the board will absorb it...)
and the other option is a fort were you have a protection and ur own weapon like shotgun(but the bullets are snow), grenade and etc.

oh! BTw.. the chessboard are made of snow, so you can make snowballs with them.. and the effect of the snowballs when it touches ur skin are either skin wounds or internal wounds...

and u can summon ur zanpakutou:
-if it is an animal, then animal it will appear, but the original size of them(for dragons and other LARGE animal zanpakutou, sorry but it will appear as big as half of your body...

-as for the likes of me, of course it will appear what it looks like...

*sigh* and i still have problems with my bankai....
so please help!! :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hagashi_Yuki said…
big smile
@ sanshiro: ur zanpakutou are quite like mayuri, but it is not a living one... and i admire your bankai ability, however i like to ask about the 3rd one:
if ur going to use spark or intoxicate what would the katana look like?
and i notice that every BA ur shikai have some changes physically,
so does it automatically appear or like starting from some place then it will spread?

@ susurrus: i like ur zanpakutou, it somehow have similarities with my zanpakutou, when i go bankai..
i'm allso impress w/ the 1st ability..
having a great weight, is a problem for speed, so it's a great combo...
about the final ability:
how long is the range of the pool?

well, tnx for all ur reply... !!!!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Segata_Sanshiro said…
@Hagashi Spark and Intoxicate would look the same after Bloom had been used. As for the physical changes, with Bloom and Rakurai rozu the change happens slowly, taking about thirty seconds. The Bankai transformation would be like the blade glows and grows out, and then in a flash they're holding the Bankai form of the zanpakuto. For Howaitou-ingu the wing is grown as the Bankai is being activated. Like, they would say "Bankai!" and the wing would grow from their shoulder and wrap around them, then unfold and reveal the Bankai form.

And for your Bankai, I think a big snow creature sounds nice, or, or... gah, too sleepy right now. I'll check in later. :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Susurrus said…
@Hagashi_Yuki: Thanks, the third ability, well i didn't really think about it having a limit, its not really like an evergrowing pool of reiatsu its more that its constantly reabsorbed into the wielder at the same rate they use it. But i guess in theory if you went completely overboard kenpachi style you might start using more Reiatsu than the ability would allow you to reabsorb in which case i guess the cloud would expand and not all its rain would reach the wielder and would be lost instead, like normal but the limit would be pretty high i think. Dunno about your bankai the snow girl could shapshift into a range of snow creatures perhaps each with their own abilities, it could go with the snowman thing, assuming the girl is made entirely of snow which can be shaped.

@Segata_Sanshiro: Wow i like your Zanpakutou but i definatly wouldn't want to fight against it most of its abilities sound so painful :\ kl tho, a selection of poisnous effects that would make Mayuri Proud.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hagashi_Yuki said…
big smile
tnx for ur advice...
i'll try to work it out!! :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas smartone123 said…
"dance in the wind and sky,rou"
name: Jizen
solid silver with spikes on the bottom
turns into a huge spike

1 throws huge poisen darts
2 is faster then normal swords
3flashes light

its form is a big brown poripine(idk why)

i probelly got some stuff wrong,srry

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cluckboy1 said…
hopefully this hasent been done before but i came up with this a while ago and have been wanting to share it

Name/Shikai name: Kaminari (thunder)
Release command: condemn Kaminari
In its sealed state it is a katana with a '+' guard and black and white handle. when released in shikai it is the size of ichigos zangetsu and the blade takes the form of a large lightning bolt.

Shikai Abilities: parylizes any body part it cuts
can shoot lightning like getsuga
(sorry only 2 abilities)

Bankai:Kaminari no Kami (thunder god) many more blades identical to the shikai blade emerge from the guard. they vary in size. its like a blooming flower of my shikai blades.

Bankai abilities: summons an unimaginable storm which i have complete control of.
i can use it for defence like senbonzakura or attack with it
i can also creat much larger lightning "getsugas" and they are much more powerful

Bankai 2: i know there should be only 3 abilities but i really like this idea

the entire sword take the form of link
i still have the same abilities i just become much faster and in general more powerful

short messy brown hair
5ft 9 140lbs
wears regular shiginami uniform but front is opened more to show large scar across chest and bandages around stomach.
division 7 3rd seat.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
cluckboy1 -
Alright, let's see.
Shikai -
1) How much of the tissue around the cut is paralyzed? If it's only a scratch vs. a deep wound, is there any difference in the amount of paralysis that occurs? How long does the paralysis last? If this strike cuts around the heart or the brain, will it paralyze those organs?
2) How fast does this move? How large is the blast? What's the range on this?

Bankai -
1) What exactly is an "unimaginable storm"? Like, what should I be thinking of when I think of this kind of storm? How large is it? How fast can it move? Can you split it up, or does it remain as one? How can it be used for defense (are the clouds solid)? How large are the getsugas it creates? How fast do they move? How much more powerful are they?
2) How much faster do you become? How much more powerful? Can this be activated at the same time as the other bankai ability? If so, what incentive does the wielder have not to keep this active the entire time? Does it drain the wielder of energy quickly, or does it simply not last very long, or what?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Here is my newest one hope you like it PLEASE review

Shikai: Magunamu ( magnum)
Realase Command: megakeru za megashira ( aim at the eyes)

Shikai takes the form of Squalls gunblade (see pick). When the user opens the cylinder they can put a finger on a chamber, six chambers in the cylinder then use a kido/ any reshi type of attack they can use, exp cero getsuga tensho things like them, with these attacks they don't need to say the attacks name like or anything else they can do it in there head instead, when they do this a bullet of reshi forms in that chamber. When the user pulls the trigger the attack is cast from the tip of the sword. After the bullet is used it disappers. The cylinder spins to the next chamber in .5 seconds

Quick change: The user opens the cylinder and then places there hand on the back of it then all of the bullets become the same attack, the user can chose from any of the bullets to change the others into, if a bullet is changeing to a more powerful attack it takes reshi from the user to equal to the reshi it has less then the new one if it has more it's extra is wasted

Enchant: This takes as much reshi as a level 30 kido. The user places there hand on the blade and charges the sword with one of these effects for 30 seconds
[ Fire:The blade has 2 inches of flame on the blade 400 degrees they don't burn the user.
[ Ice : The blade grows cold and when ever it cuts something it is surunded by 10 degree air for 5 seconds.
[ Water: The blade glows blue and when it touches something water flows out of the blade at 5 gallons in 2 seconds in the direction of contact at kido speed
[ Lightning:The blade has electricity flowing over it, about as much as a taser
[ Smoke : The blade pours smoke out of it at a speed of 1 square meter in 2 seconds this smoke is the same kind as when you burn wood. Also during this the users mouth and nose filter out the smoke like a gas mask.

Adapt: This uses 80% of the users total reshi. The user and zanpakuto are coverd by a thin layer of green reshi for 3 seconds when they are hit by an attack they learn how it works, what it dose and if possible they learn how to use it. They however can't use things that are physical traits or effects, getusuga tensho would be yes , kira's weight increasing thing no becuase it is a zanpakuto effect, zabimaru's long range attacks no that is a trait of it, hitsugua's hyorinmaru, the dragon projectile not the wings claw ext. yes it is not part of the zanpakuto.

Bankai: debiru magunamu ( devil magnum)
This looks like shikai but has a red blade and black handle and gun part. They retain all shikai ability's exept Adapt

Dubble shot: This is pasive. The user can shoot out of each bullet two times however the cylinder still turns after each shot so you wouldn't be able to shoot the same one twice in a row

Enchanted blast: This attack looks and works like getsuga tenshu but has effects based on the enchantment on the blade from ability 2 of shikai or if the blade isn't using ability 2 then the user picks one. 5 second cooldown.
[ Fire : The attack is as 400 degres and can catch things that are flamable on fire
[ Ice : The attack is -100 degres but if it touches water it instantly freeze the water but it can only frezze the as much water as the size of the attack.
[ Water: The attack is made of water but moves at twice the normal speed
[ Lightning: The attack will shock anyone that touches it with 4 times the power of the shikai lightning enchantment
[ Smoke : The attack is twice the size, made of the same smoke as the shikai one, and can be stop moving at the users command

Slayer Formation: This take no reshi and takes 2 seconds to complete. The zanpukto pours out reshi and it takes the form of this tiger (see pic) it is 20 feet tall. It is based on the users Stats 100% speed 250% endurence 100% reshi, current reshi, and 500% strength. This follows the users commands and is controled by the zanpakuto spirt. It can also use any of the shikai's enchanment's on its claws. It also can shoot out of it's mouth any of the shots that were in the sword when this activated but uses the same amount of reshi that was used to make the shot and they don't run out however take 10 seconds between shots. During this ability the zanpakuto looks like shiaki form and the user can't use any abilitys only the shots. This lasts until bankai is canceled or it loses all it's reshi. It loses one level 20 kido worth of reshi every ten seconds it is moving but dosen't get fatigued and the user always knows how much reshi it has left.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
 Here is my newest one hope you like it PLEASE review Shikai: Magunamu ( magnum) Realase Command:
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cluckboy1 said…
whiteflame, thanks for the review.

ok yes the size of the cut does make a difference. for example: if its a small scratch on your arm it will become numb and hard to move effectively and a large gash or cut will make the arm parylized. if the heart or brain are cut then yes they too would become parilyzed
the blast is as fast as lightning and the size of a car (not in the exact shape but the overall size may vary). the range is about 100 meters

the storm would be like a hurricane but condensed to a 1 mile? radius. i can split it up at will. the defence would be a large lightning energy of sorts would be at my command and i could use it as some sort of sheild. the getsugas are about the size of isshin kurosaki's when he uses it against aizen. they are powerfull enough to kill gillian menos and damage other menos forms. they move at a much faster rate than the shikai version and are harder to dodge

in the second bankai form my speed increase is the speed of ichigo in his bankai. my power is doubled. my getsugas become twice as fast strong and in size they become much smaller and compact like a very small cero.
this cannot be activated at the same time as the first bankai and requires me to stay in the original bankai for a certain time because the storm needs to build up power and energy and when this form is activated the storm is absorbed and becomes the 2nd bankai. this 2nd bankai does drain the wielder of energy and eventually must be released back to the original bankai. if a power boost (ex. visored powers/mask) this form can be activated almost immediatly after releasing bankai and can be used for a much longer duration of time.

hope that made everything clearer, thanks for the review!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HEAVY_rain said…
ihope this dosn't make me sound crazy and maybe its just me but did anyone else find it a little funny about the way mayuri killed szayel
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenya-Hantaro said…
(i actually made a zanpakuto ages ago i hope you like it)
Name:Akaru(name stay the same in all forms)
Dis.:original form looks like a normal samurai sword but with straight sides no curves.
Release:Akaru stand tall and fierce so you can rip your victims heart out.
shikai ability(s):poison that can change i can change it from say blinding to deadly.Also the hidden weapons change every time I bring the shikai out.(only 2)
Dis.:it is armor that looks like a wolf (as in the head peace has a mussel and ears, the armor has a tail, the gloves have clause, and exc.)there are hidden weapons covered in poison every where that change every time I bring the shikai out.(I know i put that twice)the weapons are like daggers, needles, exc. The tail is made of thousands of poison soaked needles that i can throw.
Release:Akaru stand fiercer than ever your standing by my side and we fight as one.
Bankai ability(s):His regenerative abilities are extremely fast.(as in if he loses a needle in battle it will grow back in 5 minutes)Also he has poison that can change(same as shikai)(only 2)
Dis.:He is a huge metal wolf with his furs as needles(huge is 10 feet long mussel to tail tip and 5 feet tall ground to shoulder blade)
Akaru's spirit is in the blade (by spirit it is tha zanpakuto spirit you've seen Zangyetsu and Zabemaru Ichigo and Rengi's Zanpakutos)so i don't need to call him and due to this his banki can move on his own.
Feel free to comment.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
This is my newest zanpakuto and it will probobly be the most confusing and mabe overpowerd but is my favrite so far i would REALLY REALLY like to know what people think about it so review it, and my last one if you want, PRETTY PLEASE :). I got the idea while playing rts games lately.

Shikai: swarm
Release command: all are one
when the user releases this the blade becomes a black goo and covers there body transforms them to a alpha (see below).

Spawn: This ability cost no reshi. when the user activates this ability they choose a dark spawn then what type will be made after it's make time is done a black gas comes out of them and forms a dark spawn if the one that was going to mak a new one is destroyed the time was wasted. The time to make one is increased by the half normal time for each one of that type made, if it's time is 1 second and you make a second one it takes 1.5 seconds a third one takes 2 seconds etc. However this time increase stops after 10 of the type After this time the dark spawn is formed through another one that has the same or less cost in .2 seconds. Only 2 can be forming at once. All of the users dark spawn are controled by the user in a hive mind fasion. The user can only have 100 points of dark spawn at a time. One dark spawn at all times the marked one this one ,chosen by the user, has no point cost and can spawn any kind of dark spawn. Becuase all of the dark spawn are the user they all know what the other see , hear, etc. but this dosen't mean that they feel each others pain for example if one gets hurt all the bodies don't feel it or if ones is flash banged all of them don't go blind. Sorry it's kinda hard to explain. Any of them can form back into the user upon shikai release. When one of them dies it turns to black gas and fades away
note stat numbers are percent of the users stats. endurence is how much damage it takes before it dies.

Epsilon: point cost 1 | make time 5 sec | strength 20 speed 120 reshi 5 endurence 10 | see pic. This one is about 1 foot long not including sting the sting is half a foot long and as hard as steel.

Delta : point cost 2 | make time 10 sec | strength 50 speed 80 reshi 1o endurence 60 | see pic. This one is about 4 feet tall and can stretch there arms to 3 times there length.

Gamma : point cost 3 | make time 20 sec | strength 100 speed 100 reshi 30 endurence 100 | see pic. This one is about 5 feet 11 inches tall and can can form swords out of it's fore arms about 2.5 feet long

Beta : point cost 5 | make time 30 sec | strength 30 speed 100 reshi 50 endurence 30 | see pic. This one is about 4 feet tall and can cast up to level 35 kido they do not say the incantations but they take the same time to cast as if they were saying them.

Alpha : point cost 50 | make time 5 min | strength 250 speed 150 reshi 150 endurence 300 | see pic. This one is about 7 feet tall and can cast all the kido the user can, prefrom flash steps and talk.

For the swarm : This ability cuases the dark spawn that uses it to explode with the force of a grenade for every point it costs. this gives 5 points to ability 3 of bankai if used in bankai.

Conduit of power : one of the dark spawn forms into a 1.5 foot in diameter half sphere on the ground and then only costs 1 point and glows blue and as bright as a spot light. this can form all types of dark spawn at 3/4 of the time. Every ten seconds this is out it gives 1 point to ability 3 of bankai. only one can be out at a time

Bankai: Final Swarm All of the shikai abilitys stay. When bankai is activated the dark spawn that has no cost is formed in to a Omega this omega is always the no cost one, for For the swarm ability it counts as having 200 point cost, and there can only be one at a time. This omega looks like an alpha and has all the abilitys of one but is 20 feet tall. The omega can form up to 5 dark spawn at once in it's body, this is seperate from the spawning count of 2, and launch them out of it's mouth at kido speed. It's stats are 1000% strength 200% speed 500% reshi and 1500% endurence. If the Omega is killed any dark spawn can form into a new one over 10 mins, minus the dark spawns make time, while they are forming they forming they turn to a black egg this egg grows over the course of the transfromation if the egg is broken after 1 min, if before that the dark spawn fades away, then the omega comes out incomplete and only has stats based on the percent of time it completed. if it was 85% done it's stats and size would be at 85%, but it can continute to form by making a new egg, takes 10 seconds, and they star from where they left off. If it comes out earley it has no abilitys.

Dark blast: This is a large black cero that takes about as much reshi as one. This works like a cero but if someone it hit it is coverd by a black fire that dosen't burn but it drains the person of reshi by about a level 20 kido in 3 seconds for about 1 square foot of fire on them for every level 80 kido worth of reshi i gives 5 points to ability 3 of bankai. If this kills someone then it gives 100 points to ability 3 of bankai. This can be fired by the Omega but if it is fired by a alpha it is half the size and has no fire. no other dark spawn can fire it.

Teleportation: One dark spawn can teleport to the location of another but the dark spawn at that location is destroyed instantly this can only be used once every 10 seconds. This gives 5 points to ability 3 of bankai.

Power of the Swarm: This ability uses points gain from the abilitys to do diffent effects.
10 points: One of the dark spawn can throw a ball the size of a baseball that upon contact with any solid explodes like a grenade
30 points: Dark spawn can form together upon contacte with each other tho form a new dark spawn instantly they need a total of points equal to the points of the new one.
100 points: a dark spawn forms into a alpha in 3 seconds but keeps it's cost. only 5 alpahs can be formed this way.
150 points: or 250 points worth of dark spawn. all the dark spawn for together and shrink to the size of the soul reaper. The colors of a alpah and the shoulders. in this form the user can't use abilitys of shikai of bankai exept dark blast. They have 1500% strength 500% speed 1000% reshi and 2500% endurence and the abilitys of alpha, gamma, and delta. After they use this they remain like this until bankai is released.

I got the dark spawn for sonic unleashed and the name for them from the darkness

They are From top right Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon
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 This is my newest zanpakuto and it will probobly be the most confusing and mabe overpowerd but is my
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
I made this one today and wanted to put it up for review. BTW sorry i put these out so fast and make so many I don't mean to be hard on people who do reviews for me it's because i use this as a creative outlet. So feel free to review any of mine not just the newest ones.

Shikai: tsurukusa (vine)
Release command: kuitsukusu (consume)

Shikai: The zanpakuto disapers and four gray lumps form on both the users fore arms, between the wrist and elbow, these look like half spheres, 2 inches in diameter, and feel like skin. When the user wants these grow into tentacles up to 100 feet long each, they stretch at kido speed, and have a black line around them half an inch wide every 2 inches.Each one is as strong as the users full pushing force. They can be cut with a zanpakuto by someone with average strength using an overhead slash. If on is cut the wound would heal in about 3 seconds if part is cut off the cut closes up in about 5 seconds.

Sprout: The user puts there hand on a solid surface and a lump like the ones on there arms forms on the surface. This one works like the ones on the users arms. The user can feel what it feels so if they can't see it then they can still feel around. only 5 of these can be out at once.

Digest: This uses as much reshi as a level 30 kido for each tentacle the user wants to have the effect. The black lines on the tentacle start to excrete a mucus, like thick snot, that is as acidic as stomach acid. each time this is used is enough is made from each line to cover the tentacle in a layer 2 inches high, the mucus dosen't stick to the tentacle like that it is only to describe the amount made, this mucus dosen't burn the user or tentacles and this can be used on ones made from Sprout.

Open: This needs as much reshi as a level 20 kido. The user selects a tentacle mentally and it forms a eye on it's tip. When the user closes an eye they see through the eye on the tentacle. If an eye is desrtoyed or injured it dosen't grow back the tentacle will just form it's normal tip. This can only be on 2 tentacles, one for each eye, and can be reused if a eye is destroyed or if the user has a tentacle drop the eye out of it self.

Bankai: tanikushitsu tsurukusa ( fleashy vine) The users arms, elbows down, now change to look like the thing in the pics head ,in the box, exept gray, the Three spkies are 5 foot long tentacles like the ones from shikai, they can strecth like sikai's as well, and they have no eyes. Each arm one is as strong as 5 tentacles, just as hard and can regenerate at the same speed.It is 5 feet long and 5 feet in diameter when fully open but can stretch to 8 feet long and in diameter. These produce the same mucus as Digest inside them. If someone is inside one of these they are digested by the mucus and once they are fully gone the user gains any unique abilitys that paerson had, Chads arms, bounts reshi absorbing ability, Cero things like that but nothing like a zanpakuto or a hollow mask because those aren't the users but from the zanpakuto spirit and inner hollow,and the zanpakuto spirit gains all of the person memories and can talk to the user to give them information at any time, shikai, bankai, and unreleased form, but the zanpakuto has no chance of it's personality changing from the memories.

Burst Out: a tentacle with a meter diameter is formed like from Sprout but it is 5 times as strong and has a mouth like the users arms but with the spikes not tentacles and can eat with the same effects as the users arms only 3 can be out at once.

Regurgitate: This uses as much reshi as Digest. A tentacle or arm spits out a glob of mucus like the stuff from digest. It's about a 1 meter in diameter ball, but due to being muscus is not stuck in that shape, and moves as fast as kido.

Form: The users lower body, below the rib cage, turn gray and form into a tentacle same size as Burst Out it goes 30 feet down into the ground can stretch to 200 feet long and is 50 times as strong as a normal tentacle and can only be cut by someone with vary high strenth , like kenpachi using two hands, the user can reform there lower half at any time as long as the tentacle conected to them is as long as there body was, if this is cut the users blood dosen't leave through the cut because blood only flows as low as there bodies normal length, when they do this the tentacle becomes a useless peace of flesh. If the user wishes they can remove the tentacle from the ground and move like a snake at there normal runing speed.

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 I made this one today and wanted to put it up for review. BTW sorry i put these out so fast and make
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas BrokenSun35 said…
Well Yeah I havent posteda blade in forever so here is my newest one Hope everyone enjoys it..

Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Oi Theoí (The Gods)
Release Command: Rule over the World you have Created!
Appearance: Unreleased it is a normal katan with greek writing on the blade itself and a gray grip. There is no definite weapon during Shikai only 3 shinning orbs floating around the wielders body slowly circling him while floating up then down these Orbs are 3 different colors one is Blue, one is Black and the last one is Yellow. (With no ability activated the wielder has a normal katana)

Shikai Abilities:

Poseidónas (Poseidon): This ability is activated when the wielder grabs the blue orb! When grabbed the orb instantly turns into a Trident with beautiful pearls traced along the trident making it glow and shimmer. The wielder can use this trident as a normal weapon or use its ability which the wielder points the trident at the opponent when he does 3 highly pressurized currents of water shoot out of the prongs of the trident, these currents can cut through almost anything besides other zanpakutos. These pressurized blasts can be used at will by the wielder

Ádis (Hades): This ability is activated when the wielder grabs the black orb! When grabbed the orb instantly turns into a large shield made of bones that are pure white and a black mist can be seen flowing through the spaces between the bones, this ability is for defense this shield can only be broken by extremely strong physical attacks or a level 70+ kido spell. Once broken the shield cannot be used again for another 1 minute. The sheild also has another effect when craking a bone on the sheild it releases a spirit to cut the wielder on a random place on their body (Only 10 spirits can be released and do not travel farther than 10 feet from the sheild and after 10 seconds will dissapere)

Días (Zeus): This ability is activated when the wielder grabs the yellow orb! When grabbed the orb instantly turns into nothing instead arches of electricity can be seen the will “dance” about the battle field constantly striking random places every 2 seconds (Making this difficult to fight with on plus if it they have the power of a normal cero) the wielder also gains a sword made of pure electricity, but when the ability’s true purpose is activated a huge pulse of electricity shoots out at lighting fast speeds if hit this attack will deal damage 2x a normal cero and leave burning marks all over the opponent’s body this ability can only be used every 5 minutes.. (The cool down starts when the true purpose is activated)

Bankai Name: Oi treis Theoí Ouranó̱n (The Three Gods of the Heavens)
Bankai Appearance: The orbs shake and spin rapidly then all at once slam into the wielder there is a large multi colored explosion and when the smoke clears nothing has changed expect the wielder is now wearing a shining golden crown with a Blue jewel, a Black jewel, and a Yellow Jewel these jewels are 1 inch wide and 2 inches tall. (with no ability activated there is just a normal katana)

Bankai Abilities:

Poseidónas (Poseidon): This ability is activated when the wielder touches the blue jewel on his crown! When this ability is activated a sphere of water surrounds the wielder instantly, after about 2 seconds the water disperses and then covers the ground to the length of 50 feet out in all direction (it reaches knee height)The wielder is also holding the same trident from the Shikai . When the wielder is shown he is wearing a crown made of what looks like shells and sea stars with the 2 other jewel on either side of the crown. The wielder can now completely control this water at whim making it into a shield, a sword ect. He can also freeze and boil the water (But the opponent can escape the water by staying away from ground level or getting out of the area of the water) This ability stops after one minute and can’t be used for another 1 minute.

Ádis (Hades): This ability is activated when the wielder touches the black jewel on his crown! When this ability is activated black mist surrounds the wielder and a howling spirits can also be seen in the mist after about 2 seconds the mist disperses and the wielder is now wearing a Crown made of pure white bones with the 2 other jewels on either sides and a pitch black sythe slightly taller than the wielder. When activated the ground in front of the wielder opens up and soldiers made of bones rise up from the earth these soldiers aren’t very fast but have the strength that is slightly lower than the wielders there are a total of 50 of these soldiers and when they are killed they will try to encase the opponent’s body parts in bone but can be deflected from grabbing them but a physical attack. This ability can be used every 3 minutes and lasts till all the skeletons are destroyed.

Días (Zeus): This ability is activated when the wielder touches the yellow jewel on his crown! When activated the wielder is covered in a sphere of electricity and after about 2 seconds the electricity breaks off and then shoot up into the sky, streaks of lightning will shoot across the sky occasionally. The wielder is now wearing a crown made of pure lightning that is constantly moving and the other 2 jewels can be seen on either side of the crown and the wielder also gain a sword made of pure electricty (It does not shock people when hit only for looks). This ability has the same passive effect as the 3rd shikai but if it by the random lightning strikes they will deal more damage. The true effect of this ability is when the wielder points at the opponent when he does a giant lightning bolt strikes the opponent if hit this lightning bolt explodes with the force of a 100 ton TNT bomb the true effect can only be used once per Bankai release

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas BrokenSun35 said…
So yeah if anyone has anything to say about it go right ahead like I said i havent made a blade in a while
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas InSaNiTy123 said…
zanpaktou's name: Bōkyaku "oblivion"
Release command:Bōkyaku no fuchi ni oriru "descend into oblivion"

Shikai description: The zanpaktou is the shape of a normal katana but slightly longer than 6 ft is pure black with a white inprint of a dragon on
the blade with a small chain so i can spin the sword and throw it,
when released my reatsui is far stronger and every time i strike my opponents weapon 10 black beams of spiritual pressure come out from my blade, seperate
and strike my opponent extremely quickly thus making dodging
extremely difficult and can also be used as a very good counter-attack

shikai abilities

Yami "darkness" A massive amount of spiritual pressure releases the blade (exactly like getsuga tenshou)

Tekiō "adaptation" The enimies weak spots become red in my vision and they become slower which is crucial when fighting someone strong.

Fushin "dullness" a bit of spiritual pressure covers my body making me very hard to cut.

Bankai description: The blade stays the same but the dragon turns red, the chain goes up all my arm and becomes extendable and my spirirtual pressure multiplies by 3
my Shihakushō becomes pure white and my shikai abilities become much more powerful, I get incredibly fast and strong

bankai release: shison "descended"

bankai abilities:

Yami no doragon "dragon of darkness" a dragon of black spiritual pressure fights alongside me and is just over half as powerful as hyonimaru

Kuroi tatsumaki "black tornado" A gust of spiritual pressure rips apart anything that gets in it's path

Todome no ichigeki "finishing blow" A huge amount of spiritual pressure gets behind a single blow that can tear apart a lieutenant effortlessly

Bio: name:ash - Believed to be one of the strongest captain by many people, Hair similar to Ichigo's but black, Very likable, Loves fighting, good at kido, very smart
almost a perfect soldier but holds the trait off caring to much about other people and convincing himself that he is too weak to help anyone. He became the captain of squad 3 by passing the captain proficiency test with the ability of bankai.
Yeah @susarrus I just realised how overpowered it was, so i made a few changes. Open for reviews
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Susurrus said…
O_o lol well it seems that basically no one reviews these things they just keep building... i was gonna post a new one myself but seeing as its already unbalanced i'll respond to all the ones with no feedback on this page before i do that... its gonna be a lllooonnnggg post.

@ddarksonic675: Your Magunamu, i REALLY like your idea of storing kido spells in the gun's barrels (in fact i like it so much i may steal *cough* i mean adapt/draw inspiration from it sometime). But aside from that its other abilities are nice to; the attack learning one is pretty classy, basically i like how strategically your zanpakutou could be used.

@Kenya-Hantaro: your Akaru, i quite like the hidden weapons aspect of your zanpakutou but i think that being able to make the poison completely deadly (like one wound = eventual death) could be a little overly strong for a shikai. On the other hand i think your bankai is slightly underpowered in that you said that he gained high speed regenerative abilities and could regrow a needle in "5 minutes", 5 minutes is WAY to long a time for it to be useful in a battle, i'd reduce it too one minute or even less if i were you. Also the release commands are kinda long and don't quite match a zanpakutou that relies on concealed weapons and poison, but thats just in my opinion.

@ddarksonic675: your Swarm, wow thats amazingly wierd, extremely complicated and overpowered to hell... But i like it :D. Like i said about your Magunamu i like how your zanpakutou's have all this strategic function. It'd be a nice zanpakutou for a main villain. My main criticism and where i think it gets WAY too overpowered is the Bankai, the Omega form alone is enough to constitute a Bankai ability in my opinion x10 strength and x15 endurance? and a bunch of other stuff PLUS a swarm of minions O_o nah thats just over the top, it would be more acceptable if all the lesser dark spawn coalesced into the Omega and were afterward unavailable for use.

@ddarksonic675 (yet again): your Tsurukusa, ewww... well this one is kinda gross but is also really creative and is once again tactical. I have absolutely 0 criticisms about this one and i would praise it more but this post is already insanely long and i'm not done yet so suffice to say... great work :).

@BrokenSun35: your Oi Theoi is good, i have to admit i went in expecting it to be over the top after reading the release command and all but it turns out it's not, which is nice. It is however original and versatile. It'd be odd to see greek mythology suddenly in Bleach though. Just one question, does the Trident require 2 hands to wield properly or is it intended to be used with the shield?

@InSaNiTy123: your Bokyaku, hmmm i'm afraid that that thing is about 6 times to powerful for me to like. For a start whats with your reiatsu increasing by 3 on just Shikai? As well as having 3 extra and very powerful effects? Thats just too much. The Bankai :\... OMG the Bankai... "a dragon of spiritual pressure almost twice as powerful as Hyourinmaru"... seriously? AS WELL AS "can tear apart a average captain effortlessly"? what the hell is an "Average captain" anyway? And how can a you seriously put forward a Bankai ABILITY, one ability that is TWICE as strong as a captains entire Zanpakutou (let alone the strongest ice type zanpakutou in the bleach universe)?. The Bio, generally speaking i never want to criticise anyone bio's too harshly but in this case basically i have the same problems with Ash as i have with his sword. The bit that i dislike the most is that he keeps Byakuya as his Leiutenant... i'm sorry but no way in hell, just no.

okay phew *wipes brow*... well thats all of them responded too, hope it wasnt too long but i know it was, thanks for reading if you did.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas onix11 said…
@Heavy rain. I thought it was funny, put then again i felt some pity for the poor bastard.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HarikenRyu said…
Behold, The power of wind

Zanpakuto/Shikai: Harikenryu (Hurricane Dragon)

Release: Joku Kara no arashi (Storm from the skies above)

Description:Normal length katana, handle has a grey grip, when released, normal blade is encased in hurricane force winds.

Zanpakuto Ability 1-Able to slice through almost anything.
Zanpakuto Ability 2-Able to fire a wave of condensed wind,known as Kaze Kantsu(piercing wind)
Zanpakuto Abilty 3-With enough practice and reiatsu, Kaze Kantsu is upgraded to Shippu Kantsu(piercing hurricane)

Bankai: Judo no Harikenryu (Severe hurricane dragon)
Release: Bankai! Tenjo kara no kaze to arashi (Storm with winds from the heavens above)

Bankai Description: Similar in appearance to Hitsugaya Toshiro's Bankai. However instead of ice, it is winds making a new hurricane level... Lvl: 7 also has a wind dragon revolving around the User

Bankai Ability 1-Able to fly at extraordinary speed
Bankai Ability 2-Shippu Kantsu nearly quadruples in power.
Bankai Ability 3-Revolving Dragon can attack with a mental command.

Comments: Yeah I've had this concept for awhile and finally finalized it.

My shinigami Appearance:
Hair: Black and spiked near back with a few strands hanging on forehead
Eyes: Deep Gold
Height: 5'11
Build:Like a Triathlete
Extra: Carries zanpakuto on back. When in a fury, eyes are known to flash violet. Reiatsu color is Silver/Grey.
Rank:5th seat in the 13th Squad
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Ty for the comments susurrus as far as Swarm goes you said it was overpowered at bankai mainly because omega? I'm suprised you didn't mention that every time one is made it starts off with a reshi based on the users total. Therefore this shikai/bankai can beat an opponet by constantly sending out guys wearing down the opponent until they are to weak to fight and even the weakest one can finish them off and when one is low on reshi or hurt it can use For The Swarm to free up points and attack at the same time. also that if even one dark spawn execapes the user is able to survive. So if survival is a problom one could hide lets say a epsilon to be save. Problom is that i made it based on rts games and what i would want as a zanpakuto so don't know how to nerf it without changing the whole idea of it :(. And as far as vine goes i had a dream the thing in the picture, ethereal marauder from D&D, ate me when i woke up i just ran with it and trying to make one that i wouldn't like to even be near.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hitsuXhina said…
big smile
Zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Mayonaka no Okami (Midnight Wolf)
Release command: Howl, Mayonaka no Okami
Description: Original katana changes into two daggers, both of which are completely silver.
Bankai name: Toboe Suru Okami (Howling Wolf)
Description: Her daggers disappear and wolves made of spirit particles appear. There are 21 wolves in all. 10 black wolves per dagger and 1 white wolf which represents her. If the white wolf were to be destroyed, she would die. She can decide to only call half of the wolves and have one dagger, or have all the wolves fighting for her, but in Bankai, the white wolf will always be present
Shikai abilities: N/A
Description: N/A
Bankai abilities: N/A
Desciption: N/A
Comments on your zanpakuto: This is one of my many zanpakutos, and one of favourites. I especially like the Bankai for this one. I have other zanpakutos, but that would take forever to post. O.o But if you want to hear of any more, or even get ideas, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. :D
And I know that this topic was made years ago, but I wanted to post this anyways. :3
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wyllosz said…
Znapakuto name/Shikai form: Naito nichiyō (Night Sun)

Release command: Me o samashi (Awake)

Shikai description: Narmal katana is changing to black-orange katana. The line that separates them isn’t straight. It has a sunbeam carved on guard. Handle have a chain at the end. Chain is ended by a curved blade. Excellent to attack and defense. Whole hand is covered by black tattoos. They are similar to flames.

Shikai abilities:

1.Yami (Darkness) After giving some reiatsu to your sword, black part of blade is starting to cover orange part. When whole blade is black, a small star is forming on tip of blade. In one second everything around is black.
Only you can see through darkness.

2. Hikari o me ga kuramu yōna (Blinding Light) After you giving some reiatsu to your sword, orange part of blade is covering black. When whole blade is orange, then colour is changing into yellow. You feel like you can kill whole army... after one strong attack you see real power of Blinding Light... it’s not only a very strng attack, but also your opponent can’t move, because he is trapped by Way of Binding 61: Six Rods Prison of Light.

3. Yoru no hinode (Night Sunrise) Light can’t beat darkness, darkness can’t beat light… but what about working together? After years your relationship with Naito nichiyō was better from day to day. She entrusted you she’s secret, about Night Sunrise. Only a few Shinigami, know about that power. After using Darkness, and after Blinding Light, and giving large amount of reatsu to your sword, you maked Night Sunrise. Your sword changing to black (because of using Darkness first), and the other yellow (after using Blinding Light second) is falling down from the sky. You have two swords. Yellow is stronger now, because is rising now. You are two times faster, stronger and agile.

Bankai name: Kuroi taiyō no hi (Fire of Black Sun)

Release command: Moyasu (Burn)

Bankai description: After your command your sword getting very deep colours. Still separated brightly yellow and deep black. You feel stronger now, you know you always winning however you are impressed by a power of your opponent... you was usually ending the fights after using Shikai and not always. That means that you finally fight an opponent which is worthy of using Bankai. In addition to that awesome sword, you have an armor too. Your sword created an armor for you. Your chest is protected by breastplate, separated for two parts (from neck to waist you aren’t protected). Your bracers are different colours, one is deep red combined with black, and second is yellow. You also have gauntlets ended sharply. Very hard, but light armor. Curved blade on your sword’s chain is now like crescent.

Bankai abilities:

1. Kuroi hi no ikari (Wrath of Black Fire) Blade of your sword is burning black. You know that this is not only colour. This fire can burn everything, including reiatsu itself... This fire will burn all the time you giving reiatsu to it. Very destructive power, in wrong hands can do much bad.

2. Kage no tate (Shadow Shield) Shadows are helping you survive even strongest attacks, by creating shield made of themselves. You also strengthen it by adding your reiatsu and making Black Fire in front of your shield. Black Fire can burn some attacks and rest is asorbed by your shield.

3. Saigo ni shitai (Last Wish) Light of your sword is strong. By adding your reiatsu you can control it. You finded a way to focus in middle of the fight and do extremely powerfull attack by throwing condensed light on your opponent. This is the last wish... wish to kill.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wyllosz said…
Please comment (sorry for mistakes if there are any, but my eng is poor)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hagashi_Yuki said…
ok i'll just ask:
@hitsuxhina: if those wolf appear, what can they do, do they just bite others or what?

@wyllosz: kuroi hi no ikari, if the blade can burn reiatsu itself, what is it made of?
kage no tate, umm.. what kind of strong attack can it block, please put it in detail..
saigo ni shitai, what's that light that light made of? and in what way will u throw them, how fast is it, and can it be block by other attack?

*sigh* here, hope u'll reply..
i never thought reviewing zanpakutou are this tough.. :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Hagashi_Yuki said…
@harikenryu: got question!!
zanpakutou ability 1: if it can slice through anything, then ur speed will be the same, or it also change?
Z ability 2: how strong is that wave of wind, and how tall and wide, can please describe it...
Z ability 3: upgrade, right? then those it only upgarde ur Z ability or also ur speed, etc.

bankai ability3: what attcak ur dragon those?
tnx for the reply... :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wyllosz said…
saigo ni shitai- this light appear when you use bankai
it's just a light that appears because this sword have massive ammounts of reiatsu in it. You throwing your sword(u have chain to get it back)sword spins in high speed. when your sword is near the target, you can separate some of this deadly light and attack from all sides. it hardly can be blocked, but yes :) this ligt is some faster than normal throwing of sword

kage no tate you can't hold black fire for long when have schield, but it can burn attacks like hyorinmaru when it renji's bankai when you are using much of spirit particles to attack, this fire will burn some and your attack will be worse. shadows are for blocking attacks, when spirit particles not used( i can be hollow attacks bakkoutou
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wyllosz said…
kuroi hi no ikari- its made of reiatsu (hollow reiatsu can burn normal reiatsu, and when i was thining about this i meant that i can transform into hollow- put in a mask)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas SunRaiZ said…

Unreleased, it takes the form of a nodachi and a wakizashi, much like Kyouraku. It hilt design features two wings joined at the shoulder joint.

Shikai-Gaikotsu Ryuu
-Skeleton Dragons
Description-Two fairly long knives about 12 inches long form in the shape of two dragon wings. It is the colour of bone and it relinquishes its crossguard. In its place are three protruding spikes.

Shikai Abilities
Jigoku Kiba
Hell Fang
Collects reiatsu and releases it when slashing or thrusting. Much like a Kuroi Getsuga but with a wider range and in the shape of a demonic face, open mouthed to bite the enemy.

Kurayami no Kusari
Chains of Darkness
Bladed chains burst forth from each wrist to constrain and slice the enemy.

Bankai-Kurai Tsuin, Gaikotsu Ryuujin
-Dark Twins, Skeleton Dragon Kings

Command-Kuikorosu karera no tamashii
-Devour their souls
Description-The knives triple in size and split open to form two wings joined as one, like a crescent with a bar at the middle of the concave to hold. The hilt transforms into two gauntlets in the shape of a dragon’s head and neck and its teeth grip the blades. The elbows end in a long spike and end with a flowing mane of darkness. My hands are still free though, as it is only encased in the gauntlet and grip the bar from the inside. It retains its original colouring.

Hanshou Wangetsu
Midnight Crescent
The wing blades collects reiatsu along its edges and when slashing releases it, or keeps it bottled up until the point of clashing blades to release a large explosion.

Kuroi Furiko
Dark Pendulum
The blades detach from the teeth and grow a chain that can change its length and connects to the wrists, enabling the blades to be swung like a large, deadly pendulum.

Yami no Namida
Tears of Darkness

An enormous circle forms behind me with an insignia of two dragons twirling around a blade, with the outermost wing stretched taut. Dark “tears” shoot out from it and form multiple twining dragons at my feet. They are however, not joined and can separate to damage the enemy, much like Senbonzakura, but with a body of darkness, instead of a thousand blades.

Yea...kind of a 5min job so...yea
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ulquiorra1313 said…
Sorry i have not been here for a while. I was doing this thing for school. Who wants me to review their blades?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas HEAVY_rain said…
i could care less for szayel and zommari(sorry about spelling)was even worse.btw IS GRIMMJOW DEAD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wyllosz said…
you can reviev my sword xD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
I think i made 3 secnce you were last on Ulquiorra1313 Magunamu, Swarm, and tsurukusa one page 163 if you want you can review them i always like feed back
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenya-Hantaro said…
(sorry if it was hard to read befor i'll add spaces.)

Name:Akaru(name stay the same in all forms)

Dis.:original form looks like a normal samurai sword but with straight sides no curves.

Release:Akaru stand tall and fierce so you can rip your victims heart out.

shikai ability(s):poison that can change i can change it from say blinding to deadly.Also the hidden weapons change every time I bring the shikai out.(only 2)

Dis.:it is armor that looks like a wolf (as in the head peace has a mussel and ears, the armor has a tail, the gloves have clause, and exc.)there are hidden weapons covered in poison every where that change every time I bring the shikai out.(I know i put that twice)the weapons are like daggers, needles, exc. The tail is made of thousands of poison soaked needles that i can throw.
Release:Akaru stand fiercer than ever your standing by my side and we fight as one.

Bankai ability(s):His regenerative abilities are extremely fast.(as in if he loses a needle in battle it will grow back in 5 minutes)Also he has poison that can change(same as shikai)(only 2)

Dis.:He is a huge metal wolf with his furs as needles(huge is 10 feet long mussel to tail tip and 5 feet tall ground to shoulder blade)

Akaru's spirit is in the blade (by spirit it is tha zanpakuto spirit you've seen Zangyetsu and Zabemaru Ichigo and Rengi's Zanpakutos)so i don't need to call him and due to this his banki can move on his own.
Pleas do comment I want to see what you think.(If you copy your dead)(not realy lol but don't)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas RequiemOTD said…
Wow. You guys have some pretty good ideas. Here's mine :)
• Zanpakuto/Shikai: Ryuu-No-Tsu-Me 'Dragons Claw'
• release command: eitatsu - 'Rise'
• Description - Ryuu-No-Tsu-Me, meaning Dragons Claw, it's blade is serrated with each protrusion coated in sharpened diamond meaning the points never wear down or lose their sharpness, it's guard is a cross shape an the hilt is black and curved, the blade vibrates when held by it's true shinigami (me) and is hot to the touch if held by others.
•Bankai name: Ryuu Shoukin - 'Dragons Redemption'
•Description: the sword retains it's Shikai form but the entire blade becomes coated in blood red diamonds

•Shikai abilities:
> Hando te Naraku - 'Hands of Hell' - the user drives his blade into the ground and fiery hands spring upwards to immobalize and damage your foe

> Ryuu Ko-Ru - 'Dragons Call' - Large dragon wings crafted from diamond sprout from the users back and can be used for protection as they are impenetrable or they can hoist the user into the air for an airborne advantage.

Bankai abilities:

>Ryuu Kyouran - 'Dragons Fury' - the user slashes the sword through the air and a trail of red diamonds extend towards the foe, causing damage and even encasing the foe in an impenetrable block of diamond.

>Naraku Fukushuu - 'Hells Revenge' - the user releases their spirit pressure and sends forth wave after wave of the abilities 'Hando te Naraku' and 'Ryuu Kyouran' until the opponent is forced to their knees, then a final blow is struck that drains reiatsu and recharges the blade.

Soooooo... That's my blade, I tried to make it realistic by making sure that it wasn't 100% unstoppable. Because everything needs flaws or weaknesses. And I didn't want to sound selfish by saying I couldn't be defeated ever. I'm sure someone with a very strong water based blade could defeat me. But that is besides the point.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
My newest one hope you like it please review this for me. Also if you want to review my old ones or have any questions feel free to say something

Mokuhon ( Tree )

Release command: ronjinwoharu (take a firm stand)

Once released the users limbs turn to wood. This wood is as harder then steal and is only as flamable as skin. The user can change there limps shape at will and if one is cut or cut off it will regrow 1 second for 1% of damage.

Hashu ( seeding ) The users finger tips grow seeds that are perfectly round and half an inch in diameter these seeds can shoot out at kido speed or less ,user disides, if the seed hits a solid surface, the seed holds it self to the surface as if it had roots it would take 10 times the users strength to disroot then, then it can grow into any of these plants in 5 seconds:

/Debiru Tsurukusa ( Devil Creeper) The seed sprouts out 30 2 inch thick vines that strecth 20 feet out in all directions, if there is a wall the vines will grow up it, if someone comes within 1 meter of a vine then it will try to grab them. It moves at the users jogging pace and can move in any direction to grab you. These have half the strength of the user and are as tough as Snakewood, hardest wood in the world,. When someone is grabed by a vine it will try to cover the eyes, choke , disarm, and cut off blood flow, The order is what it will try to do first if it can. Exp If it is one your leg it will just wrap around it but if it is close enough it will try to get your eyes. only 2 of these can be out at once. And if a seed is on someone it can from into this but wil take 10 seconds to fully form.

/Debiru Haetori ( Devil fly trap) A venus fly trap like plant will grow out to 15 feet tall and the trap part is as big enough to hold Kenpachi. This can move as far as the stem, 15 foot part, at the users runing speed. This trap has the 2 times the users strength when crushing someone in it. It also has no acid but insted drains reshi of anyone in it by about 1% of there rehsi in 5 seconds but can't drain more then 70% of it. The user can drain the reshi out of the plant at 5 percent of it's reshi in 3 seconds. only 5 of these can be out at once.

/Debiru Gurasu ( Devil Grass) The seed forms into a 1 square foot patch of 6 inch tall grass. This grass is as sharp and strong as a sword. 150 of these can be out at once.

/Debiru seikabutsu ( Devil Fruit and Vegetables ) The seed forms into a tree that is 10 feet tall, 2 feet thick at the trunk , 8 feet long branches and roots on the top of the ground. This tree look like a apple tree. This tree produces fruit that look like a apple sized strawberry that taste great to who ever eats one. The tree makes a pair in 10 minutes with direct sunlight and takes 30 minutes to make a pair with no sunlight. Every time the tree makes fruit it makes two on random branches. One of these fruit after eaten, not including stem and leafs, will wait 2 minutes from there first bite then it restores 50% of there reshi over 2 minutes if not all is eaten it will only restore reshi based one the amount eaten, 100% eaten 50% of there reshi 50% eaten 25% of there reshi, the other fruit will drain reshi out of them at the same speed but will leave them with at least 5% of there reshi they can stop this by throwing it up. Only the user know what fruit is what. If somone other then the user touches the roots they will act like the Debiru Tsurukusa , vine, but will drain reshi out of them at the same speed as Debiru Haetori, fly trap, and can give it to the user like them as well. There can only be one at a time.

Ibara ( Thorn )This uses as much reshi as a level 25 kido. The user makes one of there arms grow 2 inch long half an inch wide, at the base, thorns about 20 of them they shoot out at kido speed and are as hard as steal

Zakuro ( pomegranate ) This needs as much reshi as a level 30 kido. A hand sized Iron pomegranate forms in the users hand this forms in 3 seconds . When the user throws it it explodes like a grenade, the pomegranate has lots of seeds inside it that would act like shrapnel. FYI the grenades got there name from the french name for pomegranate... The More You Know :)

Bankai: Akuma Mokuhon ( Demon Tree ) this looks like shikai but the user gain 4 fariy like wings from there back that allow them to fly as fast as they can run without getting tired and they can preform flash steps while flying. The user while in sunlight has there wounds heal and there reshi recovers at a speed of 1% damage or reshi every 10 seconds but only in direct sunlight. All of shikais abilitys carry over but ability ones plants change, there names also turn from Debiru to Akuma,

/Debiru Tsurukusa the vines dimentions increase by 50% and so does there strength and speed.

/Debiru Haetori instead of being fly traps they become wolfs like the ones from lady in the water and are called Akuma Hejji ( Demon hedge). These wolfs are as fast and strong as the user and recover like the users arms. There sences , sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, and spirit sence are 2 times as good as the users. These are commanded by voice. Only 2 can be out at once.

/Debiru Gurasu the grass covers 2 times as much area as normal.

/Debiru Seikabutsu The tree is 2 times the size and makes fruit at 50% slower. The fruit now heal as much as the reshi they restore and the harmful ones hurt you half as much as the reshi they take this damage takes form of bleeding through the skin 50% of your reshi 25% of your blood. The trees roots also form into legs and the tree can move at half the users running speed. The tree move where the user wants through thought.

Nezasu ( Root in) the users legs are wraped in 8 inch thick roots that go into the ground and spread 40 feet out. While like this the user gains the ability to feel all vibirations within the 40 feet and they can have the root come out of the gound to attack people. They are just like the users limbs, strength fire resistanse and healing, they move as fast as the user and are 5 times as strong. The user can detach themselfs at will. If the user choses they can "root" them self into another person they become reshi when entering there body and when the user runs out of reshi there body comes out. From inside the user can user there ablitys though the persons body and give reshi to the person there in as well as talk to them. While the user is in some one they have the wings and the sunlight healing. If the person there in dies they come out if any of the persons body is left, if there body was completly burned away for example the user would die as well.

So_Ra Bakufu ( solar blast ) the user shoots out a cero like blast that is yellow however when it touches someone it also gives them second degree burns while the sun hits there burns they feel like they are on fire.
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 My newest one hope you like it please review this for me. Also if you want to review my old ones or h
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenya-Hantaro said…
Cool zanpakutos! What do you think of mine?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Elementalist said…
Great swords u guys here's mine let me know what ya'll think. some words won't be in Jap since i have no knowledge of the language so most of it i'll google it lol but i'll have english mainly and some names won't even go with purpose but i looked up some words we see in anime alot and couldn't find the same meaning as what it's shown on tv so just go along with me on this one lol. alright let's get this started

zanpakuto - completely sealed, same as any other zanpakuto but solid back blade with a white hilt

Shikai: Kurotenshi(Dark angel)

A pair of clawed gauntlet's going all the way to the shoulder right side black and left side white.

Techs each arm can form a extremely high density blast of dark or light energy depending on the hand that uses it. Right arm can manipulate any shadows it touches to any way the user wishes. (clones, needles, spears etc.) left arm can heal any wound the user wishes it to or drain the spiritual energy from any the user wishes it to and permeanetly add it the the user.

Release command: Show your Divine Darkness,

Bankai: mujihi Kurotenshi (Merciless DarkAngel)

greaves extend to fully cover the body except head. and turns one eye fully white and the other fully black.

Techs: Both arms when combined can open portals to travel anywhere immediatley, by touching someone (depending with which side of the users body) can show the user that person's greatest fear or joy and then leave them stuck in an unbreakable illusion world living their greatest joy or fear. if touched with both sides the target's mind is destroyed and takes orders only from the user till the traget dies or the user restores his mind. last technique (can only be used once per battle while having all energy reserved, also the helmet takes shape during the use of this technique.) combines both hands and can send the opponent to heaven or hell depending on the user's choice neverbeing able to return unless the user wishes it.

Vizard: replaces the helmet with a hood and mask is hinding in the shadow of the hood.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Hey guys i'm tapped out of ideas for now so i think i'll start to try to review i'll start with top one on this page and go from there let me know if you want me to do yours, tell me it's name and the page it's on.

Akaru by Kenya-Hantaro

Shikai for the poison i'm assuming it's on the weapons as a coating so for that can the poison harm the user if they are exposed to it or are they automaticaly immune to it also if it is a coating are the hidden weapons also coated.
I'm not really sure how these hidden weapons work. Are they changed when shikai is brought out with the user chosing, in a patturn , or is it completly random. Also are and are they hidden on your person or hidden in the weapon it self, like a hole opens up and neddles come out.

Armor is cool but with the tail do you just whip your tail at someone and the needles come out, do you pull them out and throw them or are they shot out when you want. if it's the last one how fast are they

With the regenrative abilities are they just for the tail?

With the Metal wolf is that an ability or is it always out during bankai also how fast and strong is it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
If anyone wants i can try to make a zanpakuto for you. So if you want me to just post a theme, attack to base it on , or person from anime or whatever to base it on. Also put in your post that this is what you want so i know, and if it is a person or something post where they are from so i can try to find out enough to make one, I will then make a first draft so you can tell me any changes you want me to make and how to improve it to your liking.

Example posts :

ddarksonic675 can you make a zanpakuto for me i want it to be able to extend like renji's

ddarksonic675 could you base one on Medusa from soul eater for me

ddarksonic675 i would like you to make a jelly fish themed zanpacuto named hayku sutinga (hundred stinger)

P.S I go to google and put in japaese romanji and it's the second one down. For japaese names just put in a word in english and it will put down transalations for you.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenya-Hantaro said…
Well ddarksonic675 the user is immune to the poison and all weapons are coated yes even the hidden ones. Also the weapons change randomly every time the shikai comes out and the user just guesses at the positions of them and there not on the user there in compartments. And about the tail the user doesn't pull them out they swing the tail as you mentioned. Also the needles are kido speed. The regeneration is for the entire zanpakuto. And finally the metal wolf is the bankai so no it isn't an ability.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Ty i don't think i have any more questions
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenya-Hantaro said…
Cool but I'm surprised you didn't ask what a Zanpakuto sprite is I guess you saw ichigo's and Renjies's Zanpakuto sprites. Well it saves me some explaning.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenya-Hantaro said…
...(just ignore this sorry)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Yep also saw the arc with Muramasa That wasn't bad for a filler arc
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