Bleach Anime Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Please look at my zanpoktou.
Its on pg. 169 and is called Tsuin majutsu-shi.
And if anyone else would like to comment please do.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
I'll start in on those reviews at some point later today, just got done moving.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 (Swarm):

1) Spawn - Alright, so generally, this one's pretty complex and, in some cases, confusing. I'm trying to understand a good deal of this with some difficulty. So, when a dark spawn is made, does it automatically release a black gas that spawns a new one? And if so, does it take the same amount of time to spawn that other one? Also if so, does a new spawn, even done in this way, create more gas to spawn more? I don't understand the 10 of a type issue at all as is. I also don't get the "no point cost" spawn. Can it spawn multiple no cost units? If it's destroyed, can you designate another? Is it obvious to the opponent which of these it is? I get the percentage points and how they work, but I wonder whether these speed comparisons mean they can use shunpo or not. Do the summons last an infinite amount of time if they're not destroyed?
a) Epsilon - How long is the stinger? It can matter a lot in combat.
2) Delta - What's the speed of the stretching? Is the speed of retraction the same?
c) Gamma - This one's fine.
4) Beta - Does this include defensive or healing kido?
5) Alpha - This one's fine too.
Overall, the impression I'm left with is that this is extremely overpowered. A no cost ability with no chance of harm to you, a short recharge time, and since these can be summoned out of battle, a very easy time avoiding the make time. Not to mention the fact that you can make so many of them. Against certain opponents, since most of these have to be melee, these wouldn't be absolutely insane, but the latter 2 make the issue very problematic. Realize that Alpha creates a being that's tremendously stronger than you in multiple ways, and can make 3 of them very quickly (with one being the no cost one). Beta is still dangerous, if only in a smaller way. It just seems like too much.
2) We're talking a lot of damage here, and not just at the lower levels. This is pretty intense, especially considering the lack of cost, and considering the fact that they remake themselves rather quickly. Sacrifice abilities like this require some harm from the sacrifice to the wielder, this has little if any.
3) This one just makes the problem a little worse by creating an opportunity to spawn and respawn faster. Just a few of these could go a very long way, and since they only take up 1 point, the sacrifice isn't major unless you're aiming for the 2 50 point ones. I'll get to the bankai aspect later.

Bankai: So, in general, there's just too much here. If all shikai abilities remain active, it's basically an extra 3 abilities with no cost for moving into bankai, which is a bit dramatic by itself. Even if I count that as only one ability, but the spawning of Omega is a whole ability in and of itself (one that, I feel, is pretty insane overall, with those tremendous percentiles and them massive spawning rate), increasing the number to at least 5. Not only that, but the spawning mechanism has literally no possible problems. The cost doesn't exist, and even if the opponent breaks the egg, it still spawns, just at lower power, and can continue to form itself from that point by immediately spawning another egg. I don't see a way out of this for anyone.
1) Alright, so this is a good chance to explain where I see the overpowered nature being a problem. You've basically created Omega, a creature with the ability to fire off 3 times the amount of these that you can fire, and fire them at the same time that you are. While I don't see anything here about whether these fires can be doused, it's a reasonable expectation that, with so many being fired at such large size, you'll be hitting enough to dramatically reduce the opponent's reishi, since you can continuously fire from 2 directions. And, hey, if it runs out of energy, just make the egg and it'll be back in a minute with full energy. So if it doesn't work at first, it will later.
2) The problem keeps getting worse. Now you can spawn a bunch of 1 pointers, which move pretty fast already, and use them to get slower ones closer. Or, better yet, just spawn a full hundred of them, and as long as 1 gets close, have Omega teleport to its location. It's not a big loss, since it's just 1 point. What's more, you're getting 5 points for your final ability by losing just 1 point with this method. Seems a bit unfair.
3) Admittedly, the higher point totals in this one are just really hard to get to, but they are also pretty obscene, especially the 100 point and 150 point. I understand that these are hard to reach, but if you can make 1 point alphas and make an insanely powerful amalgamation, that's just too much. I get how this works, and it's just a lot.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic (tsurukusa):

1) Can these be removed permanently, or do they always regrow (like, let's say they take out the lump completely, would it regrow at that site in the same way as before)?
2) So how would this be utilized? Can it be launched? Does it stay on the tentacle, allowing physical attacks to burn the opponent with acid? Does it get released in a certain way when the tentacle is damaged? Also, give me some idea of how quickly it goes through clothing or armor.
3) Makes sense.

1) Same question as shikai #1.
2) Same as the latter question in shikai #2.
3) Interesting and makes sense.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
OMG ty for the reviews whiteflame i'll get to them after a review

Ok Shadowhunter15's Tsuin majutsu shi

Shikai For this all i want to know is does it form into a staff with a blade on it or they stick together and it's a double bladed sword?

1. With this you need to explane more for example in dungeons and dragons there are at least 46 metamagic feats that enhance spells from making them invisable making them bigger to making there effects last longer. also you need to put how much they are enhanced

2. With these beams how much reshi do they take and what size are they also how fast do they move and what effects do they have one something when it gets hit.

3. For consuming any form of sprit energy that could be vary overpowerd depending on some things like how fast does it absorb it how much can it absorb does it give it to the user stuff like that for example if it instantly absorbs all spirt energy on contact with no max amount and gives it to the user that is vary overpowerd.

Bankai no real questions on this.

1. With kido enhanced by 10 that could be ,and probobly is, vary overpowerd for example if you increased it's damage by ten that is vary op but if it lets say increases reshi amount by that amount then it wouldn't be that op. But you need to put more in here to clearify

2. With this armor i like the idea but i have some questions like how strong is the armor and does it use the users reshi also if it is broken can it be repaired and if so how long does that take?

3. Well i have no idea what this does unless it is a draw back to his first ability that increases kido then that is a preety nice limiter but other then that i have no idea.

Over all it is nice but you need to explane it more clearly no big deal :)

Also you gasve me an idea for my next zanpakuto so ty :D
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Ok for Swarm
First after one is made then the gas comes out of a dark spawn that forms into the one being made then another one has to be made so no they don't keep reproducing that way.With the no point cost one it has no cost but any it make have cost like normal but no one else can tell with one it is and if it is destroyed a new at random is pick for the no point cost and no they can't use shunpo the speed only means the users normal speed and yes there is no time limit on them.

1) epsilon it's stinger is half a foot long
2) delta it's strecthing is the speed of how fast the user can move there arm forward
3) yay !
4) Yes defensive but no healing and only ones the user knows
5) yay again!

2) That is vary true and a knew after puting this up that this is wwwwaaaayyyy to op but the problom is i really like how it is in most ways :( so figguring out how to change it to make it more balenced is hard for me :(

3) True once again this needs a big nerf

Bankai That is true and i think my main problom is that for some reason when i put it in percents i didn't really connect that 1000% is 10 times stronger also the shikai abilities carring over is kinda op when i think about it and so is the increased spawning rate and the omgea respawning is op as well.

1) ... ok that is vary true that is op and that is just one more reasion why this is overpowerd :(

2) this to is op i didn't think of useing it to get points for ability 5 only or just sending out countless 1's

3) this is true also

Overall i think i'm going to revise this one and repost it hopfully a lot less overpowerd.

Ok Tsurukusa

1) If these ar taken out at the place they are conected to then they no longer grow back other then that they come back

2) For this it would be used to burn the crap out of anyone it touched also if the tentical swong itself it some would come off and the renage would be based on how hard it swung idk how far it would go but no more then 20 feet i think. also it only burn fleash not clothes unless they were leather or something

1) It works like ability 1
2) once again the same as before

Also ty for the reviews
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic (mokuhon):

shikai: I get that he can reshape limbs and reform damage, but I do wonder, can they bleed? Can they feel pain from damage?
1) So I'm guessing these could grow on another person without problems? If they are dislodged from that surface (either by removal of the roots, or simply by cutting that portion of the surface out), will they continue to grow?
a) It's well explained, but the question is left that, since the seed doesn't immediately form a plant on another person, is the seed easy to remove up till then.
b) Makes sense.
b) Makes sense.
2) This is rather confusingly worded, but I get it.
3) Will this explode automatically if it's destroyed before reaching its intended target, or will it just fizzle?

bankai: I would say the healing aspect is an ability, albeit a reasonable one. You could proabbly stick that in with another instead of placing it at the top here and not go overboard.
a) Makes sense.
b) People should take note on this one, because this is perhaps the only summon ability I've seen in quite a while that is both reasonable and interesting in its own way (though I'll admit, I'm getting tired of seeing wolves everywhere). Their power level, for bankai, is entirely reasonable, and they're limited in the amount that can be summoned substantially, but most importantly, they're commanded by voice. I haven't seen that on any other blade, and it matters. That really limits the capacity to control them, and makes it hard to control them separately. The only problem I see is that I don't get how the improved senses help them, since they can only act based on the user's will.
c) Makes sense.
d) Makes sense.
2) Interesting, a support ability. Does the user have any control over their actions?
3) In general, I like how the blade functions better in a certain environment (light) giving opponents an opportunity to reduce its power, and allies an opportunity to enhance it. Makes sense to me.

I'd have to say this is the best work I've seen of yours yet, something really original, well written and mostly well explained.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
Ok for Mokuhon
Shikai No they can't feel pain or any sensation for that matter
1) Well for this the only one that can form on someone is the first one other then that non of them can
a) yes you can so the user would need to hit them when there distracted or hit the ground insted
3) Well if it is destroyed then it just falls apart with no explosion

Bankai True i guess it is an ability so it should go with another one i guess.
B) ty so much that means a lot but now thinking about it one of mine i made after this that is not as good so /cry but for the senses the wolfs act like normal wolfs so if they hear someone they will more then likley look over then the user could notice that.
2) Yes the user can take direct control of them if the user wants if not they work on there own

Overall i wanted to make a zanpakuto that would make the area hostile to the enemys allowing the user to relax and take any chance they have to take them out.

And WoW Thank you for this i was in a halo reach grifball match where the other team had one guy one our team who team killed us until they got to our spawn points and killed us every time we spawned and this picked me up today ty :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Np dude. Frankly, you've improved to a really great level since the first time I reviewed one of your blades.

ddarksonic675 (Neko Tsume) -

Shikai: the strength and speed increases are kind of abilities here, though as I've said before, they're not so intensive that they can't be folded into another ability.
1) Can this boost be interrupted? Obviously, it has the possibility of being exploited by the opponent, so I'm wondering how exploitable it is.
2) What range are we looking at here for blinding? Also, does it affect a 360 degree radius, or does it only affect a cone of sight in a particular direction?
3) By "controls where they move at will," do you mean both vertically and horizontally? I'm trying to understand the usage of this ability, so can it "create" solid ground at any level or angle for her to step on, or how would it work?

1) I'm wondering how it can be both 25% faster and 25% slower, though I get the feeling I'm understanding this ability incorrectly in terms of how it functions (are there 2 it can use, or 2 different modes possible, or 1 that comes from each leg)?
2) So I'm wondering exactly what this does. When you talk about speeding up the mind, is it similar to what Mayuri used against Szayel, or is it more that they just imagine their opponent is moving at 50% increased speed? Making this make sense is extremely important, since you're messing with the mind for 10 minutes and have a relatively easy application.
3) Makes sense.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 (ribon)

1) Have to make it absolutely clear that these can cut, don't really see it as of yet, but it's important to note. Can she control the point at which the balloon pops, or just the location it moves to?
2) Does this affect both physical and energy-based projectile attacks?
3) Are her kido spells the same power as normal while she is miniaturized, or do they reduce in power based on size as well?

bankai: Are these around her chest loose and flowing, or are they tight about her?
1) So for #3, that means that whatever energy they put into their attacks is doubled automatically? Can each of these kisses be activated individually, or are they all activated at the same time with the same effect?
2) I want to make sure of the difference between two time constraints here. Does the eye ability only activate for 5 seconds and the effect it provides last for 10 minutes? Just make sure to clarify.
3) Can these imps be resummoned one at a time for less reishi? What does it take to deactivate it (which parts of the changes to her, or the imps themselves, are required to be destroyed or removed before the ability ends)?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
ddarksonic675- thanks for the reply on the piper zanpakuto, but i have to say that i will leave those details up to your imagination, i've never been good on that kind of details.

and whiteflame55- congrates on the masters, what did you get a masters in?

alright i made a new zanpakuto and soul reaper, if the idea is confusing i just thought it up as i woke up today.

soul reaper: mamaru isicada
age: appearse to be 20
height: 6,10
weight:220 lbs
build: is like ichigo in build

appearance: think of a man who looks similer to wabiskue (sorry about the spelling, i mean the zanpakuto spirit of kira's), an intersting note about him is that he was born with a defect(or mutation) were he crys and sweats blood, this dosn't hurt him. his sword is keep in the front like iba tetsuzaemon. but it tends to get in his way because of its size.

personality: despite his apparance he is a kind a friendly person, but on the battle feild he becomes sadistic. a runing gag is that his zanpakuto communicats with him constantly and sometimes makes him mad (by saying what it would do in a battle)so he'll start yelling at it, scaring/annoying friend and foe alike. however he and his zanpakuto like/love eachother (makes friends wonder sometimes). he is good friends with momo and ichigo but his out bursts get him a knock on the head from ichigo.

zanpakuto: ukime (misery)

release command: come forth

appearance: the blade looks like it disalved on the sharp side so it looks like kenpachi's in a way and on the sides of the blade are boil like welts. the blade keeps it's metalic apparance on the welt and can still cut despite it's apparance.

shikai ability 1: acid: this ability is always on, what it dose is cote the blade in a mild acidic slime that helps in cuting, if on the skin it burns but can be rubed off, mamaru can touch the blade with no ill effects.

shikai ability 2: peaceful death: the welts on the sword spread a poisen in the air around the blade and causes the people to lose the sence of pain. it can make a person bleed to death with out them knowing it. a side effect of the poisen is that the person becomes more beserker like, they forget defence. mamaru is immune to the poisen due to his constant exposure.

shikai ability 3: share the pain: this ability only works if mamaru is injured, he has to cut himself and then strike the opponent for the ability to work. what is dose is the poisen in the blade accually puts any injuries that mamaru has on the enemy. it dupicates the effects (he dosen't get healed) so the more injures he has the better. however if he looses a limb, the opponent wont lose his, he will just get a very deep cut that feels like he lost it. this ability goes well with the second ability.

bankai: misery of the forgotten ones

appearance: i can't think of a cool appearance (if someone could help me with this)

bankai ability 1: peaceful death: this ability is spread out more so it can affect more at once, the effects are the same.

ability 2: share the pain: mamaru can now use this ability to trancfer wounds of others, again the effects are the same.

ability 3: acid spray: he can spray the mild acid out of the sword like a hose. the effects are the same, it can be rubbed off.

ability 4: misasma spray: this is a one use attack for the blade explodes and sprays misasma in all directions, mamaru is immune but he blade is destroyed (to his zanpakuto's annoyance).

zanpakuto spirit: takes the form of a woman with black hair and blood coming from her eyes, her lower body is that of a large snake, from the waist down. her upper body is covered in a japanese kemono that is beautifly decorated. she keeps her sealed self in her right sleeve.

inner world: looks like a barren waste land but with beauteful trees that represent mamaru's emmotions and feelings. ukime is ussally found under one of the trees, when ever she or mamaru moves around, flowers and grass sprout as to make the place beautfull. both don't mind the barren waste land appearace.

note: in the zanpakuto rebellion, she did leave him but it was to protect him, she watches over him and even attacks other zanpakuto to protect him. however muramasa twisted her instint to protect so she sees any soul reaper as a threat, she however would hesitate to attack momo or ichigo out of fear that mamaru would leave her. unlike others who had to defeat their zanpakuto, mamaru was able to talk ukime into coming back to him. (as i said they do love eachother, sorry if that sounds sick).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JDeezy12 said…

in bankai share the pain: what do you mean by transfer wounds of others. for example if i got cut could he put that cut on someone else? thats really all that confused me. but really good i like it. my idea for your bankai weapon is this

Curved like a snake tooth. ur spirit reminds of medusa. the hole in the blades could instead be the boils. and the acid could come out the tips. thats just my idea.
 bleachfan12 in bankai share the pain: what do you mean sa pamamagitan ng transfer wounds of others. for example if
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JDeezy12 said…
If you could review my first entry that would be a great help

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
ty again for the complements :)

K Neko Tsume

Shikai I guess that is true and they could go into another one.

1) For this yes you can stop it form making you go down faster but the momentome is not stoped so it can be exploted

2) It is 360 but only effective for about 10 feet

3) Yes she can move them in any direction at will but no she just floats like a ghost the walking and runing part are just for the speed.

1) LMAO i ment to put 25% faster and 25% smaller sorry for that

2) It works like the thing that happend to szayel but not nearly that fast only 50% btw that was f'd up i would go insane if that happened to me.

1) yes the ribbons cut just like the ones she has on her arms she can move the ballon but not pop it.

2) yes this is both

3) Kidos sizes are shrunk but there power is the same

Bankai they are tight like clothing.

1) Umm no i meant that the reshi she used for the attack is dubbled and given to them and they can be used at differnt times and with differnt effects.

2) Yes it is active for 5 seconds then if you are effected by it then that is 10 minutes

3) the imps are summoned all at once so if one dies she can resummon them all but not just the one. well for the imps you could just kill them but for the wings and tail you would just cut them off
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
The degree is a Master's of Bioscience, sort of a hybrid degree between an MBA and an MS.

I'll review that blade and others on the list over the next couple of days, JDeezy12.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 (mizu)

1) Can they control the explosions individually? Can they be controlled from a distance in terms of movement?
2) So where does this split, after or during the release of the whip from the handle?
3) So can new whips not be created after the blade is out? Also, can these blades be launched in a similar fashion? If so, can they explode?

1) This one's rather important to define, since water doesn't simply exist in it's purest form. There's water in the bloodstream, water in plants and animals, water in just about everything. So can they only control open sources of water, or at least readily available sources?
2) What radius around what they touch turns to water, or is it just directly the area that they touch?
3) Is there a physical way to destroy this, since it can change from solid to liquid at will?

It's interesting because a lot of the images you've provided have been from World of Warcraft and Yugioh the card game, both of which I have been involved in before (and, to varying extents, am now).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 (heki)

1) Can you form an infinite number for one launch, or is that limited in some way? Can you set multiple targets for the same launch? Does it automatically target some area of the opponent, or can you direct where the kunai aims on their person?
2) How far does the line go? Where exactly does the spike appear along the line? Can it only form one line? If so, when you turn, what happens to the line created before? How fast does the line form?
3) Since the size of this hand is limited, can it grab anything of any size, or only things that it can actually grasp? How many of these can be active at once? What happens if 2 or more hands grab on to the same person at the same time? Would they pull them apart, or strain at the point that they would pull them apart?

1) What does each level of density function as defensively? How much would each stage block? Also, does it cost the same amount each time they increase the density?
2) How fast do these balls of stone fly? The same questions as with shikai #1 apply.
3) How fast does the spike of stone fly? I'm a little uncertain about how the reishi loss works. If it spends all but 1% of their reishi to use the form, why does every 30 seconds of use reduce their reishi by a level 50 kido worth of reishi?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gecho said…
to answer some of ddarksonic675's questions (hopefully) ill start with kuro girochin.

Q1:how long is the chain or can it grow and shrink if so how fast?
A: the chain has a set length but the way i wanted it was that my character would have it wrapped all around his body and he would very fluidly and skillfully unravel it as needed while in a fight. i would estimate at 50-60 feet(15.24 meters)long.

Q2:For ability 1 when they change places this changes where the dagger and blade are right? For this how much reshi does this take and does it have a cooldwon?
A: this would take as much reshi as a low level kido attack. i would suppose a cooldown of about 15 sec would be fair( considering the pace a normal fight is set at).

Q3:For ability 2 This is a cool ability does this take any reshi to use and after the kido is statred can he change whitch sind it will come out of?
A: no kido is required for this technique, other than the cost of the kido itself (its just channeled through the ends, at least thats the way i see it). the ends can change after he has started the kido, i like to think of it as the handles for both weopons are the real conductors and they dont change just the blades, and what the kido is channeled through is the handle first.

Q4:Bankai with this what is the armour like does it cover the whole user or are there holes were the user is exposed also hoe hard is it to break and is there a limit to how fast and much energy it can take in and lastly does the user get this reshi?
A: the armor does cover the whole body and has no holes. breaking it with a weopon is very simple maybe a little harder than cutting through cardboard. The user does not absorb this reshi the armor is just null to all reshi based attacks(an attack would just go around or deflect).


Q1:For the syphon life thing what do you mean by "life"? other then that no real questions except for the aura with this i think i understand it if the user is hit by a cutting attack after having cut the enemy it wont do as much right also after the user has been hurt it goes away so does that include any injurys from before shikai was used?
A: when i attack with the damage done is equivalant to how much i will heal. meaning i have to be fully healed before the aura effect can occur.(you are correct about the aura i beleive)any injuries are healed as i do damage from any source, if there is more than one injury the most severe is done first or whichever i want it to do first.( hopefully anticipating another question ;D) example would be if a have a gaping shoulder wound but my ankle is cut immobolizing me. i can prioritize being able to move over a more severe injury.

Q2:Ability 2(absorbs kido attacks from the blades): For this how much and fast does it absorb that attacks ? if he hits like a getsuga tensho will it just take all of it or will some still hit him?
A:the speed of the absorb is as fast as the attack is moveing and is sucked into the blades like a black hole i guess.

Q3:Sheild form with this does the absorbing time increase?
Sword form With the life force thing how much does it go up for the spirtual pressure thing does this work on attacks aswell?
With the diminissed effect for using to of the same how much is the decrease?
A: no absorbing time increase. the spiritual pressure absorb does not work on attacks. the life force increase allows me to gain double the healing from an attack than the injury inflicted.

---hopefully this cleared some things up :D
im willing to answer any more questions.

been thinking up another zanpakutou in global history class lol.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
ddarksonic675 (ryu)

shikai: Again, the reishi doubling is part of an ability, make sure to include it there.
1) Makes sense.
2) Movement speed makes sense, but thinking speed needs to be explained. What does it mean to have it increased?
3) What kind of damage are we talking about from this? Does it hit like a bala or a cero?

bankai: I'd say the choice factor makes the pick between the dragons an actual ability, just something to be aware of. Beyond that, just might want to explain how simple/difficult it is to destroy each of these.
1) Makes sense.
2) Give a range on this one, how far away does it maintain 90-140dB?
3) After the time of the form is up, does the wielder have reiatsu left? If you use the abilities of the other dragons and eat up reishi, is the duration reduced?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JDeezy12 said…
My Second Sword

Shikai- Genshi(Visual Hallucination)
Release Buraindo(Blind)

Appearance regular Katana which has microscopic silver liquid flowing along the blade like rivers.

Ability 1- when light hits the sword if i can aim the light into the enemies eyes the liquid release a flash along with the light which burns a code into the oppents eyes which lasts for around an hour or i can call it off earlier. what the code does is allows me to control what my opponent sees completely. so if he was looking at a tree i could make him see a snake instead.

Bankai- Junzen Genshi(Absolute Visual Hallucination)

Appearance is the same as shikai

Ability 1- i shove the blade into the ground and the liquid creates a perimeter which is 5000 square feet in size. with in this area i can create an type of illusion. so i could make the ground form human type creatures to attack you and they would. the illusions in this are real and can harm you. Everything that the opponent sees in the illusion is created using my reishi so the bigger and the heavier the object the more reishi i have to use. if the opponent can find and grab my blade the illusion ends. tell me what you think and thx very much
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
JDeezy12 (Seidenkienjin)

1) Give some idea of the range of force that this can apply in repelling and attracting. What range does this have? Also, I get that this works on metal, but does that also apply to zanpakuto?
2) Just from reading this, it's overpowered. I understand how it works, and from the sound of it, it's an instant kill that can't be avoided. Sure, you have to spend a lot of your energy, but it sounds like everyone within a certain radius (which is undefined here as well) has the iron ripped out of their bodies, which kills them instantly. If nothing else, removing iron from their body takes all of that very important nutrient out, essentially making it impossible for blood cells to bind oxygen and killing them slowly. If you don't want to change this ability, then consider possible consequences to being able to attract such small amounts of metal over any distance (just think of what would happen to normal amounts of metal at that much magnetic pull). Also, what effect does condensing iron in their body have? What do you mean by making them heavier?
3) Does this work no matter where you're at? If you're at the equator, how would this levitation work?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
JDeezy12 (Genshi)

So in general, one has to be very careful with the concept of illusions. They can run the gamut from relatively weak to insanely powerful, and knowing when you cross the line into overpowered can be rather difficult. I'll do the best I can to explain how I see things here.

1) Something about this doesn't make complete sense. If it's microscopic silver fluid, how can light produce a visible flash? But overall, this seems reasonable. As long as this only affects sight, opponents can deal with the ability without too much trouble. But just for completeness, where on the eye is this written? If the opponent closes their eyes when this occurs, does the effect still go through? Can this effect be used more than once?

1) This one struts the line of overpowered, though the only way it goes over is if some of the uncertainties end up taking it too far. So I'll get to those possible issues. Does this only affect opponents on the ground? If it affects everything in the air above the area as well, can anything be created out of the air as well? What's the extent to which these illusions can go (can you, for example, create something like a vacuum space around your opponent, and if not, what restrictions are in place to prevent that)? Is weight or size the bigger determination of energy spent?
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JDeezy12 said…
Thx white alot i can see why everyone asks you to judge cause you got your stuff straight everything you just pointed out i never realized that there was that much to think about. so with Seidenkienjin im gonna throw it out for now because i need some time to think so thx but im not gonna worry about him for now.

Now on to Genshin in the shikai. yes the illusion only affects sight and thats it. with the silver fluid the opponent wasnt supposed to see the liquid but there was supposed to be enough so when it would reflect the light the code would be amplified. if they close their eyes it will not work so i have to launch it at the perfect time. i do belive the code is written on the retna if i read this article correct. if not where would be a good place for it to go. and its one time use per shikai release.

I understand what your saying about my bankai but i cant think of how to change it. i guess in this illusion it would be like the origional shikai with the visual illusions only and maybe i could place audio illusions too. such as i could make them see their friend and if ive heard their voice i could project it too. the illusions range is as good or as bad as the person's seneses are. so if someone is near sighted a far away illusion would be useless. so is this better let me know again. next time ill put alot of detail i wasnt expecting to have to put that much detail into this. i will next time though.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
big smile
JDeezy12- ok maybe "transfer" was a bad wording, a better way to think about it is like a mirror, this ability dosen't heal you, it puts the enemy on the same leval of wounds as you. and yes if you were injured, mamaru could pass on the injuries to your opponent but he would have to cut you first. if that dosent clear it up let me know. also i like the picture for the bankai appearance, thank you.

whiteflame55- agian congragulations on the masters. how long were you working on it, and what are the requirements for a masters (i hope to eventally go for a masters in vetenary science)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JDeezy12 said…
big smile
no problem bleachfan i got it now thx for the clearing up and also u have two of those blades

Whiteflame55- congrats
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kenya-Hantaro said…
ddarcksonic the ansers to your questions about Spirt Mist. The mist is consideribly slow but since it can grow larger that isn't a problem. It can grow 2x larger in about 5 seconds.

For how long it can stay solid it depends on the users spirt presher.(This is a very spirt presher baced blade.)Say the user has a large amount of spirt presher it could stay solid for days if needed.If thte user has low spirt presher then it could only stay solid for 1-2 hours.

For how hard and hevy it is. It is as hard as an avrige blade and as its oddly as hevy as the mist.

For the bankai the mist can do either. It is controled by the user if its all at once or only a portion.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Ok for mizu
1) Q Can they control the explosions individually.
A yes
Q Can they be controlled from a distance in terms of movement
A no after they are sent out they can't but the user can touch them

2) Q So where does this split, after or during the release of the whip from the handle?
A After the whip, or blade, comes out of the handle

3) Q So can new whips not be created after the blade is out?
A No but they can swicth back to using whips by using the ability again.
Q Also, can these blades be launched in a similar fashion? If so, can they explode?
A Yes the blades can be used for all the same abilities.

1) Q This one's rather important to define, since water doesn't simply exist in it's purest form. There's water in the bloodstream, water in plants and animals, water in just about everything. So can they only control open sources of water, or at least readily available sources?
A They can only control water they can see and it has to be 60$% or more water so some mixtures like cool aid yes but mud no.

2) Q What radius around what they touch turns to water, or is it just directly the area that they touch?
A It's a 2 meter square around there hand and below

3) Q Is there a physical way to destroy this, since it can change from solid to liquid at will?
A Yes and no if you just change it's state it can change back after a while but if you chemically changed it then it wouldn't work anymore and just stop.

Next heki

1) Q Can you form an infinite number for one launch, or is that limited in some way? Can you set multiple targets for the same launch? Does it automatically target some area of the opponent, or can you direct where the kunai aims on their person?
A the only limit to the number is the user reshi. Yes more then one person can be targeted

2) Q How far does the line go?
A It can keep going as far as the user wants but it has to be in there sight.
Q Where exactly does the spike appear along the line?
A Any point on the line the user wants.
Q Can it only form one line?
A yes
Q ? If so, when you turn, what happens to the line created before? If the line turns it just keeps going but if the user turns it dissapers and a new one is made Q How fast does the line form
A It forms in a second i guess but moves at kido speed

3) Q Since the size of this hand is limited, can it grab anything of any size, or only things that it can actually grasp? A only things they can actually hold Q ? How many of these can be active at once
A two
Q What happens if 2 or more hands grab on to the same person at the same time? Would they pull them apart, or strain at the point that they would pull them apart?
A i guess if they aren't stronger then the pull and stone they would be riped apart if not the weaks part, person, chain, hand , would fail and break.


1) Q What does each level of density function as defensively? How much would each stage block?
A the amount they can block i guess would be about a level 20 kido or a equal physical attack and each increased level would be like adding 1 sheilds defence to it. so at level 2 2 level 20 kidos and 3 at level 3 etc.

2) Q How fast do these balls of stone fly?
A they go at kido speed. Q The same questions as with shikai #1 apply.
A it works just like shikai 1

3) Q How fast does the spike of stone fly?
A kido speed
Q I'm a little uncertain about how the reishi loss works. If it spends all but 1% of their reishi to use the form, why does every 30 seconds of use reduce their reishi by a level 50 kido worth of reishi?
A sorry about the wording but this is how it works they lose all but 1% of there reshi and for every level kido worth of reshi they just lost they can spend 30 seconds in this form after they leave it they only have 1% of there reshi left.

Lastly Ryu

Shiaki i guess it should be but i mainly put that there becuase as the dragon forms it has the same amount of reshi as the user but sence they are both linked and share the same reshi so it's like gaining 100% extra reshi.

2) Q Movement speed makes sense, but thinking speed needs to be explained. What does it mean to have it increased?
A Sorry but i should have been clearer by thinking speed i mean the nervous systems speed goes up so the brain would be able to processe everything faster including all sensory input so it would make it, what is happening around you, seem like it's going slower so you can react faster. For example a fly, i think, has a nervous system 15-20 times faster then ours whicth is why they can see you swinging and react to move out of the way with ease becuase they "think" 15-20 times faster. THE MORE YOU KNOW :)

3) Q What kind of damage are we talking about from this? Does it hit like a bala or a cero?
A lol should have described it it's like a bala

Bankai : i guess so but i din't put it as an abilty becuase it is how the bankai forms kinda like how Tosen has two shikai releases.

2) Q Give a range on this one, how far away does it maintain 90-140dB
A i'm sorry but i can't find out anywhere how far you need to be to be safe from that sound level or how fast sound loses it's presure over distance but i can't find any formulas or anything so i'd guess about 20 feet before it doesn't hurt anymore.

3) Q After the time of the form is up, does the wielder have reiatsu left?
A an equal amount to what they had left in that form, 100 % of reshi then they have 100% of there reshi 50% then 50%.
Q If you use the abilities of the other dragons and eat up reishi, is the duration reduced?
A no but if they run out of reshi then they would pass out.

Also I really liked Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid and still collct cards and play when i get the chance but i can only play latly on yu-gi-oh online but i hate the controls sometimes and a 3 in the morning no one is on to dual lol And i love Warcraft as a game and it's lore so World of Warcraft was a natural pick for me btw i'm curently making a set of zanpakutos based on WoW People like Ragnoros.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Kage_okami said…
Zanpakuto name: Kaminari Shinkei (lightning nerve)
Release command: Make 'em dance.

Kaminiari's released form looks just like a normal katana. It's powers in Shikai are Kaminari Sesshoku (lightning touch)and Sesshoku o mahi sa seru (paralyzing touch)

Kaminari Sesshoku: When the Zanpakuto's blade touches an enemy, all of the nerves in the area blaze up, causeing extremely painful and successive muscle spasms.

Sesshoku o mahi sa seru: Where Lightning Touch puts the local nerves into over drive, Paralyzing touch completely shuts them down, causeing the limb affected to go numb. Extremely dangerous is applied to the neck.

Bankai: Kaminari shinkei ningyō-shi (lightning nerve puppet master.)

In it's bankai, Kaminari Shinkei becomes a pair of metal elbow length gauntlets from which fly ten slender wires with barbed hooks which can be charged with electricity. When Bankai is used, an ever present storm cloud fills the sky above the fight. It's powers are as above, but with the inclusion of Tōru no sutoraiki (Thor's strike)

In Bankai, Kaminiari combines the paralyzing touch and lightning touch when the hooks embed themselves in the opponent's limbs, activating and dulling nerves at will to cause a jerky, puppet like movement in the victim.

Thor's strike: All ten Wires entrap the opponent. The clouds above circle, and a hole opens in the center, filled with a blistering blue light, right above the victim. From above, a cataclysmic bolt of electicity fires down, melting the ground and frying whichever unlucky soul have been trapped.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
ok so this is my first zanpakuto based on world of warcraft and i pick ragnaros for it becuase he was in my opinon one of the best 40 man raid bosses before Bc came out and 40 mans were gone.

Shikai: Ragnaros

Release Command: Purge with fire

Shikai: this forms into the hammer from the picture. The hammer would be about 2 feet up and down, 1 foot across and 1 foot thick the spikes are about 6 inches the handle is about 4 feet long and the hammer is 150 pounds.

1) Sulfuras Smash: This uses a level 50 kido worth of reshi. The user slams the hammer in the ground and the area the spot ,2 meter circle, heats up to 500 degrees in 5 seconds for 30 seconds this goes 30 feet into the air and does not heat up the ground.

2) Hammer of Ragnaros: This takes a level 20 kido worth of reshi this attack doubles this momentum that the hammer is moving at this has a 20 second cooldown.

3) Lava burst : This needs about a level 90 kido worth of reshi with no cooldown but 2 uses per shikai. The user shoots from there hand a 3 foot in diameter ball of lava about 750 degrees celsius. This goes at about half the speed of an average kido.

Bankai the user grows to about 10 times his size and becomes made of lava about 1000 degrees celsius. While in this form hhis body is made of lava but his head is still able to be injured like is was a normal persons destroying his head, cutting it off stabing him through the head ect., would remove him from bankai and put him in a comma at least 2 weeks long. If part of his body is cut off he can move lava from parts of his body to reform them and if he moves to the lava from what is broken off it is brought back into him. While in this form his armor, the metal parts, are as hard as iron and will not melt, nether will his hammer. If he is cooled to the point he becomes solid then he can't move intill he becomes liquid? again, not really sure if lava is liquid, he will go up in tempature, if he gets below 1000 degrees, by 50 degrees every 5 seconds. If he becomes solid he can cancel shikai at an time. During bankai he can control any lava that enters his body, if he picked up a rock and put it in him self and it melted it would be like part of his body. His armor and hammer are always inproprtion to his size, if he got 40% bigger so would they. His hammer is now He can move at the same speed as he could run in non bankai form and is 6 times as strong. If any rock was brought into him to make him larger then once bankai is left it forms into a cube and is instanly room tempature.

1) Sons of flame. This uses a leve 80 kido worth of reshi and has a 1 minute cooldown. This attack causes 4 balls of reshi a bout the size and strength of golf balls to leave from the users hand these catch on fire and form beings made of fire, see pic, that move at the users walking speed and are 500 degrees celsius. These can be destroyed at any time by the user and the user always know where they are and what there doing. The way to kill these would be to put out the fires of destroying the orb that is in it the orbs are randomly placed in them during creation and can only be seen once every 15 seconds, they glow black for 5 seconds. The user has no control over these at all, other then killing them at will instantly.These are about average IQ they will avoid water, they know what can't be burned, they will learn for example if rukia froze one and it died any seeing that would avoid her or if something was attacking there orb they would try to dodge the attacks to protect themselfs, and they can assess danger for example if someone had a water ballon they would know that it isn't much danger to it. These only want to spered as much fire as they can but love to kill living thiings, the more intellagent the more they want to kill it, it would go for a person before a mouse, they however won't risk being desrtoyed to burn something if there is to much danger in a area like near hitsugaya , if they saw him fighting, then they would try to leave while drawing as little attantion to themselfs as possable however if they are close to running out of time then they will be more riskiy when spreding fire. This abilities cooldown starts after all of them have died and the flames can last for 5 mintutes.

2) Hand of Ragnaros: This takes as much reshi as a level 40 kido. This attack works like Hammer of ragnaros but if the person or thing the user wants to hit is out of reach then insted of increasing the speed of the hammer it sends a bolt of reshi at the target about the size of a car that moves at kido speed if it hits them it does nothing to them but anyone, or if the user wants it to it will work on a object, around them in 30 feet, up to 20 people or objects, will have balls of reshi the size of beachballs hit them with th force of the users hammer swing. these balls move directly at the closest people in a straight line but only travel 20 feet. All of the reshi from this attack is a light red and moves at kido speed. This has a 30 second cooldwon.

3) Pardon from Wrath: This takes no reshi and can be active if the user wants as soon as bankai is activated. This ability has 1 of 2 effects chosen by the user. 1 The user in bankai has all of the heat from there body contained in there body. So with this there is no heat coming off of them but if you touch them then it is the normal tempature also anything theuser is on top of is aslo protected form this heat. Effect 2 The user dose not transform they stay in human for but they still have the armor, but like this is has the ability to reduce the damage from reshi by 50%, the strength increase and the abilites. Both of these can be deactivated at any time if they are transforming into the bankai form it takes 20 seconds for them to fully form.
 ok so this is my first zanpakuto based on world of warcraft and i pick ragnaros for it becuase he was
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Shikai: The swords join together and form a staff with a blade on the end.
1) It enables me to use Kido with out using a incantation
2) They are kind of like a low level Cero
3) If the top of my staff touches any spirit energy attack it is just, hmmm how should i put this.... Devoured. That's all, it doesn't give me any power.
1) Hmmmm...... I think i should get rid of that power..... It seems useless with my third Bankai ability.
2) In order to maintain the armor I need to focus. The more I focus on it the stronger it is. It requires a small amount of power to attract spirit particles to surround me. But if it is broken, it can't be repaired.
3) The magic is kinda like a manifestation of my imagination. But it is similar to Kido.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Is it ok if my second Zanpakto has 11 abilities?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JDeezy12 said…
yeah u dont have to follow the format i want to see this 11 ability sword of yours
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
This is my second zanpakto.
Name: Shi ribon
Look: Regular katana
Command: Darken
Shikai: A black katana with 9 ribbons on the end. Each ribbon is about 4 feet long.
1. Zero ribbon: makes an indestructible shield around me
2. First ribbon: Ribbon acts like a sword and moves where i want it to.
3. Second ribbon: the ribbon wraps around the blade and enables me to fire something similar to getsugatensho.
4. Third ribbon: I make three points,in a triangle, in the air with my sword. Then the three points connect (by a line of energy, kinda like connect the dots) and fire a beam of spirit energy.
5. Fourth ribbon: I draw a circle with my sword around my target. Then the outside of the circle glows and black ribbons form wrapping around the target, immobilizing them.
6. Fifth ribbon: I attack the target and if i wound the target i absorb spirit energy from the wound, but it heals.
7. Sixth ribbon: When my sword hits my enemy's sword it negates all affects of their sword.
8. Seventh ribbon: This ribbon just triples all physical abilities.
9. Eighth ribbon: The ribbon wraps around my hand and lets me fire a Cero like beam.
10. Ninth ribbon: The target is tied up in ribbons and I attack them 9 times, but they don't leave any physical wounds. With each strike it makes the targets spirit pressure unstable until the 9th hit, which by then the target's spirit pressure is ready to exblode. The 9th hit is the only one that leaves a wound. When inflicted the target explodes. The only way to overcome this ability is to force your spirit energy outwards disrupting the entire process.
11. Forgotten tenth ribbon: This is a small chain that I pull out of my pocket Multiplies each ability(except the ninth by ten)
12. Forbidden Eleventh ribbon, The Devouring Void: All the ribbons come together forming a very long ribbon, that circles around the target, then a black sphere forms around the target then shrinks. If the target touches the walls of the sphere what ever touches it disappears. You can't escape this attack. But if I use this attack, part of my life force is used in creating this.

The abilities of my sword must be used in order. Except for the zero ribbon. If i use the zero ribbon i have to restart from one.
After I move on to my next ribbon, the previous ribbons abilities stop, like if I move from the sixth ribbon to the seventh, the sixth's abilities aren't active.
I don't have a bankai for this sword yet. Key word YET
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
Shadow Hunter, very cool zanpakuto, although i think if thats only the shikai then its over powered. I think you should make it so
that when he reaches a certain number, he will automatically go into bankai, say like the sixth ribbon he will go into bankai, and then
if he uses the zero ribbon he reverts to shikai again, thus making it a bit less overpowered.
THis is just my suggestion, you dont have to follow it XD.
I think your zanpakuto is a very cool one, especially the fact
that his abilities must be used in order, and so its very cool.
Some questions:
1) The Forbidden Eleventh ribbon, The Devouring Void:
Very Overpowered, even for a bankai ability.
It doesnt matter what the cost is, or how much time it takes to get to it, making a void that leaves no escape route and kills by touch is op. You should at least make it so that it has some sort of escape route, at least.
2) Zero Ribbon: An indestructible shield? Nothing can pass through it? How much time does it take to form? How much time can he maintain it?
Well, thats all. I myself have a ribbon/whip idea, but its different from yours, not even close as cool as yours.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Bankai: Okay, when i reach the fifth, I can activate Bankai. In Bankai ribbons 1-5 disappear forming armor(Helmet, gauntlets, cuirass, greaves, and boots) and on the sword only 6-9 remain. But in Bankai I can't use the zero ribbon, and I still have to go in order but from 6-9.
1) How about it also needs a bit of the targets life force to dispel it?
2) Once it is activated it's instantly formed, but i can't move at all and it lasts until i use my first ribbon.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Oh and the bankai is named Shi kuroi ribon.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas bleachfan12 said…
JDeezy12- that sounds cool, i was wondering about that for i like the long swords and double wepons. also how do get pictures for your posts? i tryed but the site wouldn't let me?

shadowhunter15- the only ones that i don't like is 1,7,12.

1. i have to say that nothing is indesturstable, there has to be some way around it.

7. for how long?

12. like Ichigosuke said, theres no way to excape it

other than that it is a cool zanpakuto, what dose it's name mean and what does it's spirit look like.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Nevets said…
Zanpakuto- ketsueki ryu-ken(Blood Dragon Blade)
release command- Shukketsu(Bleed)
Bankai- ketsueki ryu-koutetsu(Blood Dragon Armor)
Appearance- normal katana blade but has a small hook at the end of the blade used for pinning swords and projectiles to the ground. the handle of the sword is longer than normal because the bottom section is a dagger that can be pulled off of the handle, this dagger is attached to a chain so that it can be thrown. the hilt of the sword is a dragons skull that has the sword protruding from between its jaws. the horns on the skull form a hand guard.


1.the more blood that comes in contact with the blade the more energy it releases.
2.shoots a dragons head that is made of solidified blood that looks similar to toshiros shikai but in a straight line until it hits something which causes it to dissapate.
3.stabs sword into the ground at his feet to make a ring of crystalized blood spikes to pop out of the ground around him as a defensive move. can also shoot individual spikes as small projectiles by swinging his sword.


Apperance: a suit of armor made of crystalized blood designed to resemble a dragon, complete with wings and a tail that can be controlled by using spirtual pressure. the wings can block any energy based attact suck as kido. tail is sharp at the end and is used to slash at opponents in order to catch them off guard. gets a shield with a sharp edge that can be thrown as a buzzsaw style weapon and is attached to a chain. the sword itself doesn't change.


1. shikai abilities are still active.
2. makes large tendrils of blood shoot out of ground to form a solid wall directly infront or around him as a defensive move, the tendrils will move to grab opponents in order to throw them awway from character.
3. incases opponent in a large dome or sphere of blood, the blood is then forced into the middle of the sphere in order to crush the opponent under the tremendous pressure.

Ultimate ability/last resort attack:

can only be used during bankai. removes the blood armor ending bankai and all the suronding blood and cause it to evaporate and create storm clouds. it then begins to rain blood. using spirtual pressure the blood raindrops are forced into a cyrstalized form that are shaped like needles that are razor sharp. the intensity of the rain is affected by the amount of spirit energy used. these needles can penetrate almost anything. this move cost the same amount of energy as using a high rank kido about 5 times and leaves the character with little spirit energy left.

Background/apperance of character:

he has long black hair and red eyes is average height and build. was once a captain but was betrayed by his vice-captian who thought they would be a better captain. so on a mission to wako-mundo the captain was left behind to fend for himself. he finds his way back when a large group of hollows make it into the world of the living. he then goes to soul society to get revenge. newcomers to soul society mock him for being weak and unheard of while the older members are scared of him because of his sword and fighting style. is great friends with Kenpachi because they both love fighting and spar all the time.

Spirit/inner world:

the inner world of this zanpakuto is a large metal platform surronded by an endless ocean of blood. this is because the sword stores up every bit of blood that ever touches it in order to use any of its blood based attacks. the inner world was a very peaceful oasis at first with a platform on a mountain top where the spirit shows up, the spirit is a dragon made of blood. the reason everything is flooded with blood is that when the soul reaper who weilds this blade got stuck in the hollow world for hundreds of years and he never used any blood based attacks. causeing the blood to build up and create an ocean. the only thing that didnt flood was the platform.

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
This is my second Zanpakuto based on World of Warcraft This one is one Illidan Stormrage

Shikai: Illidan
Release command : Betray

When shikai is released the sword forms into to blades one one each hand, see pic, these have a green glow that is as strong as a neon sign.

Ability 1 Immolate: This uses about a level 20 kido worth of reshi every second. When this is used the user is instantly covered in green fire about 1 foot off them that is about 200 degrees. This fire does not hurt the user and does not catch anything on fire it just burns. This has a 20 second cooldown after it is stopped.

Ability 2 Flame Crash: This uses about a level 40 kido worth of reshi to use and a level 20 for every additional 5 seconds. The user stabs a blade into the ground and green flames spout out about 2 feet high and they spred out to a 3 meter in diameter circle from where the blade hit the ground. This fire does not catch anything on fire or hurt the user and is 200 degrees. This lasts for 10 seconds but if the user puts more reshi into the blade before they hit the ground then it will last longer based on the reshi added. this has a 10 second cooldown from when it starts and only 3 can be out at once.

Ability 3 Wind Walk: This need about a level 50 kido worth of reshi. This ability turns the user invisable for about 30 seconds and increases the users max runing speed by 15% but they are surronded by swirling winds about 10 feet out they move about 10 miles an hour but make the sound of wistling wind at about average talking volume. This has a 5 minute cooldown.

Bankai: When the user enters bankai the weapons stay the same but the user gains a pair of wings, see pic. they can use these to fly at half there runing speed.

Ability 1 Eyes Of The Betrayer: This uses about a level 45 kido worth of reshi every 5 seconds. This ability shoots blue lasers out of the users eye the same size as there eyes that travels at kido speed. These lasers cover anything they touch on fire with blue flames that are 250 degrees but don't hurt the user or catch anything on fire. The flames spred out to a max of 3 meters from where the lasers hit in about 6 seconds as long as the laser are still hiting the spot. After the flame spred to that distance they stop going out.

Ability 2 Flames of Azzinoth: this uses a level 90 kido worth of reshi. The user throws down one of there blades into the ground out from it forms a creature made of green fire about 20 feet tall that moves at the users walking speed. This is has a layer of reshi on it that is as hard as copper. Anything this cuts with it's claws has about 1 inch high flames that work like the flames from shikai ability 1 tese last about 2 seconds. These flames can't be hurt by physical attack, they would just go through them, but they can be put out if they are then the simply reform at the blades at in about 30 seconds but after a 10 second delay. These are also connected to the blades by a line of reshi about 6 inches thick with about the strength of rope if this is cut or losses contact with the flame then the flame has to reform at the blade an this rope only goes 15 feet. If the blade is removed from the ground then the ability stops and the user loses about 5 level 40 kido worth of reshi unless they removed it them self or the time was up. This lasts 330 seconds. These are commanded by voice.

Ability 3 Demon Form: This uses a level 80 kido worth of reshi. The user is coverd in a black gas and grows to 50 feet tall and looks like the pick. In this form there movements are slowed by 25% but there strength is increased by 100% and they have the ability to Throw balls of the skikai ability 1's fire that are about 2 meters in diameter and move at kido speed for a level 40 kido worth of reshi but only 3 times. This lasts 60 seconds and has a 5 minute cooldown.
 This is my segundo Zanpakuto based on World of Warcraft This one is one Illidan Stormrage Shikai: I
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
bleachfan12, (Shi ribon)
1.What if the shield could only be broken by sacrificing part of your life force to destroy it?
2.It lasts until i activate the next ribbon in the cycle
3.How about it also needs a bit of the targets life force to dispel it?
Its name means Death Ribbon and it's spirit looks like a teenager covered in black ribbons with extremely black eyes.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas JDeezy12 said…
Bleachfan12 you have to save the pictue then upload it
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Tay-Ku said…
Solace in Rage
Looks like a normal katana, but is slightly wider, and longer. It is has a whit handle with black binding, and a white scabbard with black spiral decoration. The blade is forged from half silver and half gold coloured metal, which takes a spiral appearance. The guard is circular and also takes a spiral form.
At the command cry of Rage the sword transforms. Rage looks similar to the original form; however it is much wider and longer. Furthermore, the white in the handle and scabbard has been replaced with a deep red, and the blade is now of a single gold colouration. The Guard is of a solid circular construction. Rage is an incredibly powerful sword, increasing the speed and strength of the wielder exponentially. Rage also rapidly increases the warriors thirst for battle, giving the fighter an enormous blood lust, this means Rage is a difficult sword to control, the wielder must forge their will through countless battles before they are able to master the furry of Rage. As devastating as rage is, it refuses to kill its opponent, it will cut an opponent in to ribbons, but they will not die, they may never recover but they will not die directly from an attack of Rage.
The bankai is released by putting the sword back into the scabbard and whispering the word Solace. If Rage is the perfect storm, then Solace is the calm within that storm. Solace again looks similar to the original form, but it is slightly thinner and shorter than a usual katana. Where rage has the white areas of the sword replaced with a deep red, Solace has the black areas of the sword replaced with a pale blue. And the blade is a solid silver colour. The sword has no guard. Where Rage can cause all the damage in the world, but not kill, Solace it seems can only kill. In fact a single blow will instantly kill an opponent. The Wielder instantly loses the entire performance enhancement gained through the use of Rage, including the increased bloodlust. The wielder becomes calm, and serene, and there seems to be a time warping effect of wielding the sword, everything seems to slow down, giving the wielder all the time in the world to make the final blow. The psychological impact of using the two swords can be somewhat over whelming.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas golddraco said…
1.Tategami Za Munashii (Lion of the Void, this was my best half assed translation so don't kill me)

2. Roar into the darkness Tategami (not original I know but the rest is)

3. The shape is exactly the same as a standard sealed sword but the blade itself takes on a dusky, murky, dull appearance, like it was reforged by an amateur who also dusted the blade. If one were to look closely at Tategami Za Munashii, they would see sullen dark shapes continuously flitting beneath the surface of the blace.The blade itself is very hard to focus on directly, your vision tends to fuzz out or slide off of the blade looking past it instead. This can be overcome by direct concentration on the blade itself.

At the base of the hilt there is an intricately carved head of a polished ebon lion roaring. (the only part that actually looks highly polished) Extending out of the opened mouth of the lions head is a trail of what looks like buddhist prayer beads blacker than anything, appearing to be made of darkness hanging on a string. This sword has no handle guard, the only thing it has is an increase in the thickness of the handle and blade which acts as a deflection if the enemies sword were to slide downward.

The area in which the shikkai is activated takes on an unnerving appearance. Everything appears like a very old photo, faded and bleached like it's lost it's color. Sunny days appear overcast and everything looks wilted. Everyone present can just barely hear whispers, like a thousand muttering voices carrying on the wind. Not quite distinguishable for words but always present. All sounds seem muffled (except whispers, they seem abnormally loud and to carry very far) and as though they are coming from very far away but still travel clearly. All ambient sound is gone. (birds chirping, wind, cars etc).

Kidos become exceptionally more difficult to use and tend to fizzle. Kidos without chants are virtually worthless and those that use chants are still diminished greatly. It has an activate-able effect that wraps the blade in a layer of darkness and dust this does not increase it's damage or add any kind of harmful effect. Instead when it strikes anything it is able to temporarily nullify any special spiritual properties. IE a bankai would temporarily revert to a sealed sword, or temporarily suppress an Arrancars Resurreccion. This effect lasts longer the greater the power difference is between the wielder and the his opponent. If the opponent is equal or stronger the effect is very short. Ranging from seconds to minutes (tops).

5.The bankai form of the blade retains all but the spiritual suppression properties of it's previous abilities but instead manifests as a shard of blackness in the hands of the wielder the only solid part still being the hilt. The blade is longer than a normal sword similar to kenpachis, it is insubstantial, it weighs nothing and has no physical properties. Meaning it cannot stop other swords.

When struck in combat the sword causes no physical harm to the opponent, instead nullifying a large amount of spirit energy with every shot, if a vital point is struck it nullifies a massive amount of energy. It is possible for the opponent to run out of spirit energy without dying. However, the sword itself is a shard of oblivion. If an enemies arm is struck while having no energy to sacrifice instead it is not severed. It ceases to exist.

Additionally, the wielder becomes increasingly faster the longer the bankai is maintained as the laws of reality become less effective over the wielder. (we are talking significantly faster than tensa zangetsu). Additionally, you yourself become intangible as well, physical attacks will not connect. Only spiritual attacks such as kido can inflict harm.

However, this is not a normal bankai. Activating it requires an oath to slay your opponent. While active the blade constantly consumes massive amounts of the wielders spiritual energy. It is denoted by the black beads on the string hanging from the lions mouth. As the wielder uses up more power the beads are consumed by the lion. When the beads are gone the wielder is consumed by the blade.

The wielders appearance changes to denote this loss of power and substance by becoming transparent. This effect becomes more pronounced the longer the bankai is active, seeming to just fade out of existence if consumed.

When I designed this sword it was a long time ago. My ideas on it changed a bit. I wanted to make it stronger and weaker simultaneously. It grants TREMENDOUS POWER, unparalleled speed, defense against kido, and immunity to physical attacks. In exchange for this it has serious drawbacks.

If you fail to kill your opponent you die. This is not negotiable. It doesn't matter if the opponent retreats, you conclude they are not an enemy, or they don't even exist. (think aizens illusions). If you make an oath to kill someone and they don't exist you are still bound to be consumed by the sword when you run out of strength. So you have to be incredibly careful about using this weapons bankai.

PLEASE FEEDBACK PLEASE PLEASE LOL. I like coming up with unique ideas and I want to know if it's any good. I posted a much less detailed version of this on crunchyroll years ago.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas colbi-wolferra said…
zanpakuto's gekitsuu"severe pain"/kuro no itami"black pain"
release- show them pain
bankai name - furemingu gekitsuu "flaming severe pain"
description - i grow wolf wings and has a claw and a small wreking ball on her hand

[shikai abilities] - it turns into a scythe
Shi no sutoraiki"death strike"
a giant cero beam comes out of the blade
Ookami no sutoraiki"wolf strike"a giant wolf comes out and i control it
Kuroi ame"black rain" blade transforms into a thousan blade and it rains down

[bankai abilities] -
Bōru no sutoraiki o hakai"wreking ball strike"throws a wreking ball at the opponent
Tsume no sutoraiki"claw strike" stabs them a hundred times with a claw
Tsume to bōru no sutoraiki o hakai"claw and wreking ball strike"

gekitsuu is a wolf with black and red fur with giant claws the sword has two moons on either sidesand a skull in the middle
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
Ok! After a long time i came up with 2 new ideas. Heres the first:

Shinigami: Daichi Reiten

Name: Ougonnno Yari (Golden Spear)

Shikai: Kantsuusuru! Ougonnno Yari (Pierce! Golden Spear)
In shikai, the sword changes into a golden spear, with a pointed bottom. The Head of the spear is like any other spear.
In Shikai, He has 2 techniques using the spear:
1) Ougonnno Kyoubou (Golden Fury): He does a piercing strike with his spear. While he does it, a set of spears like his rise out of the ground
in a straight line in the direction he striked. THe line of spears can go up to 100 meters away from him, and the spears can go up to 15 meters in hight.
2) Ougonnno Shougai (Golden Barrier): This is his defensive move: When activated, a set of swirling spears is created in front of him,
creating a shield to defend him from one direction.

Bankai: Ougonnno Yari Hushichou (Golden Spear of the Phoenix)
In bankai, the spear grows 3 golden chains with pointed edges. The chains are at the bottom of the spear.
In bankai, his shikai abilitys get upgraded:
1) Ougonnno Kyoubou (Golden Fury): Now, instead of just one line of spears, it creates 8, one in every direction, or 8 in one direction for more fire power.
2) Ougonnno Shougai (Golden Barrier): Now, he can still use it like in shikai, or he can create a spiky sphere of spears to defend him from every direction.
Also, he gets alot of new techniques:
1) Hushichou Yari (Phoenix Spear): He puts his spear on his back, then raises his hand. Above it, a huge spear/lance/drill combination appears.
He then proceeds to throw it in a spin at the enemy. Its spin and size make it a deadly attack.
2) Ichiban Kankei: Seirei Makikuru (First Connection: Bind Chain): He points the end of the spear towards the enemy.
Then, the first chain fromthe bottom lengthens, and shoots towards the enemy. When it connects, even a little, it will drain some of the
enemys rietsu. He can proceed to use the enemys reitsu anyway he wants. He can either convert it into more rietsu for him or use it to put the
chain on flames.
3) Niban Kankei: Seirei Rensa ( Second Connection: Soul Chain): THis is a very special attack, that effects the senses.
He shoots this time 2 chains.
He connects 1 chain into something, and then create an exact clone of it at the end of the other chain. He can control the clone like a puppet.
4) Sanban Kankei: Tengoku Rensa ( Third Connection: Heaven Chain): In this mode, he can lengthen all 3 chains.
He can use them to grab stuff, but this also has an ability:
He can create from them a drill like shape, and start spinning them. This form is a form he uses for fast paced coombat.
When touched by the drill, the touched will be drained of his rietsu slowly. The longer he is touched the more and faster he will be drained of rietsu.
5) Kinshino Kankei: Kodaino Rensa (Forbidden Connection: Ancient Chain): His Final Technique: The chains multiply and cover his body, creating a golden armour,
with the spear turning into a golden drill in his right hand. Again, He can drain rietsu by touch, but he cant maintain this state for long,
so he simply rushs to strike the enemy down. Even a small cut from his lance in this stage will leave the enemy with almost no reitsu left.
A deadly bllow will kill. After using this mode, he faints, because of the huge amounts of reishi required to use this mode.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
My third Zonpakuto

Name: Kaosunekuromansā (Chaos Necromancer)
Sealed form: Normal katana
Release command: Resurrect
Shikai: No difference from the normal katana

1) What ever it kills a rune appears on my sword. Max. Limit of runes: 25

Bankai Name: Gurandokaosunekuromansā (Grand Chaos Necromancer)
Bankai: The blade is still the same.
1) The runes glow and all the people that my blade killed comes back to live like zombies. They will fight for me until their bodies are too damaged. They have no spirit pressure and cant call on their Zanpakutos, but they still fight the same.

2) My zanpakuto can absorb the bodies', that were slain, raishi* and use them to fire a blast similar to getsu gatensho*.

*I don't think i spelled that right.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
ShadowHunter, Nice one. Getsuga Tensho is the right order.
Dont have much to say about it, its great for fighting multiple enemys
and reviving different people makes youre fight unpredictable, because each body would uses a different fighting style.
O, one question. Can u revive like hollows and animals? That would be cool too.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
goldracco, Very original. I kinda like the way you put a certain must to your bankai. What i mean is, the whole oath thing is very original and cool, although i dont know if it should be death. I think putting you into a coma should be a better drawback. Think of what happens for example the first time he activates bankai. He fails to kill his opponent so he dies? Well, its up to you.
Anyway. great zanpakuto. The ideas here keep getting better and better. I on the other hand am running out of ideas fast. I have only 2 more planned, and then im out. My first idea is a Nightmare Zanpakuto, and the second is a Graveyard Zanpakuto. THe graveyard one is one of my first, but i never really posted it or written it down, so nows the time.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
And here is my nightmare one. I know, It isnt as much detailed as the other i make but im trying to use less techniques, so it will actually fit the real manga. Please comment on the both.

Shinigami: Ichiro Shousho

Name: Akumu Kenshin ( Nightmare Incarnation )

Shikai: Akumuomiru! Ketsueki no Kenshin (Have a Nightnare! Nightmare Incarnation )
When in shikai, his sword turns into dark reitsu in the shape of a sword. It can cut. He has 1 attack:
Juusan Yari no Akumu ( 13 Lances of Nightmare ): When he uses this attack, 13 lances made out of dark reitsu like his sword appear and circle him.
He then proceeds to shoot them, all at once from every direction or one by one in the direction he wants, like a machine gun only a lot slower.
The lances spin when shot.

Bankai: Akumu Kenshin no IKI( Nightmare Incarnation of the Mind)
When in bankai, he is covered in the black reitsu, until it creates a set of black robes made out of reitsu.
Now, each hit from his sword will inflict alot of pain to the enemy.
He Now has a few new techniques:
1) Yari no Hukitsu (Lance of Bad Omen):He creates one lance like the ones in shikai only huge, and sends it flying towards the enemy. Much stronger then his shiaki.
2) Yuurei Kenshin (Ghost Incarnation): He creates 3 clones of himself made out of black reishi. He then rushs forward to strike the enemy.
After a clone strikes the enemy or attemts to do so, it will dissolve.
The clones follow from the left, the right and above to strike the enemy as well. When cut by a clone, THe kanji for Bad Dream will appear in the stroken area.
If some one is cut 13 times like this, he will immidiatly burst into black flames and die. He can only use this technique 5 times a day.
The kanji will dissappear an hour after appearing. This means, he has only 15 clones to create before he cant use them again that day.
He can only afford to miss twice. Missing 3 times will make his whole attack useless.
3) Akumu Kenshin ( Nightmare Incarnation ): He calls out his Zanpakutos name. THen, THe black reitsu engulfs him, creating a sphere of black reishi.
The sphere then dissolves, and he turns into his worst nightmare at the time. If he is most afraid of snakes at the time he will become one.
If he is most afraid of Dying, he will become a ghost like thing. Ig he is afraid of aizen, he will aquire aizens powers, etc etc.
THis technique cures his fear to the thing he transforms int, meaning he cant transform ino anything twice.
After dissolving, the technique will leave him in a 1 day coma.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Yes it can revive hollows and animals.