Bleach Anime Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
LucasMan272 - Rahvin pretty much covered my comment on your blade. It's just not unique.

Rahvin - First off, awesome that your name is one of the Forsaken from Wheel of Time (hoping that's where you got it from, love that series).
But onto the review. I'll go through each ability in turn.
Shikai 1) The real question here becomes how solid is the whip? If it's able to cause kinetic damage, then there is something solid there, and if it wraps around zanpakuto, the same applies. I'm guessing the fire wouldn't simply pass through opponents, burning them across the path it takes, but I'm uncertain exactly where it lies on the solid scale. I can make some guesses, but I think clarification is needed.
Shikai 2) Some specificity needed here as well. How much does the whip extend? Does it only extend for the duration of this attack, or does it remain extended for a period? How much of an area does the spiral cover in order to encircle the opponent? How long does the attack take to fully execute (i.e. it extends, it spirals, it constricts around the opponent)?
Bankai 1) It becomes all the more important to specify how solid it is for this. If the force of the blows increases, it's important to know what that force started at to understand where it ends up.
Bankai 2) Again, some specifics. How long does the corridor take to form? How much area does it cover? Does the flame cover everything inside the corridor? How much area outside the corridor is affected by the flames? Does the corridor constrict in the same ways as the shikai? If so, how long does that constriction take?
I'll cover your other blade tomorrow.

candy97 - There's just a lot of specifics missing here. What kind of slowing are we talking about? Can this slow attacks as well? What area is the no-moving zone? How long does it take for the slowing to take effect on someone in that zone? How long does it take for the stopping to take effect in the other zone? What is "total coldness"? How long would it take for someone to freeze to death in it? What area does that coldness happen in?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rahvin said…
First off, thats exactly where i got the name from (and you're right, i do love that series). Second, I think you are a bit too obsessed with the tiny details (i would probably have to tell you the exact weight of the Zanpakuto hilt and its gravitational mass just to satisfy you), but I suppose some explanation is needed to the whips solidity (ill agree the explanation was a bit obscure) so ill explain it in more concrete terms.

In its shikai form its solidity is only enough to hold the flames in a whip-like shape nothing more. Its impact would be like getting hit by a gust of wind, (try as you might a sword probably isn't gonna stop it) but you would still feel the impact. The only exception here is that you would be burned as well.

Its bankai is a little different. As i said, the flames are much more compressed and so possess much greater solidity. In this case it would probably be like getting hit by a tsunami (again, your sword isn't gonna stop it - the water would just arc around the blade) and you would still feel the impact (and obviously the burns).

The key here is that the flame is being contained in the space that the whip is supposed to occupy. If a blade cut through that space, it wouldn't have much effect, because its mass isn't great enough to stop it. However, if the whip ran into a wall that was bigger than it, the flame would not be able to pass through the wall without leaving the space the whip is supposed to occupy, and so the whip's movement would stop there.

Does that make things a little clearer?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
My name actually comes from WoT as well. The White Flame of Tar Valon is where I took my name from, can't wait for the last book.

That does make things clearer. I'm still a bit confused by the bankai explanation, because when I hear "tsunami," I think gigantic wall of water. I could understand if, say, it was more like a highly pressurized stream of water, but even if you have 9 whips, they're not going to be like a wave. I understand that that's the force they're hitting with, but it should be defined more closely to what the actual shape of the attack is.

With regards to my request for details, I actually think it's rather warranted. Here's why - my perspective is one of someone in a RP forum. When I think about each of these abilities, I try to understand its weaknesses, how an opponent could capably escape from them, and where its strengths lie as well. As such, I don't ask about weight or mass, mainly because it has no bearing on that. The strength of the wielder and the toughness of the zanpakuto are all that is at play when it comes to wrapping this around someone. However, the questions of timing and the area that these affect aren't constrained. If, for example, it was instantaneous for the spiral in shikai to constrict around the opponent and the radius was 100 feet (because it extends to an unknown length), then it becomes much harder to escape. These details govern what would happen if you were to utilize this in a fight. They may seem like minutiae, but they become important if anyone is to fully understand how this would function in battle.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rahvin said…
Fair enough i suppose. In a way I'm a bit of a perfectionist myself (in that i find enjoyment in finding a humongous weakness in a supposedly foolproof strategy).

Have a look at my Zanpakuto 'Kukyo na Ikazuchi' on page 177 and tell me what you think. Also see if you can find a way to beat it in its bankai release. Ill give you a hint, its not a subtle weakness - its staring you right in the face.

Lets see if you can figure it out.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, here's my review:

Shikai: The first one is well defined, and it makes plenty of sense. The second is mostly there, what's missing is some idea of a "cooldown." How often can this be used?

Bankai: I see your point about a "weakness," but I tend to have a problem with these kinds of abilities, and that is the whole unblockable, tremendous destructive range aspect. Now, there are 3 weaknesses I can see with it, though the first may not be one: the fact that you're defenseless before its usage (though, since there's no lag time stipulated, and since the ability may activate anyway, that could be a non-issue), the seal that's placed on it by the protection squads, and the fact that this kills you.
I wont address the first one any further than I already have - it's probably best to define that further. The seal is perhaps the most reasonable of these, since it prevents him from going all vigilante and just killing Hueco Mundo in one go, but then I question why Soul Society never thought to do that. It just seems like the kind of weapon that is ridiculous to hold back with. The final weakness is one I tend to have problems with. I get that this reduces his willingness to use this ability, but then you run into one of two scenarios: either he never uses it, under any circumstance, and therefore there might as well not be an ability, or he only uses it in the most dire of situations, in which case the ability really is just a one time use kill machine with no way out.
What I'm basically saying is that I don't think any weakness justifies such a powerful ability. I don't know the range on it (since it's not specified), and I don't know the delay between activation and the attack's actually happening (for the same reason), but nonetheless, something unblockable that will kill anything it touches seems a bit much in any situation.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gecho said…
I dont remember if i posted this on here or not please tell me if i did...
Name:(dont know yet)

Release: Piasu (pierce)

appearence: two very long slender blades(pic below) and a cape simalar to ichigos when he rescure rukia from the sokyoku.

Ability 1: the blades can phase through solid objects when stabbing and only when stabbing, the sides of the blade are mostly dull haveing little slashing capabilty.
Ability 2: the cape acts as protection much like chain mail...blocking the person from slashing attacks but still feeling the concussive force and more permeable to stabbing attacks. Is also resistant to some kido attacks.

Ability 3: there is a 1 cm diamater tube through the center of the blade. when attacking while phased the user can fill this tube with spiritual energy to damage damage andything the blade is passing through.This is only a flash of energy and i cant say drag it through a person once ive activated it.

Bankai:a large lance about 6 feet tall. the blade being curved and 2 feet long at the top. he loses his protective cape.

Anility 1: Sweeping the lance around creates large energy attacks like getsuga tensho. these attacks are very strong and large but are very slow.

Ability2: is a weaker version of the previous attack only a beam shot when u stab.

notes: the real tihng i liked about this was the shikai idea and didnt put much though into bankai. Bankai's main purpose was to make up for his lack of abilty versus people like komamura, who has a giant bankai and my little stabs would be next to useless against. This character is very smart like captain kurotsuchi but is very calm and cold, is not angered like kurotsuchi is. He aims for vital points with his zanpakutou and only resorts to bankai when absolutly necessary.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blurr6 said…
Zanpakuto-Sora kara no shi (Death from the sky)
Release command-Tairyō ni otosu (Rain Down)
Bankai- Inochitori no Arashi (Deadly storm)

Shikai ability- When Sora kara no Shi is thrust downward with the command Kaen shita (flame tongue), a small cloud forms and a powerful lightning bolt hits the enemy form the cloud.
Appearance- a simple, long knife with pearl hilt, and slight bend to the blade.

Bankai abilities- clouds form overhead and rain starts to pour down. the rain amplifies all of the attacks, as water conducts electricity. the Bankai retains the ability Kaen shita (flame tongue), which strikes the enemy with a lightning bolt from the clouds. It also gains the ability Kaminari no shita (lightning tongue), in which a bolt of lightning strikes the wielder's left hand, travels through their body to their sword, and releases in an incredibly powerful white and purple blast of lightning. the final Bankai ability is Kaminari no wana (lightning trap), in which nine lightning bolts form a circular "cage" around the opponent, and shrink onto them until it is a ball of energy, which explodes, causing severe dammage (this is the most powerful, and most taxing attack).
Appearance- A much longer version of the Shikai

Wielder is captain of the 5th division, so they are powerful, but not unreasonably so.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas john17 said…
ok its been a while so plz coment

name:getogado(gate gaurd)

sealed: its two solid black kabuto-wari they have no cutting edge but have a sharp point and a hook at the base the blades total length of the blade is 1 ft 5in.

release comand :protect

shikai:is two combat jutte with red and black grip.the blade dose not have a blade edge but has a angled point that can be used for impaling and a hook at the bottom.the wepon is mosly used for smashing bones or disarming .the blade looks segmented but is one solid peice the tole length is 1ft 9 in

bankai: getogago no oni(gate gaurd oni)

discription: it are two tetsubo made of solid black metal with red studs they are 2 1/2 ft long and are 5lbs each. the problem with hthem being so hevy means that if both attacks miss then the weilder is open for a counter attack.

abbillities: every stage of this zanpactou has an abillitie but only one per stage
sealed: kaze-mon(wind gate) controles the wind aroun him self creatind 200mph gusts of wind to pus back targets or deflect attacks the gusts can only be used for 10 seconds at a time and need 15 to recharge

shikai:jishaku gato (magnet gate)gives them the abillitie to creat strong magnetic feilds in anything they hit(not just metal can be any thing)giving it a negitine(left hand)of positive(right hand )the negitive will folow the positive object at 150 mph untill it makes contact but the negitively charged object cant be bigger that a tracker trailer.the positive can be as big as the minos grande or bigger(the charge lasts for 1min and must recharge after 10 seconds of use must recharge for 30 seconds)

bankai:heruzugeto (hell gate)creates 8 red orbs arount each wepon(16 total) anout the size of baseballs they are hit like them as well there target range is set but the zanpactos owners eyes when they reach there target they expand to 3 ft diameter crushing every thing inside when all 16 orbs are used the wepon returns to sealed state and the user us tu weak to use hus abillities for 4 hours (the spheres travel at 100 mph)

last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
 ok its been a while so plz coment name:getogado(gate gaurd) sealed: its two solid black kabu
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas john17 said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas john17 said…
bankai just there black with red studs
 bankai just there black with red studs
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rahvin said…
Whiteflame, thanx for the review but you still missed the weakness i meant. In bankai there is about a 3 second lag before full activation, so yes you are right, that is one. The final ability is for the sort of thing when you know you are gonna die and you are surrounded by a horde of enemies - its a vengeance attack, the key to getting past it is to kill the user before they know they've lost (which is where we come the critical weakness that you missed). In bankai the user has zero close combat abilities (his sword was just absorbed in releasing bankai) and his only method of attack comes from several kilometres in the air. Now, i know that lightning is fast but that still would give you plenty of time to flash step right in front of the user, attack and then flash step away then repeat, moving continuously so Senkai Kukyo na Arashi can't get a solid lock on you. The thing is that the user has to concentrate constantly on keeping Senkai Kukyo na Arashi under control, which would make even doing something as basic as flash step at the same time very difficult. Do you understand?

Blurr6, you did a great job with Sora Kara no shi. Your shikai is good, but i'm a little curious as to what your perception of a 'small cloud' is, or is the cloud only temporary (as in it appears, looses the lightning then vanishes) for each blast? Your bankai is also fine (and fairly balanced, which is a bonus). You were also very creative with its abilities, particularly Kaminari no Wana. Keep it up!

john17, a few points. First off, GENERALLY Zanpakuto cannot use abiliies unless released, but otherwise first ability is good. Second ability could use some explaining because im not sure what the magnetic field actually does. Bankai ability is great (and very imaginative - good job), as long as the balls do not home in on their target, that would be too much.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…
here it goes

Name:ομοβροντία bired(Thunder bird)

Sealed form: it takes the shape of a broad sword.

Release command:Ενόψει του ουρανού( light up the sky)

Shikia:in this form the user is arms and body are incased in lighting.

Bankia:ομοβροντία πτηνό καταστρέψουν
(Thunder bird destroy them)

in this form the lighting that encased the user is now contenctrated more to the shoulder blades to form wings.


(S&B)Thor της σφύρας(Thor's Hammer): focus' the lighting in to user's fist increasing strength.

(Bankia only):ομοβροντία"-ες wraith(Thunder's wraith): the user is able to create their own personal strom surronding the user and their opponent.time limit varies on the one who weilds it.

(bankia only):Τα πτηνά την τελική θέση(the bird's final stand): The user concentrates all of the thunder and lighting around in to the shape of a bird and fires it at their opponent. Can only be used once afterwards it reverts bacme to its sealed state.

i will be doing theperson who weilds thunder bird.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…
The person who weilds thunder bird name is Jay.


His hair is the color lighting is when it strikes.His eyes are a deep shade of blue. Because he does not were his soul reaper out fit it is unkown what squad he was in or if he was a captian or not. On first appearance he looks younger then he really is.

his personal is difficult to understand at times. for the most part he is a very serious person with a good attitude and able to deal with the most incompentent soul reapers.though not seen often he does have a sense of humor and is a nice guy deep down.though when it comes to fights he will often stop in the middle to comment on how his enemy is doing something wrong causing him to accidently provoke his opponent.

his past is a mystery besides the fact that he graduated the soul reaper academy.the only family he has is his half brother. rumors are he left the soul society to get away from politics and stuff like that.

his current where abouts are unknown. if rumor is true he can be found in the forest of menos.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…
one more idea for a zanpakuto

Name:Eclispe(Grand lunar Dragon)

Sealed state: it takes the form of a long sword.

Release command:περικόψει το σκοτάδι( slash the darkness)

Shikia: the sword changes into a katana that has a blade that most of the time takes the shape of the cresent moon.

bankia unknown


Silueta(Silhouette):the blade draws energy fro mthe moon causing the user to move so fast it leaves after imagesmaking it nearly impossible to block.time limit of 7 hours afterwards recharge period of 5 hrs.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…
the person who weilds eclispe name is james.


his hair color is white from theabove the ears upon on the way down its black.eyes have a silvery gray color like the moon.

his personality is pretty easy to understand compared to his brother Jay.he can be a fun person to hang around with but thats after he wakes.if u disturb him well he is sleeping be prepared to fight for ur life. he is an easy going person and very likable.

In the past he has been a captian even without a bankia(he has one now)He left the soul society to further himself and to get a way from life as a captian.

he is currently moving around and not easy to locate due to the fact he could hide his spiritual pressure from even the captian-commander.recently he has been in the US and Italy.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…
i would like to hear comments (good or bad) about my zanpakutos
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rahvin said…
Your first Zanpakuto was creative. A few points though - how does channeling lightning into your fists increase your strength??? (i don't get it). Your bankai is ok, the birds final stand is fine but the Thunder's Wraith ability sort of makes Thor's Hammer useless because it stops anyone getting close enough to hit them with it. Another note, how intense is the lightning?

Eclispe is just overpowered. The time limit and recharge dont mean a thing because most fights take minutes at best, an hour if the fighters are evenly matched (which is rare, usually somebody has the advantage). So, removing that from the description leaves you with a Zanpakuto that makes you faster than Ichigo's Bankai in SHIKAI (not to mention that you literally copied Zangetsu).

That aside, i LOVE your idea of using a lunar-based Zanpakuto, i didn't think of that.....
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…
thanks for the comments Rahvin. i got the idea of a lunar based weapon from the fact that it goes into a large spectrom of moves that could be used.( didn't mean to copy zangetsu).
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas tammav5 said…
here i go!

name: kamihari bein (lightning bane)

appreance: a normal katana but its taller then the weilder like toshiro hitsuguyas

release command: has 4 but most poupuler is made josho suruto barabara ni maru (rise up and break apart)

shikia abilatys: the swords blade is encased in lightning and paralizes the enemy.

bankia: okina kaminari bein wa hakia suru (great lightning bane destory)

hope thats enoughf!~
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas mrman906 said…
If anyone wants a review tell me the page and name and if you want to review any of mine go ahead

btw to anyone that cares this is ddarksonic675

Shikai : Jikei ( mercy and love )

Release: Jo_Butsu ( rest in peace )

Shikai takes the form of a 2 foot long 2 inch wide dagger and a black metal glove on the left hand, for defence,.

All shikai abilites share a 1 minute cooldown per person, you can only be effected by 1 of it's ablities every minute, and have no reshi cost.

Sashiyurusu ( Love ) Everytime someone is cut with the dagger this has a 33% chance to activte. When this activates whoever is cut is healed based on how much pain there in 0 through 10 0 being no pain and 10 being when you are in so much pain you pass out. 2.5% for 1, 5% for 2, 7.5% for 3 and so on until 25% at 10. The healing percent is based on how much of your body is damaged if your cut in half 50% of your body is damaged. This effect is instant and after it happens whoever is cut is healed of all there pain and anything causing pain will not cause any more for an hour.

Ito_ ( Hate ) Everytime someone is cut with the dagger this has a 62% chance to activate. When this activates whoever is cut is drained of blood based on how much pain there in using the same scale as the first ability, and like it your pain is stoped and wounds won't cause any more pain for 1 hour.

Jihi ( Mercy ) Everytime some one is cut with the dagger this has a 5% chance to activate. When this activates whoever was cut is drained of reshi, blood and the user is healed based on the amount of pain the person cut is in using the same scale as the first 2 abilites. When this is used the person cut's pain is increased by 25%

Bankai: Go_mon ( Torture )

Bankai takes the form of a 3 foot long rapiar and a black metal glove on each hand that is covered in half centimeter spikes on the back of the hands and fingers.

Bo_Ekisho ( Trade Barrier ) This takes no reshi and can only effect one person at a time until the user leaves bankai or the target dies if they die someone else can be chosen. The user chooses a target by looking at them. When this is in effect the user and target only feel what the onther person feels.

Ni_Doru ( needle ) This takes about a level 40 kido to use. The Spikes on the gloves glow purple and grow to 1 inch thick. When someone touches them they stick in them like jellyfish stingers. As long as any of them are in the person hit by them is drained of reshi by about a level 50 kido amount every 15 seconds. If Ability one is active then each needle feels like it is on fire.

Mira_Ju ( mirage ) This uses a level 50 kido worth of reshi every second. The sword Glows blue and every foot the sword moves it leaves an image of it's self that floats in place until the user stops the ability. once it stops all of the images follow the sword keeping the one foot sapce in beteen each of them. Once the sword hits something the user can have one or more of the blades hit the sword every one that hits the sword pushes it with the force that the sword hit the object with. These can hit the sword 2 times every second. The swords last for 30 seconds after the ability is stoped. If the first ability is active the while the ability is active the injurys caused by the sword cuase no pain.

P.S Sorry for any spelling mistakes
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…

Sealed state takes the form of an normal sword.

Release:ανοικτή πύλη μου(open my gate)

Shikia: the sword changes into a double sided long sword with no tipe.


Εννέα πύλες(Nine gates): this ability allowsb the user to increase their strenght, reishi, and defense. the user shouts out the gates in order and leasts about 2-4 minutes wiht recharge period of 3 minutes.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas cyrus4536 said…
Name:rabbia di bestie(beasts rage)

Sealed state:its an ordinary katana execpt the hilt is longer than most.

Release:rilasciare la mia rabbia( release my rage)

Shikia: takes the form of an oversized meat cleaver(arms length). it also changes to the color of an onyx

Bankia:le bestie rabbia ultima(beasts ultimate rage)
The user is now in a complete mind controlling rage that will last as long as the user is in bankia.


(Shikia only)i leoni ruggiscono(lions roar): the user sends out a shockwave that sends the opponent flying away.

(S&B)i lupi addebitano(wolfs charge): the user is encased in reishi and attacks the opponent head on. increases strength. lasts 1-4 minutes recharge 1-5 minutes.

(S&B)modo di bestia(beast mode): the user unleashes all of their beastial instincts. increases all attacks and abilities.

character: Tora aka beast man
Appearence:he has a deep red colored hair. his eyes are an intense yellow. he wears a regular outfit execpt he wears no sandals.
He has a calm personality that hides his horrible past.he is also kind and in combat he can be best descripted as savage and beastial.

when he was born he was left in the wild and was raised by beasts.when he joined the gotie 13 he had already achieved shikia. He was assigned 3rd seat in james' division. from there james and Tora became close frineds. when james left tora dissappeared with a bunch of james friends as well.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
well, after a long time, i decided to post these 3 zanpakuto.
I dont visit this forum much as often becuase of bleach going downhill. No comments expected, this is just for fun.


Name: Juso Seishin (Curse Soul)

Shikai: Tatakikowasu Yume, Juso Seishin! (Shatter Dreams, Curse Soul!)
In shikai, the sword is a long katana, with an orange/black handle. Its blade is long, and almost completly black, except for orange ancient markings along it.
His ability is called Curse: When activated, black ghost like things with purple outlining emit from the blade and circle it, then enter it.
When in this state, each time he successfully attacks the enemy, or clashs blades against him, the enemy grows a little tired:
He gets tired little by little, each time followed with a fall in reflexes, physical actions are slower and even thoughts are harder to process.
THis ability earned him the Title The Curse Blade.
Also, although it is a side effect, and not part of his zanpakuto ability, low reitsu level people, who come near him, fall asleep.
He can contol this ability, but usually lets it loose, becuase he doesnt really likes to be seen by many people.
He doesnt have a problem facing 5~ enemies, but he cant stand being the center of attention in a croud. Thats why he is only known by
strong willed people. Every body else just doesnt know what struck them.

Bankai: Kuusouka Juso Seishin! (Dreamer Curse Soul)
When he enters bankai, his ability grows to the extent, that 2 hits are enough to put almost anyone to sleep.
Also, Each strike hightens his reflexes and sharpens his mind, making him smarter then he already is. He can notice very small details and such.
But whats truly horrifighing, is his ability, to put people into a state of nightmare eternal dreams: If he stabs someone, in the chest or head,
that someone will go into an unwakeable sleep filled with nightmares for the rrest of eternity, or until someone wakes him up, which is very hard to do and requires
huge amounts of rietsu. The only one who is known today to be able to do that is Unahana Taicho.


Shinigami: Inu Ren

Name: Kami no Bunshin (Gods Clone)

Shikai: Hukushasuru! Kami no Bunshin (Duplicate! Gods Clone )
In shikai, his sword dissappears. Instead, he gets the ability to instantly duplicate anything he touchs.
He can duplicate infinite amounts, although it has a few setbacks and rules:
1) He must have touched what he wanted to duplicate before, or it wont work. He doesnt have to touch it while the duplication accurs.
2) THe larger the object, the less copies of it he can produce when he wants. The smaller it is, the faster it duplicates and the biggger the amounts each time.
For example, a tree he could only dupelicate once each time, and it will take him a few seconds, while small pebbles he can duplicate in hundreds and thousands each second.
3) Any item duplicated by him: The duplicates are real, not illusions.
4) Any item duplicated by him: The duplicates all count as touched, so he can duplicate them as well.
5) He cant duplicate 2 differant objects at a time. If he clones a rock, he can only clone that rock and its duplicates at the time.
6) He can duplicate anything but souls: For example, if the object has rietsu, he can still duplicate it, but if the object has a soul in it,
he wont be able to clone the soul. This means that he will create copies of physical, rietsu emiting objects, but only the original will have a soul.

He has several uses with this ability:
1) He picks up a small stone, and throws it at the enemy. Then, he duplicates it in mid air to create thousands of small stones all flying at the sametime at the enemy.
2) Same as before, only this time he uses gravity to his aid: He thoughs the small object (doesnt have to be a stone)
up high in the air above the enemy, then duplicates it. This creates a rain of that object. not nice.
3) This is a really high level and annoying technique: As hes a hand to hand exzpert, he can fight bare handed agianst weapons.
If he successfully manadges to toucj his enemies zanpakuto, and knock it out of his hand, he can duplicate it into a pile of them.
As they all will emit the same reitsu and look the same, it will take time to find the real one. I said its annoying didnt I? XD


Shinigami: Nekosuke Kabuto

Name: NekoIki (Cat Spirit)

Shikai:Unaru! NekoIki! (Growl! Cat Spirit)
In shikai, his sword dissappears, and instead he gets 2 gloves with long nail blades. The nails are gold and the gloves are short and red.
In shikai, he gets cat like attributes: He has increased reflexs, longer jumps and an increase in movment and dodge speed.
Also, his nails are very strong and can cut through metal lke butter.
When he fights, he usually jumps around alot, and always lands on 4 legs in a cat like position.

Bankai: Kyu Seizon no NekoIki (9 lives of the Cat Spirit)
His bankai is very special: He retains his shikai abiities, only now he gains some new stuff:
1) Night-Vision: He can see even in the darkest places and detect life 50 meters around him.
2) Cat ears and tail, as well as eyes.
3) His ultimate addition: In bankai, to kill him the enemy must deliver 9 fatal blows to him. Each time hes hit, the wound dissapears,
and he gets a bit stroonger. When he enters last life mode, his tail and ears go black, as well as his claws, and his eyes turn red.
In this mode, "Akuma Kami, NekoIki" (Demon God, Cat Spirit), he gets very fast, he even surprasses yoruichi in speed. Unforutnalty,
if he retians this from for more than 10 minutes, he faints.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
Ichigosuke! :o I really like you Nekolki Zanpakutō! :DD The others are pretty awesome as well, but Nekolki is definitely my favorite. (:
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas BleachLover360 said…
I know that I am late but I need help making a bankai name I already have a shikai
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas topslicer said…
well all of those zanpakuto have awsome abilities and im working on all three of my zanpakuto's abilities and have some ideas but i need a bit of help
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas topslicer said…
well i can help you with your bankia name
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Sealed Form: Normal katana with a black star guard and black handle.
Shikai Name: Akuma no te (Demon Hand)
Release Command: Grasp
Look: See pic below.
1. Sourusaifon (Soul Siphon) - When touched, the wielder absorbs the enemy's spirit energy by 5% each half-second.This ability is activated when release Akuma no te.
2. Tamashī kurō (Soul Claw)- When hit by my weapon, it not only harms the enemy, it also destroys some of the enymy's spirit energy. The amount of spirit energy lost depends on the size of the wound inflicted.
3. Tamashī no haaku (Soul Grasp)- The wielder is able to grab a soul and pull it out of a physical body. This includes Gikongan.
Bankai Name: Reisu akuma (Demon Wraith)
Looks: The wielder gains a sword. Pic below.
1. The wielder is still able to use Tamashī kurō.
2. Kuro ma kiba (Black Demon Fang)- Its like Getsuga Tensho, except I can only use the spirit energy I absorbed from my enemy by using Tamashī kurō and Sourusaifon for the attack.
 Sealed Form: Normal katana with a black bituin guard and black handle. Shikai Name: Akuma no te (Demon
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Please comment
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…

Zanpakuto/Shikai - kage okami (shadow wolf)
Release command - Korosu (kill)

Description - A one-handed Zanpakuto with stream-lined edges for exile speed and accuracy with a mixed shape of the Arabian Scimitar and the Japanease Katana, with the handle wraped in the same white fabric as ichigo's shikai form, it carries a hilt with 2 white fangs comming out and a black chain just like the one on tensa Zangetsu. no guard has this sword, though haveing it's unique shape, it may also resemble the zanpakuto of 8th squad captain Kyouraku Shunsui.

Bankai name - Shukketsu okami (Bleeding wolf)

Description - As retaining it's former fabric on the handle, the hilt's chain has a blue cresent moon on the end and the blade grows almost twice it's previous size with the shape of a wolfs upper snout with an evil-looking eye in the middle of the blade feeding it's owner the reitsu stolen from the enemy, the blade has 7 tooth-like spikes, resembleling the strength of this sword, when the eye closes, all hell breaks loose...

Shikai abillities :

Gekido (rage) - A powerful slah that releases a wave of reitsu just like the getsuga tenshou only also using the reitsu stolen from previouse victims... the gekido strike can go as strong as to 12 times the power of Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou.

Kage mahi (shadow paralyse) - A power that sevres all electrical connections to the enemies brain, throwing off all 5 senses and the weilder of Kage Okami, can create a world that defies any rule of nature.

Dairokkan (sixth sense) - This power can enable the user to sense even the slightest ounce of reitsu from the enemy and read the enemies movements even before the enemy realizes he is going to do it, a skill that can see into the future almost, having the upper advantage of this... almost never has anyone seen the Kage Okami Bankai.

Bankai abillities :

Akuma (nightmare) - The eye of the blade puts your mind in a temporary halusanation that creates a scene that carries your darkest nightmare, it would seem like 100 years in the world of your nightmare would be the evuivalent of 3 seconds of the real world.

Nebarizuyo-sa (Tenacity) - A frightning technique that consumes 60% of the remaining reitsu of the owner, that gains the ultimate speed that can be the equivalent of 6 times the speed of the advanced flash step, the speed gained by this makes the owner go into a hyper mode that redefinises the word reflexes... you'll never see it comming.

Gisei (sacrifice) - The final act of desency... the owner sacrifices his life, to judge the victims of his sword, passing down his life, he may chose who to call back from the dead, and refine them into their previouse form, it's an honour of great poportion to give your life for the sins your power has created...

last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
big smile
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
Hmm.. Just wondering. :3 Can you post Arrancar Zanpakutō on here as well? (;
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
if you got good ideas would be awsome
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
celiowolfcosta: There are a few things i see that should be changed.

Shikai 1: Well 12x the power of Getsuga Tenshou is definitely powerful, but its too powerful. You should give it more thought than just making yourself more powerful than Ichigo's bankai, in your shikai. Plus, there was no limit(that i could see) That said he would get tired if he used it, so that would mean, while hey're wasting their energy in their bankai trying to kill you, you can just flick your wrist and shoot them down like a deer. Thats not really fair to any of us. And like i said to brodie on pg 177(or something around there...) It's cool to have some ting's like Ichigo, but when you copy his abilities, AND make yours stronger than his, that would be cheating of you wanted to pit it against, say...MY zanpakuto Kinuzuma(Pg 177, or somewhere around there...)

And Bankai 2: Well now this is just plain unfair. I mean come on, Ichigo, if i had to guess uses an advanced shunpo, and when your able to go 6 times faster than that, you could easily kill anybody, even Yoruichi. Dum it down, and make it around 2 times faster, or you'll just end up being internet-scolded by other people later, because it's just TOO DAMN FAST!

Oh and another thing.... Don't SPAM!!!! Your above comment is(no offense) stupid and a waste of time and space here on the forum.

Other than that, I don' see any problems with it, and it's pretty creative. Good job!
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
Its not that im just saying that my Zanpakuto has a certain... need to feed, as always need to feed on enemies, if no one to feed... it shall continue to feed on the weilder until there is nothing left.... i admit i did go a little overboard but it was 4 in the morning and i really didn't have a straight mind that time :D
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
oh and sorry about the spam, im not really a bloger and im sorry cause i really don't know how things work around here sorry
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…

Zanpakuto/Shikai - kage okami (shadow wolf)
Release command - Korosu (kill)

Description - A one-handed Zanpakuto with stream-lined edges for exile speed and accuracy with a mixed shape of the Arabian Scimitar and the Japanease Katana, with the handle wraped in the same white fabric as ichigo's shikai form, it carries a hilt with 2 white fangs comming out and a black chain just like the one on tensa Zangetsu. no guard has this sword, though haveing it's unique shape, it may also resemble the zanpakuto of 8th squad captain Kyouraku Shunsui.

Bankai name - Shukketsu okami (Bleeding wolf)

Description - As retaining it's former fabric on the handle, the hilt's chain has a blue cresent moon on the end and the blade grows almost twice it's previous size with the shape of a wolfs upper snout with an evil-looking eye in the middle of the blade feeding it's owner the reitsu stolen from the enemy, the blade has 7 tooth-like spikes, resembleling the strength of this sword, when the eye closes, all hell breaks loose...

Shikai abillities :

Gekido (rage) - A powerful slah that releases a wave of reitsu just like the getsuga tenshou only also using the reitsu stolen from previouse victims... the gekido strike can go as strong as to 3 times the power of Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou. But carrying this power, holds a heavy price on the user.

Kage mahi (shadow paralyse) - A power that sevres all electrical connections to the enemies brain, throwing off all 5 senses and the weilder of Kage Okami, can create a world that defies any rule of nature.

Dairokkan (sixth sense) - This power can enable the user to sense even the slightest ounce of reitsu from the enemy and read the enemies movements even before the enemy realizes he is going to do it, a skill that can see into the future almost, having the upper advantage of this... almost never has anyone seen the Kage Okami Bankai. Although the user can only use this technique for 1 minute, or the sword shall consume the weilders soul.

Bankai abillities :

Akuma (nightmare) - The eye of the blade puts your mind in a temporary halusanation that creates a scene that carries your darkest nightmare, it would seem like 100 years in the world of your nightmare would be the evuivalent of 3 seconds of the real world.

Nebarizuyo-sa (Tenacity) - A frightning technique that consumes 50% of the remaining reitsu of the owner, that gains the ultimate speed that can be the equivalent of 2 times the speed of the advanced flash step, the speed gained by this makes the owner go into a hyper mode that redefinises the word reflexes... you'll never see it comming.

Gisei (sacrifice) - The final act of desency... the owner sacrifices his life, to judge the victims of his sword, passing down his life, he may chose who to call back from the dead, and refine them into their previouse form, it's an honour of great poportion to give your life for the sins your power has created...

THANK YOU!!!! (corrections inpired by LikKunuzuma13) thank you
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so I'll review just a couple of blades today, and since Shadowhunter15's in need of it, and since I feel that additions are in order beyond Link's own review to your blade, celiowolfcosta, I'll review these 2.

Shikai -
1) I'm a bit confused as to how this works. Does this happen when the wielder is touched, or when the opponent touches the wielder? Does this apply to any touching, or just touching the zanpakuto itself? Also, can the energy not be utilized beyond the bankai? The only other thing I have to say on this is that the rate is too fast. After 10 seconds of merely hanging onto the opponent (the method by which I perceive this working), they would lose all of their energy. That seems a bit much, especially since this is independent of the level of the opponent. Either lengthen the time it takes, or somehow reduce how much it takes away.
2) What kind of harm this can inflict seems uncertain. You say the size of the wound matters, but you don't specify how. You don't have to provide individual numbers, but you could say, for example, that the damage to their energy acts the same as the damage to their body. A scratch would amount to .001% because it covers such a short portion of their skin and is very shallow, while cutting off an arm might be 7% because they're losing a huge portion of their body from the cut.
3) This has the potential to be extremely overpowered, so specification is required in a big way here. What is required to remove the soul? How long does it take? What results from a failed attempt? What damage is caused by removing the soul? What happens if the soul is only partially removed?

Bankai -
1) Same applies from shikai.
2) This makes sense, but does the attack scale only in power based on the amount that you absorbed, or does the size change as well? Since this utilizes energy you can only get in shikai, is this an attack that can only be used once every bankai release? Beyond that, you say that power is gathered by your second ability, yet the second ability says it destroys the energy. You should change that to absorbs it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
celiowolfcosta -

So I'm going to utilize the corrected version, since Link covered a good deal on the abilities he talked about.

Shikai -
1) So first off, how did this steal energy from previous victims? What this insinuates is that there is some ability in the mix here that takes energy from opponents it kills. That has to be part of the ability mix. Second, simply saying that it "holds a heavy price for the user" doesn't really tell the story. You've got to specify what happens (does the wielder take damage, do they get tremendously knocked back by using it preventing them from a quick recovery and making them vulnerable to attack, does it stop them from using it again for a specified period of time, what?).
2) Alright, so the idea of severing a person's connection to all 5 of their senses is actually much scarier than Aizen's abilities for a few reasons. For one, it's permanent. How would someone heal that after battle? For another, it's complete. We're not talking about hypnosis here, we're talking about a complete inability for the opponent to deal with anything because they can't see, hear, feel, smell or taste (much as that wouldn't help) their opponent. If you're severing these connections, that doesn't distort these, that removes them. As such, it perplexes me to see that you create a world that defies the laws of nature, since that has nothing to do with removing sensory perception. Also, I don't see any explanation for how this activates, which is rather important because instantly making everyone lose all their senses with no ability to stop it is a bit much. Overall, this needs to be toned down, a lot.
3) What's the limitation on this? From the sound of it, no matter how the opponent approaches the battle, he'll always be able to see the attack coming, counter, and kill them. One minute may not seem like a lot of time, but it's more than enough to catch and kill them with this ability alone. You have to give some idea on how much foresight the wielder has. If they see the move 10 seconds before it happens, that's a problem; if it's a half second, that doesn't matter nearly as much. Also, does the one minute only apply for use over a single length of time, or does it apply for the entire duration of the release?

Bankai -
1) How does this ability hit? Does the opponent have to look directly at the eye? How often can this be used? What can you do in that world of nightmares? How are harms done to the opponent? If this is a lot of damage, it is too much. An easy to apply ability that inflicts tremendous damage and has infinite use just seems like a lot.
2) What's the time limit on this? Is it 50% of the total reiatsu they had originally, or 50% of whatever remaining reiatsu they have? Does moving at that speed harm the wielder, or can they continue to move at that speed without any problems?
3) What are the limitations on this? Can they resurrect more than one person, and how far back would the person have to have died for this to work? I get that this is a take-away from Pein's ability, but you should be careful to explain entirely how this works.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Name: Aiansutamaru (Iron star)
Release command: Tachikiru
Sealed appearance: Aiansutamaru takes the form of a short but wide broadsword when sealed.

Shikai description: When released, two extra blades appear, forming an "X", with the original blade right up the middle. Looks kind of like an asterisk. At any time, the two extra blades can spin at incredible speeds, much like a buzzsaw.

Shikai abilities:

Satsuie Hiko (Grind shot): The two blades spin so fast that the reishi in the air gathers on them. When the wielder swings the sword, the reishi is launched at the opponent. The longer the wielder charges this technique, (Lets the blades spin), the more powerful the blast.

Seishin Hasami (Spirit scissor): The blades stop spinning, and the wielder thrusts the blade at his opponent. A large reiatsu version of the two extra blades flies out at the target and, as soon as it touches anything, snips shut like a pair of scissors.

Bankai: Sukaipiasu Aiansutamaru (Sky piercing Iron star)
Bankai discription: Another version of the blade appears on the other end of the handle. The handle then turns into a long chain, with a shikai blade on each end. The chain's length can be manipulated at the will of the wielder, but cannot exceed the length of one hundred meters. The shikai ability Satsuie Hiko now fires in an arc, meaning the wider the wielder swings the blades, the more blasts fire.

Bankai abilities:

Reishi Taiho (Reishi Cannon): The wielder sping the chain over his head at an incredible speed, gathering the reishi from the air. Once charged, the chain shortens drastically as the wielder continues to spin it very fast. The wielder then aims it at his target and unleases the reishi in a very powerful blast. Again, the longer the wielder charges in for, the more powerful it will be. Also, the blast charges faster if the chain is longer.

Hope you enjoyed it, and again, criticism IS appreciated.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
~ My  Arrancar and Zanpakutō ~
Name - Gracyn Alacrán
Rank - Espada Number II
Fraccíon - Kazuhiro "Kazu-kun" or "Kaz" Setsu, Arrone Uryuka, Ren Shinotsu, Sakura Sukinero
Gender - Male
Age - He doesn't really know. Approximately 200 years of age, appears in his late teens/early twenties
Height - 5,10"
Weight - 125 lbs.
Body Type - Gracyn's physical appearance is somewhat small in terms of muscles. His body is slim and slander, somewhat lanky.

Hollow Mask Remnants - The remains of his forms a sort of necklace around his neck, dipping in a V to in between his pecks. In the back, it stays up around his neck and the sides fan out and form shoulder pauldrons.

Hollow Hole - Gracyn's hollow hole is located a few inches about the pout of the "V" in his hollow mask remnants.

Appearance - Gracyn has a somewhat angelic appearance: soft facial features with slightly feminine qualities and slightly paled skin. His hair is a faded golden color and neck length with his bangs swooping gently over his left eye, but some parts spike down and are somewhat in his eyes, but it doesn't seem to affect his vision whatsoever. He has slightly bigger eyes than the normal, which are colored a deep ocean blue, and his pupils change at times from being regular black spheres to slits like a cat's eyes. His canine teeth are slightly larger than average and more sharp, like fangs. For clothes, he wears the normal styled Espada uniform. On top, he wears a short sleeved half jacket (Something like Sora's from Kingdom Hearts) with white coloring and thick black borders near the zipper and bottom of the jacket, as well as the ends of the sleeves. Underneath that, he wears a plain white sleeveless shirt with no black borders and a slight dip in the neckline, exposing a little bit of his hollow mask remnants. He wears the regular white Espada hakama with the black obi, with his Zanpakutō secured in it.

Personality - Unlike most Arrancar, Gracyn seems to have a sense of humor, slightly smiling whenever he finds something funny or intriguing, sometimes even laughing. He is very laid back most of the time, preferring not to take much anything too seriously. He is very loyal and is good with obeying orders, but he often finds himself straying from them if he finds something interesting or if he is curious. Despite him being laid back, he has a high sense of honor and respect, oftenmost going out of his way to avoid disrespecting or dishonoring someone. However, when in battle or in situations that require his full attention, he becomes quite serious and analytical, speaking with a little more of an authoritative and slightly deeper tone, and he often becomes somewhat cold and harsh. Because of his emense power, he is highly respected throughout all of the Espadas, even more so from his Fraccíon, and he acts accordingly at times. He had a somewhat brotherly bond with Kazuhiro, giving him the nickname "Kazu-kun".

Biograpghy - He has little to no memories prior to becoming an Arrancar. The only ones he can remember are of him and his subordinate, Kazuhiro. Because of this, his bond with Kaz is much stronger than his bond with any other members of the Espada. Gracyn prefers to keep Kaz by his side at all times, even forsaking the help of his other subordinates.

Zanpakutō -
Name - Sasori
Appearance - Sasori takes the form of a nodachi, a [field] katana with a blade longer than 28.7 inches. It's blade length is precisely thirty-six inches with a twelve inch handle to accommodate two hand usage, with an overall length of forty-eight inches. It has a silver colored rectangular tsuba with the corners split horizontally in the middle, pointing slightly up and slightly down, coming to two points on each corner. It has two lines crisscrossing vertically and horizontally, making a sort of plus sign on the guard. The hilt's wrappings are forest green with a silver underlay color, with a silver pommel on the end with decorative markings on it. Sasori's sheath's color is silver but with a slight green tint, looking somewhat like mint green. He has a light blue ribbon tied to the top of his sheath.

Release Command - "Sasu koto! Sasori!"
- In English, "Sting! Scorpion!"
When Gracyn releases Sasori, he becomes inveloped dark green reiatsu outlined in light green, which encase him and flicker like flames. Then, the flames start to flicker in the wind and fade away to reveal Gracyn's Resurreción.

Resurreción Form - In this form, Gracyn's jacket disappears and in it's place, his hollow mask has changed and grown on top of his under shirt. The shoulders extend up into spikes and the bone like armor goes all the way down his arm, giving him a kind of gauntlet, with the fingers clawed. The "V" in the mask has grown into a type of breast plate that only covers the middle of his torso and up, except for his hollow hole. Even though you can only see his feet, his legs are armored with the bone like substance from mid-thigh down, with his toes pointing into claws like the fingers. In the back, he has grown an armored tail like his arms and legs, extending out about teen feet and ending in a five foot long, blade like stinger, with two spikes near the base, resembling the guard of a sword. For a weapon, the stinger and be removed from his tail to be used as a sword, and another stinger grows back in it's place. Along the edge of the stinger, it had tons of tiny like spikes, making painful to tear from flesh. At the tip of the stinger, it had a small hole for releasing poison. He fires Cero's from the tip of his tail in this form

Resurrección Abilities -

Ability Number One - Gracyn stabs the enemy with his stinger. When stabbed, the stinger sticks into the target, severing itself from the tail. When it pierces flesh, a slow acting poison is released into the blood stream. This poison slowly start to make the enemy feel like his limbs and muscles are slowly getting heavier and harder to move, as well as slightly blurring the vision and decreasing reaction time. Depending on how long the stinger remains in the body can determine how much poison is on the blood stream. The more poison, the faster and takes effect and the worse the effects are. If taken out right away, this ability will have very little to no effect. The poison only works three times for every time he enters his Resurreción, after that this ability is less useful and all it does it just stab the target with a stinger with no poison. The time that it takes for this poison to reach it's maximum effect is around fifteen minutes. He also carries a less powerful version of this poison in his claws and fangs, which is released into the blood stream whenever he cuts them with any of his claws. This is a far weaker form of his stinger's poison, however, and not very effective at all unless it builds up from multiple claw wounds. This method of poisoning takes an hour to reach full effect and doesn't have the limited number of uses as the tails poison.

Ability Number Two - "Doku no Ame"
"Poison Rain"
Gracyn fires a steady jet of poison from the stinger. The poison acts as an acid, slowly eating away whatever it lands on. Very slowly. It starts with whatever clothing the target may be wearing. It could take about five minutes to reach skin, and it slowly starts burning away. However, it has the consistency of water and is somewhat easy to remove before it causes any real damage. Like the stinger, this ability can only be used three time per Resurreción. To affect more than one target, he shoots the poison straight up into the air, causing it to rain down on a small area.

Resurreción Ability Three - "Enerugī-zashi Kizu"
"Energy Stinger"
Gracyn charges reiatsu into his tail and to the stinger (It takes about three seconds to charge to his stinger). The stinger then begins to glow with the deep green color of Gracyn's reiatsu. He can then fire off this energy like an arrow, piercing the target. This seems to have an effect as one Uryu Ishida's Quincy arrows, only slightly stronger. He can charge this ability up, where the stinger grows even more fiercely with his reiatsu, and can fire it with more power and speed. The arrow also has a greater mass, making it easier to land a hit on the enemy. Also, he can charge it to the point where he could release it into one powerful arrow but instead fire of fractions of the reiatsu for a rapid fire effect.

Gracyn has also achieved a Segunda Etapa release form, the second stage of Resurreción.

Gracyn's releases his reiatsu and calls out, "Resurreción, Segunda Etapa.". He then start to change into the Nee form.

Segunda Etapa - In this form, Gracyn undergoes even more developments to his body, as well as his abilities. From just below his elbows down, he gains a set of scorpion like pincers which extend about six inches out past where the tips of his fingers would normally be. Where his arm is, there is a hollowed out spot in the pincer so his arm doesn't get crunched, and when he opens his pincer his arm is revealed. Also, all of his Espada clothing has disappeared and in their place is a full seat of the bone like armor, covering all of his body except for his stomach area and his head. He had spikes where his elbows and kneecaps are, and his feet now only consist of four toes in the front and a claw like growth on his heel, somewhat resembling a scorpion's legs, but they're as long as his fingers. His head has now acquired a sort of visor just above his forehead. His hollow hold has also grown slightly in size. He still fires Cero's from his tale in this form.

He still retains all of his abilities, but they're more stronger than they were before. He gains a few more abilities as well.

Segunda Etapa Abilities -

Ability Number One - "Sasori-za Hanmā"
"Scorpio Hammer"
With this new ability, he clenches his pincers shut and condenses his reiatsu into them. They now glow with his reiatsu and act as an augment. Whenever he hits someone with the claw, it hits them hard enough to send them flying back a couple hundred feet if they aren't prepared.

Ability Number Two - "Sasori no San Jū"
"Scorpion's Tri-Gun"
By far his strongest. He pumps his reiatsu into both his tail and his pincers. He then condenses it and fires them simultaneously. This move has the same principles as his Enerugi-zashi Kizu moves, it can charge to become even stronger or release it in rapier fire bursts of energy. However, if charge long enough (approximately thirty seconds) he can fire it in beams, like his Cero, only much stronger. This ability rivals the power of his Cero Oscuras, if not stronger, and is much more potent. He can only use the move once every Resurreción, but he is still able to fire it in bursts or charge it into three strong shots of reiatsu, just not the Cero like reiastsu beams.

Welp, this is my ideal Zapakutō, I think. ^.^ I hope it's good and not too over powered or anything. It'd be nice to get some comments on how to better this little creation of my. Thanks! :D<3

P.S. Sorry it's sorta long.. ;D
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
Gracyn Alacrán's Stats -
Offense - 95
Defense - 90
Mobility/Sonído - 95
Reiatsu - 100
Intelligence - 95
Physical Strength - 100

He can also use these Arrancar moves and abilities -
Gran Ray Cero
Cero Oscuras
Enhanced Hierro
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Spiritual Power
Keen Intellect

Haha. (; Now it's finished. Yay! :D<3 Comments? ^.^
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas mrman906 said…
Gracen_silence's Sasori Resurrecion

Ability 1 With this i don't see to many issues. My bigest question is how deep of a stab is needed to inject poison? I mean if your going to impale someone then is poison even needed unless your fighting someone who has a healing factor? Unless i'm mistaken you should try something to make this more effective.

Ability 2 For this how long will the stream keep going out before it counts as a second use? Also how much comes out, how fast does it come out, and how far does it go? Is it like a garden or fire hose and does it effect you but i don't see many issues with this due to it's effect speed and the ability to get it off

Ability 3 I don't really see many probloms with this but how much more mass can they get, how fast do they go and does increased mass effect speed.

Segunda Etapa realease. How hard can the claws crush something also does the armor help defence and how big of a increase do the other abilities get.

Ability 1 with this how long do you have to charge and how long does this last. Also is it just sending them away or augmenting your strength and if it's the second one then by how much.

Ability 2 For this this how strong is it you compare it to your cero but how strong is that you should compare in to someone elses cero other then thank no questions

Overall this isn't really over or underpowerd you did a good job
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rahvin said…
Zordiak, great idea for a Zanpakuto. Its well balanced, creative in the design (as in physical appearance) and very thorough in your description. Job well done, keep it up ;).

gracen_silence, I love your Resurreccion. A few things though - first, you are right it is a bit long but it isn't really your fault. Reserreccion are different from Zanpakuto because instead of just describing the weapon, you have to describe the whole body transformation for readers to get the full picture. The abilities are great except for the fact that he can use Cero Oscuras (that move is somewhat unique to Ulquiorra's Reserreccion).

Im actually in the middle of making a Reserreccion of my own, so thanx for the inspiration.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
1) It happens every time I touch my opponent with Akuma no te. And what about if I change it to 0.25% per second?
2) I go with what you say.
3) I actually should change it to only removing Hollows that have possessed people. It will take 30 seconds to remove it completely. If something were to go wrong, there is a 60% chance that the person will die. And if the Hollow is only partially removed then there is an even greater chance that the Hollow will kill the person.
1) Like shikai
2) I am still able to use the energy that I collected when in shikai. The less energy I have the smaller and ineffective it will be. And yes it should be asorbed.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wolfmaster3000 said…
well I am happy to see everyone is haveing a good time , just like to announce Wolfmaster is back for those of you who know me ;) =P & I have a new fresh Zanpakuto & soulreaper coming soon
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
Thanks so much for the comments! ^.^ It helps alot. I'm going to fix it up now. :D<3
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Zanpakuto name: Kyuryu Rashingu (Rushing rapids)
Sealed appearance: The hilt wrap is a dark blue, and the hilt guard is in the shape of a diamond. On the base of the blade, there are five sapphires, each one inch higher up than the last.
Release command: Furadofuro! Kyuryu Rashingu! (Flow forward! Rushing Rapids!)

Shikai description: The five sapphires explode into turquoise water and engulf the blade. The blade then disappears, leaving only the water, which begins churning. The water can cut, but inflicts wounds as though the opponent put that body part on a grinder, instead of cutting like a normal sword. The blade can also blast out at the opponent, mush like Shinso.

Shikai ability 1: Kawa supure (River spray): By harnessing the moisture in a particular spot in the air, the wielder can create a blast of water, with the same cutting capabilities as the blade, to attack an opponent's flanks straight from the air.

Shikai ability 2: Sasupendopuru (Suspending pool): The wielder point the blade at the target, and the blade shoots out like a geyser at the target. Instead of blasting the target, the water gathers around them, trapping them in a sphere of water. However, there is a small air bubble at the middle. Also, the flow of the water in the sphere can be manipulated to push the target back into the middle, should he try to escape, making it difficult to escape from. The water can be evaporated by an exposure of reiatsu.

Bankai name: Idaina Kasukedo, Kyuryu Rashingu (Grand Cascade, Rushing Rapids)
Bankai description: The water of the blade becomes pure white, and a sleeve of water wraps around his sword arm, providing armor. The wielder now has the ability to manipulate the movements of all the water in the area.

Bankai abilities:

Suisei Kuron (Aquatic clones): The wielder shapes water into clones of himself. The clones cannot use any of the wielder's abilities. Also, despite having no reiatsu of their own, they can see the target. Their main purpose is distraction. Each clone is made of forty five litres of water, and can be remade if destroyed. The wielder must be careful not to create too many, because if he does, he risks losing control over them. If this happens, they will solidify into ice, which cannot be manipulated by this blade, and attack everything in the area, including the wielder of this blade.

Soturemo Buredo (Stream Blades): The wielder can make swords out of the water in the area. The swords cut the same way the zanpakuto does, and do not have to be wielded to be used. They can fly around at the will of the wielder. Each sword is made up of five litres of water and take the form of a normal katana.

I hope you enjoyed this one. Again, your feedback IS appreciated.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas LinkKinuzuma13 said…
celiowolfcosta- It's very balanced now that the changes are made. I like it, and thx for making it just for me! :)

Zordaik- I like it. Just one question, is this the one you used on blackout? I don't see any problems with it, and it's very well balanced. But Whiteflame55 might have a few things to say.

Wolfmaster3000: It's been forever. Glad to see that you're back. :)

I'll be making a new zanpakuto soon, but just so you guys know, My very first one, was re-posted with many changes on pg 177, along with my char, who has a brand new name and all that. I'll be making a water based one for my next, and after that, a light based one.

Honestly guys, i do have to say, that My very first one that i ever posted on here, is always going to be my fav, because it's my ideal one, and it works beat for me. If you want to look at it, then go to page 177 on here, it's name is Kinuzuma(Gold Lightning) and tell me what you think.

Laters! :)
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