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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
The issues aforementioned by mrman906 are marked with a *** so you don't have to scan over the whole thing again. ^.^ 

~ My  Arrancar and Zanpakutō ~
Name - Gracyn Alacrán
Rank - Espada Number II
Fraccíon - Kazuhiro "Kazu-kun" or "Kaz" Setsu, Arrone Uryuka, Ren Shinotsu, Sakura Sukinero
Gender - Male
Age - He doesn't really know. Approximately 200 years of age, appears in his late teens/early twenties
Height - 5,10"
Weight - 125 lbs.
Body Type - Gracyn's physical appearance is somewhat small in terms of muscles. His body is slim and slander, somewhat lanky.

Hollow Mask Remnants - The remains of his forms a sort of necklace around his neck, dipping in a V to in between his pecks. In the back, it stays up around his neck and the sides fan out and form shoulder pauldrons.

Hollow Hole - Gracyn's hollow hole is located a few inches about the pout of the "V" in his hollow mask remnants.

Appearance - Gracyn has a somewhat angelic appearance: soft facial features with slightly feminine qualities and slightly paled skin. His hair is a faded golden color and neck length with his bangs swooping gently over his left eye, but some parts spike down and are somewhat in his eyes, but it doesn't seem to affect his vision whatsoever. He has slightly bigger eyes than the normal, which are colored a deep ocean blue, and his pupils change at times from being regular black spheres to slits like a cat's eyes. His canine teeth are slightly larger than average and more sharp, like fangs. For clothes, he wears the normal styled Espada uniform. On top, he wears a short sleeved half jacket (Something like Sora's from Kingdom Hearts) with white coloring and thick black borders near the zipper and bottom of the jacket, as well as the ends of the sleeves. Underneath that, he wears a plain white sleeveless shirt with no black borders and a slight dip in the neckline, exposing a little bit of his hollow mask remnants. He wears the regular white Espada hakama with the black obi, with his Zanpakutō secured in it.

Personality - Unlike most Arrancar, Gracyn seems to have a sense of humor, slightly smiling whenever he finds something funny or intriguing, sometimes even laughing. He is very laid back most of the time, preferring not to take much anything too seriously. He is very loyal and is good with obeying orders, but he often finds himself straying from them if he finds something interesting or if he is curious. Despite him being laid back, he has a high sense of honor and respect, oftenmost going out of his way to avoid disrespecting or dishonoring someone. However, when in battle or in situations that require his full attention, he becomes quite serious and analytical, speaking with a little more of an authoritative and slightly deeper tone, and he often becomes somewhat cold and harsh. Because of his emense power, he is highly respected throughout all of the Espadas, even more so from his Fraccíon, and he acts accordingly at times. He had a somewhat brotherly bond with Kazuhiro, giving him the nickname "Kazu-kun".

Biograpghy - He has little to no memories prior to becoming an Arrancar. The only ones he can remember are of him and his subordinate, Kazuhiro. Because of this, his bond with Kaz is much stronger than his bond with any other members of the Espada. Gracyn prefers to keep Kaz by his side at all times, even forsaking the help of his other subordinates.

Zanpakutō -
Name - Sasori
Appearance - Sasori takes the form of a nodachi, a [field] katana with a blade longer than 28.7 inches. It's blade length is precisely thirty-six inches with a twelve inch handle to accommodate two hand usage, with an overall length of forty-eight inches. It has a silver colored rectangular tsuba with the corners split horizontally in the middle, pointing slightly up and slightly down, coming to two points on each corner. It has two lines crisscrossing vertically and horizontally, making a sort of plus sign on the guard. The hilt's wrappings are forest green with a silver underlay color, with a silver pommel on the end with decorative markings on it. Sasori's sheath's color is silver but with a slight green tint, looking somewhat like mint green. He has a light blue ribbon tied to the top of his sheath.

Release Command - "Sasu koto! Sasori!"
- In English, "Sting! Scorpion!"
When Gracyn releases Sasori, he becomes inveloped dark green reiatsu outlined in light green, which encase him and flicker like flames. Then, the flames start to flicker in the wind and fade away to reveal Gracyn's Resurreción.

Resurreción Form - In this form, Gracyn's jacket disappears and in it's place, his hollow mask has changed and grown on top of his under shirt. The shoulders extend up into spikes and the bone like armor goes all the way down his arm, giving him a kind of gauntlet, with the fingers clawed. The "V" in the mask has grown into a type of breast plate that only covers the middle of his torso and up, except for his hollow hole. Even though you can only see his feet, his legs are armored with the bone like substance from mid-thigh down, with his toes pointing into claws like the fingers. In the back, he has grown an armored tail like his arms and legs, extending out about teen feet and ending in a five foot long, blade like stinger, with two spikes near the base, resembling the guard of a sword. For a weapon, the stinger and be removed from his tail to be used as a sword, and another stinger grows back in it's place. Along the edge of the stinger, it had tons of tiny like spikes, making painful to tear from flesh. At the tip of the stinger, it had a small hole for releasing poison. He fires Cero's from the tip of his tail in this form

Resurrección Abilities -

Ability Number One - Gracyn stabs the enemy with his stinger. When stabbed, the stinger sticks into the target, severing itself from the tail. When it pierces flesh, a slow acting poison is released into the blood stream. This poison slowly start to make the enemy feel like his limbs and muscles are slowly getting heavier and harder to move, as well as slightly blurring the vision and decreasing reaction time. Depending on how long the stinger remains in the body can determine how much poison is on the blood stream. The more poison, the faster and takes effect and the worse the effects are. If taken out right away, this ability will have very little to no effect. 
*** For the poison effect to work, the tip of the stinger needs to puncture the flesh at least two inches deep.
Sorry if this ability isn't exactly effective, in your words, mrman906. I wanted to stay as true as possible to the overall idea I had to make this Zanpakutō based off a scorpion's qualities. The pincers, the armored bodies, the tail, the stinger, the poison, etc..
The poison only works three times for every time he enters his Resurreción, after that this ability is less useful and all it does it just stab the target with a stinger with no poison. The time that it takes for this poison to reach it's maximum effect is around fifteen minutes. He also carries a less powerful version of this poison in his claws and fangs, which is released into the blood stream whenever he cuts them with any of his claws. This is a far weaker form of his stinger's poison, however, and not very effective at all unless it builds up from multiple claw wounds. This method of poisoning takes an hour to reach full effect and doesn't have the limited number of uses as the tails poison.

Ability Number Two - "Doku no Ame"
"Poison Rain"
Gracyn fires a steady jet of poison from the stinger. The poison acts as an acid, slowly eating away whatever it lands on. Very slowly. It starts with whatever clothing the target may be wearing. It could take about five minutes to reach skin, and it slowly starts burning the flesh away. However, it has the consistency of water and is somewhat easy to remove before it causes any real damage.
*** The poison shoots out of his tail somewhat like a jet of water (I'd compare this to a water hose with one of those nozzles on it that sprays a thin, steady stream, but about as strong as a fire hose, if that makes sense) that he can shoot about a hundred feet at maximum distance. Altogether, he can spray about ten seconds of poison before it is completely depleted, so about every three seconds counts as one of the three times he can use it.
Like the stinger, this ability can only be used three time per Resurreción. To affect more than one target, he shoots the poison straight up into the air, causing it to rain down on a small area.

Resurreción Ability Three - "Enerugī-zashi Kizu"
"Energy Stinger"
Gracyn charges reiatsu into his tail and to the stinger (It takes about three seconds to charge to his stinger). The stinger then begins to glow with the deep green color of Gracyn's reiatsu. He can then fire off this energy like an arrow, piercing the target. This seems to have an effect as one Uryu Ishida's Quincy arrows, only slightly stronger. He can charge this ability up, where the stinger grows even more fiercely with his reiatsu, and can fire it with more power and speed. The arrow also has a greater mass, making it easier to land a hit on the enemy.
*** The speed that the normal arrows go is about eighty mph, and this biggest arrow goes around seventy. The other speeds for the arrows' charged size fit in between these two numbers. The overall mass that these arrows can accumulate is around one foot in circumference, and is five feet long in length. The bigger the arrow, the slower it goes, but it's speed isn't very greatly taxed by this.
 Also, he can charge it to the point where he could release it into one powerful arrow but instead fire of fractions of the reiatsu for a rapid fire effect.

Gracyn has also achieved a Segunda Etapa release form, the second stage of Resurreción.

Gracyn's releases his reiatsu and calls out, "Resurreción, Segunda Etapa.". He then start to change into the Nee form.

Segunda Etapa - In this form, Gracyn undergoes even more developments to his body, as well as his abilities. From just below his elbows down, he gains a set of scorpion like pincers which extend about six inches out past where the tips of his fingers would normally be. Where his arm is, there is a hollowed out spot in the pincer so his arm doesn't get crunched, and when he opens his pincer his arm is revealed. Also, all of his Espada clothing has disappeared and in their place is a full seat of the bone like armor, covering all of his body except for his stomach area and his head. He had spikes where his elbows and kneecaps are, and his feet now only consist of four toes in the front and a claw like growth on his heel, somewhat resembling a scorpion's legs, but they're as long as his fingers. His head has now acquired a sort of visor just above his forehead. His hollow hold has also grown slightly in size. He still fires Cero's from his tale in this form.
*** All of his armor does indeed help with his defensive capabilities. I'd compare the effect to plate mail armor, however the bone like armor is about ten percent stronger than plate mail in it's defense capabilites.
He still retains all of his abilities, but they're more stronger than they were before. 
*** All of his abilities are stronger by around x5 of their old strength, however the poisonous effect only doubles in the speed that it takes to have it's full effect. 
He gains a few more abilities as well.

Segunda Etapa Abilities -

Ability Number One - "Sasori-za Hanmā"
"Scorpio Hammer"
With this new ability, he clenches his pincers shut and condenses his reiatsu into them. They now glow with his reiatsu and act as an augment. Whenever he hits someone with the claw, it hits them hard enough to send them flying back a couple hundred feet if they aren't prepared.
*** This ability ONLY augments his attacks with his pincers. The strength of his pincers is closely comparable to the effect a war hammer has, even more so when he pumps his reiatsu into them.

Ability Number Two - "Sasori no San Jū"
"Scorpion's Tri-Gun"
By far his strongest. He pumps his reiatsu into both his tail and his pincers. He then condenses it and fires them simultaneously. This move has the same principles as his Enerugi-zashi Kizu moves, it can charge to become even stronger or release it in rapier fire bursts of energy. However, if charge long enough (approximately thirty seconds) he can fire it in beams, like his Cero, only much stronger. This ability rivals the power of his Cero Oscuras, if not stronger, and is much more potent. He can only use the move once every Resurreción, but he is still able to fire it in bursts or charge it into three strong shots of reiatsu, just not the Cero like reiastsu beams.
*** I'd compare the strength of this move to be on par with Ulquiorra Cifer's Segunda Etapa release's Cero Oscuras.

I hope this fixed some of the questions you had about my Zanpakutō! :D If you find any more, please, let me know! :o Thank you. (;
Also, to Rahvin, thank you for the positive feedback. :D<3
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ichigosuke said…
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just read the new Manga Chapter! Finally, after a year that bleach was going downhill, it rises UP! This should be GOOD!! A whole new Ark. Just no words to express it.
Thank you Tite Kubo for returning bleach to its path.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
I just read it, too! It's amazing! I can't deny, I seen something like this coming. ^.^ I'm So Happy!! :D<3
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
I agree that this is a dramatic and welcome change, but it dies create a slew of new and confusing questions that need to be answered. Unfortunately, Kubo's record of answering suxh important questions is already pretty marred.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…

as a response to your questions....

1- As the sword needs a constend need to feed when it is in shikai or bankai abillitie because it has a certain power that disruptes the ratio of the fallen victim by absorbing its life force before it turns into ratio, mixing the 2 ratio types are easy but only because the shikai/bankai form has a storage for a massive amount of ratio. close to the abbilite of a quincy.

2- And to your remark to the 5 senses, the oppenent stills has his ratio notation, unlike ex-9th squad captain's bankai where all connections were severed and ration conpassion removed for the special abbilite the the captain has of being blind, he can sence one's presence without ratio or his other senses, it just puts a person at a mojor disadvantage FOR 1 MINUTE ONLY, this technique only lasts a minute and during that time the weilder of Kage Okami, can either strike... or plan his next moves wisley.

3- The power of the 6th sense is to only interpate the move by sensing its ratio conpasation, by th way, it's use can only be once for the constend backdrop of the abillite is that it can consume both reitsu and life force from the person because of the constent realease of a field of navigation, thats why the abillite can only be used for a minute or even in times of tiredness, less... the abbilite is only activated when the user release the field.


1- As the bankai is called out there is a major flouk in this abbilitie because when the bankai is called for the first 3 seconds of bankai stat, the eye is merley opened slightly and until it is into about 7 seconds from the bankai release it opens completly also relaseing the 7 spikes of the sword, for the technique to work... the enemy must look directly to any part of the eye or veins that cover the entire sword... for someone to read another's movements they must look at the sword... thats why this sword is the best one to never leave oppenents alive, for they may come back and never fall for the technique again.

2- You are correct on sugesting that it consumes.. 50% of the REMAINING reitsu of the weilder and the time limit is none for the constent use of it can be restored by slashing an opponent or leting it slash the weilder for it to feel the need to see bloodspill, this abbilitie is very useful, though the weilder knows very well not to abuse the powers.

3- Ahaha! i see we have a Naruto lover! well yeah the abbilitie is the same as pein's though in this sword the user choses who to reserect bac, because there are time where the weilder will have to kill inocent souls to feed the hunger of this sword, as a last act of decency the weilder gives it's life to destroy the sword and give back the lives of those who truely deserve it, hence the names Bleeding Wolf, always looking for food, never caring for others... always trying to heal itself, though never filling the hole of its hunger... THATS WHY, THE WEILDER WOULD BE STRONGLY BE RECOMMENED TO KNOW A LOT OF HAKUDOU AND ZANJUTSU (swordplay) FOR HIM TO USE ONLY IN HIS NORMAL STAT KATANA, TO NOT FALL FOR THIS TERRIBLE POWER....

and thank you for asking me these questions, if you have anymore please go ahead!!! PEACE!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, so I really don't tend to do this, because in most cases, the response is relatively reasonable to what I've said. Shadowhunter, I think those responses are all fine, you don't have to go quite so heavy on the reduction to the first ability, but it's a good way to go.

celiowolfcosta, I'm lost all over the place. I've read and re-read what you've stated, and I'm just lost.
1) You still have to provide some text in your actual blade that makes this a clear part of it. I get what you're saying, but it has to be in there.
2) I'm not even sure I'm reading English here, to be completely frank. I can glean very little from this - just that we're talking about the 5 senses ability, that it isn't overpowered, and that there's now a 1 minute time limit. I don't know what a "ratio notation" is, I don't know what a "ration conpassion" is, and I don't know what either of them does to make this ability balanced. When it comes to Aizen, I don't think his blade does sever any connections in the brain. From what I know of his blade, it merely distorts. Your blade literally says that it severs those connections, that's the part I'm bringing up. I didn't even mention the fact that severing those connections has terrible effects on the brain and its ability anything...but I'm pretty sure the severing part is still there. If it doesn't do what I'm talking about, then the language is wrong and needs a dramatic change. If the disadvantage is much smaller, specify where it is at. If the only problem with the ability is that it only lasts a minute (though you don't say that it can't be reused again and again), that's not enough. In one minute, the average Soul Reaper can kill his opponent so many times it's absurd. One second would be too much - the window of time need not be large. I'm telling you this ability is dramatically overpowered, and it needs a major tune up.
3) I really don't get this sixth sense business. Unless you're referring to the general ability to "see" energy (something that very few characters have in Bleach), it's a mystery to me. From this, I can sort of get that, maybe, you reduce their senses in ratios, though I still don't get what that means. What's the restriction on these ratios? How does it work? How many senses can be completely shut down? What does it mean to bring a sense down by half? This needs a lot of explanation. I still don't get how this can be used, what the restrictions no range are, how easy it is to hit the opponent, whether it can be dodged, whether it can be blocked, etc.

1) The specifications are nice, but they make this obscenely overpowered. Now the opponent cannot look at the blade (since the blade is covered in veins that would make them go into a Tsukiyomi-type state), basically making it impossible to parry and dodge attacks, which means unless they have something that makes it impossible for the opponent to get into melee range, they're dead. The only other option they have is to look at the blade, and one look weakens them to the point that you can easily kill them. Simply stating that it is the best and therefore can be overpowered doesn't make it right that it is overpowered - we try and set a reasonable standard for blades on here.

The other 2 responses are fine, but a lot of this just doesn't make sense. I full well realize you're a good deal younger than me, but there's still a lot lacking here, not to mention quite a few spelling mistakes (ability, not abbilite). I think the blade has potential to be good without being insane, you just need to acknowledge the major problems.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rahvin said…
Here's my latest Zanpakuto, tell me what you think.

Zanpakuto - Ishiyokai (Stone Demon)
Release Command - Crack

Shikai Description - To release, the user holds Ishiyokai point down (like how byakuya holds his sword before releasing bankai) and shouts the command. When released Ishiyokai does not transform, but instead the hilt, guard and blade of the katana turn a dark grey.

Shikai Abilities:

Kudake Chirufureau (Shattering Touch) - Instantaneously on impact, Ishiyokai magnifies the hardness of whatever it hits (this effect only affects the object up to 30cm away from the point of impact) to breaking point. The force of the impact then kicks in, literally shattering the solidified material. This ability has difficulty affecting objects (such as Zanpakuto) with a concentration of spirit energy stronger than that of the user, so it would take several strikes in the same place to shatter said objects.

Bankai - Sekai Ishiyokai (Earthen Stone Demon)
Release Command - Bankai (obviously)

Bankai Description - To release, the user once more holds Ishiyokai point down to the ground. Once "Bankai" is said, the user slams Ishiyokai into the ground - the blade shatters gradually as it hits the ground - until the blade is completely broken down. The bankai name is then shouted, and the shattered fragments of Ishiyokai gather on the users shoulders, arms and hands and become a pair of archaic gauntlets.

Bankai Abilities:

Dokoutai (Earth Shifting) - In this state Sekai Ishiyokai is able to telekinetically manipulate the minerals (or 'earth') in a 2km radius at will by using physical motions with the gauntlets. The minerals can be moved at a maximum speed of 5 meters per second. This technique can be used in a multitude of ways, and is really only limited by the users creativity (and its range). The one mineral that is unaffected by Dokoutai is Sekkiseki, as its spiritual nullifying properties stop Sekai Ishiyokai from moving it.

Katamaru Fureau (Gorgon Touch) - In bankai, the user can use this more advanced form of Kudake Chirufureau. When the gauntlets touch an object, the user can transmute the entire object into granite (please note this only affects the object being touched, not adjoining objects - therefore you cannot petrify an individual if you touch their armour, you have to be touching them). How fast this happens (the solidity spreads out from the point of impact) depends on the strength of the spirit energy in said object. In the case of objects with no spirit energy, the change would be instantaneous - however if the spirit energy rivalled that of the user the change would travel at about 3cm a second. Please note that the transmuted material is now a mineral and so Dokoutai can be used to either shatter it or otherwise manipulate it.


I also have two other Zanpakuto if you want to view them as well:

Kukyo na Ikazuchi (Void Thunder) on page 177

Kitsunekaji (Fox Fire) on page 178
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
WhiteFlame55 -

Exuse me for the previouse comment, that was actual my younger brother checking if i had a responce to it... and frankly i didn't ask him to write anything.

For the ideal answers of MY ideal zanpakuto are...

1 - The Gekido strike can release a slash of reitsu both from the weilder's reitsu and the one stored in the sword collected from fallen victims, the set back is that this power is limited to about 3 strikes per total victim reitsu stored in the blade... wondering how it is stored? well when a soul dies it turns into ratio, then collected by the sword by absorbing that energy until the capacity it set to a full of 15 people.

2 - When you go into this world of nightmare, the weilder must constently feed the reitsu of itself to keep the process intact, and the downside is that this technique was designed to be used only once per battle for the reitsu consumption and for that the abbility was not ment to kill the opponent, but to throw him/her of the course of the battle.

3 - The skill is not to sense reitsu but literally read the reitsu wavelength to read the actual quantity of reitsu about to be used in any part of the enemy's body and even sword, and by creating this base of data, the weilder of Kage Okami can predict the very next move that can be from a Bakudou spell to even a cero, nothing in this state can be a suprise to the weilder.

Bankai -

1 - The blade's abbility can easily be broken by a simple release of reitsu or even a certain ammount or spiritual pressure increase to disrupt the flow of the reitsu that is shutting of the connections and mixing them up. Like in the battle of when Ichigo Kurosaki had to fight an assassin who was weilding a bakouto that would put him in a nightmare like you saw... his mother dieing, he simply got out by releasing a major ammount of reitsu... this abbility can well be reflected for the common knowledge of a captain of the soul society.

And yet again... i apologise for my brother's inferior knowledge of bleach hehe... he's 12... when now you are talking to a 16 year old, this shall not happen again that from now on, all my posts shall be from me and only from me.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Heh, was wondering, the writing style seemed completely different from what you'd done before. Appreciate the updates, these are a lot more reasonable.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
Im happy we got thigs settled, hay, have you made a zanpakuto? if so which page is it on please. :D
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Well, all of my zanpakuto are long since lost in the many pages that have been made here (I've been around since somewhere between 30 and 50), but for that reason, myself and the other people in the RP group Bleach: The Fallout made a separate forum to keep track of our characters and blades. It's called Bleach: Fallout Characters, just look under the forums list and it should be right there, all of my blades are posted there (just posted the latest one today, though I think it's a little too complex), as well as the blades of the people in that forum.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
well in that case ill probably stick to this page and getting the fresh ideas of newcomers hehe... well hope you can still stay on though cause ill be posted a new zanpakuto soon on like a scythe just like Shuhei Hisagi's kazeshini's style of fighting
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
I liked your allure whiteflame it was well thought out and it is a original idea which is something i have a lot of trouble with. My only good ones are inspierd from something else. :(
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
ddarksonic675, sometimes when someone is inspired by another creation, thats when that person's true talent and imagination comes to their use. look at me for example i was inspired by both whiteflame and linkKuzuma13.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
I appreciate the positive feedback ddarksonic, but truth be told, all of my blades are inspired by something else. Most of them have historical or mythological roots, this particular one is actually an amalgamation of quite a few sources, not the least of which was jstar18 who gave me the original idea. Physiological information was also a huge part of it, some of which I had to look up again since it's been so long since I learned it.

You've had a lot of good ones, and to be frank, there's nothing wrong with being inspired by another source. It's what you do to make the idea your own at that point that really employs your creativity.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
As all the great inventors and creationists in the world, they stumbled upon a text, image or even words spoken, for their ideas were created also by inspiration.

whiteflame55, a quick question... im still a newb on bleach because im only on episode 269 of the anime, and i wanted to ask a question from you...
Captain Retsu of the 4th squad, why does her healing abilities match such a dark, and evil-looking zanpakuto, shown in the time where a rouge zanpakuto named muramasa released them from their owners.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ddarksonic675 said…
Ty everyone i agree but what i meant was ones based off something else like my world of warcraft ones. Ideas for ones like my first one that was an axe with a dice themed bankai are what i have trouble coming up with so they are few and far between. Thats what i was mainly getting at. But ty for the complements.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Heh, inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes dude, nothing wrong with using World of Warcraft in that regard. I can understand that you'd rather that you could create some ideas from something small, but modifying abilities you see elsewhere to be used in the Bleach universe can be just as difficult.

celio, I must admit, I don't keep track of the filler arcs. I don't know why the incarnation of her blade looks the way it does, the whole thing was a bit confusing to me when I heard about it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Rahvin said…
Honestly, whatever Zanpakuto you think of you have to have got the idea from somewhere - even if you don't realize it. There is therefore nothing wrong with getting an idea from anywhere, what matters is (and here i agree with whiteflame) the personal touch you add afterward to make it yours. For instance, when it comes to inspiration i personally like to incorporate 'bending' (from TLA) into my Zanpakuto.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas deinnomos said…
Geminus Luna -twin moons - Before being released it looks like a pair of normal length katana with white sheaths.

Command Once released both katana's blades become white and there handles become black and have black 2 foot long ribbons coming out from the back of the handles. The sheaths become become black but one inch on the bottom and top are white. Also the blades of them have a white glow about as strong as a night light.

Spiro -Breathe- When one of the swords is in it's sheath it absorbs reshi from around it like uryu's bow does. It draws it in at about 1% of it's total in 10 seconds and it's total is 25% of the users total reshi. This reshi can be used by the user to use any of the swords abilities at half the cost or it can be absorbed into the user in 1 mintute for all of it. Once a sword is full of reshi, around 17 minutes, it can enter full moon phase. During full moon phase the ribbons turn white and glow like the blades. In full moon phase it uses it's reshi up at 2% every 10 seconds but if it is sheathed it stops using up reshi.Once it is out of reshi is out it resets to normal and can start all over. At any time that the sword is sheathed the user can put reshi into it at 1% a second and Spiro effects each sword indivdualy.

Novus Aestus -New Tide- This attack is like gestuga tensho but is about half the size and strength of ichigos. It also looks like it is made of white water and needs about 75% as much reshi. After the attack has been used the user can say Amoveo - shift- and the attack will stop then return to the sword returning all the reshi left, if half the attack hit and half came back then then only half of the reshi would be restored and it is restored to the user not the sword. The attack comes back at the same speed.

___If the sword it being used for the attack was in full moon phase it's name changes to Plenus Aestus -Full Tide- and the attack comes out of the tip of the sword in a circle shape and it is about 3 feet wide and goes out to 50 feet in 5 seconds. This takes 2X the reshi as the last one and the reshi can come from ether sword or user. Amoveo does not work on this and this also deals damage like gesuga tensho does

Novus Saltatio -New Dance- This ability would use about as much reshi as the number 32 kido every 2.5 seconds. During this mode the user holds a sword upside down then becomes invisable for 4 seconds then visable for 1 second then invisable again in that cycle. This stops when the user wants it to.

___If the sword used was in full moon phase then the attack is called Plenus Salatio - Full Dance - This uses as much reshi as Novus Salatio - New Dance -. This makes the user move 35% faster for 4 seconds then 35% weaker, strength, for a second. This does not effet flash step and it can be used at the same time as Novus Salatio.

Bankai is called Geminus Stalla - Twin Star - In bankai both swords blades become brown and the handles stay black. The ribbons are the same length but become brown chains 1 inch thick with a 2 inch thic metal ball on the end that is black.

Stalla Evolutio Vitae - Star Evolution - The swords in bankai have 3 stages Natio - Birth -, Vita - Life -, and Mors - Death -. When bankai is used They start in Natio - Birth - Stage. In this form the user gains a 60% speed boost but lose 20% of there strength and 20% of there strength. After 10 minutes the swords leave This stage and move on to the next stage. During the second stage Vita - Life - The swords become red and so does the chain. In this stage the user loes the 60% bonus to speed and 20% loes of strength and reshi. During this stage the swords produce reshi in themselfs Reaching 100% of there reshi, 60% of the users, in 3 minutes. This reshi can be used for the swords abilities only. Once the swords hit 100% the speed they produce reshi us cut in half until it reaches 150%. Once the swords reach 150% or 300% of there reshi has been used they enter the last stage. Once the swords start to enter the last stage they glow then after 10 seconds they explode with the power of grimmjows gran ray creo, together not each,. After this explosion the blades are in Mors - Death - Stage. The blades become blue and so do the chains. In this Stage the user has 70% speed strength and reshi.

Ability 2
____ In Natio - birth - stage it is Ventus Solaris - Solar Wind - The user hand starts to pour out reshi from the palm then the user blows over there hand and from there hand wind comes out in a wave about the size of ichigos bankai gestuga tensho. This air is 700 degrees and is the strength of a level 2 hurricane. This needs as much reshi as mabe 3 gestuga tensho from ichigo and lasts as long as the user can keep blowing out at full strength.
____ In Vita - life - stage it is Solaris Flare - Solar Flare- The user stabs somthing the 3 seconds later a 5 foot wide pillar of fire shoots out of it to 100 feet in 5 seconds. This is 1800 degrees F and has a 3 second cooldown. This uses as much reshi as a cero.
____ In Mors - death - stage it is Solaris prominence - Solar prominence- one of the swords appars to be coverd in blue fire then the user waves to sword and shoots out a wide blast of reshi, that looks like blue fire,. This is the same size, speed, and shape as Tia Harribel's sword creo thing she used against Hitsugaya. This uses as only needs as much reshi as a level 32 kido.

Ability 3
____ In Natio - birth - stage it is Sol Lucus - Sun Spot - One of the swords is coated in a black ink like goo over the course of 10 seconds then the user puts it on a surface and it forms a circle about 2 feet acrossed. The spot causes anyone within 100 feets reshi to become harder to control. This makes it take between 20% - 80% more reshi to use abilities this does not stack with other Sol lucus - Sun Spot - abilities. This doesn't effect the user and the amount changes randomly while it is in effect. If the spot is changed from a circle, smearing it or something, then it stops working. This also stops as stage changes.
____ In Vita - life - stage it is Coronal Acervus Eicio - Coronal Mass Ejection - This needs a 32 kido amount of reshi to for a level 1 version of this. The user glows blue for 3 seconds then lets out an explosion of fire 1800 Degrees F. From there body reaching up to 3 meters away from them in every direction in a circle shape. The user is not hurt by this and it moves at kido speed. Every level after level 1 increases the size by 1 meter and chagre time by 1 second. For example level 2 would be 4 meters and take 4 seconds to charge and level 5 would be 7 meters and take 7 seconds to charge. The reshi cost for each level is a level 32 kido times the numbers level, a level 3 would be 3 level 32 kidos worth of reshi, plus the amount from the last level. So to go from level one to level two it would take 1 level 32 kido of reshi ,form level one , then add 2 level 32 kido , for level two, making a total of 3 level 32 kido. So for level 3 it would be 3 level 32 kidos plus the number needed for level 2 with was 3 level 32 kidos making a total of 6 level 32 kidos worth of reshi to use level 3 four would need 10 total 5 would need 15 total and so on in that pattern.
____ Tin Mors - Death - stage it is Repeto - Begin Again - The user breaks the ball off the chain then thorws it the ball that then floats in place and starts to pull reshi into it at the speed of a creo every 4 seconds from a distance of 100 feet. After absorbing an amount of reshi equal to the users max reshi It lets out an explosion equal to the power of the explosion when entering Mors - death - Stage After the explosion the ball is in the form of a 3 meter wide blue star. It will stay like this for 30 minutes and is 2500 Degrees F. When like this it pulls everything within 30 feet of it into itself with the strength of earths gravity. After it is done, runs out of time, or the user wants it to stop, it turns back into the ball and falls to the ground. The user can do this this both balls.

Sorry for my spelling please review this if you don't mind
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas celiowolfcosta said…
Whiteflame, i see and thank you for the response and i was just confused when i was figuring which shinigami was the owner of that zanpakuto, i was even wondering if it was kenpachi's but he doesn't even know his sword's name... anyways :P
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Chishio said…
zanpakuto - Sasayaki (Whisper)
release command - Shinrai Sei (Make Believe)

Description - Sasayaki is a small sword, about half the size of its sealed state. The guard is that of a four pointed star radiating from the blade with a near metallic sheen to it, giving it the appearance of shifting when it moves.

Shikai Abilities - Sasayaki itself is not very powerful in one on one sword fighting. In its Shikai form, it has two abilites.

Sakui (Redesign) - Sasayaki allows the wielder to take their spirit and go into the mind of anyone they clash swords with, effectively halting the battle of their bodies. While inside, if thier spiritual pressure is greater than that of their foe, they may 'redesign' their memories...making them believe whatever the weilder wishes. Commonly used in tandem with Saihon.

Saihon (Siphon) - Causes Sasayaki to glow a silver color. While glowing, Sasayaki transfers a small portion of spiritual energy from the opponent they clash with to the wielder. The amount of time this ability can be used depends on the wielder, the wielders strength, and the amount of times the wielder can strike an opponent in battle. Commonly used in tandem with Sakui.

bankai name - Tenrai Sasayaki (Divine Whispers)

description - Sasayaki the sword disappears, replacing itself with silver gauntlets that cover the whole hand and forearm. On the back of each hand is a purple gem inlaid into the gauntlet with a star radiating from the gem. The wielders clothing also changes. Their clothing they wore is transformed into a white Hakama and a White robe over that. The robe is worn to make a tight 'V' down to their waist,closed until it reaches below the hips, and then open again to the hem, which falls about mid-calf. The robe itself is also sleeve-less and is lined in purple. Your shoes transform as well to black tabi with white waraji.

[bankai abilities] - In its Bankai form, Sasayaki has three abilities. It is still not as adept at one on one sword fighting as it could be, but in bankai for it can easily stand up to the more sword hardy zanpakuto Shikai, and can at least deflect the bankai. While in bankai, the 'wielder' moves much faster than normal and has increased perception and mental capabilities. Their physical abilities remain much unchanged, meaning the wielder of this sword has to work extra hard to keep their physical strength up to par.

Saihon Dageki (Shocking Siphon) - An advanced version of Saihon of Sasayaki's Shikai. The gem of the gauntlets glow a dull yellow while the silver the gauntlets are made of glow bright and seem to shimmer and move on their own. While in this state, any attack done to or by Sasayaki's Gauntlets will drain a larger portion of the enemies Spiritual Energy for use of the 'wielder' and administer a slight shock to the foe, meant to give the 'wielder' an opportunity to land another strike for another drain. The shocks intensity depends on the current amount of spiritual energy the wielder has and how adept at Bankai they are. Used in tandem with Sakui Chikara.

Sakui Chikara (Forced Redesign) - An enchanced version of Sakui. In this state, Sasayaki and the 'wielders' spirit both enter the opponents mind and attempt to overwhelm their spirits in a surprize attack. This attack becomes more effective the greater the spiritual energy of the wielder is. If the attack on the opponents spirit is successful, the opponents memories become erased and replaced with ones depicting a life of joyful servitude to the wielder. They in essence become a servant that is loyal only to the wielder because that is all they know. This attack is dangerous though because if they are beaten within their opponents mind, they are trapped within it, unable to return to their bodies. Usually used only after most of the opponents reiatsu is drained from Saihon Dageki.

Akumu Jigyou (Nightmare Projection) - The 'wielder' can use this technique effectively only if they know exactly what their opponent fears most. Whether it be by knowing them personally or by using Sakui or Sakui Dageki and returning before their spirit becomes trapped. The Silver portion of the gauntlets are moved in a entrancing sort of pattern around the 'wielders' body, causing the silver to shimmer enticingly. When the user makes a mental image of what they wish to project, they infuse reiatsu into the gauntlets, and the purple gems make a brief flash before causing the illusion to appear before the opponent, in which to them is real. They can hear, feel, taste, touch, smell, and sense the image shown to them. A novice at this technique will only have their reiatsu able to be sensed from the illusion. But a master at this technique can learn to fool even the best at reiatsu sensing by disguising the pattern of the reiastu applied to the technique. If the nightmare the opponent fears is a scenario, the shimmering of the gauntlets cause them to live through the scenario in their head as if it was really happening to them, and try as they might it cannot be broken once applied except to go through it. Opponents stronger than the 'wielder' will not be affected unless they have a lower Reiastu level.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Now, before reading this, I know I'm only supposed to incorporate three abilities per shikai and bankai, but go easy on me this time.

Name: Kaze Basuru
Sealed appearance: The blade is the same length as any old katana. The hilt wrap is white. The hilt guard much resembles that of Hyorinmaru's, and there are four different coloured gems on each extending segment. At the end of the segment on the same side as the edge of the blade, there is a deep blue sapphire. Ninety degrees to the left of the sapphire, there is a pale amber. On the rear segment is a blackish-green emerald. Ninety degrees up and to the right is a segment harboring an onyx.
Release command: Shushifo o Utsu, Kaze Bassuru! (Bring the end, Punishing Wind!)

Shikai description: Each of the gems leave their respective sockets and hover three centimeters above. They behave as though they were still attached. The wielder gains the ability to, by simply saying "Kaze", and slashing his sword, create a powerful and sharp blast of wind from the edge of his blade. He has four abilities:

Kita Kaze, Kori Nenrei (Northern Wind, Ice Age): The sapphire disappears, and the blade turns deep blue. The wielder then swings his blade in an arc, emitting a powerful blast of wind from the edge, much like the Getsuga Tenshou. This wind is incredibly cold and will freeze anything inanimate it hits. If it hits a living thing, it's body temperature will drop ten degrees, as well as develope a thin layer of ice around the skin, temporarily paralysing them, exacting upon the victim the pain of the high north. Once the technique is finished, the sapphire returns to it's place.

Seiyo-Fu, Kanbatsu (Western Wind, Drought): The amber disappears, and the blade gains a pale amber colour. The wielder then swings his sword and emits a powerful blast of wind from the edge. When the wind touches anything inanimate, the thing becomes completely dry and very hot. If the wind touches a living thing, it's skin begins to dry up and blister, though not continually to the point where they will die. The target will also become very thirsty and hot, thus recreating the hells of the deserts to the west. Once the technique is finished, the amber will return to it's place.

Minami Kaze, Pesuto (Southern Wind, Plague): The emerald disappears, and the blade takes on a blackish-green colour. The wielder then swings the sword, emitting a powerful blast of wind from the blade. If this wind hits an inanimate thing, the thing will rot away and crumble, much like the effect of Barragan's "Respira". If the wind hit's a living thing, it's skin will develope sickening black boils. They will begin bleeding openly from underneath their nails and the openings on their face, and begin to hallucinate, putting them in incredible pain and thus demonstrating the horrors of the southern plagues. Once this ability is used, the emerald returns to it's place.

Higashi Kaze, Kikin (Eastern Wind, Famine): The onyx disappears, and the blade takes on a pitch black colour. The wielder then swings the blade, emitting a powerful blast of wind. If this wind touches an inanimate thing, the thing will turn soft and weak, and easy to destroy. If this wind hits a living thing, the victim will lose massive amounts of energy, and begin finding it difficult to stand up. Their bones and skin will become soft, and they will become considerably lighter, thus showing the target the suffering of eastern famine.

Bankai: Keshin, Kaze Basuru (Incarnation, Punishing winds)
Bankai description: The wielder absorbs all of the gems. His appearance then changes depending on which bankai ability he activates:

Keshin, Toketsu Kikin (Incarnation, Freezing Famine): The wielder becomes skeletal being, the blade of the sword turns deep blue while the hilt wrap becomes black. If anything is hit by the blade, it suffers the effects of the Ice Age shikai ability, depending on whether of not it is animate. If anything is touched by the free hand of the wielder, it suffers the effects of the famine shikai ability depending on whether or not it is animate. Located inside the ribcage and skull is a mass of black reishi that, when cut, distributes the damage done to the mass equally amongst the organs. When the user returns to his shinigami form, he will suffer the damage.

Keshin, Kurushime Kanbatsu (Incarnation, Plagued Drought): The wielder turns into a large, zombie-like abomination with parts of bone showing due to missing chunks of flesh, and the blade of the sword turns blackish- green, while the hilt wrap turns pale amber. If anything is hit by the blade, they suffer the effects of the plague shikai ability depending on whether or not it is animate. Is anything is touched by the free hand of the wielder, they suffer the effects of the drought shikai ability, depending on whether or not it is animate.
Whew! Longest one yet. Now, I know some of you are going to say things like "All the abilities are irrelevant", but they aren't. They represent four global crisis. Again, criticism IS appreciated.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas s3raphymn said…
My turn.

Zanpakutou: 紫電一閃 (Shiden Issen) Lit. ‘Flash of Lightning, Flash of a Sword’

Type: Lightning | Length: 0.80m | Width: 8.5cm | Handle: Two Handed

Shikai: 閃け. (Hirameke) Lit. ‘Strike.’

This shikai command can only be used when the sword is sheathed. Lightning patterns appear along the length of the sheath with arcs of electricity shooting out from the sword toward the ground. These arcs are electric blue in color and emit a crackling sound. So long as the shikai is active, the sheathed sword constantly emits this energy, resembling lightning that emerges from the sheath and striking the surrounding earth.

[Arc] – Shiden Issen’s ability and attack in shikai. Shiden Issen’s blade is actually infused with concentrated lightning contained within the sheath. When the sword is drawn, the energy is released, creating arcs of electricity that strikes outward in a wave of electrical energy. However, if the sword is left outside of its sheath for too long, the energy dissipates completely; thus, the sword must always be sheathed again to maintain the high electric potential. The energy emitted through [Arc] resembles chain-lightning, striking the earth in a fairly linear fashion with an effective range of 3m. The speed of these bolts is up to 150 thousand km/s. Shiden Issen loses charge with every strike, requiring approximately 1-5s to recharge depending on how much electricity was emitted.

[Arc]’s strength depends on how fast the sword is drawn. The average Captain would draw the sword at a speed that causes one to three bolts of electricity that strike forward, much like a beam. However, masters of iaido, who are trained to rapidly draw and sheath their swords, would cause [Arc] to emit a literal wave of electrical energy in the shape of a blade that ‘cuts’ through the area with an effective range of 3m. This ‘blade’ ‘cuts,’ rather than jumping across the earth like chain lightning, and cannot be blocked by objects that can conduct electricity. In particular, Kamitsure’s draw speed is so fast that the sword unleashes a ‘blade’ made of lighting shaped in a semicircle with a radius of 3.5m and an area of approximately 120 degrees.

[電磁投射砲] (Denjitoushahou) Lit. ‘Railgun’ – Shiden Issen’s final attack in shikai. The sword breaks into five bladed components 16cm in length and detaches from the hilt while the sword is still sheathed. When the user removes the hilt as through drawing the sword, the five sections are launched out of the sheath, powered by the release’s immense electrical energy much in the form of a railgun. These projectiles reach a maximum speed of 3 kilometers per second. All five sections are launched in rapid succession from each other, with a delay of approximately 1s between shots. After this attack is used, Shiden Issen reseals.

Bankai: 無常迅速 (Mujou Jinsoku) Lit. ‘The Fleeting Nature of Life, the Nearness of Death’

The bankai can only be used when the sword is sheathed. The sheath of the sword glows with a blue aura and emits dark arcs of electricity into the surrounding area. These bolts are more intensely colored and emit a louder sound than in the shikai form. Lightning bolt designs cover the entire length of the sheath, with intensely blue lightning covered by a black outline. Additionally, this release compresses the user’s spiritual energy so tightly that it appears as though the user is surrounded by a glowing yellow aura.

Shiden Issen possesses [Arc] while in this mode. [Arc]’s destructive power is increased dramatically compared to its strength in shikai. When the sword is drawn by an average Captain, Shiden Issen creates a massive wave of lightning bolts that travel outward from the user in a semicircle with a 120 degree angle. These bolts rip through the ground at around half the speed of light (up to 150,000 km/s) and have an effective range of 4m. Repeated drawing and sheathing of the sword can literally cause a ‘flood’ of lightning bolts to wash over the affected area.

Iaijutsu users can further concentrate the destructive power of bankai [Arc] into a literal blade of lighting that sweeps a semi-circular area in front of the user with an angle of 150 degrees and a range of 5m. This blade of lightning acts as any normal blade, except it possesses enhanced destructive power and cannot be blocked by objects that can normally conduct electricity. Kamitsure’s high skill level with iaijutsu combined with her experience with her bankai form has allowed her to create a cutting ‘blast’ of lighting that acts as a 3-D blade with an horizontal angle of 165 degrees, a range of 6m, and a height of up to 8m.

If Shiden Issen is ever left unsheathed for a prolonged period of time, the blade’s electric potential dissipates and none of the sword’s special attacks or abilities can be used. Thus, Shiden Issen is meant to be drawn to use any of its abilities and then instantly sheathed to prevent the loss of Shiden Issen’s unique lightning spiritual energy. However, in prolonged combat situations, Shiden Issen will eventually lose power if constantly used if it isn’t sheathed for a long period of time.

[電光一閃] (Denkou Issen) Lit. ‘A flash of lightning.’- Shiden Issen’s ability and attack in bankai. This cannot be used with [Arc]. When uttering the name of the attack, on the next drawing of the sword, the compressed spiritual energy around the user causes the user to perform a Flash Step at the same time as the sword is drawn. This ‘lightning-powered Flash Step’ causes the user to travel linearly up to 10,000 km in a single second. Literally, the user’s attack acts as a single long bolt of lightning with an effective range of 10,000 km in a single direction in one second. However, the user cannot change directions in the middle of this attack and generally must sheath the sword as soon as coming out of the Flash Step to prevent Shiden Issen’s lightning spiritual energy from dissipating completely. The user must invoke the name of this attack with each use.

[電磁投射砲の殺戮] (Denjitoushahou no Satsuriku) Lit. ‘Railgun Massacre’ – Shiden Issen’s final attack in bankai. This attack can only be used when the sword is sheathed. While Shiden Issen has multiple effects that have an area of effect, its main attacks are really only effective for one-on-one combat. [Railgun Massacre] is Shiden Issen’s only attack that has mass destructive potential. This attack must first charge; in doing so, the normal electrical emissions from the sheath are stifled, and the colored patterns on the outside fade into black. As the sword builds in lightning spiritual energy, cracks begin to form along the outside of the sheath. Upon the command phrase ‘滅殺して’ (Meisatsu shite) Lit. ‘Annihilate,’ the sheath breaks and small portions of the blade are ejected outward in a semi-circle. The user can spin while this occurs to obtain full 360 degree coverage. This attack completely destroys the zanpakutou but sends shrapnel at speeds of up to 3 km/s in all directions, causing swaths of destruction, and lasts until none of the zanpakutou is left. Depending on the size of the shrapnel, it can last anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds. Shiden Issen requires up to a week to regenerate itself after this attack.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shadowspiri5 said…
Here it it is

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Ten no arashi (Heavenly Storm)
[release command] Blow Away (fukitobashimasu)
[bankai name] - kamisama no imashime Ten no arashi ( God's Command Heavenly Storm)
=description - In it's sealed form this zanpakuto takes the form of a standard sized katana with a unremarkable hilt, and a silver hand guard in the form of a stylized wind current.The blade is curved a little bit more than wath could be considered normal for this type of sword.

Unleashing shikai turns the blade into a a 2 handed falchion (a blade that is designed like a scimitar)The whole sword is a whitish silver and the blade is very ,very sharp on both sides of the blade. The. hand guard remains the same and a small length of chain comes out of the hilts bottom, at the end of the chain is what appears to be a second hilt.

For bankai the sword disapears.

[shikai abilities]
1. Air currents - The user can unleash and manipulate air currents. The user can determine the shape and strength of the air currents generated by Ten no arashi.(i.e. updraft, downdraft. Things like that.) As well as manipulate their properties.(I.e. cutting winds.The user has no control over the movement of the wind. Max speeds of the wind is 65 mph.
2. Razor chain - The short length of chain on the hilts end is never ending and the second hilt can be used as a grip for the boottom hand to grip while the user uses his other hand to draw out the chain or swing the sword with said chain. The chain is also razor sharp and will cut anything that touches it including the user. Won't have any effect on any substance harder than carbon steel though. (Gloves are advised.)
3. Flight- the user can manipulate wind currents to give tehmselves the ability to fly. Again top speed is 65 mph.
[bankai abilities] -
1. Air mastery - The user gains control over all forms of air in a 500 foot radius. This can be used for whatever the user wants. The level of manipulation control is about the same as Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. The user can even change the properties.
Same as shikai except to a much greater extent. The user can even move air currents live puppets by moving his hands in the direction that he wants them to go in.
2. Air shield - Regardless of the user's will the air will attempt to guard the user from any attack that comes his way. This can be bypassed by most captain level fighters though.

This Zanpakuto is very tempramental and if its spirit gets in a bad enough argument with the user the user will lose the wind shield in bankai and flight in shikai.

The larger the the deviation from what can be considered normal for that climate the more energy it takes to actually preform the tasks. Note This applys to both shikai and bankai. Also if an air current is happening around the uer. The user can enhance the current far beyond what he could do alone.

Note: I'm working on a shinigami for this but I can't get the personality just right.I'll post it when I can.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
My newest creation! ^.^ Not exactly an original, but the inspiration has to come from somewhere.. :P

Zanpakutō Name - Maki Hebi
- In English, "Winding Serpent"
Appearance - Maki Hebi takes the sealed form of a katana with a blade length of twenty eight inches with a twelve inch handle to accommodate two hand usage. Unlike normal katana, Maki Hebi has a little less curvature than what is normal for a katana. It's tsuba is in the shape of a golden colored circle with a serpentine like pattern around the edge and a few decorative marks towards the middle of the guard. The hilt's wrappings are a deep emerald shade of green with a golden underlaying color, the same as the tsuba. It's pommel also has the same gold coloring, and it sports few decorative markings and a slight point on the bottom. Maki Hebi's sheath is completely black except for the rim at the top of the sheath, which is colored slightly lighter than the color of the tsuba.

Release Command - "Nejiru To Kakuchō! Maki Hebi!"
- In English, "Twist and Extend! Winding Serpent!"
Shikai -
The Shinigami using Maki Hebi holds the blade upward like the inverse of what Byakuya Kuchiki does to initiate his Bankai. He speaks the phrase and the blade slowly starts to move in a  slither like fashion, and emits a faint green glow that covers the enter Zanpakutō. When the glow fades, Maki Hebi takes on it's Shikai form. Appearance wise, Maki Hebi doesn't change much. It gains and extension on the tsuba the comes down to the pommel and forms a cross guard like on rapiers and swords like such. The blade also takes on a slightly curvy shape, serpentine, like a kris dagger, but not as curved as that. Also, the serpentine pattern on the tsuba appears to crawl around the edge of the tsuba in a circular motion.

Shikai Abilities -

First Ability - Nejireta Hebi
"Twisted Serpent"
The Shinigami thrusts or slashes Maki Hebi through the air. The blade then extends in a slither like motion like a snake to attack the target. The speed that it moves is about twenty miles per hour and it can reach a distance of three hundred feet at maximum. When it goes to retract, it moves back at a speed of forty miles an hour, so as to not leave the Shinigami open for attack for very long. At any time, the Shinigami may call out "Maki" and the blade can instantly change direction in any angle except backwards. The course of it's direction can be changed only three times per extension. This move can also be used in other variations, like burrowing underground, coming up to attack the target or curving around an object to hit the desired object, or even curling in a circle around the user, forming a cocoon like shield.

Second Ability - Hebi-zashi Kizu
"Serpents Sting"
This move only works once on each target. Whenever the tip of the blade punctures a target, a dull venom is released. This venom causes intense internal pains over a period of time, about thirty seconds in between these "attacks" of pains, but starts off as nothing more than slight annoyance, like a splinter. After around ten minutes has passed, the pain increases to a feeling of a fist crushing down hard on the afflicted area. The pain worsens, but after ten minutes it reaches it's maximum. How much it hurts can be calculated by how long it's been since the wound wad inflicted. This venom doesn't spread far from the area of the wound. It starts out around one centimeter in circumference around the puncture, then grows to a ten centimeter circumference around the afflicted area. This causes no physical harm to the target's body, only the pain of the injury.

Bankai Name - Ōkina Maki Hebi
"Great Winding Serpent."
When releasing Bankai, he uses Maki Hebi's ability to form a cocoon around himself and calls out "Bankai". The blade the begins to grows bigger and bigger and a cloud of reiatsu forms around him. When it clears away, the Shinigami is standing in the middle of a giant coiled up snake.
The snake itself is about four hundred feet long when it stretches itself out and about fifteen feet in circumference. It's tail grows thinner and smaller the further it gets from the head and wraps around the Shinigami's torso and down his right arm and hangs off about twenty five inches, like his Zanpakutō blade in Shikai. On the tip of the tail is another, smaller snake head, the size of a normal snake, and resembling one. The back and sides of the snake is armored in a rock like shell and three rows of spiked grows out of the top and the middle of the sides. There are no spikes in the area that's wrapped around his body, however, and they start back up when the snake stops touching him. There is about seven feet in between each spike. Also, the smaller snake head can be used as a makeshift weapon if someone gets past the main snake.

In Bankai, it has the abilities from it's Shikai, only the length of his Nejireta Hebi is increased one hundred feet and the venom because fully active in half the time. He also has new abilities as well.

First Bankai Ability - "Tsukisasu Yōna Kōkei"
"Piercing Sight"
If the enemy looks into the eyes of either snakes or the user, they become immobile for five seconds at maximum. If the target has a high level of reitasu, the amount of time they are immobile is halved. This ability has no usage limits and can only be used when eye contact is made.

Second Bankai Ability - Hebi Ha
"Serpents Blade"
The snake's head opens it's mouth and slides out it's "tongue" which is actually a thin blade about as wide as the snake's mouth and about five feet long. This blade's only use is for cutting or stabbing, like the spikes on the side of the snake. This also goes for the smaller snake head wrapped around the users arm.

Well.. I'm finished! ^.^ It's not my best, but my friend gave me the idea..
Comments? :D<3
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Zanpakuto name: Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen (Glacial River, Volcanic Spring)
Sealed appearance: Sealed, this zanpakuto exists as two katanas. One has a red hilt wrap and a hilt guard in the shape of the sun. The other, a blue hilt wrap and a hilt guard in the shape of the moon.
Release command: Shoka Suru, Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen! (Sublimate, Glacial River, Volcanic Spring)

Shikai description: The blue katana's blade is covered by a layer of sharp ice. The red katana's blade begins steaming. The wielder now has the ability to control the temperature of all water, or matter that was originally water, for instance ice or steam, in the area. When cooling something, the blue katana glows. When heating something, the red katana glows. The wielder also gains several abilities:

Misuto Shuraudo (Shrouding mist): The wielder twirls the red katana, heating the moisture in the air until it becomes steam. The steam forms a thick cloud around the target and, by bending light through the moisture particles, can create visual illusions. The steam can also give out nasty steam burns.

Hyoga Hohei (Glacial Artillery): The wielder twirls the blue katana, cooling all the moisture in the air, and turning it into icicles, which are created in the form of a circle surrounding the target. Once enough icicles are created, they all shot at the target.

Bankai: Netsu no Ryuso, Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen (Twin Lords of Heat, Glacial River, Volcanic Spring)
Bankai description: The blue katana's blade disappears, leaving only a very sharp blade of ice. The red katana's blade disappears as well, leaving only a blade of very hot steam. When an opponent is cut by the ice katana, the wound freezes shut, making it very painful, and dangerous, as it waters down their blood. When a target is cut by the steam katana, they are, instead of being cut, given a very powerful steam burn. One hot enough to burn away skin. The wielder also gains some new abilities, as well as the ability to manipulate the temperature of any matter that has a liquid form:

Tama Hinan Suru (Condemning Sphere): The wielder points the ice katana at the target, and the blade begins to glow for about five seconds. Then, the wielder twists the blade ninety degrees inward, and the target is suddenly trapped inside a large sphere of ice.

Tama Gomon (Torturing Sphere): The wielder points the steam katana at the target, and the steam begins to glow for about five seconds. Then, the wielder twists the blade ninety degrees inward, and a large all of dense steam forms around the target. This steam is of the same potency as the blade.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik (Kyuryu Rashingu) -

1) Can the user do this with just a few droplets from the air, or do they require a certain amount of water to make this work? Can they change the direction of this projectile after it is launched? What kind of range does this have? How fast is it?
2) Can the water from this ability be used in the first? What is the speed of this attack? How large is the blast of water? How large is the sphere it creates? How large is the air bubble in the middle? Can the air bubble be moved as well? Can the sphere be pierced from the outside, and if so, what keeps the water from simply spilling out as a result? Is the only way out by evaporation of the water? How much energy by comparison to the wielder is required to manage this?

1) What is the limit for a controllable number of clones? Does the limit change as the wielder uses energy? How strong are the clones by comparison to the wielder? How fast are they by comparison?
2) Can a sword be formed from less than 5 liters of water? Can they be destroyed just by destabilizing them, and is destabilizing them as easy as slicing water, or do they have the same defensive and offensive capabilities of the blade itself? How many of these can he control at once? What speed can they move at?

Overall, it's a good blade. I can see some hints of Zabuza from Naruto in here, though that may not be true (and if it is, that's not a problem, good place to draw from). Just needs more specifications.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
gracen_silence -, that's a long one. I'm going to have to take some more time to look this over.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
deinnomos -

Yours too. Nothing wrong with being longer, just have to take a little more time and thought on these.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Chishio (Sasayaki) -

1) Alright, so as something that's basically unavoidable (let's face it, everyone's going to clash swords), this warrants an in-depth look into just how powerful it is. What does it mean to redesign memories? Can they redesign how the opponent perceives their sword, making it seem foreign in their hands and essentially worthless? Can they redesign how they see the wielder, making him seem like a long lost friend and leaving him open to an attack that could easily kill him? Redesigning memories doesn't necessarily seem that strong, but it depends on the memory. For all I know, you could redesign their memories of how to walk, how to speak (and therefore call out attacks) or even how to breathe. This requires tremendous specification, or a much weaker method of application. Even if we're talking about just affecting weaker opponents, this is a lot.
2) So you provide specifications, but you don't provide the solid limitations. How do each of these affect their ability to use their opponent's energy? How long can that energy be used for? How much of that energy can be used at once? How much energy is taken? What prevents the wielder from simply keeping this active constantly, making every strike take a sizable portion of the opponent's energy? Can you take more from people with less energy, or from people with more energy? This also creates problems with the first ability, since now, basically everyone can get hit by it, allowing you a kill stroke by just clashing with them enough.

Bankai: Just a note, you basically put an ability into the description. Increased speed, perception and mental capabilities doesn't just come with a bankai, it is part of the abilities. That's why Ichigo had such a massive boost to his speed in bankai while Byakuya was left going at normal speed. You should either make this an ability and remove another, or do away with this.
1) A larger portion of energy really doesn't mean anything if we don't know how much is taken to begin with. Give a specific percentage or some idea of how much is taken with this. Also, what suffices as an attack? Does touching the other person with a gauntlet finger suffice, and if so, is the amount taken much less than an actual attack or block? I don't get the shock either. What are we talking about for a shock? Just an electrical pulse through the body? And how would you judge their aptitude with bankai?
2) So this one has a lot more risk than the shikai version, but something's missing. You say that the blade and wielder enter the opponent, and basically take them on 2 on 1. It's basically an automatic boost to their advantage, a way to almost double the energy they fight with in there. And I don't see any particular benefit to the person defending against this. We're talking about an absolute ability here, a game ender no matter what happens. When you're giving yourself such a dramatic advantage off the bat, that's a problem. If the effect was reduced, this wouldn't be so worrisome, but it just seems like it puts them in the position of defending against something that, let's be frank, they can't really prepare for.
3) So, let's start with the fact that you can use Sakui to peer into their mind. This isn't something you stated before, you merely said that it could change their mind. Given that it can now see into their mind, what prevents the wielder from learning everything about the opponent's blade after one clash with it in shikai? Moving on to the stipulation on Sakui Dageki, this is also something you didn't specify before - that the wielder can back out of the second ability at any time. This is problematic because it creates a no-lose scenario for bankai #2, allowing the wielder to back out if they're losing the internal fight. These both also matter greatly for this ability. You try to weaken it at the beginning by stating that they'd need to know what the opponent's worst nightmare is. Well, it's not really a weakness when they have such easy access. I have a hard time believing that it would just slip the wielder's mind to check on this particularly important fact when they're in their heads.
But generally, there are more problems here. When it comes to creating a nightmare, as I think you realize, there's different nightmares for different people. If, say, you put someone into a nightmarish scenario, that means that they're completely immersed in that world. What prevents the wielder from attacking during that time and killing him? What's more, what if the nightmare is death? How would that illusion function? Nightmare-based abilities are hard to create, I'll be the first to admit that, but the only way they work is if you cover all your bases, and there's a good amount of specificity missing here. It is not enough to simply state that they have to be experts with the blade to manage the best forms of the ability. Neither is it enough to say that stronger opponents would be unaffected, considering that one of your shikai and bankai abilities does a number on that.

Overall, it's an interesting blade, but it brings forth a lot of questions and presents a lot of really dangerous abilities that are too powerful.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik (Kaze Basuru) -

Shikai: As you preemptively pointed out, it's got 4 abilities. Might consider reducing.
1) What is the range on this strike? How large is the blast of arctic wind? Can this be used multiple times in a row? Is it easily visible to the naked eye? Can this wind be manipulated after leaving the wielder's blade? Does the temperature change only occur on the area of the body that's directly struck by the wind? How deep into the body does that coldness penetrate? A 50 degree reduction in body temperature is pretty staggering, it's basically deadly (realize that any illness wont reduce or increase your body temperature by more than 8 degrees without straight up killing you), so that's a problem. Their system would basically stop functioning, and they'd fall down dead. Even if it only affects the area it hits, you could easily hit the shoulder of the opponent and cut off all circulation to the arm, essentially cutting off the arm.
2) This has a lot of the same basic questions about how it looks and how far it goes. However, this has a different set of issues. You say this one only affects the skin. Can multiple blasts of wind cause burns to worsen to the point of 3rd degree? How many hits are required to implement this thirst and general hotness, or is it applied in some other way?
3) Same questions on the wind. On this one especially, you have to specify that an inanimate object does not include zanpakuto. How do the black boils harm them, directly or indirectly? How much of the skin is covered by these where it hits? Again, the hallucinations and pain need to be specified as to how they are applied, but also, how much they are. A little pain versus a lot of pain, just seeing some visions versus being immersed in a whole hallucinated world, these are important distinctions.
4) Same things from the other winds. Also, same from the previous one, you need to specify that a zanpakuto is not among the inanimate objects affected in that way. For this one, it's important to know how much of an energy sapping we're talking about, and how much is removed by a small hit versus a large hit. And, once again, that final portion of the ability needs to include some explanation for how it happens, and to what extent they are "softened."

1) Basically, apply the concerns with the first 2 abilities here. Also, since you're turning into a skeleton, do you retain the ability to be killed as a result of hitting internal organs (since they...shouldn't be there...)? Also, this just seems like a lot for a single ability. I can understand a fusion of 2 shikai here, but the extra ice protection and reishi absorption just strike me as too much.
2) Pretty much the same here, though without the organ problem.

It's certainly an interesting blade with a lot of facets, but it seems to lose track of a lot of important factors at play with each ability's usage, and, more importantly, seems to have way too much that it's capable of through single strikes and unknown applications of effects.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Reply to whiteflame's post on Kaze Basuru:

1. It has the characteristics of Zangetsu's Getsuga Tenshou, as I have just recently edited in. The blast would look kind of greyish. It cannot be manipulated, and yes, the temperature drop only affects the area it has hit. The coldness penetrates straight through. Yes, I realized it was very OP, and so lowered the temperature reduction to ten degrees. Now, I know it's still very high, but take into account that we're talking the world of bleach here.

2. Multiple blasts can worsen the skin situation. After being hit by the wave, one would experience a hot flush, while feeling like they have just choked down dry sand, directly on impact.

3. Well, technically, a zanpakuto is not inanimate, but not animate in it's sword form, so it would just be excluded from the effects of this zanpakuto. The black boils are just to add effect, and aren't really intended for any actual damage. They would be spread out about five-six centimeters per boil. Now, for the hallucinations and pain, one would be seeing double vision and a small a small amount of visual illusions. For the pain, just think of those really painful stomach aches that people get every one in a while.

4. The energy sapping is, say, like you've sprinted two hundred meters per two square feet of body hit. As for the softening, think a rock becoming a mushy banana.


1. I've edited the way to wound the skeletal form. I've also edited the extra abilities.

2. Same solution.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
Ah, thank you, Whiteflame. ^.^ I think I have a bad habit of making them too long.. :P
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Heh, gracen, I invite you to check out the most recent post on Bleach: Fallout Characters forum. It's my most recent blade, and it's absurdly long, took a while to explain what I had in mind. Believe me, it's not a problem that it's long, just going to take more time.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
shadowspiri5 (Ten no arashi) -

1) Does the wind affect the wielder, or is the wielder basically immune to the wind he creates? More importantly, what prevents the wielder from simply creating a super hurricane that swirls around them at all times? Even if the wind does affect him, sitting in the eye of a hurricane isn't exactly hard, and opponents would be more than a little hard-pressed to get to him. It just seems like this ability is almost infinitely exploitable.
2) I'm guessing that cut anything it touches does not include other blades, but otherwise, this one's fine.
3) This one's fine, just give some estimate as to speed constraints (same as running, slightly faster, can shunpo more often/more easily, etc.).

1) I take back what I said on the first shikai, and apply it here. Infinite control over wind is a lot, infinite control over air is just insane. You even straight up provide an obvious example of how it is way too much when you say they can freeze the air in the opponent's lungs or simply rip them apart, and that at a 5 mile radius. This needs a massive downgrade.
2) How much defensive power does this have? What kind of strike will it protect from, and what will tear through it? If something does go through it, will the wall continue to protect afterward?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
gracen_silence (Maki Hebi) -

1) This one's good. I'd say it could be a little faster on the extension (20 mph really isn't much in the shinigami world, don't think 40 mph is either actually, so you could increase both).
2) Well defined, makes sense to me.

1) Makes sense.
2) Also makes sense.

Well, now I can see why your blades are rather lengthy - you put a lot of thought into them and you really work to make them sensible and reasonable. It's a basic blade in a lot of ways, but I'm impressed with how it comes together. Good stuff.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik - the edits look good. Onto your next blade.

Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen
1) So I'm guessing the steam actually forms around the red katana and then can be moved or somehow extended to go around the opponent's head. I say that because the way I'm reading it now says that the steam forms around the opponent's head. Given that, how fast does it extend and/or move?
2) How many icicles are enough icicles? How fast are they launched?

1) A few things on this. One, as it's written (and once again, I think this is just a mistype), the target is the one that must twist the blade in order to activate this...on themselves. I think you meant the wielder. Two, must the target remain stationary during this activation? Like, during the 5 seconds that it's glowing, can the sword be moved? Either way wouldn't necessarily be bad, you're technically leaving yourself open for 5 seconds no matter what, just good to know. Three, what is the size of the sphere of ice?
2) Heh, you said it right here. The same basic questions apply from the other bankai.

It's certainly an interesting blade, just lacking some small specifications. Might add in a third ability on both that would deal in oscillating quickly between high and low temperatures, but that's all I could suggest.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, that's enough for me today, gracen_silence and deinnomos, I'll hit up your blades at some point tomorrow.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Replies to Whiteflame's post on Hyoga Kasen no Kanzen-

1. Yes, that's correct. I should have been more specific about that. It moves at about the speed of bakudo four.

2. As many as the wielder feels is neccessary to cause fair damage.


1. I just edited that problem. And second, the wielder decides how big the sphere is going to be, but the bigger the sphere, the more energy it will consume.

And I actually tried to do this blade three times. The first two times, I lost connection while doing the third ability.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Replies to Whiteflame's post on Kyuryu Rashingu-

1. The wielder can execute this ability from any amount of water. The water can be used again, so it would be kind of like changing the direction. It has the range and speed of a thirties level hado.

2. The wielder may use any form of water in first technique, including this one. The technique's speed is that of hado thirty one. The wielder decides the size, though it takes longer and uses up more energy to make the sphere larger. The air bubble is one tenth the size of the sphere and, since it is inside the sphere, can be moved around by the current. The sphere can be pierced from the outside, though it wouldn't really do anything. Imagine that scene from The Last Airbender, where the two water guys drown the fire in the sphere of water. That's what this ability was modeled after. If the victim is strong enough, they can swim out, or be destroyed by hado. It requires a fair amount of energy, but the main drawback is that the wielder is completely defenceless from another attack while using this technique.


1. The limit of clones the wielder can create is the amount he can defeat. I imagine he would be able to defeat less and less as he uses energy. The clones are not quite enough to match a normal shinigami (One who has not yet learned his zanpakuto's name), and cannot use flash steps.

2. A sword cannot be formed by less than five litres. They can be destroyed by a zanpakuto, but will cut like the zanpakuto in question if it touches anything else. He can control as many as he likes, but it will use up more energy the more he makes. They can move at the speed the wielder swings his blade.

Actually, I've never seen Naruto, although a friend of mine showed my the battle between Pain and Naruto, and it looks rather interesting.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas shadowspiri5 said…
Replies to Whiteflame's reply on ten no Arashi

I probably should have thought his through before I posted byut anyway I edited all this stuff in but here it is for posterity.

1. The larger the the deviation from what can be considered normal for that climate the more energy it takes to actually preform the tasks. Note This applys to both shikai and bankai. Also if an air current is happening around the uer. The user can enhance the current far beyond what he could do alone.

2. The max speed is around 65 mph.

2. It will have no effect on anything harder than carbon steel. So yeah I'm saying most zanpakuto.

2.The defense is powerful enough to repel most attacks but most captains would be fast enough to bypass the shield all togather.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
big smile
Thanks for the positive feedback, Whiteflame! ^.^ By the way.. I read your Allure Zanpakutō. It was so long! Haha. I got a headache from trying to process the whole thing. :P But it was really amazing. Obviously, a lot of thought and work went in to it. :DD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, let's do this.

gracen_silence (Gracyn Alacrán) -

Just as a note at the top here, I don't think you meant "zanpakuto" so much as blade pre-resureccion. Was a little confused by that the first time I read through, though I think this guy is pretty much meant to be just a pure arrancar.

It's always interesting to see where people take the arrancar they make. Made a couple myself, and they couldn't be more different. One thing you might want to include, more of a stylistic detail, is the color of the cero, and perhaps what it's focus is (extremely large blast, high speed, high penetration, etc.). I'm not sure if this information is in here somewhere and I'm just missing it.

1) Does the poison extend to all areas of the body after that period of time, or does it remain relatively localized? Also, how hard is the stinger to pull out? And, if it's pulled out after a couple of seconds, how far would the poison spread by comparison to if it were left in? Lastly, how quickly does the stinger grow back?
2) Might want to give some idea of the volume of acid used here. Does the acid have a harder time getting through, say, metal than skin, or does it treat both pretty much equally? Honestly, with the lag time, I could see this even affecting zanpakuto without worries.
3) About how long does it take to reach full charge on this ability?

Segunda Etapa:
1) If the pincers are forced open or he simply opens them for another purpose, does the energy he gathered into them stay there or dissipate? About how long does to take to charge up to the max on this, and can that charge be held as long as he wants?
2) Can this charge occur while he's on the move, or must he stay in place for it to keep charging? If the charge is interrupted, must it start again from the beginning or does it continue from that point?

It's a cool idea for an arrancar, lot of little odds and ends it can use to both draw out a fight and do some high powered damage as well as damage over time.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
deinnomos (Geminus Luna) -

Shikai: So...I'm confused, and maybe you can help me with defining this. I see several abilities that aren't labeled separately as abilities, and several abilities that are grouped under one ability. It's fine if the blade has more than the allotted 6 (3 in shikai, 3 in bankai), but only if, and this is where that uncertainty comes in, the wielder really only has access to a reasonable number at any given time. It looks like that might be the case, but I'm uncertain as I read through.

Breathe) Does this absorb exactly like Uryuu's? If so, it is pretty dependent on location, since only certain areas have enough reiatsu that's easily accessible. 17 minutes seems like quite a while for this to work, though I could understand it taking that long in a less energy rich area. Might want to delineate between the two to make this more useful in places like Soul Society.
New Tide) Does the attack lose energy as it travels as well? I ask because, say you miss, would you get all 100% back, or something like 90%?

Full Moon Phase: This is another thing I'm not quite getting. You say that if the sword was used for the attack in full moon phase, it gets one set of augmentations. Then you say that if the sword was in full moon phase, it gets another set. I'm not sure if those are supposed to be applied together to a more specific situation, or if these are supposed to be 2 separate sets of circumstances under which different augmentations occur.
Full Tide) What is the "last one"? Does that refer to New Tide? Also, what does it mean that the energy can come from the sword or the user? I was not aware that such a choice existed. What is "Amoveo"?
New Dance) Is the user invisible only to the eyes, or is he invisible in other ways too while using this ability? Does this also require a certain stance, a certain way to hold the blade, or can attacks be launched while invisible?
Full Dance) Makes sense.

Bankai: I'm not certain whether Star Evolution applies to both of the abilities below it, or whether it's a separate ability from the others completely. If it's the former, the abilities seem extremely complex, and it seems like there's just too much going into each one. If it's the latter, you'd have to specify how each moves from each stage to the next.
Star Evolution) You said "20% of their strength" twice, looks like you meant reishi the second time. Again, sort of confused on this differentiation between energy in the blade and energy in the wielder. The life stage is very confusing. Is it 150% or 300% that they have to reach before it explodes? Does the wielder select when this happens? Can it go beyond the 300% limit? Does using the swords' abilities reduce the amount of reishi, requiring more to be stored over time? Does the explosion do harm to the opponent or yourself? How long, after the death phase is initiated, does it last?

2) I don't see a name to separate this from the third ability, might want to make it clear that these are separate by including a name of some sort beyond just the stages.
In Natio) So 700 degrees is a lot. We're talking some hot wind here, and the ability to create quite a lot of it. That makes these questions all the more important. Is the wind visible to the naked eye? How fast does it move? Can the user turn in a 360 degree circle, blowing the entire way and basically creating an undodgable wave?
In Vita) Again, we're talking about something extremely hot here. Can this ability be used on a person? Say I stab someone, and only nick them. Will this geyser form on them (basically an instant death blow), or can it only form on inanimate objects? Does the stab have to sink into something, or can it glance off of it?
In Mors) What kind of burns should someone expect to receive from this by comparison to, say, normal fire?

3) The question comes to mind, can different stages of each of these abilities be used en tandem with others? I know you specified in one of these, just want to make sure with the rest.
In Natio) So I'm guessing the 100 foot radius applies like a sphere as well (whereby attacks coming from above would also be disrupted in this same fashion)? I'd also like to know, does this only affect reishi attached to the opponent, or does it affect blasts as well? And does this affect the wielder?
In Vita) Makes sense, well explained.
In Mors) Will one of these balls stay in place and keep trying to absorb energy if it does not reach its maximum point? Does everything in this ability also affect the wielder? Lastly, if it is reset after coming to the point of being a star, is there any lag time before this can be restarted?
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
So, yeah, that's all the recent ones...I think. If I missed yours, let me know and I'll give it a look.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas gracen_silence said…
Thanks, again, for the pointers, Whiteflame. ^.^ I'm going to work to fix the things you mentioned and add the information to make it better. :D I probably won't post that little fanfiction on here again, though (I have twice already), but thanks anyway. It's truly amazingly helpful. (:
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Zordaik said…
Zanpakuto name: Sandaiguru (Thunder Eagle)
Sealed appearance: The blade is the same length as a normal katana, but is straight. The hilt guard resembles two spread wings, and the hilt wrap is deep blue.
Release command: Zenmetsu, Sandaiguru! (Obliterate, Thunder Eagle!)

Shikai description: The blade is now covered in blue electical energy. The wielder's arm is also covered in said energy. By pointing the blade at the target, the wielder can fire a powerful beam of electric energy, about the size of an actual lightning strike, at the target. The wielder can continually fire this blast. For example, he can fire the blast for five sevonds straight. For every second this attack is used, some of the electric energy around the blade and arm disappears. When the blade creates friction with anything, more energy is generated around the arm and blade for later use. The wielder also gains a new ability:

Sandahuippo (Thunder Whip): A long line of electric energy extends from the point of the blade. The wielder can attack with it like a whip. When the line touches anything, it causes a small explosion. The explosion will not make the line disappear. Again, it uses up energy per second to maintain he whip.

Bankai: Arashi Puredeta, Sandaiguru (Storm Predator, Thunder Eagle)
Bankai description: The wielder gains two large blue wings, both made up of electric energy. There is also electric energy running down both arms, forming eagle like claws on his hands. Whenever the blade makes friction with anything, the wielder's wings get bigger. By flapping the wings, the wielder can achieve incredible speeds. Say, two hundred miles per hour for just small wings. Whenever the wielder uses a technique, the wings get smaller. Whenever the opponent is touched by the free hand of the wielder, they suffer nasty electricity burns. The wielder also gains some new abilities:

Raitoningu Purumo (Lightning Plume): Many small blasts of energy are shot straight from the wielder's wings. These blasts are comparable to quincy arrows, because they can pierce, and are fired rapidly in a similar manner. If they pierce the skin of the target, they must be removed quickly to prevent damage from burning. This ability shrinks the wings for each second it is being used.

Arashi Tsubasa (Wings of Storm): The wielder flaps his wings, unleashing a large wave of energy at the target. The wave can burn away skin and flesh, and so is very dangerous. This technique will shrink the wings considerably.

Denki Jikko (Electric Execution): The wielder absorbs his wings, and channels all the energy into a massive blast that has truly destructive results. This ability can be used more than one. The wielder need only build up the wings again.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
s3raphymn (Shiden Issen) -

Can't really see any problems with this one. Looks good, can't wait to see it in action in the RP.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas deinnomos said…
Thx for the reviews whiteflame i'll do my best to answer your questions also i'll be making a new one soon so i hope you can review it.

Also what is a rp if you don't mind telling me. Back when i could afford wow time, i spent my wow money on spider-man web of shadows, i saw rp severs but never knew what they were.

Breathe) Yes it is like uryuu's and the 17 minutes is for the human world in soul society or hueco mondo it would be faster I guess around 6 minutes.

New tide) No it does not lose energy as it goes.

Full moon Phase) Sorry about this is wasn't clear i ment that when in New moon phase they work one way then in full moon phase they are another way.

Full Tide) Yes i should have been more clear the last one means New tide. Yes the user can use reshi from them self or the sword for any of the swords abilities. Sorry should have been more clear Amoveo - Shift - is the voice command to make the attack come back with New Tide. Full tide does not have the ability to do that.

New dance) Yes they are only invisible to the eyes and they hold the sword upsidedown in there hand so they switch there grip so there pinkey is closest to the guard like the guy from star wars the force unleased. Yes the user can attack while invisable.

Bankai) With star evolution it works with the abilities in each of the phases the user has acsess to different abilities.

Star Evolution) Yes i meant reshi not strength the users total reshi is 20% less in the first stage and only in life stage do the swords get there own reshi in bankai. Ok for it to explode it takes one or the other witch ever comes first. If the user uses a total of 300% reshi from the sword then it will start to explode or if they let 150% of it's reshi build up then it will start to explode. With this the user can't control when it happens and they can't go beyond 300%. Yes the swords abilities use up the swords reshi so it can cause more to be stored of time. Yes the explosion hurts anyone in it and death stage lasts until bankai is left.

2) sorry for abilities 2 and 3 of bankai there names change in the different stages so i didn't make a name for them.

In Natio) Yes you can see the wind it looks kinda orange but you can still see through it and it moves at kido speed but no the user can't turn it it goes in one direction.

In Vita) With this yes you could use it one a person, but not yourself, however all of the heat go out in a straight line from the stab so if you stabed someone they would not be hurt by the fire or heat from it. With the stab it has to go in to it half way down the blade and if it goes through it becuase what your stabing is not thick enough it won't work.

In Mors) With this it hurts you like a creo would not like fire. It just looks like blue fire because i thought that would be cool.

3) No they the abilites change based on stage if they are in Mors stage Natio stages abilites can't be used and the user can't control what stage they are in.

In Natio) Yes it is like a sphere so above and below are effected to. This only effects how much reshi it takes to use the abilities So attacks would be the same power but would take more reshi to use.

In Vita) Ty it was hard to try and explain it.

In Mors) Yes it will stay until it gets enough reshi and it also effects the user. For this it can only be used once for each ball and both can be used at once. But only once for each ball and they can only be used again if bankai is left then restarted.