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Source: Yugioh Card Maker and KaijuSamurai
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Source: Yugioh Card Maker and KaijuSamurai
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MMPR Movie


The power rangers return as they fight a new menace known as Ivan Ooze.

How does it hold up?

Effects: The effects are just terrible. The Zords, The Megazord, The villain, The bumagay are just yuck, and the Tengu...>:(. 2/10

Plot: The plot is kind of recycled (i.e. the villain takes the powers and defeats the shows villain), but it's mostly shoved aside for effects. 5/10

Nostalgia: This movie was one of my favorites as a kid...but not anymore...but it has a good nostalgic feeling to it! 8/10

Average: 5/10 So-So

Would I recommend it: Yes, but only for ipakita fans and little kids.

susunod Review: Ultraman Tiga: Final Odyssey
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Fire Wolfe
Attacks: apoy Hair Whip
Machine Gun Fireballs
Blaze Burst Kick

Burning Wolfe
Attacks: War Launching
Deadly Cool Rockets
Ripping Flame Roar

Pyro Wolfe
Attacks: Burner Rip Claw
Jumping Burn Punch
Firewheel Destroy


Electric Wolfe
Attacks: Thunder Bang Guns
Storm Rising Sparks
Lightning Shurikens

Thunder Wolfe
Attacks: Touch Thunder Destroy
Electric Jackhammer Punch
Arm Cutter Spark

Volt Wolfe
Attacks: Charge Jumping Claw
Strike Thunder Beam
Roaring Spark Blaster


Wind Wolfe
Attacks: Windmill Cutting Blade
Jumping Sky Kick
Mighty Gust Blast

Gale Wolfe
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Ep 2: Jasper

Nick: *walking with Stella, Amy, and Hunter* hopefully those guys won't give us trouble...

Froststar: *appears*

Nick: me and my big mouth...

Froststar: bon bon bonjure...Je 'Mappalle Froststar...

Nick: Why are you here?

Froststar: *points at them* all of you...

Nick: Do you work for those Hunters?!!

Froststar: non non Monsieur Nick...

Nick: How do you know my name?

Humphrey: *appears as Beast Master* Let those mga lobo and Human go!

Froststar: and why?

Humphrey: *pulls out Spin Shooter and blasts Froststar*

Froststar: *jumps and kicks Humphrey*

Humphrey: owww! *gets up*

Froststar: non non non...
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Kagirareta toki no naka de
どれだけのコトが 出来るのだろう・・・
Doredake no koto ga dekiru no darou...
言葉に ならないほどの 想いを
Kotoba ni naranai hodo no omoi wo
どれだけ アナタに 伝えられるのだろう・・・
Doredake anata ni tsutae rareru no darou...

ずっと 閉じ込めてた
Zutto toji kometeta
Mune no itami wo keshite kureta
今 私が笑えるのは
Ima watashi ga waraeru no wa
一緒に泣いてくれた キミがいたから
Issho ni naite kureta kimi ga itakara

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Ep 3: Mutant (part 2)

Blaster: *as a motorcycle* Where do you want to go?

Lily: Maybe...the Carnival! I have never been there before.

Blaster: Why?

Lily: They never let me go outside...

Blaster: Oh...but now we can go, just the two of us.
Lily: Blaster... are people prejudiced against you?

Blaster: People think of us as just "Machines".

Lily: People think of me as...a monster.

Blaster: I think your beautiful.

Lily: Blaster...i...

*suddenly 5 Black and Purple cars surround them*

Lily: Oh no...

Blaster: Vehicle Drones!

Drone 1: *turns into Robot*

Blaster: *lasers pop out and blasts the Drones*

Dragon: Blaster!...
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Chapter 6: Some Good Advice

Kitsuna was upstairs, humming her paborito song, thinking about Nick, and how much she loves him thought she is a Kitsune and he is a Human. Then the Doorbell rang.

"Kitsuna!, your Aunt Sinna is here!" Miss G yelled to Kitsuna. Kitsuna's Ear popped up upon hearing this.
Kitsuna ran down the stairs and saw her Aunt Sinna, a Kitsune who had long black hair.

"Aunt Sinna, you will be taking care of Kitsuna for the week" Miss G told Sinna as she nodded her head.

"Aunt Sinna, Can i ask you something?" Kitsuna asked Sinna.

"Sure, what?" Sinna Replied to Kitsuna's question.

"Can i go out with Nick, a guy i like?" Kitsuna asked.

":Sure!" Sinna told Kitsuna as she Squealed with glee!

"But i will be watching from shadow" she told Kitsuna.

"I understand your secret know!" Mia sinabi as she was spying from a bush!

"I bet Nick's Father would pag-ibig to know there are madami Kitsune's....." She sinabi as she dialed a number on her Phone....
Monster Clan:

Edan / Superman (Kryptonian)
Jameston (Vampire)
Cameron (Lamia)
Eilionoir (Harpy)
Glenna (Mer-Person)


Bruce Wayne / Batman (Human)
Dick Greyson / Nightwing (Human)
Helena Rosa Bertinelli / Huntress (Human)
Barbra Gordon / Bat Girl (Human)

Hired Heroes:

Kyle Rayner / Green Lantern (Human)
Barry Allen / The Flash (Human)
Amy Sue Allen / Captain Atom (Meta-Human)
Inza Cramer / Doctor Fate (Human)
Jamie Reyes / Blue Beetle (Meta-Human)
Ryan Choi / The Atom (Human)
Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl (Meta-Human)

Apokeolips Forces:

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Chapter 2

*Nick Wolfes Temporary House, San Francisco*

Nick Wolfe: *Dissecting the Red Spike Robot* This is a very strange robot indeed...

Faith: *Drinking some tea* Anything interesting?

Nick Wolfe: *Pulls out a metal symbol of a red X from the Red Spike Robot* Deep Crimson...

Faith: Deep Crimson?

Nick Wolfe: Deep Crimson is a underground, malicious terrorist group that dates back to the 1940s.

Faith: Do you think that Deep Crimson might have to do with Karamia and Luukah?

Nick Wolfe: Who?

Faith: Two of Lemuels experiments...they helped me escape.

Nick Wolfe: Oh. Speaking of Lemuel, can you tell me...
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Captain America
Iron Man
The Hulk
Ant Man
Black Widow
Captain Marvel (Marr-Vell)
Scarlet Witch




Destroyer of Worlds Kikoku

Masters of Evil:

Baron Zemo
Absorbing Man
Tiger Shark

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants:

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Plot: After freeing a hybrid soro girl, Nick and his mga kaibigan most sumali the Autobots to battle a looming threat.


Nick Darby

Lilly Vixen

Kasey Lace

Faith Kells

Silas Strikerburgh

Novos Jumpcable

Lady Strikerburgh


Optimus Prime

Rodimus Prime

Ultra Magnus










MECH Decepticons:



Barrage Drones

Venom Drones

Ransack Drones

Chop tindahan Drones



Remaining Traxes

Remaining KSI Bosses

Remaining Two Heads
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*California Coast, a storming night*

Charlotte Wolfe: *A female Wolf-Hybridian with black hair, blue eyes, and is carrying a baby Wolf-Hybridian*

Kabuto Drone: *Has a single green eye, red armor, and dual claws, chasing after charlotte Wolfe* Surrender the child!

Charlotte Wolfe: *Running* Never!

Kabuto Drone: *Jumps at charlotte Wolfe*

Charlotte Wolfe: *Dodges*

Baby Wolf-Hybridian: *Crying*

Charlotte Wolfe: *Notices an orphanage in the distance* I need to reach there!

Kabuto Drone: *Fires at charlotte Wolfe* Surrender the child to me!

Charlotte Wolfe: *Fires a blast of Plasma Energy at the...
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Episode 2: The Villain is her Father! Let's go to Atlantis!

*Maui, Hawaii*

Princess Mako: *Jumps into the water* Come on! We need to get to the palace!

Nick Wolfe: Henshin! *Becomes Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: Okay! *Gets into the water*

Kasey: *Turns into a Killer balyena and gets in the water*

*Later, deep under the ocean*

Water Wolfe: So what should we look for?

Princess Mako: I'll tell the both of you when I find Atlantis *Stops*

Kasey: What is it?

Princess Mako: I see it!

Water Wolfe: *Looks around* I don't see anything...

Princess Mako: *Pulls out a blue key and inserts it into a rock*

*Suddenly, large...
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