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Me:Haleynita,can I sumali your pack with Samaria and Ashely? My boyfriend and I have bad personalities.
Haleynita:Hmmm,girls,should we?
Samaria:Kania is a awesome name,and Masondark is a awesome name as well,so yeah we should!
Ashely:I pag-ibig the names as well,so I agree as well!
Haleynita:Now we have 5 members. Kania,get Masondark!
Me:Sure thing!*wisiles*
Mason:Yes Babe?
Me:Babe,we're part of the gummy pack!
Haleynita:Ok,now its a school day. Use your personalities!
*We get to the bus*
Katie:That tape is weird!
Baily:I know right?
Katie:Oh put it away! Gummy pack is here!
*puts it away*
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Baley:grr yet another araw of school now normally I would be proud and happy but my cousin Ally has ibingiay me madami toilet dunks than I can count so this is why I can not go to school Dad!
Dexter:Now Baley I think your being over dramatic!
Baley:Are you kidding me haven't you ever had your head dunked in the toilet or have been called a nerd or anything!
Dexter:(glances at Dylan)no Baley I was very popular.
Baley:Oh and I bet you broke your glasses and every one thought it was cool right.(real nice Baley real nice)
Dexter:Well actually yes.
Baley:OMG you have got to be kidding me why cant I be homeschooled...
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Re-uploading to see if it works now or not
Um,Im not sure what to put for this..............Oh I got it!

*Me,Masondark,Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Utonium,and Dexter are chilling out in our home*
Buttercup:So anything up?
Blossom:So what do you want to name it?
Dexter:Dylan needs a new sister,so what about Dania?
Utonium:Ima go to the lab.*walks away*
Me:...What the what-?
Mason:What Babe?
Me:*low voice*Im pregnant! A little madami than a buwan pregnant!
Mason:Awww! What about Izy if its a girl,or Sonic if its a boy?
Buttercup:Oh brother I want to fight crime!!!
*Hotline goes off:Beep beep beep!*...
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Blossom:DEXTER!! NO!!
(Blossom storms out and flies to where Dexter was)
(Blossom follows Dexters voice and finds him bleeding heavlly laying down in a patch of dirt)
Blossom:Dexter,are you ok?!!!!!
(And Blossom grabs Dexter and is about to fly away when this happens!!!)
Blossom:Urrrrgggggg! Ugggggghhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!
(Blossom gets grabbed sa pamamagitan ng something and gets pulled down)
(Dexter manniges to get out and weakly walks back tahanan bleeding)
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posted by WolfGirl259
I am fighting Adinn while Mason fights Adinn's army(robots)

Adinn:YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE LEFT ME FOR MASON! NOW WE FINISH THIS BABE!!*Takes a matulin kick and I could not ilipat out of the way in time*
THWACK!**I get thrown down with blood flying off of me*
Mason:BABE!!!*Gets grabbed sa pamamagitan ng Adinn's robots and I fight the grasp*
Adinn:That is what you get from leaving me for Mason!!!
Mason:GET AWAY FROM HER!*Wooshes Adinn away and grabs me and we take off*
Mason:Kania,are you ok?!
Me:.......Th.....Than....*passes out from blood loss*
Mason:Kania?! No she is unconscious!!!
To be continued...
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