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 "...streaming beams of electric green light from his eyes."
"...streaming beams of electric green light from his eyes."
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“I will never talk! Never!” The Professor was pushing it a bit. He was lucky to still be alive in this situation.
“You are beginning to irk me, Professor,” Dr Calico hissed, “I am irked! That will not do.”
“I will never tell you my secret, whether you’re irked or not!” The Professor insisted.
“Very well.” Calico turned round to his two heavy henchmen behind him. “Go and find the thing we were talking about earlier. It might get our little friend here to be a bit more… Communicative.”
Panting heavily in a damp alley, Penny took a...
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 "Bolt suddenly tensed."
"Bolt suddenly tensed."
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Something was wrong. Very wrong.
Penny stared at her map at the edge of a Japanese forest with uncertainty, while Bolt lay at her feet on the wet grass. He sighed a deep, doggish sigh and shifted his paws into a madami comfortable position. Bolt and Penny had had a rough time of late.
It had been about three months since Penny’s father had been kidnapped sa pamamagitan ng the malicious Doctor Calico, or the Green-Eyed Man, as Bolt knew him. Since then, Bolt and Penny have been on the run from Calico’s henchmen, not having a decent meal or sleep for a while now.
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I post many things. Many! Sketchbook art, computer art, tagahanga fiction, short stories - But why do I bother! At the very most I get about 5 nakakita per thing, and no comments or anything! I put a lot of hard work and time into each and every one of the things I draw and write, right down to the very last line on my signature!! It's just not fair! There are some really famous Fanpopers on here who post 'art'. It gets 500 nakakita in about a week when it looked like a monkey was ibingiay a pencil or a computer!

I will continue to post things on this site, but only if some people have the decency to even look at it! Clock up some madami views, yeah?! Maybe even a comment if you're feeling really generous! Thank you!
Dear anyone who can be bothered to read my blog,

its been a slow and depressing start to the week. it's exactly 7 o clock in the evening and ive just finished watching Coraline for the fifth time in a month. Cant wait to read the susunod part in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, which still hasn't turned up in the post yet...

it hasnt been good for me on the art side of things, either. I havent beenn working as much as i used to. i did one superbark bolt picture which i should be posting soon, but apart from that... nothing. i stay up every night listenig to owl city, take that and michael...
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 Some walang tiyak na layunin Bolt
Some Random Bolt
Hi fans,

Just to let you know, the sketchbook uploads are taking a lot longer than planned... I need to find a time when I'm not going out with the gang and when Alex is free (he's Deputy Head Boy, you know! I'm spesh, the dept head boy is my mate). It will be done at some point, thoough, so be patient. Thanks! This also includes two of my newest Disney Bolt fanart images.

BoltsBiggestFan xxx

P.S: 15 days til Christmas
 Bolt... Speak
Bolt... Speak