Boy George George In Prison At Pentonvil

rustyben911 posted on Feb 07, 2009 at 05:15PM
i love george am wish i was a close friend of his to recive a VO from him so that i could go and see him espacially as i live across the road from the prison if only he knew i was outside on the high road just walking past with my ice land shopping bags or some times on the 17 bus going past i am always thinking of him on the inside of that prison and wish i could get in and free him cause i know he did no wrong in my eyes, and George if you get to read this I want you to know i have always loved you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­XXX­X

Boy George No ang sumagot