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posted by bacongirl6112
me and cameron have been mga kaibigan sense we were 8 he called me a few hours nakaraan and he dosent want anyone giving out his number email or pesonal info. what he loves most of all is loyalty and truth he wants all those stalkers to admit they are not dating him because he is not dating someone right now but i do know who he like but please for cameron stop giving out his info and stop lying if i have to ill get him on the sight to tell u guys to stop in a video ok just stop please if u guys want any requests go to my pader tell me them ill see wat cam can do ok i dont want u guys to riot against me just calmly answer plz no hurtful coments plz
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Cameron Boyce talks with StarCam's Jennifer Tapiero at the Teen Choice Awards After Party about which old school musicians he listens to and what it was like filming "Grownups 2" with Adam Sandler.
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grown ups 2
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When two hearts come together
They work as one
And nobody can break them apart
The pag-ibig is to strong
And it is so nice
To be so calm
It makes me feel
As if everything
Is light and bright
And the darknes is gone
The pace never slows
But never speeds up
Because they work as one
One puso
Two lovers
Everything is sweet
Like Candy
And nice
Like a cool breeze on a hot day
When the hearts work as one
Nothing is hard
The feeling is great
The touch is sweet
pag-ibig is not complicated
When the hearts work as one
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