Che Guevara Tosh, Marley Estates Prepare To Revive Legend’s Brands

rocketman83 posted on Nov 12, 2009 at 12:36AM

Two articles were published this week about the estates of the late Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, outlining each estates efforts to revive the brands of the respective artists. Both are very interesting reads, especially where they highlight the different ways each camp is approaching this issue.

From AP re: Marley –
“Now the family has hired Toronto-based Hilco Consumer Capital to protect their rights to the brand. Hilco CEO Jamie Salter believes Marley products could be a $1 billion business in a few years…Rather than focusing on street vendors, who hawk everything from Bob Marley T-shirts to beach towels, the partnership is creating a new line of products dubbed "House of Marley" and will police the trademark vigilantly.” - link

From the Jamaica Observer re: Peter Tosh –
“Newly appointed manager of the Peter Tosh estate, Jam Inc, plans to resurrect the late reggae legend's slumping royalties via a marketing campaign involving albums, apparel, internet, film, TV and video game exposure…It will also align Tosh's image and philosophy with human rights organizations in an effort to raise publicity.” - link

It seems Tosh’s estate is interested in reinforcing Tosh’s influence in human rights matters, while the Marley camp is focusing on a new line of products and apparel called House of Marley. I feel like Jampol has good intentions for Peter while the House of Marley line is just a lame attempt to cash in on t-shirts and dorm room posters.

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