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posted by chawrash
lots of fans like us pag-ibig minho and many other idols ,,,of course we support them b cuz we pag-ibig them and they make us happy right?

but i have thought of this yesterday ..the idols get some help from our support somehow
but we dont get anything from it right?

so i thought of this project

we use our pag-ibig to our idols to help us out with our dairy works and our own life

we can say sa pamamagitan ng example i will wash dishes for minho ...that will help to wash dishes and not being bored of homeworks
and when we cant study anymore we say i will study for minho ,,,to make him happy
it sounds silly but it really works with me

if we cant go on our diet we say i wanna have a nice body like yuris
or like lee hyo ri s

that really works if we pag-ibig the idols alot
so as much as you pag-ibig them as much as your works get better

..why not right???

so leave a comment about how it worked with you ....
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Source: to the owners .. this is not mine actually
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SHINee member Minho transformed into a lovely girl yet again with the help of a mere wig.

On May 5, Minho along with other celebrities went on a trip with their mothers on KBS2 TV’s “Mamma Mia.” The entire group including MC Lee Young Ja, Park Mi Sun, Minho, comedian Park Kyung Lim, Kim Won Hyo, Kim Young Hee, Ahn Sun Young, Park Eun Young, 2AM member Jung Jinwoon, Infinite member Dongwoo and singer IVY (along with their mothers), made special appearances on this particular episode.

It was when Park Kyung Lim was talking about her memories as a student while wearing a wig when everyone...
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