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In the four years between Back to Basics and her brand-spanking latest effort, Bionic, Christina Aguilera has not only time-traveled several decades, but also taken quite a stylistic detour, from vintage soul and jazz to neo-futuristic electro-pop. Now, we could interpret this ilipat a few different ways, not the least of which has a whole lot to do with the emergence (and eventual world domination) of Lady Gaga (herself often compared to Aguilera) and Aguilera's desire to remain culturally and commercially viable after her maternity leave. In many ways, however, Christina's cyborging of herself...
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No one ever sinabi that
Love was gonna be easy
Gotta take the ups and downs
The in-betweens
If you take this journey
Gotta give yourself completely
Never let nobody ever step on our dreams

You better stop
Listen to these words that I say
You better stop
Don't you throw this good thing away
No, no
Put your trust in me
And I'll make you see

No the rain won't last forever
Find a way to make it better
Long as we can stand together
Love will find a way
Gonna make a new tomorrow
Say goodbye to tears and sorrow
Better listen when I say
'Love will find a way'

Somebody tried to tell me love
Don't last...
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 tagahanga Art cover for the song (Christina pag-awit for 'Hope For Haiti')
Fan Art cover for the song (Christina singing for 'Hope For Haiti')
So the pain begins
as the music fades
and Im left here with
with madami than I can take

if you lift me up
just get me through this night
i know ill rest tomorrow
and ill be strong enough to try

when the sky clears
and all is sinabi and done
i will realize
that we all need someone

if you lift me up
just get me through this night
i know ill rest tomorrow
and Ill be strong enough to try

so when you see me crashing
and theres nowhere left to fall
will you lift me even higher
to rise above this all

if you lift me up
sinabi if you lift me up

sinabi if you lift me up
will it be higher

when you see me crashing
and theres nowhere left to fall
will you lift me even higher
to rise above this all

if you lift me up
sinabi if you lift me up
if you lift me up
just get me through this nigh
 Album Art for the song
Album Art for the song
Slow down baby
Slow down baby
Slow down baby
Slow down baby
Slow down baby

Whoa yeah (Slow down baby)
Oooh (Slow down baby)
Hey (Slow down baby)
Whoa ooh (Stop. Slow down baby)

I can tell that you're into me, uh
Baby it's so plain to see
I can see it in your eyes
You're paralysed
Every time I pass you by

You're the kind that gets your way, uh
Every minute, every single day
I can see it all in your face
You're blown away
Coz I don't want you in my space

You're struttin' 'round here like you think that I can't do without you
You got some nerve to think that I would give up everything

Slow down baby
And don't...
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 Cover Art for the Song
Cover Art for the Song
Don't look at me

Every araw is so wonderful
And suddenly, i saw debris
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring me down
So don't you bring me down today

To all your friends, you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The piece is gone left the puzzle undone
That's the way it is

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down
You are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can't bring you down...
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When you put your hands on me..
When you put your hands on me..

I don't know about the travel of time
And I've never seen most of the world
I don't know
Diving out of the sky
Or living like the diamonds
of pearls

See I haven't danced to a musical tune
And I haven't noticed the bulaklak in bloom
I haven't smiled
When alone in my room very much
Then we touched

I just know
When you put your hands on me
I feel sexy
And my body turns to ginto
I just know
When you put your hands on me
I feel ready
And I lose my self-control

When you put your hands on me..

I don't know if a doll can unwind
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I feel like I've been locked up tight
For a century of lonely nights
Waiting for someone to release me

You're licking your lips and blowing kisses my way
But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away
Baby, baby, baby
(Baby, baby, baby)

My body is saying let's go
But my puso is saying no

If you wanna be with me, baby there's a price to pay
I'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way
If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true
You gotta make a big impression, I gotta like what you do

I'm a genie in a bottle baby, you gotta rub me the right way honey
I'm a genie in a bottle baby, come,...
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You make me feel So Emotional)
(So Emotional)
(So Emotional)
It's either black or white
that's right
We're makin pag-ibig or were in a fight
Sometimes you make me so blue
But then it feels so good
i knew it would
You do the things that make me crazy
I want to give it to you

You make me feel so emotional
I can't let go I'm so emotional
I'm sinking fast into an ocean full of you
I'm so emotional

You take me high and low
you know
I'm never sure which way you're gonna go
You're such a mystery to me
But baby hot or cold
you got a hold
Of my imagination
I think you know what i mean

You make me feel so...
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 Cover Art (Made sa pamamagitan ng me) for the Song
Cover Art (Made by me) for the Song
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He comes from a foreign place
An island far away
Intrigues me with every ilipat
Til I'm breathless, I'm helpless
Can't keep my cool
Steals my puso when he takes...
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 Actual Page Art From the Lyric Book of; Bionic
Actual Page Art From the Lyric Book of; Bionic
What's is your indulgence, tell me what's your vice?
Do you like it naughty, do you like it nice? (Dime tus fantasias)
I'm your supplier of lust, pag-ibig and apoy tonight (Estas listo?)
All you desire is yours if the asking is right (Vamos)
You got to...

Desnudate (Get naked)
Desnudate (For me)
Desnudate (Get naked)
Oh oh, oh oh

Oh, quitate
Oh, la ropa
Oh, librase
Oh, ahora

Whisper all your fetishes inside my ear (Asi me gusta papi)
My domain is shame free so lose your fear (Amarrame)
Nothing's too much or too little, too soft or severe (No pares)
Madame seduction has only one rule while you're here...
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Watchin mga manliligaw walkin'
Hand in hand they pass me by
Wish I was one of them
Wish I had somebody
Wakin' up beside me
Looking into my eyes at night
I want a pag-ibig to call my own
I want someone that I can hold
Want someone wanting me
Wanna feel how it feels to be

Somebody's somebody
Somebody's someone
Some sweet lover's lover
I wanna be that one
Someone faithful to someone faithful
Someone kind to someone kind to me
Somebody to somebody who loves me
Who loves me

Spending all of my time
Spending all my time on me
Where is that someone who
I can give my time to
Searching for that lover
With the pag-ibig that will change my life
I want two arms to hold me close
I want the thing I need most
Somebody needing me
So I can feel how it feels to be


What I'm looking for
Is someone to pag-ibig me more
Than I've been loved before
With pag-ibig so right
What I need to find
Is someone to hold me tight
What I mean is i want to be
Low Ticket sales rumors for tour...
Low Ticket sales was NOT the cause of her postponing the tour despite rumors.

Bad araw for summer tours. First U2 has to call curtains on its shows, now Christina Aguilera is putting the kibosh on her own U.S. trek, postponing her planned 20-date tour until susunod year.

The reason? She's got too much work to do to, you know, work.

"Christina Aguilera's summer tour has been moved to 2011 due to prior commitments that the singer had made to her film Burlesque and to the promotion of her new album Bionic," tour promoter Live Nation sinabi in a statement.

But don't cry...
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 Christina in "Moulin Rouge" getting ready to sing "Lady Marmalade"
Christina in "Moulin Rouge" getting ready to sing "Lady Marmalade"
Wheres are all my soul sisters?
Let me hear you flow sisters

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister
Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister

He met marmelada down in ol' Moulin Rouge
Strutting her stuff on the street, yeah
She said, "Hello, uy Joe
You wanna give it a go?", oh! uh huh

Gitchy gitchy ya ya ta ta (hey uy hey)
Gitchy gitchy ya ya here (here)
Mocha chocolata ya ya (ooh yeah)
Creole Lady marmelada (ohh)

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, (ce soir)
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? (ooh)
He sat in her boudoir while she freshened up
Boy drank all that magnoliya wine
On her...
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 Image from the Official Music Video (Christina)
Image from the Official Music Video (Christina)
So-What am i not s'pposed to have an opinion?
Should i be quiet because i'm a woman?
Call me a asong babae (bitch) cause i speak what's on my mind
Guess it's easier for you to lunok if i sat and smiled

When a female fires back
suddenly target don't know how to act
So he does what any little boy would do
Makin' up a few false rumors or two
That for sure is not a man to me
Slanderin' names for popularity
It's sad you only get your fame through controversy
But now it's time for me to come and give you madami to say

This is for my girls all around the world
Who have come across a man that don't respect...
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So many years have gone by
Always strong, tried not to cry
Never felt like I needed any man
To comfort me in life
But I'm all made up today
A veil upon my face
But no father stands beside me
To give his bride away

Well I'm standing in the chapel
Wearing my white dress
I have waited for this moment
With tears of happiness
Here I leave behind my past
By taking the chance
I've finally found the right man

Thoughts racing fast through my mind
As I'm gazing down the aisle
That my future will mend the memories
Torn between father and child

My emotions overload
'Cause there is no hand to hold
There's no shoulder here to...
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He-hey he-hey ohh
Oh yeah
Well alright

What is this feeling coming over me?
I'm taken back in disbelief
Is this really me, ha! in the mirror I see?
Staring back at me:
Could it be? A new reflection of a woman complete

All of a sudden I'm so care-free (well alright)
'cause pag-ibig is doing something strange to me (well alright)
Got a new flame, ha! haven't been the same
Something in me's changed, rearranged
And I feel that I've been saved

You got me feeling like you're that something I've been missing
Everything's heaven 'cause life with you has been a blessing

(Oh-oh oh-oh)
I got it bad in a serious way,...
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 tagahanga Art cover for the song
Fan Art cover for the song
What you gave me, I know you gave me
You remind me all the time
And how you hurt me and you don’t see it
Again, I am the child
And though you tell me that you pag-ibig me
I can’t feel it and I’m afraid to let you down
It’s all or nothing, I fear that something’s wrong

I’m tired of walking on eggshells, so terrified to fail
And in order to please you I’ve abandoned myself
And though it used to hurt me when you pushed me away
I’m stronger than ever, you made me this way

How I wish you, you suffered less too
It tears us both apart
And it’s not pretty, the way you criticize me
And how it breaks...
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Ladies and gentlemen
Boys and girls
Step right up, step right up
Come closer, you won't believe your eyes
Behind this curtain,
Witness something you've never seen before,
Heard before, dreamt before
The most amazing ipakita on earth

La la la la la la la
It's the most amazing ipakita on earth
La la la la la la la

Do you want to be widely entertained?
People to know your name?
Do you crave fame?
Well they say "things aren't always what they seem to be"
Even your greatest fantasies
You won't believe your eyes
Won't even recognise
The wonderment that lies
Behind the shimmer and the lights

Is it true what they say?
Is it...
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Yeah. Yeah.
Ooh, Ooh, Ohh

If you see me walking down the street
Or in the pages of your magazine
Looking just a little differently
Showing off a softer side of me

They saying I'm looking like a lady
They say that pag-ibig has gone and changed me
But don't be fooled sa pamamagitan ng everything you see
Gotta let the naughty in me free

There's a woman inside of all of us
Who never quite seems to get enough
Trying to play sa pamamagitan ng the rules is rough
Cause sooner or later something's gonna erupt us

Cause I still got that nasty in me
Still got that dirrty degree (still got it)
And if you want some madami sexy
Still got that freak in me
I still...
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posted by halloula
Christina Aguilera has revealed that she has moved on from her latest album Bionic,peaking at a press conference for her new movie Burlesque, she said: "The creative process that involved Bionic is over, I did what I wanted to do and I'm satisfied with it. If the album sells or if the songs are a hit, I don't care and I don't need to know it, I did my part and I gave 100% while I was doing it, and I'm proud of this work…The creative process is my thing, I'm an artist and once something is over, I look pasulong for what is next, and I don't look back."

Discussing the film, she added: "Burlesque was a different process, I'll support this project until the end, but not to find out if it was a box office hit or not - that is not what motivates me.