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Made me cry alot. Bullies need to think, its not funny.
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Here are some shocking stats that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

1.) There are twice as many deaths due to suicide than HIV/AIDS.

2.) Between 1952 and 1995, suicide in young adults nearly tripled.

3.) Many who attempt suicide never seek professional care.

4.) Suicide takes the lives of nearly 30,000 Americans every year.

5.) Over half of all suicides occur in adult men, ages 25-65.

6.) In the buwan prior to their suicide, 75% of elderly persons had visited a physician.

7.) Suicide rates in the United States are highest in the spring.

8.) Over half of all suicides are...
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I have a friend who lives in up-state New Hampshire. We met at camp and became really close friends. She had told me about her nakaraan attempts at suicide, but I thought she was done with that.


Her parents sinabi she wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. She got one and her parents found out. They would yell and scream at her every araw saying things like "Why did you disgrace this family like that?!?!?!". This eventually got the better of her. She tied a rope from her ceiling tagahanga and had it around her neck. She just couldn't step off of the chair.

Later when she came to AIO, she was telling...
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i was 16 i wanted to kill myslf for my freinds my uncle who passed now i am alive my grandpa nevetr wanted me he never sinabi i pag-ibig you i am aslo a bully vitm called beaver teeth now my self esteem is shot i smile outside thepain remains
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You’re sitting in your room ~ door locked ~ with a pen in your hand and a blank piece of paper in front of you. Your hand is shaking, and the tears begin again - for the third time in the past hour. ‘To my family’ you write at the tuktok of the page, but decide it’s a bad way to begin your letter ~ your suicide letter. You try again, start over ~ again and again, but you don’t know where to begin. No one understands you; no one knows what you’re going through, you’re alone or at least that’s what you think. Nobody would care if you’re alive or not, you mean nothing to nobody....
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First time I got bullied was in Kindergarten. I was always made fun of for being Italian and French. I don't know why though. But 1st grade came, people started calling me names and making fun of my liking to TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) I was mad, but soon, 5th grade came. People called me the following: dumb-ass moron!!!!! crackhead (I do not know why they called me crackhead, I'm drug-free) homosexual (because I wear boy clothes, though I'm a girl) and d***head. They also constantly flipped my mesa over and did (though rarely) violated me. 8th Grade: WORST taon I AM HAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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I know that most of these stories are about other people and their attempts at suicide, but this spot is also for bullying, that we also need to work to prevent.

Well, this is a bullying story, about yours truly. I've always been bullied, and only recently has it stopped.

As a little kid, I wasn't really made fun of because well little kids don't care what you look like, where you came from etc. But that all changed when I went into 2nd grade.

I had always been small, like skinny, but when I got into 2nd grade, my weight slowed down but my height kept going. I was made fun of for being tall. I...
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This is a totally real situation that is happening to me right at this moment. As you read this, she is contemplating suicide so read fast!

I was checking my live magpabago feed. I had multiple status magpabago from 11evan11, and several from another person; Ізабэла(series of numbers that follow her name).

Most of them were from last night, but one in particular caught my eye.

im so freckin mad and sad and angry that i fell like killing mysel so please dont talk to me right now i want to be alone some were where no onecan c me cry

I immediately sent her a message saying, GIRL WHATS WRONG!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!...
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A family mga kaibigan 1 yr old son,Trent died a buwan nakaraan because of teens,here's his painful story:Trent was at his granpa's house& he told his brother,Jake he wanted to see his"Pa-Pa Nate".Jake showed him where his pa-pa was & on his way there,some neighborhood teens picked up Trent& threw the 1 yr old in the pool!He didn't even know how to swim.The boys ran back to their yard to make it look like an accidant.No one saw or heard Trent cry for help.Later that day,his Grandma found him dead because he drowned.
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Before I start my story I'd like to thank my 4th grade P.E. teacher,Coach Eric Howard,if u wouldn't have told ur classes the story when somebody bullied somebody else,i wouldn't be able to share it with concerend it goes:One day,in Rural New Orleans,was a little 8 taon old(name unknown).He was bullied every araw at school,so one day,that little 8 taon old boy hung him self in the boy's bathroom.his last words were:"God all mighty please make me a spot in haven so i don't have to go through life like this."
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My friend,Mary was new to America,& this is her story.Mary was an immigrant from Mexico& was at least 13.After she learned english she always told me how she hated America,& how many people made fun of her hertitage.She sinabi her parents wanted to die,"Do you feel the same Mary?"I'd ask her."Sometimes she answer back.One day,I went to her house& she seemed gloomier than ever.I sorta cheered her up& then we went to play in the basement,like always."Can you go get some punch?"She asked me.So I went to go get some punch,but there was none.I decide just to make some.When I returned,Mary had hung herself with a sinturon hooked to her the metal seeling bar.She was pronnounced dead at 5:57 PM.Today,I still feel like it's my fault cuz I left her.
This is the true story about one of my mga kaibigan who had long suffered from abuse in many different ways, especially from her peers. Before I tell you this story, I warn you that there is some subject matter that shouldn't be viewed sa pamamagitan ng children. The names of the people have been changed, as per the request of my friend. Please understand that suicide is a hard subject to talk about, but everytime we refuse to talk of it, someone else takes their own life. If you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide, please get help, even if it is just telling your parents.

The school bus had dropped me...
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