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TerrySlivers posted on Jul 25, 2021 at 11:58PM
I know it sounds crazy. But hear me out. It might not be as out there as it seems.
We know from Cobra Kai/Karate Kid cannon that:

* Kreese tried to kill Johnny. Miyagi intervened and saved his life. Undoubtedly, Johnny was truly terrified…maybe for the first time in his life. He likely feared further
aggression/attempts on his life from Kreese. So he would have been in need of a Sensei that could teach him a thing or twelve to combat his lunatic ex-karate teacher that might still want to kill him. Remember Johnny is just 17 and Kreese is
: a badass, ex-military, and a grown man.

*Miyagi was the first person (that we know of) Johnny ever saw stand up to Kreese…let alone defeat him in a fight. If Johnny wanted to continue with karate he would need a new Sensei. One that excelled in defensive karate, perhaps?(a guy that he just saw kick the crap out of his would-be killer)

*By the end of the tournament, both Daniel & Miyagi had earned Johnny’s respect.
Johnny would have been MUCH more receptive to learning from Miyagi at that point.
Remember, Miyagi just saved Johnny’s life. Johnny would have been appreciative of that fact…one would think.

*Miyagi held no grudge against Johnny. “No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.” Miyagi originally agreed to teach Daniel to defend himself. Why not Johnny?

So I ask you what if Miyagi actually DID train Johnny
after Daniel and Miyagi returned from Okinawa?

Maybe Johnny and some of the ex-Cobras received/continued
to receive threats from Kreese? Maybe their family members were threatened?
Kreese does have a track record of: instructing/daring/coaxing his students to commit crimes against those that crossed him or his underlings. Perhaps this campaign of terror went on for weeks or even months…coinciding with Daniel and Miyagi’s Okinawa Trip…

Would Miyagi have initially refused or politely declined to train Johnny? Of course, he would have. He would have been more than a little skeptical of Johnny’s change of heart. In other words, he would have wondered if he was worthy/if he had truly changed. Certainly, Miyagi’s first inclination would have been not to get involved. He would have played the reluctant teacher like Yoda…like he did in Part One with Daniel. But at the end of the day, Miyagi would have seen that Johnny was a scared kid in serious mortal danger that needed his help. In fact, you could make the argument that Johnny needed Miyagi’s teachings more
than Daniel did. Daniel had the devil’s minions after him. Johnny had the devil himself after him. (Johnny? The Devil?…Add Georgia and a Fiddle of Gold and I think we’ve got a song there…hehehe- snort!

But I digress…

I am suggesting Johnny’s (handful of lessons from Miyagi)could of happened in the window of time that Miyagi refuses to train Daniel in defense of his title. Imagine the drama if it comes out that Miyagi was training Johnny at the same time Silver was torturing Daniel?

Is it possible according to the established timeline? Short Answer, Yes.

* Johnny does not even know who Terry Silver is. Which, he wouldn’t since he
had quit Cobra Kai by the time Terry Silver makes his grand, over-the-top entrance via the events of Karate Kid III.

*Johnny says he didn’t learn all his fighting skills from Kreese. (This fact alone does not mean it HAD to be Miyagi that trained him… merely that it’s a distinct possibility.

Admittedly,” the last couple asteriks are not meant to be proof per se. But rather a reminder of accepted and necessary facts for this concept to hold water.

*I should also mention…the creators have stated they keep getting great plot ideas from KK3…and they do SO love a great juxtaposition. Daniel in Cobra Kai…Johnny in Miyagi-Do. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What say you? Is it possible?? Still think it’s crazy fan-fiction? Well maybe…but every idea is fan-fiction until it isn’t. The entire series essentally started as fan-fiction. If you had told me anytime before 2018 (when Cobra Kai premiered) that there would one day be a companion sequel series to the original Karate Kid franchise…I wouldn’t have believed you. Nor would I have believed Johnny Lawrence would be depicted as a handyman like Miyagi? Or that Daniel would train Johnny’s son in Karate…that Johnny would: become a sensei, bring back Cobra Kai, instruct his student to mock the sacred famous/infamous crane technique that
destroyed him all those years ago…etc.
You get the idea.


*Johnny could have meant virtually anything by his comment to Kreese…
“Not Everything”…
(Maybe he picked up that move from a Bruce Lee movie who knows?)
*Karate is BIG in the valley…lots of Senseis out there
*Johnny would have likely had a hard time wrapping his head around Miyagi’s philosophy
* The timeline is do-able but kinda questionable
* It’s also highly probable, that Johnny being Johnny just got on his bad little motor-scooter and drove off into the sunset only to return years later
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas TerrySlivers said…
Great minds think alike I guess…I just found this:

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas yorkshire_rose said…
Thanks for the link I haven't seen this video before great minds do think alike !
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas yorkshire_rose said…
I really like that idea that Mr Miyagi gave Karate lessons to Johnny but wouldn't you have thought that Johnny would have mentioned it to Daniel before now.Also I don't think that Johnny would have wanted to be taught by him as he seems stuck in his own ways, but having said that your ideas are certainly viable and I still think that you should have joined the Cobra Kai writing team.I like the idea of Johnny riding into the sunset and returning years later now that is so Johnny ! :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas TerrySlivers said…
To your point: Yes, I absolutely think most normal people would have said something by now. But the relationship between these two is anything but normal.

**EDIT: (Just Now Remembered This) Once again, I wanna reiterate what you are saying is sensible and definitely what one would think. But maybe its not necessarily the case since Daniel has yet to tell Johnny that he was briefly in Cobra Kai. So essentially its the same thing as Johnny not telling Larrusso about Miyagi.

I CAN particularly see Johnny gloating to Daniel…IF there was something to gloat about. In other words, I think Johnny would have felt scared, vulnerable, and open to his teachings for a short window of time. Miyagi would have reluctantly agreed to train Johnny a few times and it didn’t really take…because yes, like you said…Johnny is Johnny. Then he went away once again feeling rejected and misunderstood. This would have once again left a sour taste towards Miyagi-Do Karate.

I know this one is a L——O——N——G shot for sure. I give it a 15-25 % chance of seeing the light of day.
But wow! What a twist that would be if it came to pass.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas yorkshire_rose said…
^Now that is so true Daniel has never told Johnny about him being in Cobra Kai and if he did I wonder how Johnny would react to that and I wonder how Daniel would react to Johnny being trained by his beloved Mr Miyagi once again the plot thickens *lol* ? I think that Johnny will find out though in season 4 because Silvers and crew are more than likely going to make their presence known.So yeah I get your point on Johnny and Daniel's relationship they are hardly going to tell each other things they don't want the other one to know ! Oh, what a twist it would be for sure and let's face it Cobra Kai has been full of twists and turns at every corner.

Every time we discuss Cobra kai it gets the adrenaline going *lol* ! roll on November if that's the release date just can't wait to see what happens now !
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas TerrySlivers said…
Yeah absolutely…with Silver back it HAS to come out now right?? I too am very curious how Johnny will react to the news of Daniel being in Cobra Kai. I would be surprised if there weren’t several Coors Banquets involved.

Agreed! What is it about this show? I’ve been a rabid fan of any number of tv shows and movies before and it was never the obsession that Cobra Kai is for me.
last edited sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas yorkshire_rose said…
^I know what you mean it's one of those shows that is addictive ! i'm the same I just love it.I think also that it's due to the clever writers and the sublime acting that make this show stand out from the rest !

I too am so waiting to see Johnny's reaction to Daniel being in Cobra Kai priceless !!