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Really should have put this on the part 1, but:

O.verthought out

Everyones jaw dropped a few feet at the so-called R.V. Val turned to Numbuh 2.
"Are you sure we can't use the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. ?" she asked.
"Sorry, its been having engine troubles." he answered.
Val the turned to David.
"What about the M.I.S.S.I.O.N. M.A.C.H.I.N.E. ?" She then asked.
"We drove it through a WALL, remember?" he answered.
The "R.V. Rental Dude" swaggered out of the main gates. He was wearing a bright green suit and a cowboy hat.
"Hey! Whats the big idea givin' us this rusted peice of junk?" Wally cried out.
"Well, lil' partner," he responded with a fake/cheesy sounding southern accent. "I sinabi I would get'cha a R.V."
"No offense, "Partner", but this peice of rusty crap ain't a R.V." sneered Minerva.
"Well o' course it is!" the man nearly shouted. "R.V. stands for *Really-suckish Vehicle* !
I thought it stood for *Recreational* Vehicle" Abby started to correct him.
"Nah, just give me that ol' 30 bucks you promised me, and you'll get A bus!" the man sinabi firmly.
With grumbling no one even thought to stifle, they gave there even share. $2.50 each, a whole weeks alowence. With some help,they loaded there lugage abored and took off.


"Are you sure you know how to drive this thing?" wairily questioned Christian as the bus hobbled down the road.
"Of course I do!" Megan promptly answered. "I drive 2x4 tech machine type thingys all the time. And, plus, my dad let me drive his truck once!"
"Oh," he answered. "Wait, is that why theres a dent in the side of your garage?"
"Drop it."
"And your dog has a nervous twitch.......?"
"One madami word, and I drive this thing into a tree."
The sky was turning dark with the promise of a storm combining with the setting sun. When the operatives told this story again later on, they think its when the last rays of sun fleeted the sky and a blackend ulap covered the last inch of new-found moon-light. is when things. Got. Wierd.
Quietly in her upuan near the back, Madison pulled some hamster pagkain from her back-pack. Numbuh 3 leaned over from the upuan behind her. "Whats that for?" she asked as she stared at the food.
"Uh........uh.....n..n..nothing!" Madison stuttered out as a answer.
"Come on tell me!" Kuki proded.
"Fine, just DONT yell." Maddy whispered as she pulled somthing small and fluffy out of a shoe box beside her. It twitched and rolled over, revealing a rather large pair of brown eyes. Kukis eyes quad-drippled in size.
"ITS A HAM....!!!" Numbuh 3 started to squeal.
"SHUSH!!" Maddy yell whispered as she clamped a hand over Kukis mouth. "No one is supposed to know about him! I got'em from a kid in my class. My mom says I can't have another hamster, 'cuz I've gone through 3 already."
"Kuki snatched him up and started to pet him.
"Whats his name?"
"He small, brown, and everybody loves him."
A thought struck Numbuh 3.
"Ya know you have to tell your sister about this..."
"If you tell anyone about this, I'll make sure what you and Wally did last saturday makes the KND news!" Maddy seethed as she snatched back her hamster.
"How did you know about that!?!"
"I have my sources."
Grumpilly, Kuki headed to the front of the bus. Meanwhile, Kiki smiled evily 2 seats away, overhearing the whole thing.
"Come on, Kace'!" ,Kiki whined through her KN- communicator, "I know how much you guys loved coming to my school for a day...what's so bad about coming for the LAST araw of classes?"
"I JUST got out of school! I don't wanna go back again! ESPECIALLY after what happened last time." Kacey responded.
"I didn't even mention the best part!" Kiki shot back.
"Yeah? What's the best part?"
Kiki smiled mischevously, "Well, there'll be free pagkain cuz we're throwin' parties in a few classes....AND, from what I hear, there's gonna be a ginormous- no, wait, huge-no wait- GIHUGIC pagkain fight for all 3 lunch periods."...
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Numbah5:(picks up the phone and dials)


Numbah5:Cree?it's Abbey.....

Cree:You twerp!why are you calling here?!

Numbah5:I need...dare I say it...boy advice.

Cree:(gasps)if this is some kind of trick im warning you the teenz will soround you stupid puno house and- not asking you as an asking you as a sister...

Cree:....Okay..but im not turning my back for a second! is it?


Cree:What the-...O-O....You mean Hoag-


Cree:Oh he's easy...

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Numbah3:Numbah1 my closet,bed,and room are all filled puh-lease!


Numbah3:stop calling them stupid!

Numbah2:seriously numbah3 we need to steer..okay?



Numbah3:Abbey?(everyone but them leaves)


Numbah3:Why are you looking at numbah2 like that?

Numbah5:None of your beeswax alright!

Numbah3:C,mon you gotta tell me!

Numbah5:Numbah5 doesn't have to tell you anything!
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Numbah10:Okay guys this should be a quick fight....

Grudjer:For once I agree!(tosses clouds at 10,1000,and 7 only 1000 gets hit)

1000:Dang it!(faints)

Numbah7:Now what!?

Numbah10:I know!....wait no...that sounds like something numbah12 would say....

Numbah7:Are you gonna quote your boyfriend or are you gonna try and think of a plan to defeat the Grudjer and keep Wally maimed at the same time!

Numbah10:K first of all he is way not my boyfriend!second you really hate your cousin and third....let's use the-

Kids susunod door V.A.C.U.M (very artificial crap urges main)

Numbah7:Oh thats right if he's made...
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Numbah10:Okay guys this should be a quick fight....

Grudjer:For once I agree!(tosses clouds at 10,1000,and 7 only 1000 gets hit)

1000:Dang it!(faints)

Numbah7:Now what!?

Numbah10:I know!....wait no...that sounds like something numbah12 would say....

Numbah7:Are you gonna quote your boyfriend or are you gonna try and think of a plan to defeat the Grudjer and keep Wally maimed at the same time!

Numbah10:K first of all he is way not my boyfriend!second you really hate your cousin and third....let's use the-

Kids susunod door V.A.C.U.M (very artificial crap urges main)

Numbah7:Oh thats right if he's made...
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Numbah10:So let me guess I took the wrong kid again right?


(everyone starts laughing)

Both Numbah 1s:grrrrrr

(numbah 1000 falls from a purple portal on the ceiling)

Numbah1:Numbah 1000 what are you doing here?

Numbah 1000:I've been watching you guys on my watch which somebody kept open.

(everyone checks there watches)

Numbah2:ooops...hehe sorry that was me...

Numbah100:anyways I wanted to help you Sector Q went to Florida and...forgot me....

Numbah10:hehe...sorry it's kind of funny.

Numbah12:Sheesh Numbah10 your so cold hearted!

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sa pamamagitan ng standing on the Cowardly Lions shoulders, the Scare uwak was able to reach the huge knocker on the giant door. While waiting for a response, they all starred up at the exspansive city byond the gates. It seemed, it's name sake being no exageration, that the city was made out a glowing, shimmering, corascating emerald. The entire city shone like green neon. The sudden clanging of a miniuter door built inside the gate tore their attention away from the nirvana enducing city. A VERY familair face poked through.

"Why is that R-tard Toilenator in this story?"
"Numbuh 4, how did you get out of the...
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It was an interesting araw at Gallager and I was about to make it even madami interesting!


Numbah2:Come on numbah 5 im just kidding.

Numbah5:Well it's just whenever you start narrating you start a stupid detective case that I have to listen to!


Numbah5:Let me guess...thats what you were going to do right?

Numbah2:Kind of....

Anyways were was I...oh yeah madami interesting...why was I about to make it even madami interesting?because I was about to crack a new at school had been going missing lately and nobody had gotten contact...
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A wide area of bright kulay-rosas poppies led the way to the shining city. The group trooped through the exspansive feild.
"Oh, don't they smell so sweet?" Kuki cooed as she bowed over to sniff one of the flowers.

The Wicked Witch watched over the four-some with great hatred through her crystle ball.
"GAH!! They've gotten this far already. If she get's to the Wizard, and then wishes to go home, I'll never get those Ruby Slippers or their powers!"
Still growling, she flipped through her book of magic.
"Ah!" she cried. "A Poppie curse? How perfect!"
She placed two hands on the ball.
" Though on the ouside...
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Chapter 7
Kuki woke up. She shared a hotel room with the only other girl on the team, Sami. Sami was still in bed, the remote on her stomach, and the TV on. Kuki knew that Sami must have fell asleep while watching TV. She walked up to it, and turned it off.
    "No, don't do that!" Sami shot up from her pillow.
    "But you were asleep."
    "TURN IT ON."
    Kuki did as she was told. Then, she stepped into the bathroom and changed.
    "Yo, Kuki?" Sami asked ten minutos later, fully dressed. "You...
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1. Don't fight
2.Always keep your guard up
4.No doing stuff behind our sector leaders back
5.Never let someone in the sector base if not in KND or get permission from sector leader

nothing else..................................................................................................................................................................................................just 5......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................THE END STOP READING!lol
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Kuki starred down at the old dirt path that started down the dark woods. She didn't know why, the woods just gave her bad vibes. The tin girl on one side, the scare uwak on the other, and Kuki in the middle, the group stepped down the old trail. Brittle thorn covered vines snaked their way along the sides, the forrest floor easing on to the path. Rain water from a long past storm dripped onto the backs of their necks like blood from teared skin. Toto scurried on ahead, sniffing at every palumpong and bramble along the way. A loud HOOT of an owl caused him to jump back, landing in the brush far beyond...
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Greetings operatives and cadets! This is Numbuh 1000 speaking to you today, and I have a word or two to say. I know it's hard to come up with tagahanga fiction ideas, acronyms for the title, or any pamagat at all. The same go for tagahanga arts. I have come up with a solution. Me. I come up with tagahanga Fiction and tagahanga art ideas all the time, it's just I'm not a good drawer or storywriter. So, here is my proposition. If you need ideas or acronyms, or titles, ask me. Gimme a main dea, I'll come up with a title. Need a seasonal tagahanga art? I'll come up with somthing. Think I'm a nerd and I don't know what I'm talking about and I really should just shut up? Thats justifiable.

This infomercial is a product of Numbuh 1000 is kinda awesome, but we're not quite sure yet corporation. Any stories that turn out to be majorly suckish can not be held against this company in the court of law, and neither can ultra cruddy tagahanga arts. Yes I'm talking to you.
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I realized today, March 27, 2011, at 10:49 P.M., that I have been awarded the Dedicated tagahanga Medal for the Codename: Kids susunod Door Fanclub. So my official pamagat is now: Megan Behon, 2x4 Technology Officer and advisor of Sector Q, older sister to Numbuh 2001, and mga kaibigan to Numbahs 8, 7, 2, 3, 4, 5, 34, and many more, and Dedicated tagahanga to Fanpop's Codename: Kids susunod Door Fanclub. THIS IS SO AWESOME. And as a KND dedicated fan, I command you to dance to this song:
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Chapter 6
Now that Kuki was gone, they needed ANOTHER back-up player. So Emma finally agreed.
"Alright team!" Kacey sinabi at practice. "After this, we have one madami game to decide who wins!"
"Yes! It's totally gonna be us!" David said. "I can feel it."
"Sure..." Christian said.
"OK, let's go!" Emma said. She and Abby began hitting balls back and forth.
"Hey, Wally?" Raleigh asked. "You OK?"
Wally was sitting on the sidewalk, a piece of paper in his hand. He sighed, then looked up.
"Ya, ya. I'm fine." He said.
"Well, then, c'mon, we're practicing." Raleigh pointed over to the team. Megan pitched...
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Chapter 5
"Hustle, hustle, hustle!" Wally yelled at the team. They were in pairs of two tossing a baseball to their partner.
"Dude, we've hustled for two hours already!" Christian sighed, passing the ball to David. "Can't we stop?"
"No! I'm destined to beat this poser!" Wally yelled. "Besides, we didn't work hard enough last time!"
Everyone stopped what they were doing. Both Raleigh and Kiki were hit with baseballs.
"What are you talking about, Sparkle Butt?" Abby asked.
"We sweat enough to fill a swimming pool!" David yelled.
"Just go back to 'hustling'! I wanna see you sweating enough to...
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