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hi okay i only thought of this today, do you think this story is worth developing? here is the dead basic idea i came up with when i was bored in class.

Theres a boy he is eight, he drowns in a river, but is possesed sa pamamagitan ng a spirit called peter, this saves him. he recovers unusually fast.

bad things keep happening because when peter died he was in fear. so whenever peter feels fear (he shares the body with joshua) he causes people too die.

also joshua loves a ghost that dances in a forest that only he cuts through to get tahanan fast. she dances under blossom as it falls. the pag-ibig story is actually...
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posted by animefangirlz
In a small neiborhood in New York.the small family of Bampira ilipat into the old apartment,2B.Mark and cody(you'll know madami about them later)are busy carring and hauling furniture and the rest of there stuff in there shoe box.the twins are too busy to help,(running around the complex causeing hell for there brothers and neiboors.)as for Sammantha(who is 10 at the time)she stands sa pamamagitan ng the moving van holding on to one of her beutifull antique porclen mga manika in an old goth-lollita style black dress.

Twins)theres nobody named "you...
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I pag-ibig to sing :) Tell me what you think?
colbie caillat
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posted by ZacharyWhite
1.) Girls hate it when one of their parents asks them "So how's school?"
2.)Girls hate it when their parents doesn't like their
3.)Girls hate it when their moms treats them like a baby.
4.)Girls like it when guys tells them about his feelings.
5.) Girls want a honest guy.
6.)Girls pag-ibig their boyfriend madami than boys do.
7.)Girls tells their secrets to their mga kaibigan madami than to their parents.
8.)All girls have problems of their own.
9.)Sometimes, girls gets a heartache or a broken heart.
10.)Girls hate it when they see the old girlfriend of their boyfriend.
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