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I was lying in kama choking back another scream of pain from the horrific contraction. I was defiantly grateful that Patch couldn’t feel my touch.
If I had been clenching a humans hand they would have passed out from the sever amount of pain from my grabby hands the very first time.
Patch held still every time I grabbed for his hand. He just waited, being the perfect angel he was.
I heard someone run into the hospital room, in the middle of my contraction. My eyes were clenched shut; I wasn’t able to see who it was.
“This is so exciting, I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t wait...
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A sharp siring pain struck my stomach; I froze tight as stone grasping at my stomach. The pain was unbelievably unbearable. I wasn’t able to breathe it just made the pain ten times worse. My eyes were pinched tight, tighter then when I jumped off the bleachers in the high school gym a few years back.
The thought about that whole night made me cringe making the pain worst. That night was one of the worst nights of my life; something I hope will never have to be brought up ever again.
Patch and I were sitting on the sopa watching TV after our one o’clock lunch. My legs had been flung on top...
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