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 Elizabeth Higgins Clark
Elizabeth Higgins Clark
Actress and Columnist Elizabeth Higgins Clark isn't afraid to take on things that scare her. As an actress, Elizabeth has a budding career in Hollywood; most recently grabbing attention for her role on the CBS hit crime-drama “Criminal Minds.” She’s also appeared on the CW’s “Ringer” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and on ABC’s “All My Children” and “General Hospital.”

As a columnist for the well-respected news website The Huffington Post, she’s been bravely sharing her thoughts on issues near and dear to her, including her Grandmothers, Ann Coulter’s use of the word...
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The BAU Team on Criminal Minds functions like a family. Each of the characters take on a different role, and the madami you look at the ipakita through these eyes, the madami you see it hold true episode after episode. Their relationships with one another prove that they have created a makeshift family structure of their team.

Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi function as the parents. Rossi is the father figure – the old timer whom his children and ‘spouse’ respect for his wisdom and experience. There is a clear separation between him and the rest of the family, but he has a close relationship...
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