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Ian Lavender has spent a successful life in theatre and telebisyon including long running appearances in Eastenders and Dad's Army in which
he played Private Pike, 'the stupid boy'.

Now age 63 and starring on stage in Sister Act at
The London Palladium he popped round the corner
to Soho's Vintage Magazine tindahan on Saturday September 12 to meet some of his many fans and autograph copies of the reprinted Dad's Army movie poster .

Ian is one of only two living members of the platoon , the other being Lance Corporal Jones,Clive Dunn . who lives on the Algarve and at age 85 still performs locally.

The repoduction poster, size 70x50cm sells for £9.99 and can be obtained sa pamamagitan ng post from , Vinmag House , 84-90 Digby Road,London E.9 6HX
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