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Everybody knows her and loves her from "Rock of pag-ibig Season 2". sa pamamagitan ng popular demand, uri ng bulaklak De La Hoya is back and this time staring in her own show, "Daisy of Love".

Daisy is a knockout who has it all: Beauty, talent, fame, and a whole bunch of tattoos. When Bret Michaels handed out the final pass to Ambre at the end of Rock of pag-ibig 2, he left uri ng bulaklak all alone and brokenhearted. Her dreams of being a rock star's girlfriend and Bret's 'Rock of Love' were crushed.

A determined-to-survive uri ng bulaklak moved on. She strapped on her guitar, packed all of her belongings and moved to Hollywood where she started...
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Heather giving uri ng bulaklak a beating at the Rock of pag-ibig 2 Reunion Show.
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