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posted by desgrace
 "He's Nawawala Damon"
"He's lost Damon"
"Where were you Damon?"Elena pleaded as she looked deep into his eyes. Her araw had just been absolute hell, and no one saved her. Not even the one that cared most for her. At least not until the worst was over."I promise you Elena, I will never leave you again." Damon gripped her hand, and was at ease that she didnt pull way. He loved her so much, and he hated himself for not saving her at the school. Not stopping Klaus earlier. But at least she was alive.

Elena smiled slightly through her tears, knowing at least someone would be there for her, now that Stefan was truly Nawawala now. "It's time to ilipat on, Damon. We need to forget about Stefan. What i saw tonight, everything i saw tonight, made me realize he's gone. We spent our whole summer searching for him,and I wanted to believe he wasnt a Nawawala cause, but he is Damon." she said. Damon could feel her pain. He could see it all over her face, her neck, and oh god her eyes. Such beautiful eyes. He gripped her in a hug, as she cried on his shoulder. He slowly rubbed her hair, and told her it would be okay. It would, wouldnt it?

"hey, hey, Elena. It's okay. Everythings fine. Stefan is gone now, okay?" He quickly got her a tissue to wipe away her tears. Even though she was quite striking in sorrow. "Im so sorry Damon. That i ever thought you didnt care about him. I know you cared about him just as much as i did, and im sorry for trying to, make you into him. But now, he's just as bad as you were, when you first came to town, and you, your almost like what Stefan was. Why did you have to switch roles?" Elena had stopped crying now, though the pain from her wound was excruciating.

"I dont know Elena I-" elena interrups Damon with a halik on the cheek. " Thank you for getting me out of that hospital, and for ipinapakita up," she kisses him again, on the cheek. Maybe she saw it as a reward. She knew how he felt. She knew how she felt. But with everything going on, It would be the worst time to start something with anyone. Esspecially with the news for sure, that Stefan was lost. But....

Damon was startled at the kiss, with Stefan gone, Nawawala forever. This would be all that he had hoped for. The woman of his dreams, right infront of him, on the brinc of loneliness, sadness, and utter betrayl. Stefan was gone, and he repeated over and over again inside his head.

Elena leaned in, this time, halik closer to his mouth. Maybe it was wrong. She knew it was wrong. Bad timing. But, she couldnt help what she felt.

Damon returned her kiss, just slightly off the mouth, building up to the ultimate moment, when he would finally halik the woman he felt such intense emotions for, such intense love, and suddenly, he heard a creak in the floorboards of the hallway....
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Everything that has anything to do with pag-ibig reminds me of Delena somehow, because Damon and Elena have every aspect of pag-ibig in their relationship. But it doesn’t make sense in my opinion to compare different stories, because each movie, TV show, book or whatever else is totally different, even if they belong to the same genre, and the pag-ibig story of Damon and Elena is even madami special than all of the others. I want to say a few words to Delena in comparison to some other vampire stories anyway, because I so often read about it (I know, saying that it doesn’t make sense and still doing...
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Why should Stelena be endgame? “Because they’re an “epic” couple, because it was pag-ibig at first sight, because Stefan respects Elena’s choices.” Somehow, I do not find these reasons for a Stelena endgame convincing at all. With all that we have seen in The Vampire Diaries telebisyon series –from Season 1 to Season 4 – and through the use of dialogue, expressions, reactions, relationships, and storylines, something quite contrary to the belief that Stelena belongs together is conveyed. Am I saying that a Delena endgame is implied? Yes, I am, but not because I am a Delena tagahanga –...
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Someone tweeted this. apparently a bamon tagahanga emailed her saying why BD belong together. I dont know what the email sinabi exactly. but her response solidifies that she truely ships Bamon. So if she ships Bamon how can DE even really have a shot at Endgame. she says she doesnt know endgame but if she is pro bamon why wouldnt she make them endgame.

after pagbaba your email, I feel like sending for a priest and getting those two married right away: Bonnie and Damon, You certainly make a compelling case, and I think you will enjoy Midnight, in which Bonnie and Damon travel alone together to the Dark...
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