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I wrote this after the episode where Stefan and Katherine were in the tomb but instead of Stefan and Katherine's pag-ibig affair being a dream, I made it real and had Elena find out. It's been a while since I wrote anything so madala with me.

Elena sat in her room on her kama in stunned silence. She couldn’t believe that Stefan had betrayed her the way he did with Katherine. She had spent several hours up here sobbing to herself but now she felt anger and contemplated going to the tomb and confronting him about it.
Behind her she heard someone come in through her window. She had her back to the window and thought, ‘Damon. It had to be’. She didn’t feel like seeing anyone right now but sinabi nothing.
“I don’t know what to say to you, Elena. I’m sorry. I never expected Stefan to do that especially since he told me over and over how much he hated her, “he sinabi softly.
She turned to face him and saw concern in his handsome face; his cerulean eyes sympathetic. “It’s not your fault, Damon. How could you have known? You just kept your promise to Stefan to keep me ligtas and away from the tomb the night before. And you kept your promise to him but you know me and how stubborn I can be, went anyway and caught them.”
He sat beside her on the kama and looked at her. Her pain was written all over her face. She looked away from him and down at the floor; her long kastanyas hair obscuring her face from him. Tenderly he took her delicate chin in his hand and turned her face up towards him and wiped a tear from her cheek. He smiled gently at her.
“You don’t deserve this, Elena. That asong babae Katherine must’ve planned this all along. She always wanted Stefan and often told me so. I had been foolish enough once to believe that she loved me. What a dick I was for believing that load of crap!” he told her.
At that a small smile broke across her face. Never would she have thought this was the same man who had terrorized her a taon ago. Something in him had changed, softened even.
“I guess we were both played. I just never believed Stefan could do this. How could he listen to her lies and do this to me?!” she cried.
Damon then enfolded her into his strong embrace and kissed the tuktok of her head. She broke down again and he began gently rocking her and stroked her long, dark hair. As her sobbing slowed down he felt her slender arms balutin themselves around him.
“I want to thank you for being here for me. I know it hasn’t been easy for you because I could be so stubborn at times,” she sinabi softly.
“No?! You?!,” Damon sinabi in mock humor.
“Don’t go and ruin this sa pamamagitan ng being yourself,” she sinabi with a little laugh and gave him a playful shove.
They laughed together and then their eyes met. Their gaze lingered a little too long. Suddenly she felt a flush of heat consume her and she found herself all too aware of Damon. He looked deeply into her dark eyes with his crystal gaze and she saw his desire flare in his eyes.
Slowly he lowered his head towards her and brought his mouth to hers. Desire shot straight through her like a sucker manuntok to the groin and desperately she ran her fingers through his silken black hair returning his kiss. She deepened the halik pulling him to her so there was little puwang between them.
“Wait!,” Damon gasped pulling apart. “Now I’m never one to turn down any good revenge sex or any sex for that matter, but I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.”
“Oh, I’m not looking for revenge. I just realized something that I’ve been trying to deny for too long,” she sinabi huskily. Then brought her mouth back on Damon’s with such fever it also spiked his blood lust.
Elena noticed and gingerly ran her tongue around his distended fangs and felt him shudder. She then turned to straddle his lean hips gently pushing him back on the bed. He allowed her to conquer him like this and groaned. She gave his full lower lip a playful nip and felt his need pressing at her core demanding satisfaction.
He couldn’t take her sensual onslaught anymore and swiftly flipped her onto her back coming on tuktok of her. A surprised gasp came out of her. He brought his mouth to her throat and she felt his fangs graze her throat. Wildly, she tore open his black sando and ran her hands across his smooth, sculpted chest. He reciprocated sa pamamagitan ng ripping her blusa from her and kissed her from her collarbone up to her neck running his tongue sensuously along the throbbing artery in her throat.
She moaned and tugged at his hair pulling him up to meet her in another kiss. Feverishly they shed the rest of their clothes and Damon covered her lithe body with his but before he claimed her as his own he looked into her eyes and said, “If you were mine I’d never betray you. Never!”
“Then, I’m yours,” she breathed her consent.
With that he entered her with one languorous stroke. She let out an audible gasp of surprise and pleasure. He was tender yet demanding. It was as if they were both trying to merge into one being. He brought her to such a plateau she had never been to before, not even with Stefan. Soon she felt something building within her until she felt her release thunder through her and cried out clutching Damon closer to her. In response, Damon increased the tempo until he too expelled his satisfaction and groaned out.
They fell apart gasping. Nothing had ever prepared her for something like this. Damon pulled her into his arms and kissed her.
“I pag-ibig you, Elena. I always have,” he whispered.
“I pag-ibig you too. I can’t deny it anymore,” she breathed and snuggled closer in his embrace.
She hadn’t felt this at peace and so fully relaxed in a long time. Damon was clearly a very skilled lover because he made her feel worshipped and loved from his intense, yet tender lovemaking. They lay silent in each other’s embrace until they drifted off to sleep.
Elena woke from the sun shining in on her and expected it all to be a dream, but no; susunod to her sleeping peacefully was Damon.
She smiled and tenderly caressed his cheek. He woke when he felt her lean over and halik his face. He smiled and stretched like a contented cat and drew her into his arms and kissed her.
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I didn't think it would end like this.
How did we, a fandom with everything to hope for and everything to gain, end up losing everything? (OK, maybe we haven't Nawawala *everything* but that's what it feels like). I went to kama last night and couldn't sleep. Every Delena 'worst-case scenario' I never dreamed could become a reality spun round and round in my head. It didn't seem possible that Elena could be written out of the show, when she was the female lead.
Nina has not currently ibingiay a reason for leaving, but it's probably down to 2 things.

1. She wants to be free to work on other projects...
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