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6 and a half hours later

Sonic: *snores*
Dash: *sigh* It's been a long time, how long have we been up here?
Tails: Exactly 6 hours, 39 minutos and 23 seconds.
Knuckles: Yeah yeah, whatever. *pushes Tails' face with hand* These birds are called-
Tails: Gem Birds.
Knuckles: Yeah.. anyway-
Tails: Gem birds are birds that only live in Angel Island are were breeded sa pamamagitan ng a certain echindna named Knuckles.
Knuckle: Um hum...
Dash: Cool. *giggles* Look at Sonic, he's all worn out. *blushes*
Tails: You seem a bit..red, Dash.
Dash: Oh, uh, *stops blushes* we're probably flying higher then before.
Tails: That's true....
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posted by CheetahGirl5147
 Chibi Dash
Chibi Dash
Idea ibingiay from ameliarose2002

Name: Dash Lightning Lux
Species: Cheetah
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hight: Around 4 foot 3 inches
Weight: 32 kg
Residence: Mobius, Green Hill
Personality: Nice, strong, annoying at some points
Interests: Angels
Likes: Dubstep and video games
Dislikes: A lot of things
Fears: Spiders
Strengths: Angel wings when needed
Weakness: Dash's stage fright
Love interest: Sonic the Hedgehog (crush)
Friends: Sonic, Tails, Amy (sort of), Knuckles, Silver, Amelia, Ashton, ect. ect. ect. ect.
Enemies: Eggman, Metal Sonic, Shadow (sort of) and The Deadly Six
Family: No one knows
Power(s): Has...
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Sonic: Sonic: I know! We just have to..USE TAILS' TAILS!
Tails: o-o Uh oh

2 hours later

Tails carries Sonic and Dash in till they get to Angel Island.

Dash: Are you alright, Tails?
Tails: *faints*
Sonic: He is noot okay.

A long time later

Tails: *starts to wake up*
Dash: *pokes muzzle* :3
Sonic: C'mon Tails, I'm not sure, but I think I see something shiny!
Dash: *pulls Tails over back* Let's go!
Dash & Sonic: *runs over to shiny thing*
Sonic: *glimpses at Emerald*
???: AH HAH!! No one tries to steal the Master Emerald!!
Sonic: Ack!!
Dash: *gets in front of Sonic*...
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Dash: *starts waking up*
Sonic: She's waking up!
Tails: Sshh..
Sonic: Oop, sorry.
Dash: *groans* What-what happened?
Sonic: You fell asleep.
Dash: Oh.. *feels cheek*
Tails: I can't believe it, even Amy can cure her.
Tails: ...
Tails: Anyways, we are still at Amy's house-
Sonic: But can you tell us how you got here, AND how you got this scar?
Tails: Exactly.
Dash: Well, I was at my little house and suddenly a voice came and sinabi some things that I can't remember, then..I felt a pain in my cheek and something pushed me into this-this-... strange portal...and I got here...but.. I...
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posted by CheetahGirl5147
Dash was right at home, at her house watching lots of Sonic Movies.
Dash: I really wish that I could see Sonic in real life. But he's on the other side of Mobius! I don't know how I could find him on my 2 lightning feet! Oh well..
???: You want to go?? Well, go..*evil laugh*
Dash: Wha-...?! *feels a sharp pain in cheek*

Dash: Gah! *falls out of a Strange Portal*

Dash: Where...AM I? *sees a house* Huh...I should get over there
Random Chao: Chao...
Dash: A Chao?! Back in the Savannah, there WERE no Choas...I must be in a way different place then before. But, how? ...It must've been that weird dude...
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