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 Kudou Shinichi - A great detective
Kudou Shinichi - A great detective
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

—Shinichi, quoting Sherlock Holmes from The Sign of the Four, ch. 6
In detective work, there's no winning or losing...there's no being superior or inferior...That's because...there is always one and only one truth.

—Episode 49, talking to Heiji
One truth prevails!

—One of Shinichi's catchphrases.
The only one who can miss a penalty kick is the one who has enough courage to take the penalty kick.

—Episode 476, Quoting the "Treasure of Italy" Roberto Baggio
Zero is where everything starts! Nothing...
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 Haibara Ai
Haibara Ai
There are Haibara's quotes:
“You can't complain about time going by... If anyone tries to change it... Life will punish them.„
— File 191, Page 11: "The Eyes From Far Away"

“Creation reflects the inner state of the creator.„
— File 335: "Memento of a Wife"

“Don't judge people from the outside. Like any rose has thorns, the madami person appears nice on the outside, the madami you should doubt the inside.„
— File 461: "Poison on the Bait!?"

“Using too much of your brain can make you bald like Professor Agasa..„
— File 222, Page 7: "The Last Movie"

“Even this loyal mirror...
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Conan was awesome when he sinabi to himself, "Maybe just a little~" when he imitates Rachel.
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