Dior In different environment have to believe in your choice!

DawenSmith posted on Aug 01, 2012 at 03:40AM

In different environment have to believe in your choice!
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In the real world, just as link, we are too kind, perhaps the natural and unrestrained the smart when what you like to do, not an insignificant, or fallen attitude towards the world! There are many things in our life that we can not grasp, since is an objective fact, and did not let it become a new kind of relief? Face the of all kinds of life, we have to do is faced with a heart of gratitude, thank side each appeared, this is the new life, pain and suffering in the premise, we choose to forgive and forget.<p>
I always choose to believe that link, I believe in the new life is beautiful; dreams and reality may have a certain gap, but always be good! "Some people think that has people strong. However sometimes, is to give up strong?" I won't forget what to me is the most important, which is freedom of action, the pursuit of freedom of friendship, out of fear and control. I won't forget those in my ex-husband of seeing them, before I ignore these, almost give my life. We have all hurt people in our lives, and we have all benefited from someone’s forgiveness. How bleak the world would be if everyone held onto their pain the way I did. How bright the world can be when we release the burden of anger and resentment, and instead forgive. And how beautiful the world can be when we learn from our pain instead of wallowing in it. <p>
In my option, I think happiness juat as link, which is in our life near our frieds.It is known to us there are a lot of things we are looking for in the world because of the different desirable dreams. So the life can be composed of many things, the love, the friendship, the relationship .I think the three things play a big important role in people’ life to some extent. maybe different people have the different way of thinking about the life's meaning .but to my opinion it is an advanced spiritual thing inside people's heart instead of the true things we can touch in reality ,but in fact people is willing to taste the feelings by the detail content which can be found in every day’s life. So I always think that hapiness.<p></div>

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