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I think everyone should know that Europe has such a brand, link bags fashionable market, trace root is the end that stylist audacious, will classical female bag style and tide element clever union, simple, generous, fashion. For example different one bag, have to say every one is a component bags. Based on the early autumn joker tonal basis, on modeling also more fastidious. British style restoring ancient ways, similar to the mailman bag style in flip place hardware decoration arrow more aesthetic feeling, at the same time in the side bags are belt adornment, portable place also reinforced belt, and more feel for you.<p>

Sometimes in the busy city under the fast rhythm easily lost them, link occasionally emptying even indulgence is can forgive. Go to the street, go on holiday, to dating, to work with it believes that there will be a better mood. Star street snap in exposure rate high, has won numerous star, famous model and fashion tide people like. Never thought before shopping bag can have many tide. But when the stars began to carry this kind of Coach BAG out of the street, you can realize have such one shopping BAG is how many cool one thing. The left sunshine, afternoon milk shake, fragrant. When candy leisure paragraph meet romantic gorgeous rose, hilly restore ancient ways fashion impact aesthetic incoming!<p>

Work, shopping link, learning, even if the trip, so lovely unique packet body back, isn't it great to add personal charm? Hollow out feeling and leopard grain Zima package design, if more women charm. Sweet wind as summer steps is slow in coming; the early autumn season cool and refreshing but person appropriate early shoulds not is late. Concise pillow package design, generous stereo current case grain line design, clean white and ice cream of pink is tender red clever confluence, collision out relaxed and delightful early autumn visual experience. Free arbitrary and easy design, namely, bold and unrestrained and dignified, both French romantic, witty, and a German type rigorous, compact. Soft tactility, smooth lines, extremely delicate suitable for any occasion.<p></div>

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas DawenSmith said…
Fashionable New York.

New York is a fashionable, elegant, diversified city, the COACH as a brand image ambassador, and link also become more and more popular. Leehom Wang carry THOMPSON series handbag back to New York, if let you in the streets of New York to see him, for he will charm dumped? There have been more than 20 years of time, COACH with only two colors: black and tan. The latter was also we called the color of camel's hair, British brown, caramel colour. Now other color is Coach Kou chi LEGACY series the most classical color restoring ancient ways.

Along with the brand of link constantly updated, color diversity is also in constant increase, if according to different color, you'll do what kind of choice? Here let I and you say it. Agate red, dark purple, tourmaline blue, simple use three different colors can make a captive to your low-key debutante fan. Today which color is your exclusive color? Will the five-star elements and popular element, combining DIY six steps complete fashion popular backpack. Five-star element into, let knapsack have strong, distinct theme.

Will you want link small bags, non-woven cloth in purple to mark, cut out of the cloth bag? With green cloth, black cloth cut out two concentric circles, with red cloth cut out the new, seam to round, set aside. In the back of the pack will harness converted into Angle fixed in the backpack cloth behind the center line on top, with the strong point of the seam, increase the bag while ability. Grey cloth cut out a piece, covering the top of the braces, sews on the braces on one side of the line, further fixed braces. Making suspend backpack hang belt, will harness with the rest of the materials, felled seam good, remember ends don't have to do processing oh, will both ends plug into grey cloth inside.