Dior How to get along with people?

DawenSmith posted on Sep 24, 2012 at 08:30AM

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How to get along well with people? It is a forever topic of link to talk about you, as you go to shopping, want to buy the thing that oneself like, perhaps based on practical considerations, also can wander in the intersection. Being attracted to friends of the opposite sex is a burden and can harm relationships, researchers have claimed. <p>

The new study link, which reignites the debate over whether men and women can be just friends, found that the majority of people believe that opposite sex friends are actually a burden. When participants were asked to list benefits and drawbacks of having opposite-sex friends, 32 per cent listed feelings of attraction as a cost, while just 6 percent listed these feelings as a benefit. Men and women reported about the same level of attraction toward their friends regardless of whether they currently involved in a romantic relationship. <p>

Here link I have see such a news: Mating strategies may influence people’s involvement in cross-sex friendships to begin with, as well as unintentionally color people’s feelings toward members of the opposite sex with whom their conscious intent is platonic, the researchers said. However, researchers found that some people did list attraction as a benefit to an opposite-sex friendship. Perhaps attraction can be both benefit and burden for the same individual in different friendships, or be both benefit and burden for the same friendship at different points in time, the researchers said. <p></div>

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