Disney Channel shows Classic Vs. Present Araw

k9hatake posted on Jan 26, 2012 at 08:54PM
dont get me wrong i like disney the way it is now, however i love classic disney. i mean come on which one is better House of Mickey or Micky Mouse Club House. i think we enjoyed House of Mickey better. and some of the cartoon on now are just plain stupid. so when i saw this i felt obligated to do as it said.

When i was litttle,I can still remember Mufasa was my father,Bambi's mom was my mom,Pocahontas was my counsilor,Buzz and Woody was my best friends,Ariel was my younger sister,Belle was my elder sister,Mulan was my bodyguard,Beast was my brother,Hercules and Meg were my greek aunt and uncle.Those were good times..If you want back those good old days of Disney instead of the new stupid Disney shows like Hannah Montana(which has no substance) Copy and paste this on your favorite Disney vids

Disney Channel shows No ang sumagot