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 Lions and mga tigre and Bears
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Alice(as Dorthy): OH MY! Ariel: what about fish? Couldn't get this one out of my mind. as for putting Ariel in there she popped in my mind so to speak.
wizard of oz
taon 2065:

Jasmine stared out her window. From her bedroom she could see the oil drill slowly moving up and down. A little over a taon nakaraan her father struck oil on their land, quickly making them the most wealthy family in Montressor.

In the distance, behind the oil drill, she could see the city looming in the horizon. There weren't many other houses near Jasmine's, so there was nothing obstructing her view. The sun was just beginning to set, turning the sky above the city a breathtaking mix of kulay-rosas and gold. hasmin smiled at the sight.

It was short-lived, however, when she saw the black town...
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 “Hey, Snow, can I borrow your-?”
“Hey, Snow, can I borrow your-?”
“Hey, Snow, can I borrow your-?”

Belle broke off. It was the araw after the shopping trip and she had been pagbaba in the aklatan until she remembered that she had promised to meet Adam in the Drama room to rehearse their duet for the Summer concert. She had been about to ask Snow White if she could borrow her hairbrush, her own had been mislaid somewhere, to quickly drag through her untamed hair before meeting the boy she was in pag-ibig with. What she had not been expecting to find when she opened the bedroom door was to see Snow White and Aurora in what she could only describe as a compromising...
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 “Wow. The “She’s different to the rest speech” already. This is getting serious.”
“Wow. The “She’s different to the rest speech” already. This is getting serious.”
“So, I don’t know; it’s like she’s stalking me or something. Am I just being paranoid?”

“I don’t know, dude. She does a lot of crazy things.”

“Yeah, like the way she use a fork when she can’t find a comb.”

“What do reckon, Adam?”

The trio glanced over at him but Adam was too absorbed in his book to respond. “Adam,” sinabi John a little louder. Aladdin cleared his throat, loudly and Adam looked up. “Sorry, I was miles away.”

“Yeah, we can see that,” grinned Hercules, stretching.

“What are you reading, anyway?” asked John.

It was the Tenant of Wildfell Hall....
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Jim Dear and Darling were at Rodger and Anita’s trying to figure out a way to find the pups. It broke Anita and Darling’s hearts to see Lady and Perdita so puso broken. They also have been looking for Si and Am because Aunt Sarah has been so upset and keeps blaming the dogs. Lady and Perdita are moping around the house worrying about the kids. They felt like they were so useless not being able to find their children and keep them safe. All they could do is hope and pray that they would find them soon. Tramp and Pongo hate to see them like this and tried to talk to them.

"Girls, come...
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So here's my artikulo for the best guy for Ariel. I have made picks to eliminate choices until there are only two left. Last one standing is the best match for Ariel. This artikulo is what I think of each guy with Ariel and than comments from fans from the picks.

Jim Hawkins #9
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by ponyboyjonny

This one couple is widely debated. Some people pag-ibig it some hate it. I personally like this couple but I prefer him with Audrey. I'm still a tagahanga of Ariel and Jim but not as much as I use to be.

dont like her much with jim...i like him madami with hasmin for example. (DIAMELA)
hate it (pretty_angel92)...
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 Kida captured
Kida captured
Kida smiles at the legendary book. She and Proteus knew that if anything happened, it would be their responsibility. Kida did not want to take that scarce risk. Suddenly, Proteus and Kida hear a loud grunt from outside of the room. They run out and see that one of crew's men had been attacked! Turns out, there were other men invading the Syracuse ship! "What are we going to do Proteus?!" Kida asks. Proteus quickly grabs the sword on his back and wields it as he runs towards the invaders. He was ready to fight. The look on Kida's face was saying: What about me? She didn't know it but one of...
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Chapter 5: Festival of Fools

Belle and Phebous made there way into the dungeon hearing the sound of a whip to her it was horrifying what kind of business could Frollo possibly have in such a dreadful place. "Stop" cried Frollo "Sir" the guard saluted who was doing the whipping " Wait between lashes otherwise the old sting will dull him to the new", "Yes sir", "Ahh so this the gallant Captain Phebous tahanan from the wars", "Reporting for duty as ordered sir", "Ahh and I see you have met Belle such a lovely creature is she not? She is staying with me for the time being until I can find her a place...
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