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posted by Singact22
This is just a prebiyu and an introdution to two characters. please tell me what you think, and if you like it there will be madami on the way!:)

"Lacey!" Snow White called for her 18 taon old daughter."I want to give you your gift before you leave for college"
Lacey rolled her dayap green eyes. Her mother had already ibingiay her 3 gifts, an mansanas I-pad, an mansanas I-phone, and an applebees gift card. "I'm coming mom!" Lacey raced down the stairs and almost ran into her mother on the way down.
"Oh! Lacey there you are. Heres your gift, its a locket, I put a picture of your father and I on one side, and left the other empty. Its so you don't forget about us." Snow white sinabi with a voice almost too sugary sweet.
Lacey looked at the locket. It was in the shape of an apple. Of corse. She wondered when her mothers obsession with apples begain. "Bye Mom," She sinabi with a filp of her long black hair, "I don't want to be late for my first day."
"Mom! Have you seen my book?" Pagie shouted down the stairs to her mother.
"No I haven't, ask your father. Adam have you seen Pagies book?" Belle said.
"No, I haven't, sorry."Adam sinabi walking out of the libary.
"Oh well. I just read Little Women agian." Pagie packed the book carefully in her backpack to read in her dorm at college And look at her seft in the mirror. A beautiful girl with blue eyes and light brown hair stared back. People say she got her fathers eye and hair color, but her mothers face. She then looked at her bag, which was stuffed with books. "I hope my dorm partner won't mind all these books in our room." She mumbled to herself.
"Paige, before you go, your father and I want to give you a gift. Here you go."Belle sinabi as Pagie walked down the stairs.
When Pagie tore open the bag, she sqeuled when she saw what it was. "A first edition of Little Women! Oh thank you thank you thank you!"
"Look in the front cover." Her father said.
"We will miss you, have fun at college!
-love mom and dad. I'll miss you to." Pagie said. "Oh no, its time to go. I pag-ibig you!" she stuck the book in her bag, got in her car, And wispered good bye one last time.
If you think I should continue, Please comment. Thanks in advance.
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The moon shone down on Princess gisantes as she continued to walk along the beach. Finally, the baybayin seemed to halt at a large cliff. gisantes peered over the edge to see sharp rocks and massive waves far beneath her.
"Damn," she sinabi under her breath. Luckily, there seemed to be an alternative root. It led into a forest. gisantes blew the dust off a sign in front of the trail that read Mystic Hollows: Only The Strong Survive. gisantes immediately recognized the name Mystic Hollows...the infamous forest full of dark magic and spells...all so dangerous that approximately one in every eight hundred people to travel...
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