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posted by GreatLance_30
Hi! Here is another artikulo for Belle, I wrote this because I want to be clear in my opinion for her! Belle is my paborito Disney Princess and I really pag-ibig her! You wanna know why? Read the following qualities that made her my favorite...

1. Looks
I always put looks for the princesses, because I believe that a person's outside look affects much on impressions. So, not being biased but she is my prettiest Disney Princess. Some people sinabi she is plain, that she is only pretty in few shots, well I disagree. Belle is gorgeous! Her hazel eyes are so tantalizing, her hair is brilliant, her nose is great, her body is so sexy and her lips are so glossy! Is that plain? They say that what's inside that counts, but face reality, looks also matters. Belle is really gorgeous!

2. Traits
Character also really matters! Some say Belle is too perfect, and it is not true, she is just a person who makes mistakes like us. Belle's character really is inspiring! She is a good role model not only for kids but for all ages! My paborito trait of hers is that she looks deeply before she judges! People, Belle is one good person! Her traits are so amazing! I also consider her flaws positive! Belle is a princess with good traits!

last one...

3. pangkalahatang Impact
This is the most important! You know, Belle obviously has humongous impact on us especially on little girls! And she really is a girl with an X-Factor! Some princesses don't have this like Tiana, but Belle owns it! Her impact to me really changed my life, I became the number one in class and I became madami human! Oh Belle! I pag-ibig you!

Hope you'd liked it!
 Belle with the other Disney Princesses
Belle with the other Disney Princesses
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Yeah, it has changed since last time I wrote about it, and it will probably change even madami in a few days. Also, I´ve never been good to put my opinion in to words, but I tried ^^

10: Tiana
Old Position: 9th

I pag-ibig Tiana, she is nice, ambitious, but SO BORING. I mean, how does saying: ``And we talk too´´ make you funny and not so serious anymore? Seriously, that´s not even a funny line. Still, I pag-ibig her. I think it´s great that Disney decided to make a princess with a very different personalty, that works hard, and is not all about love. But it just doesn´t appeal to me.

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posted by Annabethandco
A while back, somebody posted a pole asking if anybody thought Aurora and Odette were cousins. That got me thinking about all the Disney Family Theories I had heard over the years and I decided to write an artikulo about this. Remember, all of these are just fun theories. I don't believe any of them.

1. Eilonwy is Aurora's descendant

I don't know about you, but I have heard many theories about Aurora and Eilonwy being somehow related. Some say she's her sister; others say she's her daughter. Although this wouldn't make sense looking at canon information, it is easy to see how people think that....
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At long last, here is the interview with our February 2015 tagahanga of the Month, wavesurf!

1. How does it feel to be tagahanga of the Month?

It was unexpected, actually. I was pretty surprised. I'm not on here as often as some people, and I don't make as much of a contribution as some other really, really active members...so it was a surprise for me. But a good surprise. I thank you all!!!! :D

2. Your paborito Princess? Why?

One of my favorites is Ariel, from when I was a kid. I still relate to her, and she only ever got bumped down one spot. The reason for that was a change in 1998, after I saw Mulan. Mulan...
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 Part of Your World
Part of Your World
uy guys! So I've decided to do a big countdown! I've already done Sinderella and SWATSD. So this is the results of the presinto I've been doing! susunod I'll do BATB! Then, I'll take the paborito from each movie, and do the final round!
Sorry if that didn't make sense, I'm exhausted. Thanks for bearing with me guys! pag-ibig ya!
Anyway, with out further ado...

9. Les Poissons
This one was eliminated very quickly. There were no comments on it specifically.

8. Daughter of Triton
I like this one, as I think other's did, but not as much as the rest of the outstanding songs in TLM

7. Fathoms Below
Great song,...
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My paborito Disney Princess list! This includes Anna and Elsa.

13. Elsa

She just bothers me. I think she is boring. She isn't boring in the way she doesn't do anything, cause she does. She creates a mess and becomes a diva and just... ARGH! I just find every single thing she does so completely uninteresting. I can't see why she is so loved outside fanpop. I think she should have remained the villain in the plot; I would have liked her more. I think I also would like her madami if she didn't sing "Let It Go". In my eyes she is an introvert the whole movie and then randomly sings a song about being...
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