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 Princess deluxe ballgown
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This Disney Princess litrato might contain toga, poloneys, hapunan dress, hapunan gown, pormal, and gabi toga.

I've been meaning to make this listahan for a long time and now it's official. First of all I wanna give credit to BelleAnastasia for letting me use her images. This is sort of unique and different from most peoples list, I'm sort of use to that. I probably won't be able to say much because I'm a strait guy who doesn't really know much about fashion. So please leave a comment on what you think, enjoy.


I promise that I'm not being biased and I honestly find her the worst dressed. I hate all her outfits, except the kulay-rosas dress. The kulay-rosas dress is such a pretty and simple design. I love...
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[i]I finally decided to do this, has changed a little bit since I did the pick about it, but I hope you'll enjoy this artikulo and don't forget to comment![i]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:

Since this is my paborito DP movie I'm always having it hard to choose my paborito scene in the movie so my paborito changes often, so right now my paborito is when Snow White finds the dwarf's cottage, especially because of the music, it happens to be my paborito score in the movie. I don't know what else to say, it's in my opinion one of the best drawn animated scene that I've seen, only the ending...
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 Ladies of the oras
Ladies of the Hour
I know using the phrase tuktok ten doesn't make sense, because there's only ten but lets get on with it.
 The Girly Girl
The Girly Girl

The most feminine princess in the bunch but that really isn't saying much. Aurora is one of the madami attractive, Barbie-esque, princesses which again isn't saying much, but the listahan madami or less based on personality and Aurora just doesn't cut it. Granted she didn't have much time for us to get to know her, the movie was mostly focused on the fairies. Let's just admit it Aurora really is just another pretty face, she's totally hot but that's about it.
 The Bookworm
The Bookworm...
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Disney Princesses have some of the prettiest clothes ever, and here's a listahan of the ones that I think are the best on each one.

10. Tiana
Well, I'm not a huge tagahanga of Tiana's clothes. Probably my paborito outfit on her is her green dress in the forest wedding. The color is lovely and it has a pretty shape. What kills it for me is the EXTREME PUFFINESS of it. It's just so huge I would HATE to walk around in that. It does make her figure look very flattering though. My least paborito outfit of her's would be her white wedding dress. Yupp, some people seem to like this one but I for one, think it's...
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10_ Mulan's lips.
Mulan's are a weird shape.- Pink_Love
They look so funny. They look like wings.- MrsEmmaPeel
i always thought that they were shaped kinda weird.- opalrose
They look strange. They suit her face but they have awful shape...- CodyVenusTrent
whats up with the middle of her upper lips??? i mean seriously.. it looks like a deformed boomerang or something.- DamianLUVR
Too pointed.- LightningRed

9_ Pocahontas's lips.
isda LIPS.- KataraLover
Her lips look like they could fit on a isda rather then on a human!- sweetie-94
Because of the lack of a cupids bow, looks unnatural.- Swanpride...
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10. The Prince
Nothing much to him, he's in the movie so little, we don't really know anything about him, he's just so boring.

9. Prince Charming
There is a bit madami to this Prince, and the fact that he fights to get Cinderella, makes him madami attractive than he really is. He's plain and just kinda there. He is madami active than Prince, he DOES something. But he is just kind of there.

8. Eric
Cute, but totally boring. He doesn't DOOO anything! Sure he saves everyone from Ursula, but he kind of just complains all the time about how he can't find the perfect girl and even though Ariel looks...
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Wow, I'm on an artikulo roll! It's kind of addicting, once you figure out how to write them and make them pretty and stuff. I hope you like this one, comment and tell me what you think.

10.Mulan and Shang
Everything about this relationship just doesn't fit. They just don't fit with each other. The first time I watched this movie, I honestly thought they would end up as good friends. When the movie ended, I felt a bit confused. He went to hapunan with her? Okay. So they're just friends...right? Then Mulan II came out and...ugh. I just don't want to talk about it. I pag-ibig them both, and I love...
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I have to say, I’m tired of all this talk that the Disney Princesses are not feminist enough. Hearing some of the arguments against them, I come to the conclusion that the only female protagonist the complainers would accept has to be single, career oriented, perfect in every situation and being able to defeat every villain with a hand wave. This idea that the perfect female role model has to be matagumpay in every situation and being able to handle everything herself terrifies me much madami than beauty standards the Disney Princesses represents. Because, when it comes down to it, we all know...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I have been wanting to umakda a listahan of my paborito Princess outfits for a very long time, but honestly haven't had enough time to put a lot of effort into it. I decided to finally set aside some time to write it, and I discovered how difficult it would be to choose which outfits I really like best. So, to make it a little easier for myself, I decided to write it in three parts; Casual Wear, Formal Wear and Bridal Wear. It's still going to be hard, but I figured this would help. There are nineteen outfits in part one of my article.

19. Mulan's Armor
I originally did not include this outfit,...
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uy everybody! I saw a lot of artikulo on here about "pretty disney princesses" and thought I would write one too. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion. If you disagree then do something productive, like write an artikulo yourself! Please no negative comments. Thanks(:

Belle is absolutely beautiful! Personally, Belle is my favorite. I think it's good that Disney made a princess that wasn't typical blonde haired-blue eyed (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Plus she has a beautiful puso shaped face, pili shaped tsokolate brown eyes, and bow shaped lips. Also she's very kind,...
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Since Beauty and the Beast is my paborito Disney film, I wanted to write about a few of my paborito scenes.

#8:Shes Being Difficult!

I pag-ibig this scene because suddenly this monsterous Beast is being childish. Also this is the first banter you see between the Beast and Belle, you also get to see how desperatly the kastilyo staff is trying to get him to be polite and get the girl to fall in pag-ibig with him.

#7: The Library:

When the Beast presents Belle the aklatan and shares his desperate attempts to win her puso to cogsworth and lumiere you just want to go "Awwww" the look on his face...
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uy everyone! This is my segundo artikulo and part two of comparing our Disney girls!

hmm... where should I start...?
Well, it's rumoured that Sinderella was actually made after a native american legend called "Rough face girl"
except the legend goes that there was a young girl with two selfish sisters, who got all the nice beads, moccasins, and dresses. While all she got was hand-me-downs. And she didn't have cinder on her face, she actually had ASHES/burns. So she met a guy who fell in pag-ibig with her and told her to wash her face in a special lake, which made her face beautiful. They lived...
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Ok, I was delaying this for really long time because I'm (lazy) really busy and don't have much time. I did this in honor of DP couples month, which was, yeah, long time ago. So, I took critics that I should put madami of a people opinion when I do countdown article, so I hope I succeed at that. If you have other critics on this article, feel free to tell me. In captions I put the first sentences couples told during their first interaction.

 Cinderella: "Oh, o my goodness!" Prince:" What's the matter?"
Cinderella: "Oh, o my goodness!" Prince:" What's the matter?"

9.Cinderella and Charming
After the Charming was pagganap like the biggest...
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Fictional place under water whose ruler is king Triton. This place is sort of palace-city. It has walls around it, but it doesn't have classical roof, and inner walls and that's what makes it odd and doesn't feel like home.

Other than the fact we couldn't breathe in such place the turn offs were also the look of an abandoned place, kinda ruined, cold, with only few rooms, furniture and details. It surrounding is also quite depressing. Nearby is ship graveyard and nothing else. No other houses, public places for mermen and mermaids, just rocks and seaweeds.
 Room of Triton's daughters
Room of...
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 Who's the most beautiful daughter of King Triton and reyna Athena?
Who's the most beautiful daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena?
I made this COUNTDOWN about a week nakaraan and now I'm making this artikulo to ipakita you the results and let me tell ya alot of these princesses are being so difficult they can't except that their not the most beautiful well here we go

 She kind of looks like a boy.-madisonsavanna
She kind of looks like a boy.-madisonsavanna

7.Andrina well there's not much to say since she's lovely but not all that special to look at. I have to say when I first saw The Little Mermaid I thought she was a boy but I relized she's just ugly. She's beautiful in the third movie in my opinion but fanpop found her rather plain looking. They weren't much of a fan...
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