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pagpaparangal to link for posting the link When I came up with sagot for the 2nd question, paborito music or songs, I really liked them so I wanted to share them as an article.

Snow White- All You Need Is pag-ibig sa pamamagitan ng The Beatles: Simple tune with a heartfelt message and catchy melody. Reminds me a lot of "A Smile and a Song".
"All you need is love
All you need is love
All you need is love, love
pag-ibig is all you need"

Aurora- Your Song sa pamamagitan ng Elton John: A beautiful classic pag-ibig song that I think is thematically close to Aurora's heart. (Once Upon A Dream: The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.)...
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As some of you may know, I recently did my version of a "Prettiest Princess" artikulo which rated the pangkalahatang attraction of each princess. That artikulo was done with a heavy bias towards what males like best about females so I wanted to make one with the bias towards what females like (in friends). What females look for in mga kaibigan will of course vary sa pamamagitan ng personality so I decided to use the Disney Princesses as the model for my female scale. I made a ranking listahan for each of them (of course, it is subject to my opinion of their rankings) and then combined all 13 lists to see how they'd rate each...
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Congratulations to our tagahanga of the buwan winner for May 2015, Reflection11!

1. How does it feel to be tagahanga of the Month?
Amazing! I know that sounds a little stupid, but is pretty cool to know that the spot appreciates my work! I’m a little shocked, but happy nonetheless.

2. Your paborito Princess? Why?
Mulan, no question! I pag-ibig how quirky and relatable she is, while still being admirable and brave. She’s realistic and highly intelligent and creative. I pag-ibig her so much words can’t describe.

3. Your least paborito Princess? Why?
Pocahontas. I find her bland and uninteresting. She is very...
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Disney sequels. The base-breakers of the Disney fandom. Some pag-ibig them, some hate them. Some think they bring new perspectives to beloved characters, while others think they ruthlessly destroy and twist every aspect of the original movie. Well, one thing must be admitted: they were made with the intent to gatas madami money for the franchise. But does that make all of them necessarily bad? No, but it does not make for a good start, really.

I think "The Enchanted Christmas" is proof of this. Having seen it yesterday, I can attest it has a lot of "pros" and "cons", which makes for a mixed bag. So...
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Now that I've seen Frozen, here's my listahan as it currently stands. Certain princesses have grown on me, others have fallen. This listahan isn't really concrete though.

13. Merida
The only princess I truly dislike. To me, she's the equivalent of Princess Fiona from Shrek, just a Disney Princess parody. A cookie cutter cliche. There's susunod to nothing unique about her, and the few unique traits that she does have are awful ones, bad etiquette. Yeah, so for me, Merida is the redheaded stepchild of the DP line-up. Sorry.

12. Aurora
A regal and ethereal goddess with the voice of an angel. The epitome...
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