Disney Princess Which of these would drive you to DP Villainy?

Pick one:
Aging. A asong babae gotta be pretty.
Some asong babae walking around being hotter than you.
Having a asong babae of a step/sibling who is way palamigan than you.
Some asong babae having the nerve to leave you out of a cool party.
Some little asong babae dreaming of pag-ibig while you waste away in obscurity.
Some asong babae refusing to give in to your astounding good looks.
Some asong babae generally being a pain in your ass.
Some asong babae trying to get all "peace and love" while you start war.
Some asong babae dressing like a dude and kicking your ass.
Some asong babae trying to ruin your plan for souls so she can cook beignets.
 phantomrose89 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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