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Okay so I wrote a tagahanga fiction and before i really posted it I wanted feedback because i don't want to end up having a bad story.
Well here it goes!

Chapter 1
Spencer Reid's Point of View :

It was 1:05 in the morning and Spencer had woken up with a cold sweat, apparently the case the team and him just had was pretty bad. It was about nine taon old girls that were being raped and murdered in Anna, Texas with roughly a population of 1,225 people everyone is connected. Turns out a local forth grade teacher was targeting girls while in school, he then looked up the girls addresses in the school's...
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Devil's Night 6.06
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I think the reason that girls are attracted to him is bcause, he doesn't seem perfect like other characters from other shows do. I find his facial imperfections humanizing in some ways. Like his slightly crooked chin and his thin nose make him seem madami normal. Then we have his social graces. He can barely talk to people, and any girls he talks to just thinks he is a creeper. Those social flaws seem endearing and silly. And finally,we have his scientific mind. The main reason why men don't seem to like him as much is because they think he is a nerd. But women think that smart men are wonderful. Some women wish their husbands were jsut as smart as Dr. Reid. So, There is my theroy on why girls are so attracted to Dr. Reid.
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Matthew Gray Gubler talks about his first screen kiss. Season 1, Episode 18 "Somebody's Watching"
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