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 I know the truth....
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Ok dont get me wrong I lov DXC to death and i do NOT like DXG but when i found this on devine.art i about cried...this pic is sader than shit!! so dont get me wrong this is NOT a DXG pic..it's a courtney pic that shows the really sad feeling she has.
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This Duncan and Courtney litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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Courtney POV
In the susunod morning I was sleeping on something so comfortable, something so warm, something … ‘Wait a minuto why am I sleeping on “something” and not in my bed?
I opened my eyes and found myself sleeping in a king size kama on “something “made of flesh (or maybe someone) a chest exactly.
When I saw WHO was there I had been in shock DUNCAN WAS IN MY kama AND I WAS SLEEPING ‘’ON’’ HIS CHEST AND WE WERE TOTALLY NAKED!!!
“OH MY GOD!” I yelled loudly.” What are you doing in my room?”
When he heard my cry, Duncan woke up from his deep sleep; he yawned then answered:...
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Courtneu runs to her cabin but is unaware how to get there being so in shock over what happened.She eventually ran into her perfect boyfriend.Literally

"Caleb"Courtney sinabi shocked."Courtney where have you been I was looking all over for you."He said.

"Uh,went for a walk."Courtney sinabi hesitantly and began to walk past him but was pulled back in front of him.

"Wait there's something I gotta tell you."He says.He sounds serious and Courtney looks concerned."That training camp my dad signed me up for to sumali the army,they're comnig for me tomorrow."Courtney gasps at his words."They were watchingh...
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Biggest Fan: Part 1. 

  I still couldn't believe it. 
I  had first met Duncan while; I  was working in a small little kainan in New York. He had became a regular at the kainan and always wanted Myself—Or, princess, as he nicknamed me.— to assist him to his every need. 
 Of course. Myself, knowing the young Punk's antics; I  stood proud and dependant. I  wasn't going to let some Teal-eyed, Nothing but trouble, boy get in the way of earning money for college.
 Well, as seeing from the past. I  was pleased. She was with Duncan. The only man to ever truly pag-ibig her.. For.. Her. 
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Duncan's P.O.V

I sat on the tuktok bunk sad and tiered. I couldn't sleep cause my thoughts were filled with......... courtney. Not that i cared, Gwen's my girlfriend now.

"Duncan!" Gwen cried from the door. "Hurry, or you'll miss the prank we played on Chris!"

Ugh. What's the point? When i told Gwen about the prank she agreed without a question. No arguing. No screaming. No fighting.
When we estola from chef at the island it was madami fun then the prank i pulled off with Gwen. Maybe cause it was............. with courtney?

SHUT UP BRAIN!!!! Gwen's your girlfriend now and Court's gone for good. The last...
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when they get to Duncans houes. his mom is not home. nether is anyone eles is in the houes.

so what do you want to do asked Duncan

i dont know sinabi Courtney

do you want to watch a movie in my room he asked

ok she said

they both go to Duncans room. his room was all messy. the only clean part of his room is his bed

what movie do you want watch Duncan asked

i dont care what ever you want sinabi Courtney

a scary movie good with you he said

oh ok she said

your not scared are you he sinabi with a smirk

No im not she sinabi yelling

good then i will put the movie in thenhe sinabi

then Duncan takes off his shirt. Courtney...
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My pov.
IMPOTAN READ: ok i like to write storys and songs so i wrot this song and made in to a story for DXC! hope you enjoy!

I was happy that Duncan was finaly back,but upset at the sametime.Ever scens he came back he has ignored me and hanged out with Gwen.I mean yea i huged him and he let me but i had the feeling that what he sinabi about every time he ran from the cops he thought of me...it really wasen't me he thought of. It was...Gwen ...
I was about to walk to the winners place til tyler stoped me and said,"um..courtney chris needs to see you",he saidas i nodden my head and...
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Gwen’s pov………………………..

It….. It was Trent. Couldn’t believe it every thing was going great. And yes I was starting to like Duncan but know what am I suppose do

“Hey Gwen” ha-ha uy Trent “I missed you” (try’s to hug me) uy Trent don’t forget we broke up. “Oh let me guess it’s because you like Duncan” no I don’t “I know you like him” know I don’t (I sinabi nervously) “sure you don’t”

I think he’s onto me. Know one can know I like Duncan

Courtney’s pov……………………….

Yes I’m saved now that Trent’s here Gwen will have to stay...
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