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This Duncan and Courtney litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

posted by Author_artist14
uy i really want to be an may-akda (as my name says) and there is some part of a book i am writing. i'm gonna ilathala ir on my site/profile and i would pag-ibig if you could just read them. i'm gonna start to ilathala them around susunod week or maby eralyer. please giv it a shot. And comment.
There gonna be a prebiyu at first so you can get a little of what it is about.
posted by sugarsweet076
After i went to my locker and grabbed my book for math bridegete walked over.

"Hey courtney whats up?"

"nuffin going to math'


"what you mean she didnt call me did she?" i sinabi shutting my locker and getting worried.

"iM PRETTy sure she did"

"oh well nice" I walked past bridgette to the office.

"hello courtney how are you doing today?"

"Im fine how about yourself?"

"I would be better if i didnt have to tell you you have detenion"

"When ?"

"Today after school"

"UGHHHH fine" I wwalked out of the office to walk into duncan.

"Hey princess"

"Yea hey"

"I hear you got detenion again"

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"So, is Courtney digging you now?" asked Geoff. Startling me, I reach to my phone. Just voice mail, I quickly dial him back.
"Dude, it is 4 in the morning," I answer. Still a bit pissed that he woke me up when I was dreaming about a special brunette.
"Yeah, but are you and Courtney all Romeo and Juliet now?" he asked. Without looking at his face I could tell that Geoff was at the urge to laugh.
"No but-"
"Exactly," he begins to laugh but I cut off.
But I couldn't go back to sleep.

Geoff is right. I can never get Courtney, Courtney and I are so different. Especially as Courtney is a major challenge...
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This tabing-dagat was a nightmare but to make it worse, Duncan came over. Sigh. I hate him so much. What does he want? It is already horrible here, did have to make this THE WORST araw EVER.

"Hey Courtney," Duncan said. I wanted to slap the smirk off his face. Especially when I was pagbaba "Chris McClean's Drama Holiday". Duncan has a lot of nerve to talk to me. I hate him so much I...

"I know you like me," Duncan said. Closing my magazine, I look up. Wishing I could rip his head off. How could he think I like him? I hate him I really do. It is just he sometimes make me feel... But I hate him. I mean...
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posted by Supercrazy1204
"Courtney where's my shirt?" Courtney sighed "Wherever you left it!" she shouted back. He sighed "Genesis it's time for school!" "Coming mom!" she shouted back. The Myers family is ALWAYS busy. Genesis hopped down the stairs "Hey." her black hair drooped to her shoulders and her green bangs pushed to the side her nose piercing and beautiful blue eyes her mocha skin and petite body under her navy blue jeans and green converse with her black collard sando with a wooden skull kuwintas she smiled at her mother and kissed her forehead. "I'm catching a ride with Dylan and Brianna today." Courtney...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Don't halik me because of your mga kaibigan
My puso racomends that you make it worth while

It's not being a child it's ipinapakita you who I am
And as I am the girl you pag-ibig and hope to be with forever.

To be your lover and make you whole
Without taking off my clothes

To be someone you can rush tahanan to and comfort with your every last breath

One who you will fight for until the end sweeping me off my feet in the prosscess.

If you are the man you claim don't blame others for the mistakes you made take action and feel ashamed

Let somebody break your puso and hate them for a start

Let it sit and dwell in your...
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Slam! One madami prince got out from the castle.
Courtney wasn't surprised about it, every prince that went over there ran away.

"Father, can we stop this already? Nobody wants to marry me." Courtney said, annoyed
"Sorry, but I'm the king and I rule in this kingdom. And the kingdom rules say that at the age of 16 the princess or prince has to find a husban or wife."

Courtney couldn't reply, when her dad sinabi about the rules she always obeyed...their parents had taught her to obey the rules to the letter and she did as their parents sinabi to her.

Out there on the front door, there was this man.
He looked...
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posted by sugarsweet076
"Fucker!"I sinabi rolling my eyes

"You would" he sinabi with a smile

"No Im still a virgin"I sinabi folding my arms and standing my ground He got up and smacked my asno then called me princess "Youre a perv"

"But you like this perv." he sinabi with a big smirk.

"That doesnt mean anything" i sinabi smiling

"Yea sure it does" He sinabi putting his arms around my waist

He started halik my neck then started halik my lips.He lifted me up and lifted me to the bed.

"Again really duncan?"

"Hey you started it"

I took my sando off then started making out with him.Feeling like this is what i wanted forever.the feeling...
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This is the end of my story! and I'm going to ilathala madami 'cause I got A LOT of inspiration right now! =D
It was done, they got them all and they built it.
IT WAS FINALLY FREAKING DONE! so, of course, Duncan wanted to celebrate it, and the best way to do it was with...
Geoff: Party? NICE DUDE!
He sinabi with happiness, while Bridgette hugged him.
Courtney was thinking about how cute they looked together, they really loved each other...
Not like her "romance" with Duncan, it wasn't real,was it? However, she felt something everytime she looked at...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
“Yeah I was mad but the past is the past and well there is nothing I can do about it Courtney.” Trent huffed Courtney crossed her arms “Don't you miss Gwen?” Trent sighed “I do but shes happy now.” Courtney nodded disagreeing “Not according to Duncan.” he looked up “Duncan talked to you?' Courtney nodded “Well I guess you can say that he begged me to take him back I don't know what to say to that action honestly I never thought I would have to deal with him again you know he throws me aside one moment a grovels the next.” she tried to hold back those weak useless tears...
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*I would like to dedicate this series to dlittleangel411, crazy-yanu, fly210, crystalpotato and DxCfanlover. thanks guys you all have been great. XD*

Courtney's POV

Ow, ah, aw, oh, Labour hurts like hell. It hurts so much I wish I was dead. The nurse came in and said
"Mrs. Andrews, your 10cm now, your ready to give birth" Ah, Owie, Now I have to push, this is gonna be one long day, Owie, owie, owie, ow,.

"Come on honey you can do it!" Duncan cheered, and he was right, I can do this I told myself in my head. I pulled myself together and pushed..........
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.
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posted by DxCfanForever
When Gwen finally came to she looked around and saw that she was in a dark room all sa pamamagitan ng herself. Or so she thought. All around her were the female cast of TDWT except Sadie,Katie,Eva,Beth,Lindsay, and Blaineley.Now for the people who were there just in case you forgot the whole cast already. Of course, there was Courtney and Bridgette but in the time that Gwen was unconscious they invited over Izzy, Sierra, Leshawna, and Heather.

The girls were all wearing black cloaks so the blended in with the dark room. Gwen was now scared out of her mind. She didn't know where she was or how she got there....
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Courtneys POV

Aw, my head is seriously killing me. Ah, what happened last night anyway and why is my head so sore
"Morning Princess" I hear a familiar voice of a cretin punk I know.
"what, Duncan What happened, Why am I in kama with you?" I questioned
"Well last night you and your friend Mr. bodka drank and you were so drunk we...."
"NO!," I screamed "We didn't do It did we?"
Oh yes we did it all night, that's how drunk you were." he smirked
ah I hate that smirk, I just want to rip it off his face.
"Oh, I'm gonna kill you Duncan" I yell
"Come on princess, I know you liked it."
"I was drunk!" I screamed...
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posted by TDILover101
Duncan’s POV:I went tahanan after Geoff’s dad asked me a few tanong about what I saw in the school. I had to lie of course. They never found the janitor’s body. When I got home, I checked my phone in case Courtney called or texted me. No messages, but one missed call. It was from Geoff. I called him back.

“Hello?”Geoff answered.

“Dude, I’ve seriously gotta stay away from Courtney from now on.”I said.

“That’s what you sinabi last time but what did you do? You ended up holding her hand under the mesa when you were clearly about to shift. So tell me something I don’t know.”Geoff...
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posted by TDILover101
Courtney's POV:I walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor as I saw Duncan, Geoff, Trent, and Bridgette.

"What are you guys doing here?"I whispered.

"Trent wanted to come in and make sure you were okay and I didn't wanna be left alone outside so I came with him."Bridgette said.

"Great now an even bigger chance of getting killed."Duncan said.

"What?"I asked.

"Nothing."Duncan said.

"I really want you to start telling me the truth every once in a while,you know that?"I said.

"Guys!This isn't a time for relationship problems.You two can talk about this later."Geoff said.

Duncan's POV: "Okay,listen and listen...
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posted by DxCfanlover
I'm really, really, really sorry! but I was busy ¬¬ and my computer didn't worked ¬¬ can you forgive me?
Manager: So, do you have a reservation?
Duncan: Yes.
Manager: Can you please tell me your name?
Duncan: Duncan, Duncan Smith.
Manager: mmm, ok you're in the listahan with 8 people more.
Duncan: yep, so tell us our rooms.
Manager: ok, come with me sir.
The manager guided them to their rooms.
Manager: Ok, so in the listahan I have three rooms for two and one for three. So, please Ms. Martin and Mr. Smith in the room 100.
Leshawna:*smirk* You two alone again,...
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posted by TDILover101
Duncan's POV:After school was over,Geoff and I went to my house and played cards in my room.I had no idea where Vince was.I heard my new ohone get a text.

"Come to school now and that's an order."it read.

"Hey,I gotta go."I said.

"Where?"Geoff asked.

"School."I siad.

"School?"Geoff asked.

"Yeah and you probably need to come with me just in case."I sinabi walking out of my room.Geoff and I got to the school and parked his jeep outside.We got out of the car and looked around.No one was in sight,not even car car was in the parking lot.Geoff and I heard a loud howl as we both turned around and saw this...
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Duncan's POV: We had stoped for a drink when I left for a walk when I was walking I saw a girl.
Duncan: HEY!
The girl looked at me and started to run. I ran after her yelling for her to stop at last I had her cornerd. She pulled out a knif and yelled somthing like,
Courtney:Dawanz! coo me too pan loo?!
Duncan:Can you speak english?
Courtney: Ka. yes.
Duncan: How?
Courtney: Waamee oos tobee keee. you ask to many question.I should kill you right now. But I won't because I don't want to make my knif dirty.
There was no feeling on her face. Like a blank sheet so many things can be put on it but are not...
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Before the start. . . YAY I CAN WALK!! Okay, big thing, big thing. . . XD Okay, to be serious? This part De-Di-Ca-Ted to Soxfan and James XD you guys rule the comments! For serious, you do!

Oh, and second? Just so you know it, i'm not a HxA protestiant, i like 'em, but it need to fit the story ya know, and sometimes pag-ibig hurts! i know eeeverything 'bout that! Just ask everyone i know! Somehow, everyone i know, have seen me, when i became hurt in any possible way! Kind of creepy. . .

Argh, well, story time!


I was shocked! At one time i was...
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posted by TDI100
(A/N this is not a dungwen fic and this is my frist DxC fic evar so sorry if its suckish)

"I pag-ibig you" sinabi the goth
"I pag-ibig you more" sinabi the punk as they sat sitting in his pick up truck listening to Pat Benattar's hart breaker. He didnt really like the song or the mucsion but he was listening for her sake. He looked over at her God shes beatiful he thought as she stared absent mindedly at the stars. She was beatiful in a goth kind of way her messy black and tial hair fell just above her shoulders and her onyx eyes gleamed with happiness and her blue lips begged to be kissed he was thinking...
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