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This Duncan and Courtney litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

posted by ARadomperson
Hiya guys! This time, I decided to write a kind of DxC fanfiction. It is Courtney pag-awit about her 'relationship' with Duncan, after he cheated on her.

Normal: Courtney's thoughts, and descriptions

Italics: Lyrics of the song

Courtney's P.O.V

It was taon after TDWT ended. A taon after Duncan broke my heart, and cheated on me with Gwen. I matured ever since I wasn't so whiny as I was before. I even made a band with Trent, who quit the Drama Brothers. Tonight, we have a konsiyerto in Canada, and I'll sing the song which I wrote about Duncan.

I looked at the stage nervously. There were so many people...
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Okay so about a taon nakaraan I posted a story called dxc my fake fiancé and was really into it. But later I Nawawala interest feeling no one was reading. Now I see people were and the actual movie is on and I got inspired again to continue. To those who nagkomento b4 will u forgive me for stopping the story and let me continue? I ll continue where I left off. And to those new people... If you've ever watched my fake fiancé I hope u will read my story. And if u don't know the movie watch it cuz when u c it u ll think of dxc right away! I hope to see comments so I can continue. If not I will continue anyway and hope for feedback. But still Please comment!!!!!!!!!! I really want the encouragement!
posted by 123KittyCat
Geoff's pov

"How long do you think it will take for Courtney to realise I'm amazing?" Duncan asked me, I almost didn't hear him because I was thinking about Bridgette. Man that girl is gorgeous she's got long blonde hair and hazelly green eyes that make me melt inside every time she looks at me.
"Geoff? Geoff, can you here me."
"Sorry, sorta zoned out there for a bit. Anyway, I don't think this one's gonna fall for you."I informed him
"Care to put money on that?"
"Actually I do."

Courtney's pov

"Hey Princess," saida cocky male voice behind me. I whirled round to find that Duncan's chest was only a...
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Courtney's p.o.v

I was on my bed, listenin' to music when Heather comes over and hits me on the head, I took off my headphones.

Heather: How can you stick it.

Me: Stick what?

Heather: The smell, it skinks in here.

Me: What are you talking about it doesn't-OH GOD THAT SKINKS!

I took a deep sniff, I actully forgot how bad it stunk, we were in the guys cabin, anyway I fell off my bed.

Heather: And you're just realizing this now?

Me: I had been breathing through my mouth ever since the ipakita started.

Heather: Huh, y'know something Courtney, you're smart for a circus gal.

Me: Thanks....HEY!

Just then Alejandro...
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posted by sugarsweet076
"Hey baby how are you today" I looked to see duncan my badass boyfriend walking up to me and giving me a kiss.

"Im fine." i sinabi smiling wishing we could be somewhere else and talk.

"so what you doing later?"

"umm going tahanan doing homework and maybe spending time with you" i sinabi smiling and almost halik him.

"Well why dont we leave now and go to my house" He sinabi grabbing my butt and halik my neck.

"A 4 FEET puwang PLEASE!!!" one of the teachers sinabi yelling at us.

"Ill talk to you later ok"I kissed him and started walking to my susunod class.

"Hey princess" i looked back " I hate you " I flicked him off then smiled. i walked to my class and sat down.What is he planning when we go to his house later?
'You wouldnt' believe what just happened today to me. I was once again unluckily face to face with D Ugh! I can't believe I ever had something with him. Oh but I got back at him reallll good.' Courtney messaged on her laptop.

'Ha! Man I can only imagine what u did! What'd u do? I need details!'
Duncan messaged back.

'Oh no..We both agreed to not give out names or specific details. Although I must say it is funny to refer to you as Bad to the Bone13. ' Courtney messaged back with a smirk. Even though she was just as curious as he was, she didn't want to get too attached. She's been chatting with...
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When Siarra sinabi that there was a camra that followed Courtney around, she was messing around with a laptop she found under her seat. Back to the story.

no ones p.o.v

Chris: Ok Siarra the camra is connected to the T.V click on the camra.

Siarra: Ok.

Justin: Wait, you have hidden camras following us around???????????

Chris:I was checking if you all were.......eating your vegtables.

Justin: Oh, ok

Duncan's p.o.v

Checking if you were eating your vegtables my ass! That freak fucking spies on us!

"Siarra clicks on the camra"

Cody's p.o.v

I wonder were Courtney and Bridgett are. They're probaly still hung up...
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posted by reyfan01
"Did you know that Chris has the entire island swarmed with the media. We'll be smothered with cameras."Courtney sinabi to her bf annoyed on their tiny yacht. "Well then the entire world can see just how wrong they were about you and how awesome you really are."Trent said. I wear my face is turning red right now. How can a guy like him really be real. He's just so, so, so perfect!

"Hey lovebirds get a room already!"Duncan sinabi from the segundo floor of the yacht, his arm around his gf. Gwen looks embarrassed.
"What's got you steamed?"Gwen asked. "You don't have to listen to them ya know"she continued....
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posted by sugarsweet076
Tey brought our baby back and i just looked at her.Why? Is this going to be right?

The nurse came in and made sure i wanted to to this.I cant raise this baby.i cant make this baby happy i will miss her bad but im doing this.I gave the baby to the people and a blacelet i made.I put it on her wriast and the araw after i went home.

8 years later.

"Hey courtney your ex boyfriend called"

"Who jake?"

"No uncan?"

"Why didnt you tell me sooner?"

"he just called he sinabi he is on his way up"

I havent seen him in 8 years why would he be here now?I heard a soft knock first then i opened the door with duncan and...
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posted by shellgirl54
COURTNEY'S POV ok it was the end of tdwt the only mga kaibigan I have is Alendrjo and Bridgette we where like a trio basiclly I acted like I don't care about the dxg thing but when my mga kaibigan and I see them they are making out I try to ignore them but they are crawling in my skin.So the only thing I haved to do is get a new boyfriend witch will be hard Alendrjo is out cause hes with Heather and nobody else thinks of me as hot anymore and stupid BOYFRIEND KISSER AND STELER gwen is stealing Bridgette from me my life is going upside down even my family says it was my fault and that gwen is better and...
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posted by Fallintomyarms
"Court" Duncan carefully asked her. She wiped away her tears and shook her head.
"I don't wanna talk" She softly cried. He placed a hand on her shoulder, "It's okay" He whispered. She turned to him. Her normally soft tan face was pale; her normally onyx eyes were bloodshot and puffy. The two fourteen years old were silent. Moments later Duncan spoke, "Divorce is hard on everyone. I don't know my dad. And I turned out okay" The words may seem comforting to somebody who didn't know Duncan. He wasn't alright. His life was confusing and silly. He never could compete in a father son game. Parent...
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posted by MissDeathWish1
ok the drama series did not happen but the wooden skull thing was given.

"and so we say goodbye on this araw as he says hello" Crys are heard, tears and raindrops falling to the ground one sa pamamagitan ng one on this day. People wearing black and sobbing, sad music in the backround when all you can really hear is crys. "Rest In Peace Duncan Coleman" The preist walks away as well as everyone else, but i just stand and stare. Stare at the grave, at the disturbed ground susunod to it. No matter what the occasion Duncan always had to make a laugh. On his grave stone read 'Chillin with Jesus' Gone but certainly will...
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Courtney's POV

It was fifteen minutos until 10 and all of the kids were sleeping soundly in their rooms. I tucked Daniel in snuggly (with Duncan not too far behind me) gave him a halik on the forehead and proceeded to exit the room. I signaled for Duncan to stay quiet as I quietly moved from their carpeted room to the wooden floor outside of it. The floor creaked slightly under my weight. I breathed.

"Care to ipakita me to my dwelling sweetheart?" I heard Duncan say as we walked.

I ignored him.

I continued to walk down the hall until I reached the door with the words "GUEST" printed in fancy lettering....
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