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Liz was working at her office, when the phone rang.
“Sheriff Forbes” she sinabi short when she answered.
“Sheriff Forbes, hi” Stefan replied. “I was wondering how it’s going with the murder on Gabe Lindy”
“I’m sorry, Stefan. I can’t give away such information” Liz answered.
“I’m going to take a wild guess and say the corpse is missing” Stefan sinabi amused. A few segundos of complete silence followed. Stefan had asked Katherine to compel the sheriff to forget he knocked her down and took the body.
“What do you know about that?” Liz eventually asked.
“Doesn’t matter”...
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Damon raced inside the hospital, Elena tightly in his arms. A female doctor walked their way while she signed at a nurse. The nurse pushed a stretcher in their direction. While Damon lay her down, the doctor started asking some question.
“What happened?” was her most urgent question.
“She…she’s sick” Damon sinabi trembling. “She has cancer. I took her home, but I shouldn’t have. She should’ve stayed here”
The doctor shone with a small flash light in Elena’s eyes. “Don’t worry, sir. She’s just sleeping” She looked up. “Who’s treating her?”
“I don’t know”...
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“You sure you’re okay with this?”
Alaric had offered to live with Elena and Jeremy and they had accepted. “It’s not too weird or anything?”
“No, Ric, you’re madami than welcome” Jeremy said.
“What about you, Elena? Are you okay with it?” Alaric asked.
Elena was busy with her phone, so she didn’t hear Ric. “Eh, what? Yeah, sure, no problem”
“Who’re you taxing?” Jeremy asked.
“Damon” Elena said. “He won’t answer any of my calls, so I hope he’ll reply to my messages”
“He’s avoiding you?” Ric asked surprised.
“Seems like it” Elena said. “I don’t...
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