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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 12

Emmett's POV

“Uhh..gh” I moaned as another shot of pain sped thru me, even though this was nothing compared to the apoy I had felt over the past few days.

I heard a sniffle and a hand on my arm. It was…comforting.

I could tell all the pain was coming to an end soon. “Ouch…” I groaned starting to ilipat my arm, “uhhh…”

There was a cool cloth on my fore head; it was helping the constant headache but the coldness against my sweaty skin made me uncomfortable. I reached up and took hold of a small arm that was soon out of my grip but replaced...
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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 3

New Life
Rosalie's POV

I probably lay on my kama and cried for hours that only felt like minutes…

It took all my new strength to get out of kama and go talk to my new family.

As I walked toward the door another mirror caught my attention.

Is that me?

I was madami beautiful than before, I had longer gorgeous blond hair, pale yet flawless skin, and I now had an even madami stunning figure.

I grazed my newly enhanced body continually until I reached my eyes they were no longer lavender... they were now replaced with black.

A knock on the door brought me out of my gaze....
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An Emmett and Rosalie Fanfic

Chapter 1

Rosalie’s POV


There I was, in a dark alley; my head pounded with pain, my arms had deep cuts, my legs brushed from being forced open. It felt like every one of my ribs were broken and my stomach was numb. I had no madami energy; I could not ilipat any part of my body.

I was in so much pain; I just wanted to have it be over, I only wanted to die.

I used all my strength to open my eyes, I looked down and all I saw was a red liquid surrounding my body. My eyes filled up with tears so I closed them trying to save every last bit of sanity I had left.

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Hello everyone! I decided to write a new story, ofcourse I'm going to continue my other, but I've got a idea for this one.

The volturi wants Rosalie to sumali them. And they are able to do anything to get her. Of course Emmett would never let them, so he decided to go to the volturi with his brothers to talk to them. He know that Rosalie would never let him go. So the only option is to break her heart, the only option for her to be save.

Emmett's POV


I looked for the last time at her beautiful face. Seeing her expression broke my puso in million pieces. The...
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Man, the Gators are still losing.
" Will you please change the channel?!"
" Rosalie, will you chill? They could make a comeback." I said
" There's is two minutos left Emmett. How could they possibly win." Rosalie said.
I glared at her. We've been together for 105 years and she still doesnt get that I wont give her the remote till the game is over.
" Listen Rose. I wont be able to watch football, or any sport for that matter, for 3 days. We're going to freaking Italy."
" Oh, just suck it up." she replied.
" Why are you in such a pissy mood??"
" Because,i'm sick of watching sports!"
" Fine,...
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