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This is the last in series of three articles. Like you probably got from the title, it's a listahan of characters. :) But beware! It include SPOILERS!

Characters that actualy appear:
(the categories humans, dwarfs, elves, urgals and dragons are often just assumpted)
Angela - witch and herbalist
Albreich and Baldor - Horst's sons
Birgit - Quimby's wife
Calitha - woman from Carvahall
Carn - Varden spellcaster
Delwin - man from Carvahall
Darmmen - man from Carvahall
Denwood - Galbytorix's soldier
Edric - Varden captain
Elain - Horst's wife
Elva - witch-child; result of Eragon's gone wrong blessing
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This artikulo is to point out the differences between the Book Eragon and the Film Eragon, which was a great disappointment to many fans, including me. So here we go, my information is from the InheriWiki.

Book- Eragon had brown hair and brown eyes.
Film- Eragon had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Book- Eragon was fifteen at the start of the story.
Film- Eragon was seventeen at the start of the story.

Book- The gedwëy ignasia mark is a bilog and glows silver if the Dragon Rider uses a spell or reaches for magic.
Film- The gedwëy ignasia is in the shape of an 'e'.

Book- Zar'roc has a ginto pommel with...
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