Eric and Donna Reasons They Belong Together

mcewen_girl posted on Jul 30, 2008 at 01:55AM
1. Because you never forget your first love, so why lose them?
2. Because she chose him.
3. Because love is better than cake.
4. Because best friends make the best lovers.
5. Because she wears the pants.
6. Because he went to California for her
7. Because she talked to Red for him
8. Because he's not her second choice.
9. Because after seeing him with that cow she wants to marry him even more.
10. Because closet sex is best.
11. Because car sex wasn't good enough for them anymore.
12. Because table sex is even better.
13. Because over "100 times" wasn't enough.
14. Because playing house is fun
15. Because Eric has made everything and every place Donna's ever been better.
16. Because Donna makes Eric eat dirt and he likes it.
17. Because Donna is willing to have Red as a Father-in-Law.
18. Because Eric loves Donne in spite of her inherited bad taste.
19. Because she didn't wear a bra to make it easier for him
20. Because it's more convenient since they are neighbors
21. Because he's Bond and she's his Bond Girl
22. Because she loves his little butt.
23. Because size does not matter with either of them.
24. Because 5 minutes is four more than they need.
25. Because season four sucked without them together.
26. Because HELLO, they are ADORABLE!
27. Because they will forever be first loves
28. Because they are "The Perfect Couple."
29. Because the 'scrawny little neighbor boy' was willing to engage in criminal acts for the 'saucy red-head next door'.
30. Because you can never forget your first time.
31. Because Eric is not a cheater.
32. Because they are so mom and dad.
33. Because they would make beautiful kids.
34. Because it's always best when you marry your best friend.
35. Because Eric skipped school to be with her.
36. Because there is one person for everyone, for Donna that person is Eric.
37. Because Donna gave Eric his first wedgie.
38. Because they did not "do it" till it was the perfect moment for both of them.
39. Because him being so good makes her hot.
40. Because she made him play Basketball in his underwear.
41. Because Eric would NEVER cheat on Donna.
42. Because Donna kissed Eric in The Pilot.
43. Because he was there.
44. Because they are perfect without being perfect.
45. Because she'd kiss him but she's afraid that his hat might attack her.
46. Because his guardian angel even knows they are meant to be.
47. Because even Laurie knows they'd be a good couple.
48. Because he's willing to wait for her.
49. Because he can deal with Bob.
50. Because "he's a good kid".
51. Because she still loves him after he went to the bathroom.
52. Because he ate the Chicken Pinciotti.
53. Because it's about time!
54. Because he took losing like a man from her.
55. Because she whispered good night to him when he came to her.
56. Because she always stands by him, even when he's being a dumbass.
57. Because they're what love is made of.
58. Because they'll last forever.
59. Because sometimes love is just laying on the Vista Cruiser together.
60. Because they both love the Packers.
61. Because they've known each other forever.
62. Because if they weren't together he just has two words for her. Donna Kelso.
63. Because Eric rode her ten miles to school on his bike.
64. Because for once they didn't listen to Red.
65. Because Donna's Wonder Woman and Eric's Superman
66. Because there's a whole world out there just waiting for them.
67. Because Donna gave Eric a candle.
68. Because they're the first thing we think of when we hear 'true love'.
69. Because he doesn't always need to get her an iced tea to be hot.
70. Because they're worth it.
71. Because in the third season she said 'when' they get married, not 'if'.
72. Because there was something in the air that night...
73. Because they christened the couch in the basement.
74. Because he loved her uniform.
75. Because of all the sexual tension between them when they're not together.
76. Because 'meant to be' will always apply to them.
77. Because she loves him even when he's a dillhole.
78. Because he's so tiny!
79. Because they still gotta do the trampoline thing!
80. Because he held her hair back when she was.....and she missed his shoes. Almost.
81. Because they just get better as time goes on.
82. Because they're finally engaged!
83. Because even Schotzie celebrated.
84. Because they've been playing games their whole lives.
85. Because she delivers.
86. Because he always makes her feel better.
87. Because why else would we watch? Jackie and Hyde pale in comparison.
88. Because they won't ever give up on each other, and what they have.
89. Because they're more commited than ever.
90. Because he makes her laugh, and gets her jokes
91. Because they're happy.
92. Because they give new meaning to the word 'forever'.
93. Because they can solve almost any problem in 23 minutes.
94. Because Donna gives Eric confidence.
95. Because Eric will always care about her, no matter what.
96. Because even while they were broken up, they couldn't keep their hands off each other.
97. Because they are the epitome of awesome.
98. Because they don't even need cushions.
99. Because they are ERIC AND DONNA!
100. Because they love each other, and they always will.
101. Because they're always hanging out around here, somewhere.
102. Because they can always forgive.
103. Because they can't live without each other.
104. Because she loves making out with him.
105. Because it's more than just a high school romance.
106. Because she looks hot when she comes over.
107. Because they don't know where they'll go next.
108. Because Eric's advice is better than Casey's.
109. Because they
110. Because they never run out of stuff to talk about.
111. Because she was the first one he told Jackies secret to.
112. Because she always gives him his 'Eric Time'.
113. Because he lets her have the covers.
114. Because they're just two crazy kids, growing up together.
115. Because we can wonder where they are now.
116. Because they'll always be the kids, the high school sweethearts.
117. Because they can always pull through.
118. Because she bought him an ugly ring.
119. Because he pretended to like it.
120. Because they make fun of the Brady's.
121. Because they can still be complete idiots around each other, even after all these years.
122. Because screwing up is his nature. And still loving him is her's.
123. Because they go at it like rabbits who've just gotten outta prison.
124. Because she let him back in the sleeping bag.
125. Because potty IS a funny sound!
126. Because she loves it when he does THAT.
127. Because she can kick his ass.
128. Because he knows it.
129. Because she secretly loves his Spiderman sheets.
130. Because they can just cuddle.
131. Because they're making memories, here!
132. Because they'll be okay....
134. Because they're in love.
135. Because she realized a future for herself without him would break her heart.
136. Because they're alright!
137. Because they fit so well together.
138. Because they're so good for each other.
139. Because sometimes true love can't wait.
140. Because he's the one, and so is she.
141. Because they said they'd be together, and now they're together.
142. Because they are SOO STUPID!
144. Because Mrs. Forman's feeling dirty!
145. Because everyone's so happy for them she got a free pretzel.
146. Because he zipped their sleeping bags together, to make one.
147. Because they have potential.Whereas Hyde and Jacks'll be a success if they stay outta jail.
148. Because they can still wrestle on the floor.
149. Because with her help he can lift the Thanksgiving turkey.
150. Because they're miserable without each other.
151. Because they've finally stopped fighting it.
152. Because they'd be the best parent's ever.
153. Because she pulled him up when he fell off the water tower.
154. Because he's not always a jackass.
155. Because they never say never.
156. Because they need each other.
157. Because we love cake too!
158. Because we already know that we'll cry at their wedding.
159. Because she couldn't leave him again.
160. Because we all cheered when she stayed.
161. Because they'll prove everyone wrong.
162. Because they're willing to do whatever it takes for them to be together.
163. Because whatever it takes, it's worth it.
164. Because they've known each other since they were practically kids.
165. Because they know all the good stuff. And all the not-so-good stuff.
166. Because she can't imagine feeling about anyone else the way she feels about him.
167. Because he loves her. He always loved her.
168. Because they made the promise, that no matter what happens, good or bad, they will always love each other.
169. Because he could've had her when she was four. (Or seven, or one... whatever!)
170. Because she was willing to wrestle Shelly for him.
171. Because we instantly hate anyone who comes between them. (Especially Casey)
172. Because Eric will kick anyone's ass who makes Donna cry.
173. Because Eric's the only one who can make her cry.
174. Because they're still having fun.
175. Because for them, it's all brand new.
176. Because of that great spooning scene in 'Sleepover'.
177. Because they still make out on the hood of the car.
178. Because she loves him even after she saw his naked baby pictures!
179. Because they're like a celebrity couple.
180. Because they are Eric and Donna.
181. Because he reads her body like Braille.
182. Because Eric is a different person under the sheets.
183. Because they both have a plan.
184. Because No means No.
185. Because Eric know's she jiggles like two perfectly filled water balloons.
186. Because Eric know's "She's a Lady."
187. Because they had radio sex.
188. Because they will always have California.
189. Because she could have made him stay with sex.
190. Because they still sit on the couch together.
191. Because Aunt Donna and Uncle Eric want it.
191. Because once a week isn't enough.
192. Because she is still his girlfriend.
193. Because everyone needs a 'study' break.
194. Because Africa cannot stop True Love.
195. Because her force field was down.
196. Because he made her first lieutenant.
197. Because he sent her a postcard with monkeys on it.
198. Because they're still bananas over each other.
199. Because she's turning hot guys in bars down.
200. Because they're a couple of love chickens.
201. Because they have their whole lives to spend together.
202. Because she wasn't going to burn his picture.
203. Because out of sight doesn't mean out of mind.
204. Because Donna mentions Eric too much not to still care about him.
205. Because we found Eric and Donna in the future.
206. Because Donna took sexy pictures for Eric.
207. Because Eric obviously wrote that letter when he was high.
208. Because a cupcake with a candle beats a party anyday.
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