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PercyJackson100 posted on Dec 02, 2013 at 06:40AM
Here's the form. Along With my Character.

Name: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hood
Fairytale Parent(s): Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.
Story Book Relationship: Chase Huntsman
Favorite Color(s): Red, Black and White
Sibling(s): Cerise Hood
Pet(s): A young Snow Wolf named Snow and a young dragon named Shimmer
Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen, Cerise Hood, Maddie Hatter and Jackie Frost.
Who would voice this character: Me
Fairytale: Little Red Riding Hood
"Oh Curses!" Moment: When my hood flips off and my ears are exposed
Magic Touch: Super fast running and an ability to talk to wolves
Style: Black boots, black leggings, a red short sleeve top, a red cloak and black hair with a white streak
Royal or Rebel: Rebel
Place at school: Scares away the three little pigs and hides in the shadows.
Destiny: To be right next to Cerise every step of the way in The Little Red Riding Hood story.
Family: Little Red Ridding Hood(Mom), The Big Bad Wolf(Dad), Cerise Hood(Sister)
Personality: A little sad, but mostly happy, straight A student.
His/Her Legacy Day: It hasn't happened yet. It's still the beginning of the school year!

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