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Yasaranlar will try to broke pressure against to them therefore will give press release which target Kerim and Fatmagul. Now Yasaranlar broke their silence media interest will increase this case . Fatmagul will be surrounded with media and Yasaranlar will build up to create environment they wanted
Mustafa he will try to convince Asu to return home. However this time he will find Fahrettin Ilgaz against to him too.
After Nil ,Erdogan will loose control to umakda of himself , he will find solace in alcohol and his anger will grow. Yasaranlar wil try to silence everybody who knows fact about FG`s case and Erdogan going to add one madami person on
Kerim: I want to scream so loud against to sea that "I am so happy " ... ...
FG and Kerim on the way back to Istanbul ..Kerim realize about Meryem abla something are not right ...
Resat Yasaran taken to hospital ...Erdogan is visiting ,something are happening there Erdogan meets someone new.Who know who that be (some other evil person like himself )...
Remember to movie scene someone fall to sleep other ones shoulder. Now other one will fall to sleep on other one is shoulder in the car ...FG is awake so...I guess you could imagine who will be that one is ♥
Not forgetting the long road ... there...
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Asu-Mustafa-Fahrtettin together let see Fahrettin will let go easily with Mustafa
Media will bring heavy pressure on Fatmagul and Kerim
Mukaddes could not stop talking as usual not helping this situation
Kadir doing whatever he can for the case ...but things are not looking good for them...there will be only one positive thing ...lets see if this help to case in the future
Fatmagul and Kerim will hug each other but just for comfort each other..they are both crying
Finally ,time say goodbye for Fahrettin and Deniz going home. Crowded family we have there say goodbye of course Kerim is there too.....many years of emotions
Erdogan will use everything to his benefit of course not suprise there..he will try different tactic on Nil
For Fatmagul and Kerim will something good happen torch to end .Kadir has idea ...this will bring to ipakita some beauty for our couple ....yeahhhhhh happy fianlly our dream comes true for these two

Kerim: For while this will be our house .....only for us you and me