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CarolineB posted on Dec 02, 2008 at 08:26AM
For my Sex and Gender in the Media class, I wrote a paper on how the character Lindsay Weir provides a positive role model for young people because she exhibits both "masculine" and "feminine" characteristics. Many people in real life, despite how the media wants us to behave, display both "masculine" and "feminine" characteristics while still feeling completely female or male. For example, a typical "masculine" characteristic could be courage and a typical "feminine" characteristic could be sympathy and if a woman displays both of them, she is still considered by others and considers herself a female. In more cases than not, males in the media are portrayed as dominant and females as submissive and are very set in their gender roles, but with Lindsay Weir, it's a different case and is extremely admirable.

A character like Lindsay Weir is rarely shown in the entertainment world, as many shows and films usually adhere to female/"feminine" male/"masculine" roles. Because Lindsay Weir displays both, or bi-gendered characteristics through her actions as well as appearance, her character seems more relatable and accurate to a real teenager and in my opinion, encourages viewers to be themselves, whether they are a freak or a geek rather than following the impossible expectations that the media conveys to the viewer. What do you think? What were you like in high school? Is Lindsay Weir a good role model for teens because of her individuality, or should her individuality and bi-gendered behavior be frowned upon?
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Strickmatic said…
I don't think its frowned upon, that type of character isn't that know what i mean? Show was just too ahead of its time. Put it out now, it would KILL in ratings and sales