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posted by ChuckyLover1
You could compare the two because Freddy is eternal, and gets to live forever in his own little world.
Taking and killing souls as he pleases, and still getting revenge on what he wants.
With Pinhead, same story basically, accept Pinhead is like the RULER of his place.
He still takes souls in, tortures them, and then burns them.
It's like Nightmare On Elm Street/ and Hellraiser combined together.
Once you enter each world, you can't get out unless there is some sort of catch to it.
Pinhead and Freddy are basically the same, both eternal, and have evil pasts behind them.
And both have a special missiona...
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posted by ChuckyLover1
I think Freddy would win against Hellrasier, cuz all hellrasier does from what i've seen is punish people from their sins and stuff. And Freddy just keeps comming back to life and he get's madami powerful! Then Hellrasier does! Freddy comes back and back again and keeps getting stronger than ever, and when I watched Pinhead's first movie, OH MY GOD, that was nasty....... as heck man. Like I saw a bunch of sex scenes I really didn't wana see...... so I had to fast pasulong ALOT of the movie that's what made his pelikula suck to me is because theres too many pag-ibig scenes! EWW! But Freddy's films are better because their not that nasty and much cleaner... plus Freddy rules and Pinhead.. heck if I know. But anyways Im on Freddy's side on this one!